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Dan Pen a Letters

Dan Pen a Letters

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Entrepreneur Dan Pena's wit and wisdom
Entrepreneur Dan Pena's wit and wisdom

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Published by: amunratar on Nov 04, 2011
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7th May 2005
From Dan Peña - Executive Coach and Mentor to the High Performer.

Dear High Performance Person and Visionary,

The first 7 Day Castle Seminar in more than 5 years is now history. And what an event it was! In
attendance were 11 strong QLA devotees dating back over 10 years. (The seminar is limited to 10,
but I squeezed in a QLA devotee’s wife at the last minute.) The individual extended role playing
was especially helpful in driving home many QLA precepts. The participants asked for additional
time to simulate many different situations. I enjoyed the final night graduation black tie Scottish kilt
dinner. Seeing all the male participants in kilts was quite a show and we will make it tradition going
forward. I will have photos on my site soon.
And you probably have already guessed, it was such a success I have decided to do another 7 Day
Extravaganza 17th - 25th September 2005. Two of the recent attendees have already booked for
September. Attendance will again be limited. For more information see:
Also since my last Newsletter the new QLA One Day Castle Seminar site has been completed
(www.qlaonedaycastleseminar.com). It describes in detail what the offer is. And I changed the offer
dramatically to create extraordinary value for money. Instead of £597 (about $1,200) for each

attendee I am allowing each attendee to bring one guest - FREE!
Two for the price of One !
After thinking about it I decided I want as many to attend as I could. So I essentially halved the
price, when I was informed that almost twice the number of attendees could be seated in the new
pavilion, as I first thought. As I have told you I still make mistakes from time to time! In this
instance I assumed something. And you know what happens when you ass u me! Now virtually all
that read this Newsletter can afford a QLA Castle Experience! www.qlaonedaycastleseminar.com
150% Money Back Guarantee !
To make it even better value for money, for those that perhaps still question QLA, I was convinced
by a young mentee, Dan Lok, to give a money-back guarantee on the seminar as I do on all my
product now. But to make it as strong a guarantee as the seminar is great - I decided to give 150% of
your money back. That’s 50% more than you paid - no questions asked. All you have to do is come
to the back of the room at anytime before the end and you will get a cheque (check) made out to
you. Again no questions asked. Don’t miss this opportunity to get QLA, from the horse’s mouth so
to speak, at my home. Of course if you ask after the drinks party at the end someone on my staff
might question the veracity of your demand!
FREE Powerpoint Presentation !
And if you are a Newsletter subscriber, you will receive the entire Powerpoint presentation free
along with another gift!
Hope to see many of you there (here)! www.qlaonedaycastleseminar.com

To Your Quantum Leap,
Daniel S. Peña Sr.

P.S. During the week long seminar, just ended, I often spoke about a new book I was just given by
one of my mentees, "Jump In" by Mark Burnett. I had scanned it prior to the seminar, but now I
have read it! I strongly recommend it. It follows the life of a kid from the Eastend, London, who
went through the Falklands Conflict, who had a dream of success. He went to Hollywood to find his
fortune. Of course he is now famous for producing "Survivor, The Contender, and The Apprentice"
in the UK and US. It is for all who have a dream and haven’t taken the first step! I plan on meeting
Mr. Burnett soon! My life, and the lives of many high performance people can relate to his story
and methodology. Just go out and buy it, you won’t be disappointed. Once you have read the first
chapter you’ll better understand me, QLA and what YOU must do!
P.P.S. Part of the tuition for the QLA One Day Castle Seminar will be donated to the on going relief
of the victims of the Tsunami tragedy.

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