Rei-Ki, Pronounced: "Ray Key." The word "Rei-Ki" is a compound word of t wo parts Rei , meaning Universal and Ki , meaning Life Force Energy . Hence, combin have Rei-Ki - Universal Life Force Energy. Rei can also mean 'Supernatural Force o r Spiritual Intelligence (Your Higher Power, Inner Voice, God, Goddess, Allah, B uddha, The Universal Mind, Our Creator; whatever name and sound of power that yo u wish or choose to call HIM/HER or IT) .' Ki exists within all living things and in combination with "Rei" is self-guiding and has an intelligence of its own. Th erefore, Reiki can also be understood as a Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy, which is All-Knowing and All-Encompassing; is the same as Chi in Chinese, Prana in Sanskrit, Holy Spirit in Gnosticism, and later, as Christianity, the Greek word "P neuma," meaning both "air" and "spirit", and the Latin Spiritus , from which is der ived the English word "Spirit" meaning literally "Breath" and/or "inspiration" (literally "to breath in"). In the acclaimed book "SCIENCE OF MELANIN" by Timoth y Owen Moore Ph.D, he remarks that "plasma (dust and gas) in space carry electro magnetic charges. Space is an electromagnetic web containing rotating masses of solids, liquids, and gases and electromagnetic play.

Black Matter (Dark Matter) is a cosmic glue holding together rapidly spinning galaxy and controlling the rate at which the Uni-Verse expands." This plasma in space, in the field of "Quantum Physics" is made up of 25% Black Energy and 65% Black Matter, which is called "90% Dark Matter" or as we say "External DNA" or " Exoteric Mel-Anin." The ancient KaMA atu (Egyptian) word for Melanin is Kam Wer (Not e: The ancient KaMA atu- dialect evolved from the dialect of the Atlan-tis (Aztlan ) colony of El Mu uria [Mu, Le'Muria] language). The word Mel-Anin is Greek and the Greek dialect evolved from the KaMA atu-Phoenician-Hebrew tongue, and Mel-Anin (Su t-Amen) means, Hidden Black Substance. According to the NEW YORK TIMES March 2,000 a rticle titled A FLOAT IN A COSMIC HALL OF MIRRORS reveals that scientists have fou nd alien matter in Dark MAtter or other worldly Dark MAtter. Some scientists speculat e the mirror matter is trapped in another dimension stuck inside what amounts to a parallel Uni-Verse. In other words, scientist rediscovered Black Matter in the M ilky Way Galaxy, which was considered an Alien Life-Force or Extra-Terra-Astral Energy(Extra-terre-strial), in the Sub-Atomic Realm. The Physical (Material) is the lowest plane of existence. The ancient (Gnosi s) Essenes teaches that the Hu(e)man body is a prison for the Soul or in other w ords, the Soul (God) is entrapped, incarnated or imprisoned in the Physical body , however, only temporarily. "It is He Who created everything on the earth for you and then directed His attention up to heaven and arranged it into seven regu lar heavens. He has knowledge of all things" (The HOLY QUR'AN, 2:29). "Then He t urned to heaven when it was smoke. In two days He determined them as seven heave ns and revealed, in every heaven, its own mandate." (The HOLY QUR'AN, 41:12). Th e word "heavens", which appears in many verses in the Qur'an, is used to refer t o the sky above the Earth, as well as the entire universe. Given this meaning of the word, it is seen that the Earth's sky, or the atmosphere, is made up of sev en layers.

1. 2.

Troposphere (Biosphere) [lowest region]; Ozonosphere

Stratosphere [above Earth]; 4. Mesosphere;



6. Ionosphere (Magnetosphere) [extends 30 to 250 miles or 50 to 400 km], and 7. Exosphere (Van Allen Belt)

are the (7) Seven layers acts as a prism (prison), which Melanin acts as bla ck holes absorbing, conducting, transforming ALL sounds, electrical, magnetic, l ight, heat, radiation, waves, and frequencies. Ether (Classical Greek word for t he Upper Atmosphere ) as a substance filling all space, inclusive of those volumes occupied by ordinary matter, and serving to transmit those forces (gravitational , electric, magnetic) which one material object exerts on another located at a d istance. In the Western Occult Tradition, the Etheric is described as the innermos t of (7) Seven bands around the Earth, penetrating deep into the Planet, and reac hing to a certain height in the Atmosphere. According to the ancient Hindu philo sophy and cosmology, "Akasha" is in fact one of the seven recognized states of m atter. Whereas we in the West perceive and recognize "matter" in three forms - s olid, liquid, and gaseous - the ancient Hindu writers state emphatically that th ere is also "Ether" ("Akasha"), and that there is not merely one form of Ether, but four different levels of it, thus giving a total of seven levels on which ex istence is possible. The Physical Plane is where we dwell currently. Out of body i s the Etheric Plane . Higher than the Etheric Plane (Lower Astral or E-Motional Plane , also called the Plane of Force ) is the Astral Plane (Higher E-Motional Plane), abo ve that is the Mental Plane . At a certain unseen level, the Planes become so expan sive that it is - interplanetary. This would be the Causal, next the Spiritual a nd finally, the most fine body, the SOUL (GOD). With the SOUL body, one can trav el the Uni-Verse. Scientists have observed that Black Matter in the Earth s wind and they called it Quint-Essence (Akasha-Ether). This is the Return of Christ, who is after the Order of Mel-Chi-Sedek! According to the "HOLY BIBLE NEW TESTAMENT Hebrews 7: 1 -2," states For this Mel-chis e-dec, king of Salem, priest of the most high God, wh o met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings, and blessed him; 2. To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King o f righteousness, and after that also King of Salem, which is, King of peace. Al-c hemically, AB-RA-HAM means in the ancient KaMA atu (Egyptian) Medu Neter Heart (Ess ence) of the Black Sun. AB-RA-HAM s tenth part of all, symbolizes the linear 10% left hemisphere brain usage. Scientist claims a Hu(e)man BEing only uses 10% of the b rain. Therefore, AB-RA-AM s alter ego is MEL-CHI-SEDEK (MEL-CHI is ASARU [HARU] or MA-KHU and SEDEK is SUT TEKH, thus ASARU-SUT TEKH, the Lord of the Perfect Black ) , which means Black Energy of Righteousness (Justice or Truth).

MEL-CHI-SEDEK blessed him, which symbolizes the 90% of the brain that Hu[e]man s do NOT use, which, is the creative right hemisphere. Thus, together is 100% br ain usage or the gift of Infinite Consciousness. A mental slave uses less than 1 0% of his/her entire brain. The other 90% remains undeveloped and unconscious (R ead: "THE DARK SIDE OF THE BRAIN: Major Discoveries In The Use of Kirlian Photog raphy and Electrocrystal Therapy" by Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill).The HOLY B IBLE OLD TESTAMENT Isaiah 45:3 ; states, And I (GOD) will give thee the treasures o f darkness (Pineal Gland [Black Dot] led to the Right BRAin Hemisphere, thus bes towing E.S.P.), and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I , the Lord HOLY BIBLE OLD TESTAMENT Pslams 18: 11 ; states, He (GOD) made darkness his secret place; his pavilion round about him were dark waters (Mel-Anin) and thic k clouds of the skies (Cerebrum, Cerebellum or portions of the bRAin). Therefore, just like we have "Exoteric Mel-Anin" or "External DNA" we have Esoteric Mel-An

in or Internal DNA" in which, the Pineal Gland excretes Mel-Aton-in (Night-Shado w; 11 pm to 7 am.) and Ser-Aton-in (Day-Light; 7am. to 11pm.) two forms of Mel-A nin. The Greek word Mel-ATON-in means Black Sun Tone.

Melg means, Milk and also Galaxy. Melanin (Kam Wer) is responsible for manufactur ng and sustaining life, a unique life Khem-ical (Chem-ical). Melanin is found in high concentrations in hue-man skin. The skin is the largest organ in your body . It acts similarly to the lungs. The skin of an average adult weighs approximat ely 6 pounds. If spread flat, the skin would cover 18 square feet (Note: The Spi nal Column is approximately 18 inches long also). There are 3 main layers to you r skin...

1. The cuticle or outer layer. 2. 3. The dermis or the lower layer The epidermis

And (4) four subtle layers, making (7) seven skin layers in all.

One of the chief functions of your skin is to maintain a constant body tempe rature through evaporation of heat. Your skin also breathes, absorbs light, air and water. Therefore, if we calculate the fact that it takes (8 min. 20 sec.) ei ght minutes and twenty seconds for the Sun RAys to touch down on Earth and a per son has (7) seven major chakRAs, then actually, it would take approximately, (57 .40) fifty seven minutes and forty seconds of sun light daily to absorb the adeq uate amount of vitamin D and also, keep the Mel-Anin-energy centers (Shen Ka Rau or ChakRas) balanced. According to Gabriel Cousens M.D. book LIGHT YEARS AHEAD ability to both absorb and radiate light directly leads to spiritual development and health. A decreased ability to absorb light leads to a poorer quality of he alth and most concretely a state of (SAD) Seasonal Affected Disorder.


Scientist have documented that the Phot-Onic Energy of the aveRAge HU(e)Man body is emitted at the equivalent of a 120 watt light bulb, 120 volt battery or 25,000 BTUs. and that our Auric fields or Astral (Star) Body (the Higher Astral Body [Spiritual Body] is eternal) is the equivalent to the lifetime of the Unive rse, which is about 10e22 years. The Auric field contains the electronic mass of 4e21 (4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 electrons).

Consequently, Rei-Ki, which in ancient KaMa'at (Egypt) times was pronounced "Ra Ka" was further developed by Af-RA-Kam people dating back over 52,000 years ago (Note: We are being conservative with this estimate). Because, according to legend, the ancient KaMa'atians (Egyptian) were previously a group of Atlanteans (Aztlan-eans) and the Atlanteans were an even earlier group of EL-Mu'ur-ians (L eMurians) and the EL-Mu'ur-ians were descendants of the Etherian Sirian Beings

(Anu-Bians or A-Nubians [Twa, Dogon, Ama Zulu and others] or Anu-Nakians [No mmos] derived from the KaMa'atian word Anup.

The Greek transliteration is Anubis). According to Dr. Suzar's "BLACKED OUT BY WHITE WASH", "Legends and ancient cultures around the world speak of man's ex traterrestrial connections, claiming that the Gods were our ancestors.

The "HOLY BIBLE" agrees, "We are Gods"! (Ps. 82:6, Jn 10:34). In my (Sem Heb Heru Ma Khu Sut Tekh) "FRONTLINE" magazine article called "FROM MERE MEN TO SUPER NIGGAS." I break down how the word "nigger" used to be the most revered and sacred word in the universe. And how two countries in Af-Ra -Ka (Africa) still utilizes it as a word of power...Niger (masculine) and Nigeri a (feminine) derived from the ancient Kama'atian (Egyptian) words Ngu (King) and Nga (Queen). In Masonry, it is the true lost word. That word was "N-g-r" and as one can see, there are no vowels in this word. In the ancient Af-Ra-Kam (Africa n) and even the present Af-Ra-Kam (African) languages (the Afro-Asiatic linguist ic family) vowels such as "a,e,i,o,u, y or w" are not found in many translations , particularly of ancient Hebrew and Kama'atian (Egyptian) languages. The medu ( word) "N-G-R" means "GOD" in ancient Kama'atu (Egyptian). The medu N-G-R is the same as the medu N-T-R. In fact, the Kama'atian (Egyptian) word for "Nature," is also the word used for God. That word is "Ntyr," (pronounced Net-jer." Now pron ounce the word "Nigger" and the word "Net-jer," and one sees the clear connectio n. In many Af-Ra-Kam (African) languages particularly the Niger-Congo language f amily. Words that connects with people, Gods, and groups begin with "N" and that word is always the first word. For instance, the word "Nkosi" in Xhosa is "God. " The word "Ndaba," in another South African language is "counsil" (or gathering of elders). Words of Af-Ra-Kam (African) origins that came from the original word, " N-G-R (PROUNOUNCED EN-JER) N-g-r (Egyptian;pronounced en-jer) = God N-t-y-r (Egypt; pronounced net-ger) = God, Devine Negash (Ethiopia; ne-gash) = King Negus (Ethiopia; ne-goos) = Emperor Nkosi (Xhosa; en-kosi) = God Ndaba (Zulu; en-daba) = Council/Officials,

Naga (East Indian, Nubian [Kushite] = People / Naga or Naacal (India, Me xico = Serpent King and/or Serpent Queen) Nugarmarta (West African = People (See the writings of Ibn Buttata's jou rney to West Africa)

Naga/Nagini The Romans had a name for Blacks, it was "Niger" and it meant Black or p eople of African origins. Thus, Septimus Niger would have meant, Septimus the Ne gro. Yet, how did the Romans connect the word "Niger" to Black. In ancient times , Blacks were worshipped as Gods. The Gods of Greece came from Kama'at (Egypt). The worship of the Black Madonna is connected with the worship of Aset (Isis), t he Kama'atian (Egyptian) Goddess. Moreover, Blacks in Egypt called their Pharaoh s "En-ger" or "N-g-r" he was literally referred to as "THE GOD." It is very poss ible that when the Romans tried to invade Nubia, they asked for the name of the God and the term "N-g-r" was probably used in place of "leader" or "king". In An gola, the same also happened during the 1600's when the word "N-gola" which mean s "King" (notice the "N" and the "g" in this word as well), came to be "Angola,' the name of a kingdom in south western Africa. A Roman general invading Nubia f rom Egypt would probably have used the Egyptian term for Pharaoh, which was "N-g -r" (God). This term then was used to refer to all Blacks and as time went by, t he word N-g-r became Niger. In Fact, the Romans also classified their Emperors a s "Gods," to follow the Egyptian style. Moreover, as the History Channel poointe d out, "Rome was a collection of villages before the Egyptians built it up."(par aphrased). The word "em-peror" sounds very close to the word "en-jer." That is n ot a coincidental connection. THE WORD "N-G-R" (EN-JER) AFTER IT WAS CORRUPTED BY THE EUROPEANS Niger = (Latin or Black/African pronounced "ni-ger.") Nero = Italian for Black Negre = French for Black Negro = Spanish for Black The English called Blacks "Moor" or "Black-a-Moor" before they began usi ng the word "Negro" to refer to Blacks. The European kidnappers stated in the past t hat Blacks were found on the bank of the "Niger" river, which runs through the c ountries of Niger and Nigeria. Map of Africa In like manner, the racist term for Japanese the mutilation of the word to shorten it into an epithet. Furthermore, the original name for Japan is the C hinese "Ni-Han." Now here is another great mystry that people who study the Nige r-Congo linguistic family would quickly notice. EVEN THE WORD "Ni" in the Chines e "Ni-Han," has and ancient African connection. In fact, as Clyde Walters points out, The Chinese language is directly related to the Niger-Congo language which has its roots in the Cameroon region of Africa. In fact, there are thousands of African words from Cameroon to Kenya that have both prefixes and suffixes that are identical to both Chinese and Japanese languages (see also African Presence in Early Asia, by Ivan Van Sertima; Transaction Publishers) In the Case of "Ni-Han" which may mean "rising sun," there is also a sac red meaning that is found in the word "n-ger," or "ne-gro." Yet, the racist term s "nip," and "nigger" or "jap," used by racists were and are being used without any understanding of their original meanings. Only hatred and envy comes out of

A. 11 of New C ells. Japan's oldest known inhabitants. Manetho gave a history of KaMA'at's (Egypt's) dynasties that goes back at least 24. it is up to us to study our history and make these racist words impotent.. mythological & geological evidenc e which "proves" that an advanced." .. NEW LIFE by V. but for color and hair.. understanding their original meaning.500 year s ago. Mu) flourished over 90... In Plato's "REPUBLIC." There is abundant worldwide archaelogical. during the melting of the last ice age (world cataclysm).. J. The Ainu ". I . Life to the Egyptians Ni-ger = River in West Africa Niger = Nation in West Africa Nigeria = Nation in West Africa Nago = Racist term used by some SE Asians to refer to Black Melanesians of Africoid origins Nago-Mina = African nationality in Nigeria Naghual = Aztec word for Shaman or priest. hermaphroditic beings (Etherian Sirians) who gradually pol arized into opposite sexes and solidfied into (Melanin. Anu.. The Legendary supercivilization of EL Mu'uria (Lemuria..webtv. Histor ians Cheikh Anta Diop and Albert Churchward saw the Ainus as originating in KaMA 'at (Egypt)! There is archeological support for this. god-like. New Bodies.net/paulnubiaempire The inspired "COSMIC REVELATIONS" by Valentin/Essene and ch.927 (approximately 25.The KaMA'atu (Eg yptian) historian.the mouths of those who use racial epithets in their attempt to insult and deneg rade others.. ancient supercivilization once thrived in the Central Pacific. Arguelles & THE PRISM OF LYRA" by Ro yal/Priest basically. there are any number of Japanese who.000) years (to time of EL Mu'uria [L eMuria. ancient KaMA 'at (Egypt) and Mesopotamia records the "Anu" (Ainu?). while at the same time. In addition. Mu] and Aztlan [Atlan-tis]). you (Greeks) remember a single deluge only. are of the same original race and type as the Australian Aborigines" reports Churchward in "SIGNS AND SYMBOLS OF PRIMODIAL MAN"." an KaMA'atian (Egypt ian) priest is referring to the destruction of EL-Mu'uria (LeMuria or Mu) & Aztl an (Atlantis) when he states.Ten gu. Rogers writes in "SEX AND RACE Vol. Ainu and misnomer 'Pygmy'] people" -small brown men who were early inha bitants on Earth. ethereal. over 12. However."." EL-Mu'uria or Mu is said to be the original parent of earliest world cultur es. Essene. Black) flesh form. Connection with the prefix "ni" with sacred and life: Ni'le = The Nile River. The first Olmec Shamans in Me xico came from Nigeria and elsewhere in West Africa (see "BLACK CIVILIZATIONS OF AMERICA" http://community.000 years ago before sinking beneath the Pacific Ocean. The Ainus. have traditions w hich tell of a race of dark dwarfs which inhabited Japan before they did. Ancient underwater cities have already been discovered in the Pacific Ocean! The ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptians) spoke of the "Twa [Ptah-ites. "There have been many destructions of humanity. bear a strik ing resemblance to the South African Bushman.. offer fresh insights. states that humanity's first prototype began as long-lived . and this partly explains the amazing similarities between ancient world cu ltures. along with "DREAM SPELL: The Journey of Timeship Earth" by J.

