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IMP Queries

IMP Queries

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Published by: malhotra.mayank7211 on Nov 04, 2011
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the following query displays which datafiles are currently included in a tablesp ace that has been placed

in backup mode: SELECT t.name AS "TB_NAME", d.file# as "DF#", d.name AS "DF_NAME", b.status FROM V$DATAFILE d, V$TABLESPACE t, V$BACKUP b WHERE d.TS#=t.TS# AND b.FILE#=d.FILE# AND b.STATUS='ACTIVE' / You can also join the V$TABLESPACE and V$DATAFILE views to obtain a listing of d atafiles along with their associated tablespaces: SELECT t.NAME "Tablespace", f.NAME "Datafile" FROM V$TABLESPACE t, V$DATAFILE f WHERE t.TS# = f.TS# ORDER BY t.NAME;

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