Physics: Isulat sa bond paper (long man o short) yung lahat ng nasa kopya ng libro.

Basa hin at unawain lahat ng sinulat kasi graded recitation sa wednesday. Humanities: (sa short bond paper at isusulat nang may design daw) What is Humanities? What are the areas of Humanities? What is the origin of man? Programming: (sa yellow paper) History of Java Phases of a Java program Differentiate Applications from Applets . Features of a Java program Types of Java programs Data Communication and Networking: Telecommunication vs. Data Communication History of data communication networkin g Goals of Networking

Types of Java ProgramView Edit There are two types of Java programs 1. Application Programs 2. Applet Programs Application Programs Application programs are stand-alone programs that are written to carry out cert ain tasks on local computer such as solving equations, reading and writing files etc. The application programs can be executed using two steps 1. Compile source code to generate Byte code using Javac compiler. 2. Execute the byte code program using Java interpreter. Applet programs: Applets are small Java programs developed for Internet applications. An applet l ocated in distant computer can be downloaded via Internet and executed on a loca l computer using Java capable browser. The Java applets can also be executed in the command line using appletviewer, which is part of the JDK.

Communication is the process of transferring information from a sender to a rece iver with the use of a medium in which the communicated information is understoo d by both sender and receiver. It is a process that allows organisms to exchange information by several methods. Telecommunications is a general term for a vast array of technologies that send information over distances. Mobile phones, land lines, satellite phones and voic e over Internet protocol (VoIP) are all telephony technologies -- just one field of telecommunications. Radio, television and networks are a few more examples o f telecommunication. Read more: elecommunication#ixzz1csgCxQn0

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