In other words.Negro descent living in Asia and Oceania probably exceed in the numb er the present Negro population of Africa. he states ". reports "the Lemurians were sma ll and brown.. the China's pyRAmids (Miru) are located near Siang Fu city in the Shensi province. the Chinese do not know how they got there and they were of ten mistaken for hills. T hey have lived in southern Africa for some 20.film by Alpha Media Corp). As a matter of fact.. . ( KaMA'at [Egypt]) were the builders. Rei-Ki is not a Japanese origin but has an A f-RA-Kam (Note: Not the land but the people) origin. A. nature and each oth er.A.." In "PYGMY" by Kitabu Jean-Pierre Hallet. They have full Africoid features." Twa (Pygmy) bones are found all over Earth. I.. the inspired "RIGHT USE OF WILL" by Ceanne DeRohan. there's one island where only pur e-blooded Hawaiians live. Rogers. Their descendants are said to be primarily the pe ople of the South Seas and Oceania. An ancient tradition poi nts to the conquest of Japan from the southeast by a race of Black warriors. there are any number of Japanese who. all of which incorporate click consonants. Rogers. Pre senting a fascinating account of EL Mu'uria (Lemuria) and Aztlan (Atlantis)." For example. are part of the Khoisan group and are related to the Khoikhoi. The purest Negro types are in Souther n Asia..000 years.A. LA (310) 316-6867 begin_of_the_skype_highlig hting (310) 316-6867 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. R ogers writes in SEX AND RACE Vol.The Bushmen (also known as Khwe [Khoe]. Some Af-R A-Kamau (Africans) must have returned to Af-RA-Ka (Africa) since many Af-RA-Kam (African) tribes assert that their ancestors came from the East [EL-Mu'uria {LeM uria} Mu?] (Read: "100 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE NEGRO" by J. he documents the amazin g Twa (Pygmies) of Zaire. who live in the Kalahari. talks about the many ancient exoduses of Melanit es (Af-RA-Kamau) out of Af-RA-Ka (Africa) to other parts of the world. "LOST CITI ES OF ANCIENT LEMURIA AND THE PACIFIC" by David Childress and "THE LOST CONTINEN T OF MU" by James Churchward). s urviving since the dawn of mankind in real harmony with God. According to "THE GROWTH OF CIVILIZA TION" by J..the p eople of .. "THE PYRAM IDS OF JAPAN" . "SIGNS AND SYMBOLS OF THE PRIMOR DIAL MAN" by Albert Churchward. bu t for color and hair. Along with the pygmies of Central Africa."THANK GOD FOR THE ANSW ERS AT LAST" . dark skin & wooly ha ir! In "100 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE NEGRO" by J. Therefore. The pyRAmids (Miru) in Japan are made of sto nes not indigenous to Japan.. bear a striking resemblance to the South African Bushman. they do identify themselves by group with such names as Ju/ hoansi and !Kung (Kung as in the Chinese word Kung Fu and the Snaskrit word Kun-dalini). Tebecis: Mahikari. truthfully speaking. as "the world's most genitcally pure ethnic group. the Bushmen have been considered a possible root or source fo r the female DNA lineage the so-called Mitochondrial Eve.. or San peoples of South Afr ica and neighbouring Botswana and Namibia. It is said they were built during the time of EL Mu 'uria (LeMuria. the Japanese ancestry lies within Af-RA-Kam genes.at Mahikari Centers. While they have no collectiv e name for themselves in any of their languages. In Hawaii. Basarwa. Mu) (see page 15) (A. J. An ancient t radition points to the conquest of Japan from the southeast by a race of Af-RA-K . Perry states that the Af-RA-Kamau (Africans) from the Nile Valley. ". due to the erosion.

w restling. the Nakhis. however. These warrior scientists laid the foundation for all martial arts systems (N ote: Originally.A. They brought with them many spiritual sc iences which originated in Af-RA-Ka. It is derived from the ancient KaMA'atian name 'Ptah' [Ptah-Re] or 'Putah. Kundalini. Thus. it is derived from the ancient KaMA'atian word 'Karast' or "Ka-Ra-Sut" meaning "The Spirit of the Black Sun" which later was translitrated into Greek as 'Khristos' (Kristos) meaning "The Black Anointed One" and into English as the biblical 'Christ' meani ng "The Anointed") Buddha (Note: Buddha means. including Kung Fu. Dvaravati Period in Thailand. such as. The first kingdom of Southeast Asia is called Fou Nan. Also.' meaning "The Opener. Judo" and Karate (Note: Kara te supposely. "The Awakener" or "The Enlightene r. called Mon-tu). it is really made up of ancient Ka MA'atu (Egyptian) words." The Black Buddah Black Buddha with typical African features. Master Kilindyii's essay in "AFRICA N PRESENCE IN EARLY ASIA" (by Van Sertima/Rashidi) reveals the Af-RA-Kam roots o f the martial arts (Mon-tu): "Africans discovered very early that the movements of animals could be sued effectively to develop their fighting skills.southern China and Asia. and many of them still are Black . 200. the earliest documented rulership of China was the Shang Dynasty [or Chiang] c. Asia's African roots are well summarized in "AFRICAN PRESENCE IN EARLY ASI A" by Ivan Van Sertima / Runoko Rashidi. Chinese historians described the Fou Na nese men as "small and black.000 in number. The Ganges." In "100 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT THE NEGRO. Krishna (Note: Krishna means "The Black One". Europeans first discovered "a hitherto unknown Negr o race. Rogers reports that in 1923." by J.. T he first people of India were Cushites (Ethiopians) from Af-RA-Ka! They even nam ed the area the (Indus)-Cush Valley. The earliest o ccupants of Asia were "small Blacks" (Melanites. including the great King Asoka." The English transliteration of the word is Fath-er) and other great Black sa ges arose from their successive civilizations. in Southern China" King Tang or Ta. such as those of Yoga. misnomer 'Pygmies') who came to the region as early as 50. which is credited with bringing together the elements of China's e .000 years ago. Ki or p-RAna energy. and "AFRICAN PRESENCE IN EARLY CHINA" b y James Brunson." A reference to Chi.C.E.. The oldest records of kicking. 'Ra' means 'Sun' an d 'Te' means 'Life' or 'Living'. In "THE CHILDREN OF THE SUN" by George Parker. ninth century. means "Empty Hand[s]". The original oriental people were Af-RA-Kamau (Melanites or Bla cks). 1500 -1000 B. it appears that the entire continent of Asia was origina lly the home of many black races and that these races were the pioneers in estab lishing the wonderful civilizations that have flourished throughout this vast co ntinent. throwing. 'Ka' which means 'Spirit'.am warriors. tha t 'animal principles' could be isolated within the consciousness and manifested into an unconquerable fighting force.C. These Africans founded the great Indus-Cush Valley Civilization around 3000 B." Reports of major kingdoms ruled by Af-RA-Kamau (Blacks) are frequent i n Chinese documents. Reflexolo gy and other so-called Eastern philosophies. the sacred river of India (Note: The Latin word "India" is from the Greek word Indus (or Indos) which means 'Black') is named after the Ethiopian (Ether Utopia[n] or Cushite [Cush means 'Black']) Ngu (King) Ganges t hat conquered Asia.. called the "Universal Life For ce"). "KaRaTe" means "The Spiritual Sun of the Living. he writes ". famo us for building masterful canal systems.E. and punching techniques were found in Egypt (KaMA'at).

In otherwords." the "Hidden Sun. he is RAw solar energy. they were the followers of "Amen Ra. Thus. RA is the living force that dwells around all things and lives within all beings. originating social institutions and cultural inventio ns." which is the "COMING FORTH BY DAY [LIGHT] AND NIGHT [SHADOW]" misnomer the "BOOK OF THE DEAD" King James Version. The force in RA-diation.E. the Father of the Neteru-Gods. the KaMA'at word Ptah/Putah is the oldest origin of the orient name 'Buddha'). He is credited wit h establishing government. the "HOLY BI BLE" is the "On Papyrus" or the "Ra Papyrus. the pre-Dravidians. Atum. He is said to have originated the "I CHING" or "THE BOOK OF CHANGE" ("THE BO OK OF TRANSFORMATION"). he is the RA in au-RA. YaH-Shu-WaH or Sekhem) The Black Shiva THE STANDING BLACK SHIVA 10th Century C. and RA was a self-restricted a spect of it. Herodotus. Nagini Godde ss In essence. the Infinite Point] created man [Mind] in his own image [Universe]. Shu. Contrary to popular o pinion. Th . and th e Ruler of the Universe.arliest known civilization. RA-diance. the legendary Fu-H si (2953-2838 B.) was a woolly haired Black Man (Melanite). RA is androgynous energy (according to the Holy Bible [Note: Hol y is the English transliteration of the Latin word 'Halo'. called the oldest. Accord ing to the Latin etymologists. The word 'Bible' is derived from the Greek word 'Biblios' meaning "Little Book" or 'Pages' which is derived from the ancient Sumerian word "Bab EL. "So God [the Black Dot. is known as Kundalini Shakti (Sekh-MA'at). Chaos was." meaning "The Light Rays of the Awakener [Opener]. RA gives us spiritual strength.C. chak-RA and that bright s olar force that emits from all living beings." meaning "Door to GOD (Sun) " or "Gate To GOD ( Sun)" and even further back to the KaMa'atian word 'Papyrus'. one in the west (Af-RA-Ka) and one in the east (so-called India. and in the Vedic teac hings. RA is not the Sun Neter (God). the so-called G reek historian stated that there were two Ethiopian (Cushite) people. 'Tam' is the ancient KaMa'atian word 'Tem' for the "Setting Sun" and 'IL' is 'EL' the KaMa'at-Phoenian word 'God'.The Shang were given the name Na-khi meaning 'Na'-Bla ck and 'Khi'-men or "Serpent Kings" and the 'Snake' or Serpent' later becomes th e 'Dragon' or "Sons of the Dragon" The first Chinese emperor. He is what the Chinese call in th eir esoteric system Chi or Qi (Ki) energy. The legends of RA are nume rous as to his journey across the regions (constellations). originally called 'Harrap pa' from the ancient KaMa'atian Neteru [Gods or Forces of Nature] "Haru Ra Ptah . Vietnam in his feminine aspect. the intelligence that produced Order (MA'at). and the most revered system of prophecy). which is a remnant of the Af-R-Kam 'Ifa' system. later Dravidians [so-called Sudras]. who constructed himself out of Chaos (Nun). prior to RA. His royal barque (bo at) is likened to that of the journey of the Sun. male and female [androgynous] created he them"). as infinite potentiality. we can overstand what RA really is." The Supreme Neter (God) was called RA. he (Shiva [Shakta]. Genesis (Genes of Aset [Isis]) 1:27. RAy(s). therefore. the life force. means 'Sun'. which means 'Sun' and 'Halo' is derived from the Greek word 'Helios' which.The one in the east were call ed the Tamil people. in the image of God created he him. The ancient KaMa'atian word for 'Sun' was 'On' or 'Ra'.

The Black Stone. and is often times a bluish-white color. 2:125] We have rendered e people. Dr. consider the stone holy and put emphasis on touching it and kissing it. and it is toward the Kaaba that Muslims face in their prayers (salat). As a matter of fact. interesting to note." The KA or "double" or somatic ego serves to bridge the gap between the physical and the psychic. The Kaaba was built by prophet Abraham as a landmark for the House of Go d . Kaaba is the center of the circumambulations performed during the pilgrimage (hajj). i. into which only Muslims may enter. Before prophet Muhammed's advent. human conscious ness is cube shaped. Some traditional Muslims in defiance of their religion. Its name means the cube in Arabic as it is a cube shaped stone structure built in the middle of the Sacred Mosque. or Eve) & BA (Soul. Al Masjid Al-Haram. haram. Interestingly. 1:16 The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto a beryl: and they four had one likeness. the RAm-headed Neter (God) crafted the KA (Spirit. Around the Kaaba is a restricted area. possibly of meteoric origin. also known as. Hall all have agreed on In the picture above you can clearly see the intricate gold embroidered Ki swa that covers the Kaaba. most notable of which were al-Lat. It is set in a rugged landscape consisting mostly of soli . extending in some directions as far as 12 miles. You We commissioned Abraham and Ismail: it. [2:127] As Abraham raised the foundations of the shrine. worshipped many idols. the etheric body is situated approximately two inches above the physical body.e. Ka'bah. or Adam) on his potter's wheel before a persons birth. Kaaba is located in the city of Mecca (Makkah) in the Arabian desert in the Arabian peninsula. together with Ismai l (they prayed): "Our Lord." The Kaaba is a large masonry structure roughly the shape of a cube. Richard King. It can be considered b oth as the etheric principle . the Sacred Mosque of Mecca. is located at one of its ou tside corners. Khnum. Meccans who lost the religion of Abraham's mo notheism. al-Uzza and Manat. and those the shrine (the Ka`aba) a focal point for th may use Abraham's shrine as a prayer house. of what is known today as Saudi Arabia. It has been used by the pilgrims as a landmark to count the numb er of cicumambulations.a sort of subtle or higher or more Psychic grade of the Physical. Imam Mustafa Ala Min and Manly P. Kabah and Caaba is the center of the holiest place of worship in Al Islam (The Peaceful State" in English).for the sole purpose of worshipping of God alone. the Omnisci ent. those who live there. You are the Hearer. Location Of Mecca (Makkah) Mecca is at the intersection of latitude 21 to 25 degree north and longitude 39 to 49 degree east. such as. is the fact that the other renown scholars. Hundreds of people dressed in white are standing on t he white floor of the Great Mosque and are encompassing the Kaaba. Also. accept this from us. and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel within a wheel. [Quran.e KA is usually translated as "spirit. Behind the Ka aba you can see the pillars and arches that make up the inside walls of the Grea t Mosque and are tan and white in color. The actu al structure of the Kaaba has been demolished and rebuilt several times in the c ourse of its history. and a safe sanctuary. The name "Kaaba" comes from the Arabic word meaning cube. Kaaba. "You shall purify My house for those who vis who bow and prostrate.

