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Iourfh Somosfor
InformnfIon TochnoIogy
TImo : Throo hours MnxImum : l00 mnrks
Answor A!! quosfIons.
IA!T A (l0 L 2 = 20 mnrks)
l. hnf Is monnf by fhrnshIng
2. IxInIn fho dIfforonco bofwoon IogIcnI nddross nnd hysIcnI nddross snco.
3. hnf Is fho uroso of sysfom cnIIs
4. IxInIn fho dIfforonco bofwoon symmofrIc nnd nsymmofrIc muIfIrocossIng.
5. Tho rnfIo bofwoon fho mnIn momory cycIo fImo nnd cncho momory fImo Is 8 : l.
CnIcuInfo fho offocfIvo momory cycIo fImo for n sysfom who cncho mIss rnfIo
Is 6.
6. hnf Is n TImo shnrIng sysfom
?. hnf Is n Confoxf swIfch
8. hnf Is dynnmIc IondIng nnd dynnmIc IInkIng
9. ofIno fho ossonfInI roorfIos of ronI fImo OornfIng Sysfom.
l0. hnf nro fho ndvnnfngos of hnvIng nn Invorfod ngo fnbIo

IA!T I (5 L l6 = 80 mnrks)
ll. (I) Iscuss fho crIfIcnI socfIon robIom wIfh ono oxnmIo. (8)
(II) IrIofIy oxInIn fho Thronds suorf In SoInrIs 2 OornfIng sysfom. (8)
l2. (n) ConsIdor fho foIIowIng snnshof of n sysfom. Ixocufo Innkor's nIgorIfhm
nnswor fho foIIowIng :
AIIocnfIon Mnx AvnIInbIo
00l 00l l52
l00 l?5
l35 235
063 065
00l 065
(I) Is fho sysfom In n snfo sfnfo If fho sysfom Is snfo, show how nII fho
rocoss couId comIofo fhom oxocufIon succossfuIIy. IxInIn. (l0)
(II) If n roquosf from rocoss
! nrrIvos (0, 4, 2) cnn fho roquosf bo
grnnfod (6)
(b) ConsIdor fho foIIowIng ngo roforonco sfrIng.
l, 2, 3, 4, 2, l, 5, 6, 2, l, 2, 3, ?, 6, 3, 2, l, 2, 3, 6.
CnIcuInfo fho numbor of ngo fnuIfs wouId occur for fho foIIowIng ngo
roIncomonf nIgorIfhm wIfh frnmo sIzo of 3 nnd 4. InIfInIIy nII fho frnmos
nro omfy.
(I) !!!
(III) OfImnI. (l6)
l3. (n) Assumo fho foIIowIng workIond In n sysfom. AII jobs nrrIvo nf fImo 0 In
fho ordor gIvon. !owor numbor Is fho hIghosf rIorIfy.
Job Iursf fImo IrIorIfy
A l0 3
I 6 l
C ? 4
4 2
(I) CIvo n Cnnff chnrf IIIusfrnfIng fho oxocufIon of fhroo job usIng
ICIS, !ound !obIn (qunnfum = 3) nnd SJI. (6)
(II) CnIcuInfo fho nvorngo wnIfIng fImo for onch of fho nbovo schoduIIng
nIgorIfhm. (l0)
(b) (I) !Isf fIvo sorvIcos rovIdod by nn OornfIng Sysfom. IxInIn how
onch rovIdos fo fho usors. (8)
(II) IxInIn fho IInkod fIIo nIIocnfIon mofhod. hnf nro Ifs ndvnnfngos
nnd dIsndvnnfngos (8)
l4. (n) (I) hnf Is MA frnnsfor IxInIn nII fho sfos InvoIvod In n MA
frnnsfor. (8)
(II) IrIofIy oxInIn fho dIfforonf nssombIy Inngungo sfnfomonfs. (8)
(b) IrIofIy oxInIn fho Isk Mnnngomonf nnd Swn Snco Mnnngomonf. (l6)
l5. (n) Iscuss brIofIy fho vnrIous Issuos InvoIvod In ImIomonfIng Infor Irocoss
CommunIcnfIon (IIC) In mossngo nssIng sysfom. (l6)
(b) (I) IxInIn fho dIfforonco bofwoon IxfornnI IrngmonfnfIon nnd
InfornnI IrngmonfnfIon. How fo soIvo fho frngmonfnfIon robIom
usIng IngIng (?)
(II) Comnro shorf form, modIum form nnd Iong form schoduIIng. (9)