2011 Daejeon-Chungcheong KOTESOL Symposium & Thanksgiving Dinner

1 F Auditorium (seats 200)

Seminar Room 314 RP

Seminar Room 317 YL

Seminar Room 307 CBI

Seminar Room 301 Korean presentatio n

Seminar Room 306

Computer Lab
Room 125

10:00 – 10.25 10:30 – 11:20 Kim JeongRyeol Teacher Talk Manpal Sahota "Do You Want To Be a Better Teacher?” (RP) (All Levels)

‘Meet & Greet’ & Opening Ceremony Aaron Jolly Commercial Presentatio n (YL) George A. Furst Freshman Design and Communication (CBI) (University) Shin Inyoung (신인영) 한국과 영국에 서의 한국 공학 대학원생들의 영어의 중요성 (English for Korean Engineering Students) (University) (Korean) Carl Phillips and Brandon Sherman Non-Verbal Communica -tion in the Classroom (RP?) (University) N/A

11:30 – 12:20 12:20 – 1:20

Opening Plenary: Dr. Steve Cornwell
Reflective Practice in ESL/EFL Lunch

1:30 –2:20

Charles Browne Commercia l Presentatio n

Michael Griffin Introductio n to the Experiential Learning Cycle: Step 1 - What? (RP) (All Levels)

Gordon West Journaling with Young Learners (YL Secondary)

Park Kabyong Understandi ng the Gap between English and Korean (All Levels)

Noh Shinyoung (노신영) Improving Speaking Ability through English Debate (YL Secondary)

Monique Simpson Creative Writing, Cooperativ e Learning, and Your Syllabus (University)

Matthew Oakley Teacher's and Students' Classroom Experience Enhanced by Using Existing Technologi es (CBI)

David Choi 2:30 Working –3:20 with Young Learners (YL Secondary)

Josette LeBlanc Introductio n to the Experiential Learning Cycle: Step 2 - So What? (RP) (All Levels)

Korean Presentatio n (to be announced)

Michael Jones Smart Use of Smartphon es: QR Codes in the Classroom (All Levels)

3:30 –4:20

Closing Plenary: Dr. Charles Browne
Authentic Video as Content: The Importance of High Frequency Vocabulary and Scaffolding · · Lounge for discussion & networking with non-alcoholic drinks and music for attendees. Daejeon-Chungcheong KOTESOL Annual Business Meeting for chapter members. Thanksgiving Dinner & Music RP = Reflective Practice YL = Young Learners based Instruction

4:30 –5:50

6:00 –8:00 Concurrent Presentation Streams:

CBI = Content-