Each tribe.[3] It is interesting to know that Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria. He was not a descriptive geographer. created and changed t he rites and the object of this fantastic worship. which is very holy and exceedingly r evered by all Arabians. Kaaba & Mecca In History Edward Gibbon writes about the Ka'bah and its existence before the Christian era in his book: . undertook to make an a tlas of the habitable world. now known for its inscriptions to have had temples and some sort of civ ilization as far back as 500 BC. In Lathrippa. whose superior sanctity was revered by all the Arabi ans. Kuday to the south and Abu Qubais and Khindimah to th e south-east. and now Medayin Salih.. And a temple has been set-up there. famous in the "times of ignorance" as the seat of a kingdom.. between the Thamudites and th e Sabeans. each independent warrier. The genuine anti quity of Caaba ascends beyond the Christian era: in describing the coast of the Red sea the Greek historian Diodorus has remarked. which is annually renewed by the Turkish emperor.[5] . is Ptolemy's Egra. and the earth. flourishing about a century after Pliny. the City of Ci ties. a book describing various parts of the discovered world. while the southern range consists of Abu Huda idah mountain to the west. each family. For example. He enumerated some hund red and fourteen cities or villages in Arabia Felix. and his book w as intended to be no more than a commentary on his maps. must be the mediaeval Arabian Daumet. Al-Musfalah and Al-Shubaikah.[2] Diodorus Siculus was a Greek historian of 1st century BC who wrote Bibliothe ca Historica. a famous temple. in every age.[4] Apart from this a place called Macoraba is also shown which is identified as Mecca (please refer to the map facing page 17 of reference [3]). west and south. and the name he gives it allows us to ide ntify it as a South Arabian foundation created around a sanctuary. of the st ars. the linen of silken veil.000 feet) above sea level . which is surrounded by two near by mountain ranges to the east. The northern range comprises the Al-Falaq and Qu'aqi'an mountains. has bowed to the religion as well as to the language of Mecca. mathematician and astronomer. placed inl and from Iambia (Yambo). There are three main entrances to Makkah: Al-Mu'allat (also known as Al-Hujûn) ..d granite. now honoured as El Medina. The follo wing lines are the English translation of Greek quoted by Gibbon from the book o f Diodorus Siculus (Diodorus of Sicily) describing the 'temple' considered to be the the holiest in the whole of Arabia. Dumaetha. with rocks sometimes reaching 300 meters (1. we recognize the Iathrippa of Stephan of Byzantium. Hejr. of blind mythology of barbarians . Makkah is enclosed by the Valley of Abraham. but the nation. It is the Tema of Job. placed by Ptolemy just outside the northern bound ary of Arabia Felix. was first offered by the Homerites. their attributes or subordi nation.of the local deities. the air. G E von Gruneb aum says: Mecca is mentioned by Ptolemy.. who reigned seven hundred years before the time of Mohammad. of their sex or titles. His Thaim i s Teima. the Yathrib of the early Arab traditions. which is today the ch ief village of the great oasis of Jauf.

for the courts of the LORD. In it are clear signs: the station of Ab raham.e . 3 Even the sparrow has found a home. him shall God destroy. 5 Blessed are those whose strength is in you. 11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield. and this peculiar spelling of "Mecc a" as "Becca" causes the occurrence of "M" to conform to the Quran's mathematica l code. O LORD Almighty! 2 My soul yearns. *3:96 Sura 3 is an M-initialed sura.Makkah In The Scriptures The Qur'ân talks about Bakkah (the older name of Makkah) being the first house of worship appointed for mankind. a blessed beacon for all the people. an old trans lators gave to Baca. The Bible also mentions about the valley of Baca in connection with the pilg rimage. Anyone who enters it shall be granted safe passage. 4 Blessed are those who dwell in your house. See the Mathematical Miracle of the Quran. Below is the full quote. they make it a place of sprin gs. O God. for the t emple of God is holy. my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. I would r ather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wick ed.. the LORD bestows favor and hono r." [3:96-97] _____________________________________________________________________ 1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God. As for those who disbelieve. though it does not provide a complete evidence and leaves the r eader with a suggestion. where she may have her young-. O LORD Almighty. Below is the quote from Psalms 84 (NIV): 1 How lovely is your dwelling place. The people owe it to GOD that they shall observe Hajj to this shrine. no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless. when they can afford it. who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.. my Kin g and my God. (Appendix 1). the autumn rains also cover it with pools. Mother of the Settlements. 12 O LORD Almighty. Baca. 7 They go from strength to strength. in which the plural form of the same word designates a tree similar to the balsam tree. O LORD God Almighty. O God of Jacob. 10 Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. till each appears before God in Zio n. even faints. but it signifies rath er any valley lacking water. and the swallow a nest for herself. I Chronicles XIV:14 et seq. 6 As they pass through the Valley of Baca. listen to me. 8 Hear my prayer. Konig takes Baca from the Arabian . It also addresses this place as Umm ul-Qurâ i. The interpretation of the valley of Baca in the The Jewish Encylopedia is qu ite interesting. The normal spelling "Mecca" would have increased the frequency of occurr ence of "M". and it was supposed tha t a dry valley could be named after this tree. look with favor on your anointed one. GOD does not need anyone. the meaning of a "valley of weeping". The Valley Of: A valley mentioned in Psalms LXXXIV:7. which temple ye are. Since it is there said that pilgrims transform the valley into a land of wells. Support for this latter view is to be found in II S amuel V:23 et seq. 9 Look upon our shield..a place near your altar. blessed is the man who trusts in you. "The most important shrine established for the people is the one in Becc a. and that t he Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17 If any man defile the temple of God. they are ever praising you.

.Baka'a. a sacred site in Is lam. The Stone is actually broken into several pieces. since we often find this word in the names related to rivers and wadis. This is based on the assum ption that baka may be a "gum-exuding [weeping] tree". the expression of "valley of baka" can best be taken as a symbolic expression "weep ing" or "deep sorrow" which fits well in the context of Psalms 84:6. if possible.." The Septuagint translated the phrase into Greek as "the valley of weeping". The Anchor Bible Dictionary does not throw any light on it. many of th em try. W of Me roth. Saudi Arabia. The two interpretations of Baca.E. It seems saf e to seek the meaning of baka in relation to the dripping water. there ar e some suggestions in it too like the The Jewish Encylopedia. righteous ones can make it the source of life . such as Wadi al-Baka in the Sinaitic district and Baca on the wadi in the central Galilee area. In the pro cess. in the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. the older name of Makkah where the Ka'bah is situated. The valley of Baca (Psalms 84:1) is either a historical place name or a symbolical expression for "deep sorrow". damage which occurred when the stone was stolen in 930 C. and translates it "lack of streams". However. The first part of Psalms 84:6 seems to mean that by "passing thro ugh the experience of deep sorrow. It is also possible to understand beka'im as the place of "weepings" of th e Philistine army for their defeat by David. some have considered it as the "valley of the balsam tree" from the same word in plural form found in 2 Samuel 5:24. It is now held together by a silver band. T he word 'emeq "valley" has the root meaning of "deep". to stop and kiss the Black Stone. Another possibility is th at the word beka'im (plural of baka) may mean "weeping wall-rocks" in the valley of Rephaim on whose tops David and his troops were waiting for the coming of th e Philistine army passing through the valley below (2 Samuel 5:24). When pilgrims circle the Kaaba as part of the ritual of the Hajj. Baca. The Valley Of (PLACE): [Hebrew 'emeq habakka'].[6] The translation of Arabian Baka'a as "lack of stream" seems to throw some li ght on the nature of the valley before the appearance of the stream of Zam-Zam n ear Ka'bah which was a dry place with no vegetation whatsoever. It was returned twenty-two years later. It is found in the Kaaba. "lack of stream" and "the valley of w eeping" appears to fit in the context of pilgrimage to Bakkah. It can be recognized instant ly due to its prominent surrounding silver band. The Black Stone Enlarge The Black Stone The Black Stone (called Al-Hajarul Aswad in Arabic) is a holy relic in Islam . Below is the full quote. It is the cornerstone of one of the four corners of the religious construction. After all these considerations. whi ch is fastened by silver nails to the Stone. Ka'bah has been a place of reverence by al l Arabians before the Christian era as we have seen earlier.[7] The interpretation of the valley of Baca as a "the valley of weeping" makes sense because of the distress which Hagar(P) underwent when she was left with Is hmael(P) in the barren desert with no means of living. It is roughly 50 cm in diameter. so the expression may mea n "deep sorrow". viz. the Black Stone was cracked. The Psalmist apparently has in min d a particular valley whose natural condition led him to adopt its name. Ismaili (Qarmatian) warriors sacked Mecca and carried the Black Stone away. albeit.

p. Tabbarah. but only show special reveren ce and veneration for its dignity and they kiss it only after the example of the Prophet and to keep their Covenant with God to obey His Will and avoid His diso bedience. the best known is the Black Stone of the Ka'bah at Mecca. . not with any belief in the Black Stone itself. Had I not seen Allah s Messenger kissing you. 4. came to kiss the stone. "The kissing of the meteorite is a firm practice in Islamic law becaus e Muhammad did it. On a more practical level. Secular historians see this tale as a later glorification of Muhammad. and that there was some contention among the Quraysh. "Moslems do not worship the Black Stone. the se cond Caliph." (The Spirit of Islam. the stone is often used as a 'marker' to keep tra ck of the number of ritual circumambulations around the Kaaba (tawaf). as to who should have the honor of raising the Black Stone to its place in the new struct ure. Early chroniclers say that the Kaaba was rebuilt during Muhammad's youth. Arabian Re ligions. 167. 1979) The black stone is believed to be a meteorite that struck the earth at the time of Adam. Sheikh Sha'rawi. pt. Muhammad is said to have suggested that the Stone be placed on a cloak and that the various clan heads jointly lift the cloak and put the Stone into place. 197 9) "Of the numerous baetyls. 3. but agre e that it accurately represents the pre-Islamic status of the Black Stone. 173. "A principal sacred object in Arabian religion was the stone 2. M any Muslims regard the Stone as 'just a stone'. Mecca's ruling clan. often a rectangular or irregular black basaltic stone . Muslim). either a rock outcropping or a large boulder. which became the central shrine object of Islam. in front of all assembled: "No dou bt. Arabian Religions. 3. . [edit] The Black Stone's origin Just as there are various viewpoints regarding the significance of the Stone . p1059. Still others believe that the stone can only erase the believer's minor sins ." They p ay their respects to the Black Stone in a spirit of trust in Muhammad. Other Muslims are more willing to believe that the Stone itself has some sup ernatural powers. These could perhaps be regarded as folk beliefs. not necessarily shared by a ll Muslims. there are also various opinions as to what the Black Stone actually is. he said. You must not ask about the wisdom behind that because this ri te is (an expression) of worship in spite of the obscurity of its wisdom" (Legal Opinions." (Britannica. Muslim) [edit] Significance of the Black Stone There are various opinions as to what the Black Stone actually symbolises. " (Britannica. the Stone will testify before God (Allah) in favor of those who kissed it. It is unclear how widely they are held. p1059.. When Umar ibn al-Khattab. p. and that it has the power to cleanse worshippers of their sins by absorbing them into itself.1. They say that the Black Stone was once a pure an d dazzling white. No one doubts that the Stone was an object of veneration in pre-Islamic days . They believe that this stone fell from the sky during the time of Adam and Eve. On the Day of Judgement.. I would not have kissed you. it has turned black because of the sins it has absorbed over t he years. I know that you are a stone and can neither harm anyone nor benefit anyone.

" which means. the Black element present in all living matter. and will enhance the healing experience. From this wor d we get "Chem-istry. as shown by Nobel pr ize winner. Green. BLACK is the meaning of 'Kam' (Ham. a "Black Body" is known to be a perfect absorbe r and perfect radiator of ALL forms of Light waves (Energy particles or frequenc ies). the original word for REI-KI. Therefore. The scie ntist. Ultra Violet.MA'at (Egyptian) terminology. attunements and it is then received through the aur ic field via. interchangeable with a H). It does not matter your religious belief as long as one has the sincerity to heal. the healing can take place by laying on hands . Dr. X-Rays. The ELectron is responsible for ALL "Khem-ical" cha nges in matter. plus it exchanges "Black Photons" with other electrons. It has been present since the creation of the universe. music. which was a constant companion through life and lived on after death. all the Reiki practitioner has to do is have the intention t o heal and the energy begins to flow. particularly Blac k (so-called Burnette) hair that coil into the shape of the number (9) nine."BLACKNESS" is a divine . Richard King writes Melani n is the chemical key to life itself! It is essentially linked to the DNA of the genes! Therefore. Melanin is essential for reproduction. The KA i s the Intellectual and spiritual power. Black carbon atoms link to form Black Melanin. Infra-Red. Richard Feynman. Secular historians point to the history of stone worship. Once attuned. is but a form of the sounds of heal ing.Muslims say that the Stone was found by Abraham (Ibrahim) and his son Ishmae l (Ismail) when they were searching for stones with which to build the Kaaba. and say that it is likely that the Stone is a meteorite. cosmic principle of the Universe. Each person was born with his or her KA. Becoming attuned is a way of "opening yourself up" or "tuning yourself in" to receive this wonderful gift. in worship. which has "Black Hole" properties! Black Holes are found at the center of our own galaxy a nd countelss others. such as. It was thought that when someone died they "met their KA" or double. Rei-Ki is non-denominational. Th ey recognized its worth and made it one of the building's cornerstones. Khem) the name which the ancient KaMA'atu (Egyptians) called themselves. through distance healings. it has [6] six ELectrons. Jean Charaon proved that the ELectron has all the properties of the Black Hole. Visible [Sun-Light .' or 'manifestation'. down to the heart then out to the hands. the better and more lasting your results wi ll be. RA-KA phonetically. radar) and can trans mute (from negative to positive particles) store this energy for later use! This "Black Body Radiation" is at work in the ELectron. Reiki may be used. therefore. the "Study of BLACKNESS". Blue. Rei-Ki Energy is channeled through the top of the head. Indigo. a form of yoga to activate the seven major energy centers (chakRA-m.Red. Yellow. This shows that the Sufi masters of Al Islam (The [inner] PEAC E) retained various Rei-Ki hand positions in the worship of Al Islam. EL-ectrical. Tassili Maat and her antennae Each hair strand acts as an individual antennas. Nin e symbolizes 'BEing. This power will never leave you. In physics.' 'Born. And that t he Qur an s poetic and songtry flow. The more open you are to the limitless power. and especially met eorite worship. from the ancien t KA. A RA-KA (T or H) is a complet e set of postures (seven total) from standing to bending and then prostration. I t is basically. There is no way to test this hypothesis without removing and exa mining the Stone. Orange. in pre-Islamic Arabia. [6] six Neutrons and [6] six Protons). enabling it to co . sounds like th e Arabic word RA-KA (T. Reiki does not ch allenge nor conflict with any religious belief systems. if desired with all other treatment modalities. the body of the recipient as a gentle support. which would not be permitted by its guardians. is RA-KA. returning to its etheric origin. Violet]. or AR-itu). Life is founded up on CARBON (Note: Carbon is the sixth ELement on the Periodical Chart.

UriEL [Hebrew]. God is the Giver of All Energy: "Blackness" (not darkness) allows the perfect reception of all wavelengths "BLACKNESS" ("Triple State of Blackness" or "Triple Stage Darkn ess") is a divine. Jesus and his 12 Disciples at the Las t Supper and King Arthur and his 12 Knights at the Round Table. tr uth. Europeans -60-80%! There are several healing sou nds that can de-calcify the Pineal Gland. into the top of the our heads. 'E'. Originally." Mu-Ham-Mad also symbolizes the "C . a misnomer of the name Mohamet or Mu-Ham-Mad. and righteousness.ntinuously accumalate data. 'AYIN'. This means that if we view the ELectron as a carrier of memory.Ayin or "Eye.S. 'I'. the Pineal Gland was the size of a quarter and we (hue-mans) were able to breath (meaning we used to bring pRAna) directly." "sour ce. Information is carried to and from the brain and spinal cord by axons. the letter Ayin's symbol is a single Eye. Nerves leaving the spinal cord are ca lled spinal nerves. the symbol of Perception and Insight. Dr. Melanin is excreted for the Pineal Gland (approximately the size of a pea. 'THOH'. the Light Be arer).11pm. It illustrates symbolically that the Pineal Gland ey e can be taken as a microcosm of the Universe. h ence the term "Pea Brain")." or "center" and is linked with the Kama'atu (Egyptian) Eye of Horus (Heru [ Kama'atu or Egyptian]. and those leaving the brain are called cranial nerves. like the external Sun as it travels through the 12 (13) Zodiac Signs. in two forms during the hours of 11pm . religion. 12 pairs of nerves come directly out of the brain. illuminating the "Master Gland". Pineal Gland calcification rates among Afri cans is 5-15%.P." The Pineal Glan d in the occult teachings is called the "Third Eye. They are the sounds of healing.15-25%. (Extra Sensory Perception) or H. it is essent ial to establish this understanding of God and 'ALL energy. it has experienced everything in creation. Welsing writes in "THE ISIS PAPERS". the source of all Energy-like plugging a cord into a wall socket. cosmic principle of the Universe.7am." It is actually. since the very beginning. Melaton in (mellow) is produced and between the hours of 7am . These nerves when enlightened gives one E. Seratonin (serious) is produced in the hue-man body. of the Physical Ey e and of the Spiritual Eye. ( Higher Sensory Powers). the "First Eye.. The cranial nerves. scientific research reveals that most white people are unable to produce much Melatonin and Seratonin because their Pineal Glands are often calcified and non functioning by the age of (7) seven. Turn the l etter 'G' side ways and it will represent an 'Eye. therefore. called the "Master Gland of the Body. whose Latin name is Lucifer. Howeve r. 'MAY'. In the Tarot Deck the Devil's Card letter is the Hebrew letter Ayin and i ts numeral is 15.P. "Since melanin is a superior absorber of all energy.' Ayin is. which also symbolizes the Zodiac Sign Capricorn. the Kama'atu meaning "Water of the Black Truth.. and are called the cranial nerves they sit in a circle around the Pineal Gland.Melanin gives us th e ability to use our bodies as direct connections with the God Force. long thin extensions of nerve cells. which is Baph omet. Axons group together in bundles which outside th e brain and spinal cord are called nerves. justice." In Hebrew and Arabic. Asians ." in other words "Melanin. Blackness is fundamental to the operation of the Universe of Enegry." "wellspring." Carol Barnes writes "Me lanin is responsible for the existence of civilization. philosophy.S.

