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World History Timeline

World History Timeline


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Published by: Nisha Dolas on Nov 04, 2011
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1814 AD
The Treaty of Kiel signed on January 14, 1814 AD, forces Denmark to cede Norway to Sweden.
The allies of the Sixth Coalition enter Paris on March 31, 1814 AD. Brother of Louis XVI, Louis
XVII is proclaimed King of France on April 2, 1814 AD. Napoleon Bonaparte abdicates as Emperor
of the French on April 6, 1814 AD. The Treaty of Paris signed on May 30, 1814 AD, ends the War
of the Sixth Coalition. British troops occupy Washington and burn the US government buildings,
including the White House and Capitol on August 24, 1814 AD. Opening of the Congress of Vienna
on September 18, 1814 AD. The Spanish defeat the Chilean forces in the Battle of Rancagua on
October 2, 1814 AD. French writer Marquis de Sade best known for his erotic novels dies on
December 2, 1814 AD. The Treaty of Ghent signed on December 24, 1814 AD, ends the War of
1812 between Great Britain and the United States.

1815 AD
British economist Henry Thornton dies on January 16, 1815 AD. Napoleon Bonaparte returns from
exile on Elba to Paris starting the period of the Hundred Days on March 1, 1815 AD. The
Monarchy of the Netherlands is founded on March 16, 1815 AD. The German Confederation is
created by the Congress of Vienna on June 8, 1815 AD. The forces of the Seventh Coalition
decisively defeat Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815 AD. Austria,
Germany and Russia join into the Holy Alliance on September 26, 1815 AD. The Treaty of Paris of
1815 signed on November 20, 1815 AD, finally ends the Napoleonic Wars also known as the War of
the Seventh Coalition.

1816 AD
John VI succeeds Maria I as King of Portugal on March 20, 1816 AD. Argentina declares
independence from Spain on July 9, 1816 AD. James Monroe is elected the fifth President of the
United States on December 4, 1816 AD.

1817 AD
Karađorđe Petrović, leader of the First Serbian Uprising is assassinated by the men of Miloš
Obrenović, Prince of Serbia on July 25, 1817 AD. Polish national hero, Tadeusz Kosciuszko dies on
October 15, 1817 AD. The Third Anglo-Maratha War 1817-1818 AD.

1818 AD
Charles XIV John succeeds Charles XIII as King of Sweden on February 5, 1818 AD. The Chilean
Declaration of Independence is drafted on January 12 (dated January 1), 1818 AD. The First
Seminole War 1818 AD.


1819 AD
The United States of America purchase East Florida from Spain on February 22, 1819 AD.
American ship Savannah becomes the first steamboat to cross the Atlantic Ocean in June 1819 AD.
The Peterloo Massacre occurs on August 16, 1819 AD. The Gran Colombia (today's Colombia and
Venezuela) is founded on December 17, 1819 AD.

1820 AD
The Missouri Compromise adopted on March 3, 1820 AD, prohibits slavery north of the parallel
36°30' north except for Missouri.

1821 AD
British Romantic poet John Keats dies on February 23, 1821 AD. The Greek War of Independence
1821-1830 AD. Napoleon Bonaparte dies on May 5, 1821 AD. Jose de San Martin declares
independence of Peru from Spain on July 28, 1821 AD.

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