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Drupal Presentation

Drupal Presentation

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Published by Richard Boateng

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Published by: Richard Boateng on Nov 04, 2011
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Easier to Use

An entirely revamped administrative interface makes getting started with Drupal easier.

create your own modules for extra functionality or use one of over 800 we've upgraded for Drupal 7 already.More Flexible Define your own content structure. forms. . add multimedia.

More Scalable Your Drupal 7 site will be fast. responsive and able to handle huge amounts of traffic thanks to improved JavaScript and CSS optimization. better caching and more. .

Open source Come for the software. Drupal and its themes. and distributions are continuously improved. . With thousands of contributors involved. stay for the community. modules.

allowing for continuous integration testing of all Drupal core patches and selected contributed modules on Drupal. .000 built in tests.org.Test driven development Drupal 7 has a automated testing framework with over 30.

.Improved Database support We've added a new database layer. adding SQLite support out of the box in addition to MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL. There are also drivers for MS SQL Server and Oracle.

ability to use alter hooks in themes. better context capabilities and template options. Our theme layer now is better than ever! .Better theming Drupal 7 brings fine-grained control over page elements with new Render API.

nodes. .Flexible content Define your own content types with the new Field system. Build your feature-set as fields that you can use on users. comments. taxonomy terms and more.

. Drupal 7 makes the perfect platform for polished products based on the framework. and better data exportability. installation profiles as modules.Better distribution support With version-specific dependencies.

Combine private/public files and store files using services such as Amazon S3.Images and files Drupal 7 supports image handling out of the box. . Resize and alter your images with ease.

'Skip to navigation' links. and a variety of other WCAG AA-level items.Accessibility Drupal 7 sports numerous accessibility improvements including HTML alternatives to JavaScript-based administrative interfaces. . icons. utility CSS classes for hiding page elements consistently.

. and WYSIWYG. with more on the way every day. Pathauto. over 800 modules are available for Drupal 7.Extend Thanks to the #D7CX movement. including Views.

Drupal 7 in action .

org/start .Get started! http://drupal.

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