Thef t. What did the Higher-self say to the Lower-self at one time when He met Satan? "Where are you going Satan?" 75.rown ChakRA. but the Reality (haqiqa) behind Mohammed. 78. only by Executive Rulers of the A. 54. Where did they go? They went into Asia. 80. What is the shade of their sk in? Olive. 1 10. in the City of Mecca (The Higher Mind). and everything that harms. Are the Moorish Americans any relation to those Angels? Yes. What people represent t he Lower-self (Set)? Those who were cast out of the Holy City. 64. What people represent the Higherself? The Angels who protect the Holy City of MECCA. 60. 68. the Conqueror.S. What is the modern name given to the children? Asiatics.T. 69.S.74-5].. 70. the ac tive principle of all divine and esoteric Revelation. What is the modern name for the Garden of Eden? MECCA. which assimilated many of t heir ideas. 62. the Logos is not the act ual physical or human Mohammed. LOST FOUND MUSLIM LESSON NO." [Parrinder. Give five names that are given to the de scendants of Adam and Eve: Lucifer. 67. The "Black-a-Moors from the establishme nt of the first mosque in Cordova in 785. "AVATA R AND INCARNATION. What is the Devil sometimes called? The Lower-self. of A. Has he finished his task of devouring? Yes. What is the name of the first physical man? His name cannot be used. What does the Lower-self breed? Hatred. the Reality of Mohammed (al Haqiqatu'l Mohammadiyyah). 66. THE MOST HONORABLE ELIJAH MUHAMMAD for THE LOST-FOUND NATION OF ISLAM in NORTH A MERICA IV. 61. and those who acc ept their teachings. 7 7. 79. He is the active principle of divine knowledge. until the time of their expulsion by t he Catholic kings in 1492. The one spoken of in the "HOLY QUR'AN" and in the "HADITH" etc. 72. "52. What was the an swer that the Lower-self gave to the Higher-self? "I am going to and fro the ear th seeking whom I may devour. of the M. How many selves are there? Two. Love and Right.? Adept Chamber of the Moorish Science Temple of Amer ica (3rd Heaven). we a ll have the same father and mother..C. of A. Why? Because it is ALLAH in M AN." 76. What are the words of A. Who were Adam and Eve? They are the mothers and fathers of the human family. 74. Did Jesus say that He would retur n to conquer Him? Yes.204] Read the "101 KORAN QUESTIONAIRE" or "KORAN QUESTIONS FOR MOORISH AMERICANS" . What is the Higher-self (Heru)? The Higher-self is the Mother of virtues and the harmonies of life. and breeds Justice. is a mystical character. Where is the Garden of Eden? In the land of Canaan. Mercy.C. What w ere the last words Jesus uttered? It is finished. Name them: Higher-self and Lower-self. "Why did Muhammad and any Muslim murder the devil? What is the Duty of each Muslim in regards to four devils? What Reward does a Muslim receive by pre senting the four devils at one time?" . At what place on earth was the physical part of MAN formed? In the Gard en of Eden.. the transmitter of all divine knowledge. Muhammad Ibn Al Arabi was the one and only historical prophet Muhammad. Lewdness. What is the modern name for these Angels? Asiatics. The Logos as the Reality of Mohammed has the characteristics of being the indwelling revealer of God. Who is g uarding the Holy City of MECCA today to keep unbelievers away? Angels. "As for the second or mystical aspect. What did He have reference to? He had reference to the end of Satan. the Moors dominated the intellectual life of the area and had a profound impact on European civilization.. Muhamad Ibn Al Arabi stated. Murders. 71. When was His time declared out? When He nailed Jesus to the cross." Sufi Master Shaykh Abu Bakr Muhiddin Muhammad Ibn Al Arabi was bor n in Murcia. 57. What is the first name of the person into whom Jesus was first reincarnated? Prophet MOHAMMED. Slander. and the cosmological cause of all creation [pp. 58. 65. Satan. Devil. Spain in 560 AH/1165 AD. Asiatics and Europeans. 81." p. 59. 53.T. Dragon and Beast. 55. 63. Can the Higher-self pass away? No. 73. 56." Now read THE SUPREME WISDOM LESSONS by MASTER FARD MUHAMMAD to His Servant. of the M.

son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the groun d. the Zodia c sign Capricorn represents "Descending Energy" or "Light (Spirit) condensation into Matter [E=Mc2]." called the "Kundalini" or "Serpentine Fire" in the hu(e)man body. which means "Light of My GOD" and Ur-i EL were one of the [7] seven Arch-Angel [Arch-Angle] or ELoh-im (many gods or an gels). symbolizing 'Love'. the God of Light. in being) NAAZIR-To see or behold with ones own eyes (from near or afar) Note very carefully. so they had to be murder ed. i. it is deriv ed from the Hebrew [Heb Heru] word Uriel. the Sun reachest its lowest po int in the skies and on December 25 began its apex clime to be born nine month l ater in the month of September under the Zodiacal sign of Virgo. which didst weaken the nations!" The first problem is that Lucifer is a Latin name. you are unaware..Answer: "Because he is One Hundred Percent wicked and will not keep and obey the Laws of Islam. . "And say not those who are killed in the path of ALLAH as dead." (Sura Al Baqar a.Spirit (Light Energy) to Matter (Crystallized Light) . The terms used for the omnipresence are "Haazir" and "Naazir"and these terms need to be clarified and understood from the outset. Each Muslim is required to bring four devils.. And by bringing and presenting four at one time." I will ask you as the reader. "Lucifer makes his appearance in the fourteenth chapter of the Old Testa ment book of Isaiah. During December 22-25th the Sun [Son] is in the Tomb or the Grave." This also symbolizes the so-called "Fall of Man and why Je sus was also called the "Son [Sun] of Man [Mind]. the Virgin and planetary influence of Venus. written before there was a Roman language? (Note: Yes. he would sting someone else. Therefore. Uri-El and Mi-Cha-EL are two different extremes of the same polarit y. This is the same exact story o f Mary. Verse 154) The Zodiac sign Capricorn. like Jesus is the Son [Sun] of God a nd laid in the tomb for three days and three nights and on the three day he resu rrected from the tomb. which actually. Also. Uri-EL's ancient Kama'atic name was Heru. symbolizes the (7) seven degrees of consciousness or the seve n states of consciousness. O Lucifer. S o Muhammad learned that he could not reform the devils. a free transportation in the Holy City (Mecca) to see Brother Muhammad. What does the "HOLY QUR'AN" say ? Before we quote the "HOLY QUR'AN" let us define and understand the terminolo gy of this subject matter. All Muslims will murder the devil they know he is a snake and. during the Winter Solst ice [the day the Sun stood still] for three days. if he b e allowed to live. however. how can one receive "free transportation in th e Holy City (Mecca) to see Brother Muhammad" has been physical dead for over 140 0 years.. that to be truly present and seeing one must be 'Aware' and 'Understand' what one sees. and nowhere else: "How art thou falle n from heaven." Lucifer (Iblis) Is the encase ment of "Star Fire. The meaning of Haazir and Naazir is explained below: HAAZIR-To be present (physically or spiritually. having the keys over death and hell. at the twelfth verse. Heru's other name was Ma Khu Ra or its Hebrew (Heb Heru) transliteration Mi-Cha-El or Michael . which on December 22 -25. but they are alive yes. Lucifer is a Latin word.. Remember. his Reward is a b utton to wear on the lapel of his coat. His ways and actions are like a snake of the grafted type. the Virgin Mother given birth to the Son [Sun].e. the "HOLY QUR'AN" states. also. Therefore. So how did it find its way into a Hebrew manuscript.

or bearer..The "BOOK OF ENOCH" (or Henoch) names seven archangels: 1. "Day star. son of the Dawn. So "Lucifer" is nothing more than an ancient Latin name for the morning star. Inter-Personal Con sciousness 2. Lucifer was the name given to the morni ng star (the star we now know by another Roman name. Infinit e Consciousness In the original Hebrew text.. Super Consciousness 6. ruler of paradise.. cast out of heaven to rule eternally in hell. Jerome had mistranslated th e Hebraic metaphor. the fourteenth chapter of Isaiah is not abo ut a fallen angel. Magnet ic Consciousness 7. son of Shahar." Why Lucifer? In Roman astronomy. bringer." and over the cent uries a metamorphosis took place. Jesus refers to himself as the morning star in Revelation 22:16: "I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches." (Note: . a creature not even mentioned in the original Hebrew text. Ramiel. Gabriel. Raguel. That can be confusing for Christians who identify Ch rist himself as the morning star. who is set over humanity and man-kind and chaos. had decided for t hemselves that they wanted the story to be about a fallen angel. who takes vengeance on the world of the luminaries. Jerome in the fourth century. who is set over the spirits." In the Hebrew text the expression used to describe the Babylonian king before his death is Hel al. Life Consciousness 4. who rules the spirits of men. but about a fallen Babylonian king. largely by St. and p oets interwove the myth with the doctrine of the Fall. who during his lifetime h ad persecuted the children of Israel. The morning star ap pears in the heavens just before dawn. Sub-Consciousness 5. a term used as a central theme in many Christi an sermons.the Prince of Darkness. heralding the rising sun. Saraquael." The name evokes the golden glitter of a proud king's dress and court (much as hi s personal splendor earned for King Louis XIV of France the appellation.ironically --. whom God set over those who rise." as "Lucifer. of light. writing in the Latin tongue used by the Church.. King James I to translate the Bible into current English did not use the original Hebrew texts. The name derive s from the Latin term lucem ferre. It contains no mention of Satan. Uriel. and to whom they gave the name "Luci fer. which can best be translated as "Day star. Michael. son of the Dawn. The Hebrew scholar could only speculate that some early Chri stian scribes. the serpents and the cherubim. I a m the root and the offspring of David. the Devil. "The Su n King"). and the bright and morning star. and in Christian traditio n Lucifer is now the same as Satan. Lucifer the morning star became a disobedient angel. Venus). the bringer of light. The scholars authorized by . Theologians. Raphael. either by name or reference. writers. IntraPersonal Consciousness 3. who rules the world and Tartarus (Hell). and --. but used versions transla ted .

2:27-29) May its MO RNING STARS become dark." " this passage is often related to Satan. that was not its first meaning."Everything is dual." Henry Neufeld (a Christian scholar comments on this Biblical issue) went on to say. who say 'Lucifer is Satan: so say the Word of God'. "Just as I have received authority f rom my Father. Gender manifests on all planes. for it did not shut the doors of the womb on me to hide trouble fr om my eyes. the Light of the World or the Sun [Son] of God). 1) Polarity -. until the day dawns and the MORNING ST AR rises in your hearts. as below so above."Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? . everything has its pair of opposites."Nothing rests. Imhotep ( Hermes Trismegistus). everything has its tides."Everything flows out and in. everything moves. and you will do well to pay attention to i t. there are many planes of causation.. all truths are but half truths." (Rev. It's primary meaning is given . I will also give him the MORNING STAR." 4) Vibration -." 3) Correspondence -. may it wait for daylight in vain and not see the first rays of dawn. everything has poles. "And so there are those who do NOT read beyond the King James Versio n of the BIBLE.Polarity The Seven Principles of Tehuti (Hermes or Heru Mes) -Wisdom of the ancient philosopher.Heru."As above so below. rhythm compensates. everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles. as without so within..." (2 Peter 1:19). but different in degree. the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left. the Universe is a mental creation of the All. and a similar thought is expressed in Lu ke 10:18 by Jesus." 5) Rhythm -. "And we have the wo rd of the prophets made more certain."Everything is mental.while the MORNI NG STARS (meaning mor than one morning star) sang together and all the angels sh outed for joy?" (Job 38:4-7) (Note: This simply demonstrates that the characters Lucifer (Set-Heru. MichaEL. extremes meet.. opposites are identical in nature. or who laid its cornerstone .This simply shows that Lucifer."Gender is in everything. all things rise and fall." (Job 3:1-10). the Light Bringer or the Light Bearer is the sam e as Jesus." 2) Mentalism -... as within so without. as to a light shining in a dark place. Ma K hu Sut-Tekh or Mel-Chi-Sedek) symbolizes one of the [7] Seven Universal Laws of Tehuti. the pendulum-swing manifests in everything.. On what were its footings set.."Every Cause has its Effect. everything happens according to the law. everything vibrates. Set-An or Satan." 7) Gender -.. UriEL) and Jesus (Isau. chance is but the name for a law not recognized. every Effect has its Cause. but nothing escapes the law." 6) Cause and Effect -..

So why is this a problem to Christians? Christians now generally believe tha t Satan (or the Devil or Lucifer who they equate with Satan) is a being who has always existed (or who was created at or near the "beginning")." F. not in the cont ext of Eos (god of Dawn). the King James Version of the "HOLY BIBLE.as a morning star -. surprisingly. he included the Lucifer verse in the Book of Mormon. So why is Lucifer a far bigger problem to Mormons? Mormons claim that an anc ient record (the "BOOK OF MOR-MON" [Note: Our stole name "MOOR MAN" or "BLACK-AMOOR") was written beginning in about 600 BC. Jerome wasn't in error. "Lucifer. which symbolizes Satan) wasn't equate d with Satan until after Jerome." Verse 12 is a part of this taunt song. morning star/DAWN god of light. but -. the planet Venus when it appears as a morning star. in 2 Pet er 1:19. where the Greek text has exactly the same term: 'phos-phoros' 'light-be arer. the Physical Body. How did the translation "lucifer" arise? This word comes from Jerome's L atin Vulgate. . again literally. son of dawn. Your [site] is pretty accurate. The actual name." Therefore.juxtaposed with the sun (H elios) and Hermes. phosphoro(u)s." The author of "THE POLYTHEISM OF THE BIBLE AND THE MYSTERY OF LUCIFER. Therefore. The irony for those who believe that "Lucifer" refers to Satan is that the s ame title ('morning star' or 'light-bearer') is used to refer to Jesus. He was copying. This information can be found in Plato's "TIMAEUS" (38e) and in Edith Hamilton's "MYTHOLOGY" . comments on this page as follows "It seems minor. it is translated as "heosphoros" which also m eans Venus as a morning star.the actual term used in the Greek Septuagint vers ion of Isaiah 14:12 (given that there is no ONE way of accurately transliteratin g) is Eo(u)s phoros. they also think that the 'prophets' of the Old Testament believed in this creature.although there is a Greek term and English. before the Romans. This passage refers first to the fall of that earthly king. Isaiah is using this metaphor for a brigh t light. When Joseph Smith pretended to trans late the supposed 'ancient record'. a 3rd century BC translation of the Hebrew scriptures into Greek. red is the color of the D-Evil or Double [ of the Spiritual Body].. though not the greatest light to illustrate the apparent power of the B abylonian king which then faded.T. Obviously he wasn't copying what Isaiah actually wrote. Later Christians (and M ormons) were in equating "Lucifer" with "Satan". In Latin at the time. Lucifer (Note: Lucifer represents the Kundalini and its color is red. Socrates and Plato talk about this "god of light"." This phrase means. Was Jerome in error? Not at all. Eos or Eous phoros [not He os (as your website claims) or phos phorus (as a Christian website I visited sho ws)] .. the concept of Satan has evolved o ver the years and the early Bible writers didn't believe in or teach such a doct rine. "lucifer" a ctually meant Venus as a morning star. T he Isaiah scripture is used as proof (and has been used as such for hundreds of years now). As Elaine Pagels explains though... DeAngelis. .' This is also the term used for Jesus in Revelation 22:16. How does the confusion in translating this verse arise? The Hebrew of th is passage reads: "heleyl.in Isaiah 14:4 which says that when Israel is restored they will "take up this taunt against the king of Babylon . but . In the Septuagint." goes back to the Greeks. ben shachar" which can be literally translated "shini ng one. located at the root/base chakRA. and the author in 600 BC supposedl y copied Isaiah in Isaiah's original words.

he has learned the Mystery of his C raft. Danel. 'Ayin' symbolizes Darth Vader (who was dress in Black atti red and "Black' James Earl Jones deep voice was used)." (L ost Keys of Freemasonry. and let us beget children. Sarakuyal. and where Satan will also be.e. He (ALLAH. he must prove his ability to properly apply [this] energy.e. resurrected]. Armers. and therein y ou shall die. Arthur Clarke.' "(Quran 7:24-25). Arizial. beheld them. Manly P. one of you an enemy to the other (i. Eve [Right Hemisphere]. Hereinafter. follow the names of those angelic lea ders who descended with this object: Samyasa.' But they sw ore that they would in no wise repent and that they would achieve their whole de sign. Tamiel. wherefore they said to one another: 'Come let us choose wives from among the race of man." In today's terms. On Earth (Body) will be a dwelling-place for you and an enjoyment -for a short time'. God) said:' Therein you shall live. and it was from this time that the mountain received its designation. The seething energies of LUCIFER are in his hands and before he may step o nward and upward. Jomiael. still feared toda y by people in many parts of the world. and from it you shall be brought out [i. Asael. there were born to them daughters of grea t beauty. This underworld demon (daemon. He uses it as a name for a new sun in the solar system whi ch is correct since the new sun is a second 'morning star' of 'original' 'lightbearing' substance--not some evil being of religious mythology. In the "EL SUHUFAN. is also called Lucifer. For in those d ays the sons of men having multiplied. York EL. Barkaial was the master of those who study the stars. Akibeel manifeste d signs. answere d thereupon and said: 'Perchance you will be wanting in the courage to fulfill t his resolution. Urakabarameel. ("VENUS REVEALED" p. Malachi Z. the 200 Fallen Angels actually symbolizes the 200 solidified bones of an adult hu[e]man skeletal system. Adam [Left Hemisphere]. it states that the after the flood of Noah. In astrology. Azkeel.' Their leader Samyasa. And when the angels. Ramuel. Grinspoon should just refer to the "Christian Devil" since the Jews never beli eved in such a creature and still don't to this day. 17) Actually . Amazarac gave instruction in all secrets of so rcerers.On a lighter note. which was origin ally a Latin name for Venus as a morning star. David Grinspoon comments on the historical aspects of the word as follows: " The origin of the Judeo-Christian Devil as an angel fallen from heaven into the depths of hell is mirrored in the descent of Venus from shining morning star to the darkness below. Az ibeel. "When the Mason learns that the Key to the warrior on the block is the prope r application of the dynamo of living power. Ertrael. Adam and Eve were ordered to leave the Garden which they where in and descen d to Earth where they and their children will live and die. the art of enchantment and the diver se properties of roots and trees. and Azaradel taught the motions of the moon. page 48) 'Get down (from the Garden or Higher Mind State). which signifies Mount of the Oath. a derivative from the "HO . chief among all. and the blood are helped formed by the planetary energies of Saturn and by the cosmic energies of the constellation Sirius. and Satan [Kundalin i Shakti]). to whom they also taught Magic. Turel. Batraal. in his fictional book "2061" correctly use s the word "Lucifer"." pa rt of the "HOLY TABLETS" by Dr. "that there were angels who consented to fall from heaven that they might have intercourse with daughters of earth. Now there were (200) two hundred who descended Mount Harmon (Note: This me taphysically means. The "BOOK OF ENOCH" says. and then I alone shall be answerable for your fall. or sons of heaven. they left the planet Earth and went to reside on the planet Satu rn). demi-urge). Sameveel. They took wives with whom they had i ntercourse. the bone or skeletal system. DNA. Anane. they were filled with desire. Hall.

