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Winter Water Polo2

Winter Water Polo2

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Published by Ron Usher

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Published by: Ron Usher on Nov 04, 2011
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W|nter Water Þo|o

WlLh Parker Coachesť 1ed u[lfusa and Allle Lamb
O hooLlng and urlvlng kllls
O ody alanceţ ÞoslLlonlng and MovemenL
O crlmmage ased
Parker choolţ 300 araLoga Avenueţ an !ose

|gh Schoo| Þrogramť 8oys and G|r|s
Mondayţ Wednesdayţ 1hursdayŤ 4ť00ÞM Lo 6ť00 ÞMŦ undayŤ 1u
Iun|or |gh 8oys and G|r|s
Mondayţ WednesdayŤ 6ť00ÞM Lo 7ť30 ÞMŦ undayŤ 1u
esslon #1ť november 14 Lo uecember 18
esslon #2ť !anuary 4 Lo !anuary 29
Ieesť Plgh chool oys and Clrls ƹ $223/esslon
!unlor Plgh oys and Clrls ƹ $173/esslon

1o 8eglsLer Co Loť wwwŦwlnLerpoloŦevenLbrlLeŦcom
lor more lnformaLlon call Coach usherť (408) 423Ŵ3366
A|| ath|etes must reg|ster w|th USA Water Þo|o
1eam Aff|||at|onť C|ub Uţ #20043

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