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Raisya Zahraa Binti Hairul Hisyam 5 Sains 1 Sek Men Keb Jeram 45800 Jeram The Library Teacher

Sek Men Keb Jeram 45800 JERAM Dear Sir, Suggestions On the Changes Need To Be Done To The Library My intention of writing this letter is to inform you that our school library needs changes to attract more students to visit it. In relation to that, I would like to offer my suggestions on the changes need to be done to the library. 2. The number of novels should be increased as the fiction section lacks books. Many students feel disappointed because they cannot find their favourite novels in the library. Besides, the library needs to have dictionaries of the latest edition since the present dictionaries are not up to date and they are not really helpful to students in completing the English assignment. 3. The shelves and furniture should be rearranged because the positions are not conducive to reading . During peak hours many students have to sit on the floor and between shelves and this hinder them from reading comfortably. The wall need to be repainted as well for the reason that the dull wall colour kills the students interest in spending their free time in the library. Some said the colour encourages them to sleep while reading. 4. Apart from that, the library needs more fans or be air-conditioned due to poor ventilation. Many students cannot stand the heat especially during the afternoon hours. Moreover, more librarians should be placed at the counter because of the long queue during recess. A few will miss their meals and might lose concentration later in class due to hunger. 5. It is my hope that you will view my suggestions and comments constructively and do something to upgrade the conditions of the library in order to create a conducive reading environment. Thank you. Yours faithfully,

20th OCTOBER 2011


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