associated with the pineal and pituitary g lands.LY KABALAH" 'Tree Of Life called the "Sphere of Da'ath" or the "Light Circle of Knowledge. Soul Travel. however." theref ore. Uraeus decorated the royal crown of Egypt as well as the staffs of her Temple-Keepers. Da'ath is also." . thus dying consciously . or as having a second body of light present ne xt to your physical one. called URAEUS (Kundalini) in the ancient K ama'atu (Egyptian) "paut Neteru" or Great Company of the Gods.. Some even use the back of the head. Ptah). Uraeus was the Royal Cobra-god w ho wrapped herself/himself around the brow of anyone who mastered their fear of her/him and gained the power to command her/his obedience. or the Crown and Third Eye centers. Other suggestions are purely visual..Hanged Man. the secret Word is "Jao-Bul-On. the medulla oblongata. serio-comic Devil and the Planet Saturn (Satan). the First Eye or the inward dwelling place o f the Soul). Mat 6:23 But if thine eye be evil." Before I giv e you the "Lost Word" let me remind you that Wilmshurst claims that "the Serpent is the emblem of Divine Wisdom.. but for many this can be an unn erving and unsettling experience. or brain stem. it symbolize s Death . and that "Wisdom in this case is a synonym of the Word. how great [is] t hat darkness! What is the "Lost Word?" Waite indicated that the "Lost Word" has to do with Wisdom. and considered t he god of "Adeptship" and total self-Mastery." and the Lost Word is a synonym for Wisdom. Baph omet. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness. is accomplished via. thy whole body shall be full of light. such as r ising out of your body like a mist... Astral project ion is often suggested through the Solar Plexus. THE WEDJAT It is also called the "Eye of Buddha (Putah. it metaphysically. It is said that advanced practitioners can project thei r consciousness at the time of their death through the upper centers." the "Eye of Brahma" or the "Eye of Christ" Mat 6:22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single. thy whole body shall be full o f darkness. symbolizes Melanin. the sixth planet from the Sun. Da'ath is Heru-Pa-Kraat and in the Tarot (Torah) Deck. so this Word has to do with the Serpent! Well." which once again symbolizes the Pineal Gland. the top and front of the head. Saturn The Planet Saturn is known in the occult world as the "Black Planet.

curly hair. the destroyer. Waite explains: "Siva (or Shiva) is the Babylonian Bel. So. We are told furthe r (in the ritual of the 13th degree) that this "triune essence of the Deity. Look ing at the center of the star. It can be found on the cover of the "Satanic Bible ". he wears the disk and urauus or the disk only.. He is frequently represented as a ram or as a human with a ram's head. How many young people and adults have had that image subliminally planted in their heads is beyond estimation. behold. the creator. see Ra) beca me the supreme deity." An occult catalog from International Imports mentions: "In Gr eek mythology Pan was the god of nature. so Satan is being worshiped through the Masonic ritual. and uraeus at times." who was a Canaanite fertility god associated with licentious rites and magic. Baal is actually anoth er name for the Devil! "On." The World Book Encyclopedia states that Bel is "another name for the go d Baal.. the great god appeareth in the horizon. "What does that mean?" "Yao or Yah (Iao. and have the keys of hell and of death. Rev 1:18 I [am] he that liveth. In this form he is called "Amen-Ra. the God of the Underworld." He also points out that the god of nature was adored under the n ames of Osiris and Isis (the wife/sister of Osiris)." and Baal is another name for Satan. In the pagan (Note: The word Pagan simply means "People") religion of Hinduism.. and eventually he (identified as Amon Ra. and Shiva. This is the sam e Biblical story of Jesus going into hell and receiveing the keys from Satan ove r death and Hell itself. for Shiva. Amon's most celebrated shrine was at Siwa in the Libyan desert. It is simply the goats head inverted.." and he is "usually shown with goat feet. Look carefully at the two images." He was originally the chief god of Thebes. and. Go ing to the movies? Think again!! . Jao)" is the Chalde an name for God. Amen. He was identified with the Greek Zeus (the Roman Jupiter). and was dead. the god with "de-creative powers." or "Amen-Ra. he and his wife Mut and their son Khensu were the divine Theban triad of deities. and de-creative powers. "Bul" is a Syriac word which means "Baal.... here again. plumes." is just anoth er name for Satan! One more name for Satan is Pan (Baphomet). however. Vishnu. governor of "Ta -Kenset {Nubia}. Amon grew increas ingly important in Egypt. Brahma. we also see a "trinity" of three g ods. the preserver. lord of the thrones of the two lands.You may wonder. The one on the left is the Satanic Symbol "Baphomet" or the goats head. and a beard. identical with the sun-god I A O. lord of t he thrones of the two lands." Once again we can see that Masonry honors Satan. the oracle of S iwa later rivaled those of Delphi and Dodona.." This sentence give s a very vivid description of the Hindu gods.He is also equated with Satan and life 's baser aspects. we can see Satan is deified and honored by the Masons (Ma'at Ra or MAsonRY or MARY's Son or the "Child[ren] of the Sun"). Now look at the one on the right. "He was half man and half goat." re presents "His creative preservative." which means 'Sun' and 'On' is the Kama'atian (Egypt ian) word signifying "Asaru (Osiris). the "dweller in Thebes. short hor ns. when he u[Image: Amen ]sually wears the solar disk. and the two vertical "wings" you will find your o ld buddy "Yoda" staring you right in the face. for Hutchins on confesses: "The knowledge of the god of nature forms the first estate of our profession. In many scenes we find Amen-Ra with the head of a ram. I am a live for evermore.

. if any. the name Luke is actually short for Luc-iferLucifer is a Latin w ord made up of two words.Go to fullsize image William Butler Yeats Golden Dawn motto: Demon Est Deus Inversus Daemon est Deus Inversus. could generate so many th eories as to its true origins is amazing. NOW! His death and r esurrection in your place make it possible for you to escape Hell and gain Heave n. lux (light. and follow me. Mat 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples. Add the "a" to "yod".on the wall) and Mephistopheles in close proxi mity. Yoda is not an exact image by any means. We would like to be able to post a graphic of "Mephistopheles". visit The Philosopical Research Society and view the graphic called the invocation of Mephistopheles. to bri ng). has a rather diab olical air about it and it appears that Yeats was fascinated by Diabolism( which he seems to have pronounced Dyahbolism) at the time. to the Knights Templar. This motto. genitive lucis) and ferre (to bear. it is fasc inating that Jesus Christ said about his word that "not one jot or tittle would pass away". To see the image. and you have a feminized p roper noun. is a Devil who masquerades as a "good" or hel pful being. The interest in the Baphomet has survi ved over 600 years and taken many forms. If you are interested. Lucifer appears in Greek mythology as Prometheus: he who brings light to humanity. The opinions on the Baphomet vary great ly from scholar to scholar and mystic path to mystic path. while at heart he is an insidiously evil being. meaning light-bearer. He is real. h ence "Yoda". If you hope to escape the damnation of Hell . and at t he same time symbolic of Satan who appears as an angel of light. The word "jot" is the English transliteration of the Hebrew "Yod". The purpose of this s ection is to shed some light on some of the theories and the connection. If any [man] will come after me. let him deny himself. the Devil of the underworld he copies.meaning the Devil is the reverse side of God. and take up his cross. (Note: The psr. Yoda is a hermaphrodite. You don't believe there is a Devil? Let's get real!! He has your ultimate d estruction as his never ending goal. but those who have a discerning spirit can see the dec eiving hand of Satan there. scroll down when their page loads) There you wil l view Baphomet (the goats head . Mephistopheles. which Yeats too from the French occultist Eliphas Levi. but could not get permission to post the picture on o ur page. For those of you who know the Scriptures.org website has changed. to be brief. it is imperative that you put your faith in Christ alone. The Baphomet is one aspect of the Templars mythos. Eventhough.

is revealed. s urrounded by eight petals. the Baphomet my thos did survive as is indicated by the following dictionary definition: "Baphom et was the deity worshipped by the Knights Templar. he along with his puppet Pope Clement V had the Templars captured and tortured. An idol with a human skull Ahead with two faces With a beard . This doesn't really hold water to anyone familiar with Islam as the religion forbids all forms of idolatry. Were these claims true? Perhaps we'll never know. The Te mplars fought along side Moslem Assassins during their time and it is held that they may have adopted Islamic beliefs. It remains to be s een what the common consensus of this century will be regarding the order. Jacques de Molay." The image of the Baphomet is as varied as the explanations as to its etymolo gy. How did this belief come to be? Since King Philip of France sought to own th e vast Templar wealth. among t hese.18 ISIS The numbers 5 and 8 are also exhibited in the beliefs of the 'Brothers o f the Rose Cross'.David Wood. In either case the fact remains that the Te mplars were accused of practicing their initiations and rituals in front of a la rge idol of the demon Baphomet. A listing of some of the more common descriptions of it.Mistakingly some describe the Templars as Devil worshipping Occultists. To some it is believed t o be a corruption of the Moslem prophet "Mahomet" or in English Mohammed. We may now complete th e simple equation which exposes her secret number: 5 X 8 = 40 = 58 .Without a beard With the heads of a cockerel With the head of a man With the head of a goat and the body of a man Wings and cloven feet The upper body of a woman (maternity) A candle on its head . The number 58 is less puzzling if one remembers that five (5) is the num ber of the pentagram and eight (8) is indicative of Isis. whil e historians of the twentieth century were of the belief that the Templars were party to the machinations of a corrupt government and church. Another train of thought is that Baphomet is really a joining of two Greek w ords meaning absorption into wisdom. During these tortures they made many confessions. where the rose is constructed with a centre of five petals. who had earlier confessed his and the Templars guilt slowly burned at the stake insistin g the order was innocent of all but one offence. Genisis .a symbol of revelation combining male sexual potency with the four elements and intelligence Theories on the etymology of the Baphomet are many. female wisdom. the disclosure that they had worshipped an idol said to be the Baphomet. Twentieth century historians may have believed in innocence. the Satanic goat of the witches' Sabbath and one of th e names adopted by Aleister Crowley. that of allowing torture to cau se them to lie and confess untruths. the name Sophia [Shvpia]. . Sophia is equated with Isis by Plutarch. and in Black Magic as the so urce and creator of evil. Schonfield showed that by applying the Hebrew Atbash code to the name Ba phomet.

Sometimes the cat was greased with the fat from roasted babies.John J. The word means 'father of understanding. or black. witch was red. since n o such idol existed anywhere in the Levant.Graham Hancock.' and so on. even among breakaway sects such as t he Ismailis or the Druse. or gray. was known to the Gnostics as Sophia.Isis' magic was allied to the wisdom of the Egyptian god Thoth.] Like so many persecuted heretical groups of the past. the "daemon g uardian" who helped Solomon build his Temple. The Murdered Magicians Probably relying upon contemporary Eastern sources. . The Magic of Obelisks Some confessed that they had also worshipped an idol in the form of a ca t. Western scholars hav e recently supposed that 'Bafomet' has no connection with Mohammed. In Sufi terminology . Robinson. therefore. but known as a 'Baphomet'. A statue of the demon guards the d oor of the parish church at Rennes-le-Château. [Once or twice the fo rm Mahomet is actually used by witnesses in the trial.Peter Tompkins. The Sufis During the Inquisition evidence there are several references to members of the order receiving on initiation a little cord that had been in contact with the 'head'. or mottled. Based upon the idol's description as a "demon" having "very fierce-looki ng face and beard". variously desc ribed as to its physical characteristics. which etymo logically was the same word [in Old French] as 'Mohammed'. ' father' is taken to mean 'source.the transmuted consciousness.Idries Shah. The Templars were forced to eat food that contained the ash es of dead Templars. Fire and Sword They bestowed worship in their chapter on a heathen idol. The Sign and the Seal Public indignation was aroused by charges of worshipping the devil in th e form of an idol called Baphomet. Dungeon. It was impossible for the Templars to have 'picked up in the East' the p ractice of worshipping an idol bearing the name of the Prophet Mohammed. Nehemaut.Peter Partner. the goat of Mendes.' In Arabic. The idea that Muslims were idolaters was itself a part of another system of 'smears'. The androgynous fig ure with a goat's beard and cloven hooves is linked to the horned god of antiqui ty. His wife or consort." . the idol very likely could have been Asmodeus. a form of witchcraft that passed on the courage of the fall en knights. . . the pejorative representation of the oriental wo rld by western Christians. Baphomet was the Templar symbol of Gnostic ri tes based on phallic worship and the power of directed will. chief seat of. . but could we ll be a corruption of the Arabic abufihamat (pronounced in the Moorish Spanish s omething like bufihimat). Sometimes the idol worship requ ired kissing the cat below the tail. when the Templars worshipped Baphomet what they were really doing was worshipping the principle of Wisdom. they were said to hold their chapters only secretl y and at night." . ras el-fahmat (head of knowledge) means the mentation of man after undergoing refinement . By this analysis.

the site of their foundation. in whose protection the castle had been placed: acc ording to the Frank who had given it its name [this is an unreadable word." Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20 Page 21 Page 22 Baphomet. If any images do not load. Thirty-three years later the victoriou s sultan. made in diacritic letters]. and forms of it sometim . "Show Picture."The Templars' stronghold in Jerusalem. simply right-click (Windows) or control-click (Macintosh) on the picture placeholder and select. He ordered this to be destroyed and a mihrab [Moslem pray er niche] constructed in its place. inspected their castle and is recorded to have discovered ins ide the tower 'a great idol.The Curse Of Baphomet English ." English . wa s finally overrun by the Moslems in 1244. or The Goat of Mendes or The Sabbath Goat. Baibars. The ©1991 by Jack T. Chick LLC See this tract in other languages E-mail this tract to a friend.Curse of Baphomet.

Spinal accessory: muscles of shoulders and upper back. Cranial Nerves Spinal nerves The spinal cord is located in the vertebral foramen and is made up of 31 seg ments: 8 cervical. balance sense. to the 76 Quadtillion miles in diameter of the Universe. Cernunos. muscle movements of chewing VI. up through the SuShuMna or Spinal Column and t he 7 ChakRAs. 12 thoracic. How did Ball. called the 7 Seals in the "HOLY BIBLE" Revelation. we will concentrate only on the Satanic aspect. which formed our physic al body. Some believe that paintings in the cave in Ariege. represented as bull "evolve" into goat is not too clear. in the form of the horned god is considered by some to be one of t he oldest fertility divinities in history. Trochlear: eye movement V. Abducens: eye movement VII. Vestibulocochlear (or auditory or acoustic): hearing. Of course we are talking about its early forms. The alternate nostril breathing technique brings into the balance to the rig ht and left hemispheres of the brain and activates the Kundalini Shakti. Appar ently any animal with horns "could pass" as the symbol of fertility and power. Oculomotor: eye movement (see also. IV & VI) IV. Not exploring the deeper meaning of Baphomet as the sum of all life on the e arth. and Baal worship is where the name "The Goat of Mendes" comes from. Vagus: helps control heart rate. France represent one of e arly forms of Baphomet. 5 sacral and 1 coccygeal. muscles of larynx. XI. Mendes or Mendez is a place in Egypt where the fertility god Baal was worshiped. horns are a reckogniseable feature of Baphomet. nerves to stomach. to the bRAin an d expanding the Mind. Facial: muscles of facial expression. Mithras was old Indo-Iranian divinity mentioned as early as 14 century BC." the White Serpent. IX. Trigeminal: sensation in the face. Hypoglossal: tongue muscles. which extends from out of the sacral bone (Note: The Sacral Bone also houses the 8 divided cells of mitosis. Unlike our 76 trillion cells in our body that changes every 7 years. taste. 12 Cranial Nerves I. the Ser pentine Fire and raise like the Bennu [Phoenix] from the ashes or like the Sun r aising with healing in its wings. Obviously. taste sensation VIII. Optic: vision III. 66 BC it's cult reached Roman Empire. th ese 8 cells never changes during our entire lifes) area criss cross up the spina l column to the nose." or the "Snakes of Christ " that are external nerves. with brief overview of wha t could be some forms of Baphomet worship through history.son of Mithras. 5 lumbar. Thanateros. Baphomet. In the Vedic traditions and/or occult teachings there are [2] two nerves called the "Ida" or "Black Serpent" and the "Pingala. XII. Great God Pan or Abraxas has a fairly long history. Olfactory: sense of smell II. Nimrod is often represented with a headdress with h orns. Glossopharyngeal: tongue and palate sensation. leader of Ordo Templi Orientis ( Order of Eastern Templars) s ays that the name Baphomet comes from "Bapho Mithras" . ( Note: The [1] One Serpent of Moses the devoured the [2] two serpents of the Magu . Kenneth Grant.es referred to as the Horned God. X. Founder of Baal worship. a nd in approx.

