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repaso de examen 3

vocabulario 204-205 [la ropa] ce9.html

Know basic items of clothing for men, women and both. Be able to identify what people in a picture or in the classroom are wearing. The more details [colors, pattenrs] the better.

los adverbios

These are like ly in English, and describe the actions of a verb. e8.html

adjective + mente

[feminine form if it exists]

rpidorpidarpidamente obvioobvia--obviamente fcilfcilmente frequente--frequentemente bs2.php

el imperfecto
D A T A W A AR endings aba abas aba bamos aban

3 IRREGULARS ER IR endings VERvea veas SERera, eras IRiba, ibas a as a amos an

Cmo se llamaban estas personas? Cmo eran ? Qu hacan? De dnde eran?

por o para
para often has a reference to the future built into it [like buying something for someone; doing something now in order to do something later, etc. ara2.php


llover and nevar are verbs that need to be conjugated the rest are expressions with hacer , estar or hay

Qu tiempo hace hoy?

Qu tiempo haca..?

Normalmente, qu tiempo hace en?

Londres Bagdad

Los ngeles Mosc

preterit or imperfect

action or description? once or many times or always? was an amount of time mentioned, or was it just generally in the past?

IF you were going to translate the underlines verbs, would they be pretrito o imperfecto, and why?

(11 March 1978, France) The singer Claude Francois, whose stellar career was often compared to that of Elvis Presley, popularized rock and roll music in France. One evening, he returned to his Paris apartment from a busy touring schedule, and ran a bath. While standing in the filled tub, he noticed a light bulb that wasn't straight, tried to straighten it... and was electrocuted.

Informacin bsica de Colombia

from book and slides