Questions asked in the month of aug-sep 2011 Barik Chapter 12 Lifeboat maintenance ,Weekly,monthly and falls

requirement New requirement about gangway Diff—Initial and interim Doc Non-conformity Examples Observation Example Additional Audit Oil record book new requirement How pressure is maintained in Ig system Co2 bottle not clamped ,Action will you release co2 Recent developments in Solas and Marpol ISM ammendments Johari window Annex 6 : gas oil Standards of OWS Floating test of Boiler safety valve Schedule -40,Schedule -80 Why ballast water management is not in force Why relief valve is installed on fire line What is Baseline Tailshaft broken make a report

3.What is mandatory insurance for a ship Who can give Non conformity Bhosle Ism 8.2 Explain ISM related accident Latest technical development Accident on ship Collision between indian and foreign ship on indian coast Who will pay for spill and if fire who pays for it Your ship ism manuals Sox Nox control measures and method of reducing it 4% suplhar burnt in fuel –What is the % of Sox in air Why Nox is not applicable to boiler but is applicable to Diesel engine Masters Review and company review –Diff Reliability test of emergency generator How many type of sms manuals 23/9/11—Barik What is initial and interim audit After interim certification .3.How much is the time required to do initial audit Solas requirement of quick closing v/v Solas requirement of Emergency gen tank Compulsory insurance for a ship .10.10.

09. WHAT IS LATEST IN ANNEX 6? Mehrotra: 22.11 Laid up vessel for 3 years. MNC. esp. CONDITION OF CLASS. nox technical file. What will u do? India did not ratify annex 6? What is the alternative? BARIK: Orb entry. What will u do? Steering fail.Co2 bottle not clamped will u release co2 Latest amendment in Marpol from jan 2011 Total breakdown of Compressor How will you claim insurance ? BARIK: 28. eiapp certificate. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TWO. COGSA(carriage of goods by sea act). DUTIES OF CHIEF ENGINEER. what is moderate rate of discharge? .10.2011 Recycling convention. bill of lading.11 Vessel to remove from drydock. Sewage discharge criteria.09. how will you re commission it? Co2 requirement in engine room? What is casing? Who can raise MNC? ISM objective Mehrotra: 13.

MLC how many countries. tonnage have adopted it? Criteria for convention to come into force. Crash manoeuvring. .

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