42 Then he said. f or we are getting what our deeds deserve." Luke 23:32 Two other men. Thus. today you will be with me in paradise." Earth. Esoterically. 7:10 And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh. The human spinal column is made up of 33 bones: 7 vertebrae in the cervical region." means "Skull. located at the back of the head. and it became a serpent. Wind and Fire's 1977. 7:9 When Pharaoh shall speak unto you. as in the number of the books in the "HOLY BIBLE. 33 When they came to the place called the Skull (Aramaic. The Medulla Olongata is the storage place of the Akasha Records. Shew a miracle for you: then thou shalt say unto Aaron. Ascension. [and] it shall become a serpent. 5 in the lumbar region. Jesus [YaHShuWaH] meaning "He Who Saves" is crucified on Golgo tha.. they also did in like manner with their enchantments. But this man has done nothing wrong. Free Masonry Degree 18. I tell you the truth. named after the Order of the Rosicrucians or the "Rose and Cross" Order. is the "Rose Croix". 43 Jesus answer ed him. In other words. making 33 pairs of nerves that trave ls up through the 33 vertebraes. 7:11 Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magic ians of Egypt. in adults the bones in the sacral regi on join to form one bone called the sacrum. it symbolizes the 33 degrees in Free Masonry 1° Entered Apprentice.. "ALL IN ALL" (Note: All in All is the meaning of Pan or Sirius) album had one of the most popular songs of thei r career on it named "Serpentine Fire. were also led out with him to be e xecuted.s). the lower self is merged (cr ucified) into the Higher Self. the Great? dying at the age of 33. the bones in the cocygeal region joi n to form one bone called the coccyx. the Skull or at the Head area. Don t you fear God. both criminals." thus symbolizing the Medulla Olongata. meaning in Greek "The Place of the Skull" in between two male factors (thieves). and they did so as the LORD h ad commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh. This degree symbolizes man in adulthood and represents work . the other on his left. However." "Back of the Head. 7:12 For they cast down every man his rod. along with the criminals one on his right. The candidate has to pass a cro ss without Christ. making 66.39 One of the criminals who hung there hurled insults at him: Aren t you the Christ? Save yourself and us! 40 But the other criminal rebuked him. and cast [it] before Pharaoh. since you are under the same sentence? 41 We are punished justly. and they became serpents: but Aa ron's rod swallowed up their rods. and the INRI of the cro ss means "the whole nature renewed by fire. saying. ther e they crucified him. Take thy rod. This degree begins a mans journey into freemasonry and represents youth 2° Fellowcraft. called the "Universal Library of Past Lives" and hu(e)man photo-graphi c memory. 12 in the thoracic region. The Hebrew letter "Qoph." "Copy" and "Monkey. Hebrew). meaning by the "Kundalini Shakti" or "Serpentine Fire. and before his servant s. 5 in the sacral regio n and 4 in the coccygeal region. he said. as well as. remember me when you come into your kingdom. and Hell. Alexander." The is the significants of Jesus being crucified at the age of 33 on Mount Calvary. through Calvary. Jesus.

D. This degree proclaims the spiritual unity of all who believ e in God and cherish the hope of immortality. This degree is a drama of the American spirit confronting the challenge of disloyalty and treason. the principles of to lerance are affirmed and grants to each man the right to answer. in his own way. or to treat the offender better than they deserve 13° Master of the Ninth Arch. the dignity of fidelity and integrity is dem onstrated. This degree teaches that one should learn fro m. This degree teaches that Truth often emerges from the clash of opinions. the errors of the past 18° Knight of the Rose Croix of H. This degree teaches that Truth prevails. 5° Perfect Maser. and avoid repeating. his convictions 19° Grand Pontiff.3° Master Mason. 20° Master ad Vitam. The degree demonstrates the Masonic condemnation of . This degree symbolizes that the personal goal of title and position can cause strife 9° Master Elect of Nine. and to look at life and duty and God through the minds of ot hers who do not share the same religious faith 10° Master Elect of Fifteen. In this degree. This degree teaches that unworthy ambitions are corruptive a nd destructive to the man who forgets his duty to family. country and God 6° Intimate Secretary. This degree shows the important lesson by the example of Zerubbabel. This degree uses the symbolism of Solomon's life and that his pride prevented him from asking for forgiveness 11° Sublime Master Elected. and Justice tri umphs. It is concerned primarily with the perenni al conflict between light and darkness. This degree is a drama of the rewards found in the le ssons of the 15 degree 17° Knight of the East and West. tempered with mercy and forgiveness 8° Intendant of the Building. In this degree. This degree teaches that the quality of Mercy thro ugh a spirit of compassion and a tenderness of heart will enable one to overlook injuries. God and Satan.. This degree represents man in old age and relates to wisdom 4° Secret Master. Masonic principles and leadership are subjected to a crucial test. fidelity to duty. This degree emphasizes virtue of good citizenship and that a man should ever be loyal.R. brave and courageous in the conviction that right will eventually prevail 12° Grand Master Architect. good and evil. This degree shows that a man who is trustworthy can sur vive false accusations 7° Provost and Judge. This degree portrays the history and legend of E noch and prepares the candidate for the 14 degree 14° Grand Elect Mason. This degree describes the constant endeavor of perfecti on of character 15° Knight of the East or Sword.M. of loyalty to conviction. and devotion to Truth 16° Prince of Jerusalem. no matter what religious leader th ey follow or what creed they profess.

This degree teaches that we should g ive every man the benefit of innocence and purity of intentions. ity and Knight of the Sun. Idleness. for man to be allowed to earn his sustenance by work. In this degree. 26° Prince of Mercy. This degree teaches that a mutual belief in a Su preme Power should bind all men together in a world-wide brotherhood. 29° Knight of St. each supreme in its own sphere. The exemplar represents every Freemason eager to serve humanity but caught between self-interest and the call of duty.all who conspire against the security of the nation and the happiness of our pe ople. This degree describes the victory of t he spiritual over the human in man and the conquest of appetites and passions by moral sense and reason. 24° Prince of the Tabernacle. but a privilege. This degree teaches that those with faith in God and love for their fellow man will make great sacrifices to help others. we must respect the opinions of others. 30° Grand Elect Knight Kadosh. neither seeking to dominate the other. sometimes the supreme sacrifice. in each other. I t is no curse. 33 Sovereign Grand Inspector General. but cooperating for the commo n good. This degree emphasizes the Masonic teachings of equa lity and toleration. This degree using the symbolism of the tools and implem architecture teaches that by building high moral character among its adh Freemasonry may advance man's determined quest for the achievement of un good will throughout the world. that while we must be true and faithful to our ow n convictions. and in God. 28° ents of erents. This degree teaches that Scottish Rite Freemasonr y believes in the concept of a free church in a free state. that it is a sp irit of compassion and a tenderness of heart which dispose us to overlook injuri es and to treat an offender better than he deserves. 21° Patriarch Noachite. This degree is a clarion call to fa ith-in ourselves. It cannot be applied for. We are reminded that no one man. This Degree is conferred by the Suprem e Council upon Freemasons of the 32° in recognition of distinguished Masonic or Pu blic service. . 31° Grand Inspector Inquisitor Commander. Andrew. not labor. but is conferred by invitation only. 27° Commander of the Temple. has a monopoly of truth. the dignity of labor is demonstrated. 25° Knight of the Brazen Serpent. This degree teaches the quality of mercy. 23° Chief of the Tabernacle. Duty often requi res sacrifice. 32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret. with a resultan t breakdown of discipline and loss of faith. 22° Prince of Libanus. is disgraceful. This degree teaches that there are desert st retches in every individual life in the history of every nation. no one reli gion. He who would ju dge others must first judge himself. This degree teaches that Freemasonry is not a shield f or evil doing and that justice is one of the chief supports of our fraternity. This degree sets forth the tests and ceremonies that symbolize the experiences we must undergo in the building of excellence in character. no one Church.

emotional. mental and spiritual heal th and healing. 'Rei' means "Universal Energy" and 'Ki' means "Life Force." thus Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy. assist the body in cleansing toxins and balance the flow of subtle energy by releasing blockages. thus affecting physical. nadis and chakras." Reiki restores energy balance and vi tality by relieving the physical and emotional effects of unreleased stress. leaving one feeling relaxed and at peace. We have a wide de gree of interests and abilities and we focus on the similarities between ideolog ies. and clears th e energy bodies. Reiki can acceler ate healing. Reiki Treatments To increase energy levels To improve health challenges To reduce stress To help during times of major change To give comfort in times of bereavement To accelerate the healing process after surgery To accelerate the healing process with orthopedic injuries As a method of preventative health care . alter nately covering 16 positions over the body. ADVANCED SPIRITUAL HEALING TECHNIQUES REIKI. TOUCH THERAPY or HEALING TOUCH uses laying on hands touch to influence the energy system.We use our energies towards spiritual evolution. Many hospitals around the country are using Reiki under the title Therapeutic Touch . It gently and effectively opens blocked meridians. The hands remain in position for 5 minutes.

addressing more than just the symptoms or disease. accurate. Therefore. As part of a holistic medical health ca re system with an emphasis on education and prevention.000 years ago. Using the fingers. Iridology is therefore not concerned with specific symptoms. trigger points on the surface of the skin are pressed to . lifestyle. The greatest feature and main advantage of iridology over other forms of hea lth screening is that changes appear in the iris before the physical symptom dev elops. in evaluating and treating illness and prescribing p reventative intervention. Iridology does not reveal specific pathology (medical diseases) because many diseases create similar changes in the body tissues. lifestyl e and mental attitude. they found other locations that not only alleviated pain. Proclaimed throughout the ages as "windows of the soul". Grad ually. spirit.e. this approach treats the whole person.For pain relief For emotional relief To overcome fears NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE Naturopathy integrates a wide range of natural therapeutics emphasizing the healing power of nature and the body's own ability to treat the causes of diseas e. ACUPRESSURE More than 5. acidity. HOLISTIC MEDICINE recognizes that the mind. rather than suppressing the symptoms. and hardening of the arteries). The iris reflects the cond ition of the tissues (i. but also influe nced the functioning of certain internal organs. congested lymph. the Kama'atians (Egyptians) discovered that press ing certain points on the body relieved pain where it occurred and also benefite d other parts of the body more remote from the pain and the pressure point. inflammation. toxicity. non-invasive and painless system of health a nalysis through the examination of the colored part of the eye known as the iris . but with the restoration and maintenance of health by building up the body's immunity and life force. the naturopathic physici an seeks to motivate the individual toward a healthy and balanced diet. preventive action may be taken to improve health and avoid tho se diseases which might otherwise follow. environment a nd other aspects of the person's existence significantly affect the functioning of the physical body. IRIDOLOGY Iridology is a quick. the eyes are now ackn owledged as mirrors of the body and likened to miniature television screens reco rding the condition of the various organs and tissues throughout the body. Thus.

bolster immunity and provi de a sense of balance.Starts under eye. finishes at side of chest 5.Starts beside nipple. finishes at side of nostril 3. neck pain. Heart Constrictor . finishes in middle finger 10. menstrual cramps. backaches. Small Intestine . finishes in front of ear 7. Location of the meridians. like the water in a free -running river.Starts at outside corner of eye.Starts on sole of foot. eye st rain. and well-being. The meridians.Starts in big toe. Reflexology can reduce pain.Starts under armpit. finishes in little toe 8. finishes by outside corner of e yebrow 11. ulcer pain.Starts in index finger. while acupressure uses the gentle but firm pressure of hands and even feet . REFLEXOLOGY The origins of Reflexology evidently reach back to ancient Kama at (Egypt) as evidenced by inscriptions found in the physician s tomb at Saqqara in Kama at. arthritis. The t ranslation of the Metu-Neteru (hieroglyphics) are as follows: Don t hurt me. the qi is prevented fr om reaching the specific area it is supposed to nurture. W hen you are healthy. and energy is well distributed throughout the meridian pathways.Starts in fourth finger. Gall Bladder . sinus problems. The p ractitioner s reply: I shall act so you praise me. but acupuncture employs nee dles. is blocked for some reason. finishes on front of chest or below nipple. 1. All meridians start or finish in the head. Stomach . Liver . IDENTIFYING MERIDIANS Meridians are numbered from 1-12 according to the flow of energy through the m. finishes in thumb 2. Reflexology works with subtle . finishes in little finger 6. thus strengthening existence to disease a nd promotes wellness.Starts in big toe. chest. finishes at top of chest 9. or meridian. they release muscular tension and promote the circulation of blood and the body's life force to aid healing. increases circulation and enables the body to relax deeply. Heart . When the river. Urinary Bladder . hands or feet. It is effective in relieving headaches.Starts in little finger. The healing touch of acupressure reduces tension. Lung . the flow of qi proceeds unimpeded. Self-acupressure can also be used to relieve anxiety and g et a good night's sleep. finishes in second toe 4. lower back aches. na med according to the internal organ it affects. Acupuncture and acupressure use the same points. relaxation. We cannot determine the exact r elationship between the ancient art as practiced by the early KaMa atians (Egyptia ns) and Reflexology as we know it today. The result is that the cells. Each of the twelve organs is linked with a meridian or channel of energy. muscle aches. Different forms of working the feet to effect health have been used all over the ancient world. Triple Heater .Starts at inside corner of eye. Large Intestine . like rivers of en ergy.stimulate the body's natural self-curative abilities. finishes in fourth toe 12. tissue or organs in the affected area will suffer. Kidney . Acupressure a lso can relieve tension due to stress. improve circulation. ensure proper nurturing of qi or life force throughout your whole being. constipation and indigestion. Spleen . When these points are pres sed.Starts on chest in front of shoulder.

Plants that are used as medicines have been referred to as "herbs" for over 4000 years. which gives plants the capability to perform photosynthesis. when given to a healthy person. HERBOLOGY Medicinal plants have been mentioned in the Bible. Cell salts appear to work by enabling the cells to better assimila te and utilize the mineral compounds they represent in homeopathic potency. Reflexology is a term that refers to the stimulation of the feet. or older. unt ouched by industrial pollutants or cultivated indoors. seeds. It was first practiced by the ancient Kama'atian (E gyptian). leaves and blooms). and only using younger. in a wall painting depicting hand and foot reflexology from the to mb of Ankh-Mahor at Saqqara. the weather. plants and fruits are snapshots of photonic light . In addition to growth and gathering tec hniques. The word "herb" is derived from the ancient Kama'atic name "Heru. roots." As a result they provide remedies th at. There are many ways to grow. plants ." for Heru (Horus) is symbolic to the Sun. The only logical explanation is that the cel . gather.energy flows. Thus. Thus. who observed that congestion or tension in any part of the foot mirrors co ngestion or tension in a corresponding part of the body. and should always be done with great spiritual awareness and prayerfu l thankfulness and handled with reverence and respect. The ancient healing art of reflexology has been known to man for many thousand s of years. would create the same symptoms that the sick person has. Nevertheless. or taking each p art of the plant in a particular order. hands or e ars in order to affect other parts of the body via specific points that are call ed microsystems. Many herbalists recommend gathering only certain herbs (depending on the seasons. and treating the whole foot ca n have a relaxing and healing effect on the whole body. and the time of day) to achieve t he highest level of medicinal qualities. Many believe that the energy with which the herbs are gathered is also very important. HOMEOPATHY The word homeopathy comes from two Greek words meaning "similar affections. Reflexology is one of the most powerful natural healing techniques available . and harvest herbs. there is an effect. who passed this knowledge on to the early Vedic Indian and Chinese peo ples. harvesting practices vary as well. when you treat th e big toes there is a related effect in the head. The practice of reflexology is traceable to the sixth dynasty in Kam a'at (Egypt). It i s physically impossible that a few doses of homeopathically prepared iron phosph ate could supply an ailing body with enough organic iron to correct a deficiency . revitalizing the body so that the natural internal healing mechan isms of the body can do their own work." Homeopaths believe that "like cures like. away from all contaminant s. as is the case with allopathic medicine. Recommendations may include taking t he whole plant at once (buds. In essence. The microsystems in one part of the body for example on the foo t contain a representation or map of the entire body that can be stimulated to enh ance the natural healing processes. In the end the ailment ha s not been covered up. Herbs are considered the "best" by some practitioners when they are naturally grown in the wild. it is a concept of "fighting fire with fire" or fightin g the disease with its own aggressive characteristics. and in historical literat ure. in a controlled environment.

nosebleed during menses. diminished sexual power. the idea area of the b rain to the action area of the body. nocturnal emissions. ineffective labor Male. The top of the nerves connected with the Pinea l Gland and is the male electric current of the spinal system. MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Boring feeling in right temple. It is thought to be the invisible fire of Nature and is the greatest healing agent known.l salts. This lemon-colore d salt aids in transmitting impulses from the cerebellum. These are the male and female electric current joined together at the cerebellum. Bleeding from the urethra Asthma aggravated by food. Thus. worse in wet weather Female. This yellow-green salt accelerates the cerebrospinal system and effects the use of heat in the body. and are spongy Incontinence. exhaustion after coitus TAURUS CELL SALT: Natrum Sulphuricum (Sulphate of sodium). MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Headache with vomiting Chronic middle ear catarrh Snapping noises in the ear Nosebleeds Tonsils inflamed and enlarged Bulimia . worse before breakfast Loose morning stools. The optic thala mus is in the center of the head and connects the pineal gland to the pituitary body. The perfect bala nce between the brain and nerves. 12 NUTRITIVE BLOOD/TISSUE SALTS AND HOW THEY RELATE TO THE 12 ZODICAL SIGNS ARIES CELL SALT: Kali phosphoricum (Phosphate of Potassium). These are thought to correspond to the reason and intuition. Shortness of breath on going upstairs Subnormal temperatures Female. The top of the ne rve connects with the Pituitary gland and is the female electric current of the spinal system. burning in the pharynx during menstruation Pain in hip joints. arc stimulating the body to use the minerals mor e effectively. worse on left Stiffness in knees during damp. which is relieved by cold Gums receding. scanty menses. ideas become spoken and moved into action. cold weather GEMINI CELL SALT: Kali Mur (Chloride of Potassium). MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Headache which is relieved when arising or looking upward Drooping eyelids Humming or buzzing in the ears Right-sided facial neuralgia. Potassium pho sphate produces the highest rate of vibration. the vocal chords. preceded by burning in stomach Piercing pain at back of neck. at base of brain After injury to the head Earache or lightning-like stitches in ears during damp weather Mucous dripping into the back of the throat Gas in ascending colon. This chemical signifies the personality and individuality on th e mental planes of the individual. It is believed that this chemical joins the positive and negative elements in the body. bleed easily. by homeopathic action.

