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FFC Planting Design: Supporting Evidence

FFC Planting Design: Supporting Evidence

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Published by: kaitlin_jenkins_4 on Nov 04, 2011
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In Process...

LAR 410 Planting Design Jake Jenkins

Framework Plan

Initial Planting and Spatial Relationships

Framework Plan

Planting Design Continued and Definition of Plant Relationships

Framework Plan

Planting Design Continued and Definition of Plant Relationships (con)

LAR 410 Frontier Farm Credit Planting Precedents
Jake Jenkins

Frontier Farm Credit Baldwin City, Manhattan, Marysville and Parsons, Kansas The Clark Enerson Partners “Located in rural settings, these buildings demanded an agricultural flair.” This precedent provides me with background information regarding Frontier Farm Credits’ preferences. The naturalistic landscape reflect the history of farmsteads and limestone barns.

Kansas State University Gardens Manhattan, Kansas The Clark Enerson Partners + Mesa Design

Theater Group Retreat Western Maine USA Landworks Studio, Boston Winning a 2009 ASLA Honor Award, the Theater Group Retreat in Maine is a great example of using planting to screen elements while creating a visually dynamic forest. Red pine and blue spruce species contrast in texture, color, growth habit and growth rate, and thickness create privacy for cabins while providing interest.

The entry to the Kansas State University Gardens is breathtaking. This is a prime example of how to stage an entry, from the paving pattern outside the gate to the formal arrangement fronting the barn. The vase form of the White Ash out front provides an enormous canopy for activity below.

Turtle Creek Water Works Dallas, Texas Julie Bargmann, DIRT Studio This photo is a precedent because it shows the variety of materials and vegetation present amongst a walking path. The woody plants provide shade and seclusion creating a comforting atmosphere. The stone paths with grasses growing up is not only permeable, but is an added connection with nature.

The Brochstein Pavilion at Rice University Houston USA The Office of James Burnett “Responding to the grid of the building, a bosque of 48 specimen allee lacebark elms rise from a plane of decomposed granite and provides an organizational framework that humanizes the scale of the space.” (ASLA 2010) This example was chosen for the spacing of the elms and the canopy already created with these young elms. The article doesn’t note the spacing, but I’m guessing around 20-25 feet.

Coastal Island Retreat Spring Island, South Carolina Sheila A. Brady, FASLA (Van Sweden and Associates) Immediately the texture of the foreground grasses are apparent. They are swaying in the wind and as the eye progresses toward the background the layers of golden yellows is remarkably similar to existing Frontier Farm Credit site. The long shadows created by the trees are also quite dramatic. Grasses change throughout the year adding seasonal interest. Here, they are pictured in the autumn.

Rock River, Wisconsin Flickr photo by OldOnliner The power of an isolated tree amongst the tallgrass is surreal provoking thoughts of strength, fortitude, and endurance throughout time. I believe these virtues are embodied by Frontier Farm Credit, and a tree with an isolated placement can be the symbol FFC is looking for.

Frontier Farm Credit “Services” page This image was pulled from the Frontier Farm Credit website exemplifying the rustic, agricultural connection they prefer. FFC is interested in revealing the history of the site in their designs. Biodesign Institute at ASU Phoenix, Arizona Christine Ten Eyck A 2009 ASLA Honor Award Winner, the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University is a prime of planting to facilitate public gathering spaces. East pedestrian plaza with Palo Brea allee forming a tunnel of shade. I also look to this example on how to plant to create layers of vegetation from groundlevel to overhead.

“Providing financial solutions that enhance agriculture and rural America.” FFC Mission Statement

LAR 410 Frontier Farm Credit Planting Precedents
Jake Jenkins
Concept 2 Concept 1 Concept 3

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