It draws and establishes communicat ion in terms of the subjective mind. MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Eye pain on right side relieved by warmth Blurred vision. It is the feminine or receptive aspect of the Life Power. with tickling. nitrogen and carbon wh ich depend on its predominant green color. Kali Su lph creates the proper activity for the oxygen. conjunctivitis.Fatty or rich food causes indigestion Flatulence. itching at anus Diarrhea after fatty food CANCER CELL SALT: Calcaria Fluorica (Fluoride of Lime). This chemical i s the fluid that is the remedy for all spasmodic and impulsive deficiencies. specially lying down Varicose or enlarged veins Pain and burning in lower back . The abdominal cavity and its contents. . atrophic rhinitis Unnatural looseness of teeth without pain Hiccough Flatulence Itching or fissure of anus Pain in sacrum and internal piles Bleeding hemorrhoids Male: Indurations of the testicles Spasmodic cough. All the blood i n the body passes through the heart. glands in the female breast LEO CELL SALT: Magnesia Phosphorica (Phosphate of Magnesia). It is the psychic realm. becomes tamed in the heart and therefore closes and controls the mouth of th at energy. writer's cramp. perfectly neutral until effec ted by exterior conditions. The quality of this chemical is to draw distant places together. vaginitis VIRGO CELL SALT: Kali Sulphuricum (Potassium Sulphate). the energy that rising up in the sympathetic system. MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Depression and groundless fear of financial ruin Tumors in newborns Cataracts. stuffy head colds. This chemical helps select that material which is us eful to the body and separate it from the waste which is to be rejected. nervous spasmodic palpitation Chilliness after eating in the evening Leg cramps. The human personalities unite within it. worse in cold air or cold water Thirst for very cold drinks Flatulent colic relieved by rubbing and warmth Angina pectoris. Sciatica Any malady that is worse on the right and relieved by warmth and pressure Female: Menstrual colic. It becomes the Alchemical Vase. as the strong li on. colored lights before eyes Pain behind right ear. As in the T arot card. spots before eyes Ringing or roaring in middle ear Nasal catarrh. Emotional and intellectual conciliation is the working order of complete assimilation. It is the pot that forever filters and scatters the Elixir of life.better with movement Chronic synovitis of knee joint Scar tissue Chapped hands with cracks on palms Hardened. hydrogen.

dissolve the residue. desire without erection Female: Sterility. filter. and itchy while having gastric upset Blisters on tip of tongue Rheumatic knees Aching wrists and fingers. are in no way beneficial to the human body in their crude forms. back. back feels weak Male: Emission without dreams. It is purity in this form. red. It is the crucible for relaxing.) The b io-chemic process which occurs when run through plant life makes it accessible t . worse in evening and in warm room Wandering pains in nape. burn at night Swelling of lymph glands SCORPIO CELL SALT: Calcarea Sulphurica (Sulphate of Lime--Plaster of Paris) These elements . particularly ankles Feet ice cold in daytime.MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Evening headaches Eustachian deafness Aches in heated room Dread of hot drinks Abdomen cold to the touch Hemorrhoids Menses.The purpose of th is chemical is to balance the difference between alkaline and acid. itching soles of the feet Cough with burning in soles of feet Slow-healing wounds with discharging pus SAGITTARIUS CELL SALT: Silicea (Silica. This alkalin e tissue-builder is made from bone-ash by neutralizing phosphoric acid with carb onate of sodium. MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Head feels full and throbbing in the morning One ear hot. with headache Burning. and precipitate by hydrochloric acid. The sciatic nerve carri es the steel-like temper of long-range endurance. MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Deafness with discharge from middle ear Edges of nostrils sore. in others.lime and sulphur. pure flint). secretions tinged with blood Pimples on face. Herpes Pain in abdomen near liver on right side Female. Natrum phos holds the balance between the acids and the normal fluids of the human body. An absence of Sodium Phosphate allows the acids to ru n riot in the body. sore hamstrings. it is quartz or crystal. late and scanty Bronchial asthma. The aggressive urges here a re entirely capable of resurrecting every dead cell in the body and revitalizing all conditions. no acid secretion from vagina Itching skin. fluxing and transmuting the gr eat vibratory forces that we need. A certain amount of acid is necessary and is always pr esent in the stomach and liver fluids. eczema LIBRA CELL SALT: Natrum Phosphoricum (Phosphate of Soda) . It is only when nature steps up their vibration through plan t life. and limbs in warm room Psoriasis. (It is made by fusing silica with carbonate of soda. that they can be utilized in body chemistry. menses late and long lasting. but an excess of acid is due to a deficie ncy in alkaline chemicals.

bacon and salted meats. In its powdered form.sore genitals. It is the basic chemical value of the circulatory s ystem and it could be called the Great Sea in the body. it takes the shape of ar rowheads. damp conditions . sensitive to cold water Hemorrhoids. great thirst with hunger Soreness and burning around navel Female. Gets better if head is wrapped. pain in coccyx Restless sleep. violent backache Involuntary sighing. it is used in the body as the basis of the blood. nipples sore and drawn in Very susceptible to drafts on back. or gloss. yet the term used to denote this def iciency is known to us as rheumatism. tremulous hands when using them Soreness under toes. loss of smell. thighs.itching vulva.o the blood stream. difficult stool descent Male . It is a worker in a lbumen and carries it to the bone and uses it as cement. sensitive to all impressions Obstinate. dullness in head Stiffness with pain. It supplies materi als for nails. CAPRICORN CELL SALT: Calcarea Phosphorica (Phosphate of Lime). MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Headache during change of weather Headache in children during puberty Swollen tonsils. nocturnal emissions Female . excessive gaping Sciatic. menses too early. In the last analysis it supplies the polish. itching at point of nose Facial neuralgia. ingrown toe nails Chilliness. The deficiency of this chemical in the gastric juices results in undigested foods from which acids form and this deprives the joints of the arms and legs of the cartilage necessary to oil.sties. discharge of blood between periods. Bright's disease is sim ply an overflow of albumen by the way of the kidneys due to a deficiency of Phos phate of Lime. This point is pertinent to "the archer" Sagittarius. pains in hips. worse when cold and damp Abscess at root of teeth. offensive foot odor. teeth develop slowly Craving for ham. for the nail s and hair. and fissures at rectum. Silica is called the surgeon of the body. Worse when cold . sunny weather AQUARIUS CELL SALT: Natrum Muriaticum (Chloride of Sodium). . rapidly decaying teeth. Sneezing in morning. and a trace is found in the bone tissue. hair and. headstrong children Vertigo from looking up or lying on left side Eyes averse to daylight. and the sciat ic nerve. what we know as periosteum membrane covering and protec ting bone. Decaying organic matter must be discharged from the body to clear the hips. It is "Living water" and carries true spiritual knowledge in the highest vibration when perfectly balanc ed. which is salty wi thout the other ingredients. tender to touch. Without the p roper amount of calcarea phos. very sensitive to cold air Any problem which worsens from lying on the left side. no bone could be constructed. damp weather and get better in warm. Also the nerve sheath called neurilemma. MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Nervous and excitable. pyorrhea. numb with weather change Difficulties which worsen during cold. excessive and bright. Although this is table salt. cold. legs and feet. cold. head hot. hard lumps in br east. under the microscope. cramping calves and soles. pain in lower left lung Pain from sitting in a draft. cataract.

it provides that stamina needed. feeling of coldness of heart Nervous jerking during sleep. sleepy before noon Fever blisters. PISCES CELL SALT: Ferrum phosphoricum (Phosphate of Iron). menses every three weeks. vagina dry Cough with bursting pain in head Heart palpitates. In the blood stream we find both red and white corpuscles and due to the c hemical value of iron. warts on palms. short. with pain on top of head. red. and back MEDICAL ASTROLOGY Medical astrology is a science that demands a union of knowledge of both ast rology and medicine. . inflamed . or fright Headaches of a throbbing. Iron i s known as a magnetic mineral and magnetism is made possible by the body's knowl edge. deep crack in center of lower lip Unquenchable thirst. This cell sa lt builds both the magnetism and the body's ability to utilize both nature and a rt. Eczema. raw. worse when stooping Hemorrhoids Female. vagina hot and d ry Lung congestion with inflammation. it takes years of acquiring astrological expertise and then becoming totally familiar with physiology and anatomy to qualify as a medical astrologer who with the cooperation of a physician can accurately diagno se diseases and advise clients on the best procedures for regaining health. When the red corpuscles are short the result is a severe acid condition and generally results in anemia. lids swollen Roaring and ringing in ears Fever blisters. anger.MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Illness from grief. Ideally. Lack of iron in the blo od results in an over lymphatic condition. pressure against back. MANIFESTATIONS INDICATING CELL SALT USE: Eyes feel as if sand under the lids Blood rushes to head.worse from eati ng salt. and at seashore. usually profuse. When iron is tempered to a high potency. Better when lying on right side. roaring noises Predisposition to colds Facial neuralgia. and open air. Thr ough this foundation of the blood is ignited cells of both red and white. Just as the feet are the foundation of the body. they carry on the process of wheels within wheels or the interlocking cycles and rotations of metabolic activity. painful. hungry though overweight Distended abdomen Pain after urinating Male: Impotence with retarded emission Female: Menses irregular. croupy cough Pulse rapid with palpitation (see doctor) Rheumatic pain in neck. eruptions around mouth. Better from cold bat hs. so iron is the foundation of the blood. blinding nature relieved by sleep Eyes burn and pain when looking down. shoulder. This chemical has an affinity for oxygen which is carried into the circulation and diffused throu ghout the organism by the chemical force of this phosphate of iron.

Three is the first perfect odd number: four is a square whose side is the eve n number two. but as numbers do influence.The Psychic Health Test. there was only he or she. Auset [Isis] as the recipient. the base to the female. Now. The following methods can make you feel better. The field grew slowly through sever al decades. We have found t hat usually the most sympathetic to medical astrology are homeopathic physicians and those who adhere to holistic health programs aimed at responding to each in dividual s different needs. These animated numbers in Ancient Kama'at were referred to by Plutarch. numbers did not simply de signate quantities but instead were considered to be concrete definitions of ene rgetic formative principles of nature. NUMEROLOGY The roots of numerology can be traced back some 10. Five makes a sq uare of itself. 311-3 HEALING SOUNDS Sound healing has been known since humanity's earilest beinnings. or it. And panta [all] is a derivative of pente [five]. where something is he. and they speak of counting as numbering by fives . therefore. a medica l astrologer can ascertain likely psychological or physical weaknesses that may be causing disease. the I AM is the greater force to be dealt with. and so Ausar [Osiris] may be regarded a s the origin. increased research and publish ing along with a marked resurgence of interest in numerology is taking place. in Kama'at. will. and the hypotenuse to the child of both. Every part of the universe was/is a male or a f emale. the ego. For Kama'atians. numbers were not just odd a nd even they were male and female. There is no neutral (a thing). being made up of three and two. The medical astrologer then can advise the client on the appropriate tests ne cessary to verify the astrological speculations. when he described the Kama'atian 3-4-5 triangle: The upright. along with the Med-Scan technique.Edgar Cayce. but five is in some ways like to its father. The Kama'atians (Egyptians) called these energetic principles neteru (gods). In the animated world of Ancient Kama'at (Egypt). After a physician s tests have confirmed the diagnosis. and in some ways like to its mother." . she. It involves using astrology to determine any individual s potential weak spot s. Simple Solution: . in the last half of the century. clearer and calmer in j ust a few minutes. in M oralia Vol V. is basically sim ple. "In any influence. Unlike in English. by examining th e planetary combinations and placements in a natal or progressed chart. In other words. Pythagoras was taught by Kama'atic Priests the basic theorems that form the foundation of modern mathematics (including the right tri angle theorem taught in math classes today). may be likened to the male. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways to bring balance and calm to your entire being.000 years or more to Kama 'at (Egypt) and Babylonia. togeth er the medical astrologer and doctor can outline the best diet and program of nu tritional supplements for the individual to regain good health. and Heru [Horus] as perfected resul t. a knowledge of same certainly gives an individual a foresight into relationships. a self.

making it a little less deep and a bi t higher in pitch than the last sound. becoming balanced and aligned. Now focus your attention on the solar plexus area and focus the sound there. Become aw are of where that sound is resonating in your body. Now focus your attention on this chakra and project the sound to that area. All sounds should be made softly and gently. Focus your attention on the base chakra. The vowel sound for the Third Eye (actually. This sound should be higher than the last sound. The vowel sound for this chakra is OOO (as in the word you ). B egin to tone a very soft and gentle OH sound. Now focus your attention on the second chakra. Now focus your attention on the second ch akra and project the sound there. as it does. Now focus your attenti on on your heart chakra and project the sound there. located at the base of the spine. is EEE (as in the word Me ) . Begin to tone a soft and gentle mid-range AH sound. Experience this energy center balancing and al igning with the other chakras. If you wish to add a color to compliment this sound. Now visualize the s ound resonating at the base of your spine and in your reproductive area. The sound you make can be very soft and gentle. 3. Become aware of where t he sound is resonating in your body. use the color red. located in the middle of the chest. Begin with an UH sound (as in the word huh ) that is the very deepest sound yo u can make. but become aware of where else that sound is resonating."Chakras" are energy centers located along the center of the body that corre spond to major glandular systems. We sugg est that you do this for no more than five minutes. located at sternum area. 2. 1. Feel th e sound vibrating the area and. located at the throat. to the right of our physical heart. 5. As the s ound resonates the third eye. Make this OOO sound for a minute or two. As the sound resonates this are a. become aware that the energy center associated with that area is also resonating. use green. experience this energy center aligning and balanci . The vowel sound for the heart chakra. is A" (as in the word Aaa ). 4. the First Eye). Begin to tone a soft and gentle A sound which is still higher in pitch than the last sounds. 6. located at the navel area extending to about three inches below the navel. Begin to tone a soft and ge ntle EYE sound higher in pitch than the last sounds. The sound will always resonate in your thro at. This part icular sound is OH (as in the word go ). Close your eyes and become aware of where the sound is resonating in your body. The sound for the Solar Plexus chakra. is AH (as in the word father ). Be come aware of where the sound is resonating in your body. Now focus your attention on the t hroat chakra and project sound there. AH is often a sou d we make when we are in love and the heart chakra is the center associated with love. Yellow will compliment your visualization. located in t he forehead between the two eyes and slightly above them. A color to compliment this sound is blue. Begin to tone an OOO sound. that is beginning to fall in the mid range of your voice. It does not have to b e loud. The vowel sound for the throat chakra. If you would like to add a color visualization to this exercise. As the sound resonates the throat chakra. f or no more than five minutes each. experience this energy center balancing and aligning with the other chakras. Close your eyes while making this sound and become aware of where that sound is resonating in your body. Close your eyes while you are making this sound. A color that will compliment a visualization for this sound is orange. higher in pitch than the last sound. or however long you feel comfortable. A color that works well with this sound is indigo. experience this energy center balancing and aligning with the other chakras. As you resonate the heart c hakra with sound. Mak e this UH sound for a minute or two. Become aware of where the sound is resonating in your body. experience this energy center balancing and aligning with the other chakras.

the acc umulation of the negativity erodes the organs health and effects the person s di sposition. The vowel sound for the crown chakra. with a long slow exhalation. sick energy into positive. The Lung Sound Fear is stored in the lungs. they use techniques to transform negative. Recycling and Transforming Negative Energy Everything is energy. that s not the case with the Six Healing Sounds. Thankfully. Po sition: Sit on the edge of your chair with feet shoulder length apart. At the completion of this exercise. The primary method s employed are The Inner Smile 1 and the Six Healing Sounds. 2 Visualizat ion: Return your hands to the palms-up position on your lap and smile to your lu ngs. including the hands position and visualization. it c an then be circulated through the Microcosmic Orbit to send healing energy throu ghout the body. Over time. healing energy. loving. Lung sound: Place y our tongue behind your closed teeth and. via the law of karma. made the l ung sound "SSSSSSSSSSSS" (like the sound of steam from a radiator). Now focus your attention on your cro wn center. We suggest yo u sit in a state of meditation and enjoy this experience. eventually that same negativity will be revisited upon the person who se nt it out in the first place. Six Healing Sounds to be the most valuable technique of all the many spiritu al practices I ve learned so far. Place han ds palms-up on your thighs. Look up. When Taoists confront negative emotional energy. The Six Healing Sounds work to transform the negative energy stored i n the organs and to transform them into healing light. with fin gertips of each hand touching the tip of the other. surrounding them. every time.ng with your other chakras. A lot of techniques require months and years o f practice before any noticeable results occur. When negative emotional energy is transmuted. Repeat two more times (a total of th ree). Imagine a white light shining upon your lungs. Make this sound soft and gentle. Close your eyes and become aware of w here that sound is resonating in your body. They work first time. palms-up. As the sound resonates the crown ch akra. you may feel light-headed. The Kidneys Sound The kidneys sound transforms the emotional energy inside the kidneys into ge . located a the top of the head. Negative emotions are stored in the body's organs. What did you feel like before you began this exe rcise? What do you feel like now that you have completed it? If you wish to grou nd the energy that you have moved up from the root chakra to the crown chakra. t one the deepest UH sound you can make. Concentrat e on feeling the virtue (power) of courage. experience this energy center balancing ad aligning with the other chakras . making 7 feelings o f Healing. A color that is us ed here is purple. The lung sound transforms fear into courage. rathe r than seeking to destroy it or to dump it out. Are there any images o r thoughts which are coming to you in this state? Take adequate time when you ha ve completed this exercise for processing the experience you have had with sound ing the charkas in this manner. is t he very highest EYE (as in the word I ) sound that you can create. and begin to project sound there. Raise both hands above your head. That works better than ho lding onto negativity or dumping it out onto someone else because such emotional venting only serves to pass an emotional virus onto another and. 7. Begin to tone the highest EYE sound that it is possible for you to make.

balance and fairness. Lean slightly to the left. Repe at two more times (a total of three). Repeat two more times (a total of three). Place hands palms-up on your thighs." Visualization: Return your hands to the palms-up position on y our lap and smile to your heart. surrounding it. Inhale and with breath held. Know that the red light is burning away and transmuting any ha tred emotion or self-pity into the virtue emotions. Heart sound: With the mouth wide open. exhale a deep breath slowly and produce the so und "HAWWWWWWWW. with a long. Imagine a green light shining upon and inside your li ver. Look up: Kidney sound: Form an "O" with your lips a s if preparing to blow out a candle. Concentrate on the virtue (power) of openness . slow exhalation produce the so und "WOOOOOOOO. Position: Sit on the edge of your chair with feet sh oulder length apart. under your left ribcage. Raise your hands palms-up over your head and i nterlock your fingers. Imagine a yellow light shining upon and inside your sple en and pancreas. produce the sound "WHOOOOOOOO" from the throat. Repeat two more times (a tot al of three). With it. and live out our lives not reaching the potential tha t we could achieve if we only knew how. Position: Sit on the edge of your chair with feet shoulder length apart. palm s-up. slightly push the si des of your hands in and slightly up. Position: Sit on the edge of your chair with feet shoulder le ngth apart. place the tongue near the palate. surrounding it. surrounding them.ntleness and generosity. joy and/or happiness. slow exhalation produce the sound "SH HHHHHHHHH. Lean forward and clasp y our hands around your knees. and with a long. fairness and justice. surrounding them.. Concentrate on feeling the virtue (power) of love. Concentrate on feeling the virtue (power) of kindness. Imagine a red light shining upon and inside you r heart. . Imagine a blue light shining upon your kidneys . The Spleen Sound The spleen sound transforms the emotional energy inside the spleen into open ness. Concentrate on feeling the virtue (power) of gentleness and/ or generosity. Look up. The Heart Sound The heart sound transforms the emotional energy inside the heart into love." Visualization: Return your hands to the palms-up position on yo ur lap and smile to your kidneys. which is derived from "Ka" in Kama'at). Lean slightly to the right. The Liver Sound The liver sound transforms the emotional energy inside the liver into kindne ss. CHI KUNG/TAI CHI CHUAN You possess the ability to tap a bottomless well of physical and psychic ene rgy (called"chi" in Chinese." Visualization: Return your hands to the palms-up position on your la p and smile to your liver. Visualization: Return your hands to the palms-up position on your lap an d smile to your spleen. fingers of each hand touching the others. Pla ce hands palms-up on your thighs. including the hands pos ition and visualization. Raise your hands palms-up over your head and interlock your fingers. including the hands position and visualiza tion. slo w exhalation. Look up. including the hand positions and visualization. yo u can harness the magickal power of the universe. including the hands position and visualization. Yet most of us unknowingly blo ck the flow of this power. under the rib. like the sound of an owl. joy and happiness. With a long. Place hands palms-up on your thighs. Place hands. Liver sound: Place th e tongue near the palate and. Spleen sound: While moving the hands under the ribs. Positions: Sit on the edge of your chair with feet shou lder length apart.

the area jus t below the navel and midway into the body is considered to be a sacred center o f energy. heal at a distance. y ou can also do it sitting. It is an excellent prac tice to try before you get out of bed in the morning. Practice 1. And this greatly affects our internal or gans. since it will help relax . Then as y ou inhale. You may notice that your belly wants to expand as you inhale and r etract as you exhale. This will have a po werful influence on our respiration. 2. our belly is one of the major areas that get tight and t ense when we are under a lot of stress. Though it s easiest if you are lying down. our mother provided through our umbilical cord the nutr ients. 5. especially right around the outside edge of your belly button. Let this happen.. press down with your hands on your belly as you exhale.. we are going to work with "belly breathing" in order to open our belly and all ow our diaphragm to move deeper down into our abdomen on inhalation and farther up to squeeze our lungs and support our heart on exhalation. If your belly seems tight..Some of the benefits of Chi Kung: * Look younger and stay younger and healther * Develop your psychic abilities. gradually release the tension. Lie down comfortably on your back on your bed or on a mat or carpe ted floor. talk with spir its. food. but don t try to force it. comfort. It is also an excellent pr actice to work with whenever you are anxious or tense. Watch how your breathing responds.. Do not try to do an ything. In this breathing exercise . expanding a s you inhale and retracting as you exhale. and oxygen that we needed to live. and so on. Notice how your belly begins to soften and relax. 6. Simply watch and enjoy as your belly begins to come to life. Try this several times. Remember that you can try this prac tice at any time of the day or night. Position yourself with your feet flat on the floor and your knees ben t (pointing upward). 4. Now rub your hands together again until they are warm and put them on your belly again. Simply follow your breathing for a minute or two with your attention. walking. 8. especially if you do it on a regular basis. move objects with your mind * Increase your fitness level and become a better athlete * Help damaged tissue to heal more quickly * Progress faster in your martial arts training * Increase your sexual performance and send sensations to your partner t hat he or she never dreamed existed * Control your body temperature to warm you up or cool you down Introduction Before we were born. See if you can sense which parts of your body your breath touches. be sure to sense your entire abdominal area. with the c enter of your lower hand touching your navel. This simple practice will have a highly beneficial affect on your breathing. standing. on the way we breathe in the many condition s of our lives. Continue to follow your breathing as you rub your hands together u ntil they are very warm. Put your hands (one on top of the other) on your belly. Spend a few minutes allowing these sensations to spread into all the cells of your belly al l the way back to your spine. In many traditions. In any event. our breath. If your belly still seems overly tight and does not want to move a s you breathe.. Watch how this influences your breath. noting any special sensations of warmth.. Notice how you r belly begins to open more on inhalation. 7. When you are ready to stop. 3. our energy. and our overall health. rub your hands together again until the y are warm and then massage your belly. and energy.

th e eyes are the focus of intention. Another way to express this is: The mind is the presence of intention. If you like. Chi Kung (Qi Gong) means literally. Do not use any force or effort in doing this practice. As you inhale. Learn to be attentive to the v ital warmth or vibration of the breath energy remaining in your abdomen as you e xhale. authentic breathing . Guard it with your awareness. There are thousands of such exercises. Chi energy is directed through the hands or eyes towards the patient. As you exhale. you can put your hands on your belly (see the Belly Br eathing Exercise) to help attract your breath there. The key is to work wi th your full attention. and to sense the ene rgy in your abdomen as you breathe naturally and effortlessly. . Use only your awareness and inte ntion. put your attention on the lower Dan Tien and s ense your breath energy filling your lower abdomen.and they are often taught at the beginning of training. Often." (External Qi Gong) or Chi Sao. TAOIST HEALING Master Mantak Chia Master Mantak Chia is the founder of the Universal Tao System (Healing Tao. Feel how your abdomen natura lly expands. without any feeling of willfulness. These are the "secrets" of Chi Kung . eyes. anything you do with the intention of benefiting your energy can be considere d Chi Kung. it will help slow down your breathing and make it more natural. sense any te nsions and toxins going out with the breath as your abdomen naturally contracts. All Chi Gung contains common principles . Practice The key to using Dan Tien breathing to help heal yourself is to inhale gentl y all the way down into the Dan Tien area. "miracu lous" improvements in health are cited as a result of a Chi Kung practitioner wo rking with an ill person. the movement is the action of intention. Of course it takes years of explo ring these ideas in practice to begin to truly grasp their significance. If you can work i n this way for several minutes each day for a few weeks. Feel it being absorbed deep into your cells as you exhale waste products upward and out through your nose or mouth. at the navel chakra or an inch or two below your navel.you and center your energy. the tan tien cleansing breath will quickly become a regular and natural part of your life. Healing with Chi Recent articles have emphasized the use of Chi energy for healing others. "Energy Cultivation. so be patient and gentle as you undertake this exercise. Over time.mind. Dan Tien breathing is an important aspect of natural. but do not throw out the baby with the bath water. Th is is referred to as "External Chi Healing. movement and b reath. the breath is the flow of intention." and refers to exer cises which improve health and longevity as well as increase the sense of harmon y within oneself and in the world. In fac t.

Tao Yoga). Realizing that as transm itted to him. psychic phenomena. The healing process involves the manipulation of the patient's c hakras. Master Yi Eng was to become Master Mantak Chia's principle teacher. Aikido and Kundalini Yoga fro m a variety of teachers. It has also been called medical qigong (ki kung or ki heali . our body is actually co mposed of two parts: the visible physical body. The author of dozens of books. Pran ic healing is an energy healing technique based on the overall structure of the human body. he learned Tai Chi Chuan. Recognized very early as having great potential for spiritual development. He has certified hundreds of Instructors and Practitioners to help in the transmission of these teachings. and are most acquainted with. these Immortal practices could not easily be absorbed by western s tudents. Through this process he created a unique view of the inter nal aspects of these practices. the rediscoverer of Pranic Healing. Master Mantak Chia undertook to integrate them with his studies in west ern physical anatomy. a Taoist Master originally from Central China. living at that time in the mountains not far from Hong Kong. culminating in the Reunion of Heaven and Man. According to the precepts of pranic healing. mysticism. N SW Pranic Healing logo PRANIC HEALING GRANDMASTER CHOA KOK SUI. Our aura is that in visible luminous energy body. Traditionally. mind and spirit. a way for any individual to quickly get to the essence of subtle practices whose real purp ose has been shrouded in secrecy for millenia. Mas ter Mantak Chia has taught hundreds of thousands of eager students the principle s of Taoist internal practice over the past 40 years. His sincere wish i s that every individual have the opportunity to complete the harmonious evolutio n of body. clairvoyants and energy healing practitioner s call this energy body the etheric body or etheric double. During his development as GrandMaster he received a d egree in engineering and became a successful businessman. At a very youn g age became interested in yoga. He has spent more than eighteen years researching and studying esoteric sciences that have resulted in the Pranic Healing System teachings. which is a practical system of self-cultivation and spiritual develop ment. Over a period of five years. Chinese ki kung a nd other esoteric studies. which interpenetrates the visible physical body an d extends beyond it. ki and aura. Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning "life-force. Master Yi transmitted to Master Mantak Chia the most sacred and closely held Taoist practices. His pursuit of Taoist teachings lead him to meet the Wh ite Cloud Hermit. With the Universal Tao system. bo oklets. Master Mantak Chia created the Universal Tao system to effectively share t he many ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy practices transmitted to him by a series of masters and teachers from throughout Asia. and the invisible energy body ca lled the bioplasmic body or aura. What Is Pranic Healing? Pranic healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana (or chi/qi/ki) or life energy and the chakras or energy centers to heal diseased energy levels. he was initiated into meditation practices by Buddhist monks at the age of 6. formulas and methods of internal alchemy. Whil e studying in Hong Kong. he has created for the first time. Through these practices the student learns to take p ersonal responsibility for their own physical. The visible physical body is that part of the human body that we see. touch." the invisible bio-energy or v ital energy that keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health. emotional and spiritual well bein g. videos and CDs describing the theory and methods of these practices.

What is the Human Aura (or the Invisible Energy Body)? Scientific evidence provides tangible proof of the existence of the energy b ody and its relation to the health and well-being of the physical body. psychic healing. the forth state of matter after solids. Prana is a Sanskrit word literally meaning 'life-force' the invisible bio-en ergy or vital energy that keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good hea lth. and "pla sma". and charismatic healing. ma gnetic healing. homemakers. animals and plants.ng). China and India. Scientific expe riments conducted by the eminent Russian scientist. PRANIC HEALING is applied on the bio-electromagnetic field known as the aura. Various names of this energy: * Japan . # The Sun: Solar prana that invigorates and that can be absorbed by sunbathing and drinking sun-exposed water. This b ioplasmic body absorbs life energy and distributes it to the organs and glands. the clergy.The Old Testament . engineers and many o thers in all walks of life. interpenetrates the visible physical body. This energy field. but too much solar parana can harm because it i . They find PRANIC HEALING very effec tive and easy to apply. faith healing. Semyon Kirlian. chiropractors. liquids and gases. Pranic Healing can pre vent.Breath of Life Pranic Healing was widely practiced as an art and science in ancient civiliz ations in KaMA'at (Egypt). laying of the hand. You can learn to do this for yourself an d your loved ones in these powerful result-oriented workshops. Experiments in Kirlian photography have also revealed that di seased energies appear first in the energy body before manifesting as a physical ailment. This has been termed as the "bioplasmic body" from the word "bio" meaning life. and mental ai lments. radiant energy field surroundin g the physical bodies of humans. alleviate. using ultras ensitive photographic process showed a colorful. acupuncturists.Ki * China Chi * Greece -Pneuma * Polynesian . Diseases first appear as energetic disruptions in the energy field before manife sting as ailments in the physical body. There are 3 major sources of prana. which contains the mold and blueprint of the physical body. therapeutic touch. PRANIC HEALING influences this natural life force to bring about a healthier physical body. extending about 4 to 5 inches from t he skin's surface.Mana * Hebrew . emotional. Because the methods are simple and fairly easy to understand. In Pranic Healing a cure is effected by simply removing diseased energies from the patient's invisible energy body a nd by transferring fresh vital energy (Prana) to the affected areas with the use of the hands. Using a scientific "no-touch" methodology. anyone can learn and apply pranic healing in no time at all. nurses. and heal a whole spectrum of physical. It has allowed them to heal confidently and consiste ntly in the shortest learning time possible. massage therapi sts. vitalic healing. or aura. Pranic Healing synthesizes th e principles of energy healing from all over the world and has become one of the most advanced and complete method of working with energy in the body. PRANIC HEALING is currently being taught to doctors.Ruah (Ruach) .

Trees and plants absorb prana from sun. hypertension. Because the methods are simple a easy to understand. Simple physical disorders like headaches. nurses. This ancient heal ing methodology is intended to complement conventional medical practices as well as other alternative healing methods. and ground and exude a lot of excess pran a. Ailments that can be Treated by Pranic Healing 1. Pranic Healing is based on the principle that the body has the ability to he al itself.s so potent. coughs. which is our etheral body. diarrhea. including doctors. ALCHEMY The birthplace of the name 'Alchemy' was in ancient Kama'at (Egypt). Pranic H ealing can prevent and heal a whole spectrum of physical. a school of alchemy was developing in China. Using a scientific "no-touch" methodology. air. an ancient art p racticed especially in the Middle Ages by the Moors who ruled Europe. and other related ailments. heart problems. cysts. arthritis. paranoia. espe cially the science of chemistry. COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS Comparative religion. The scienc e of alchemy was devoted chiefly to discovering a substance that would transmute the more common metals into gold and to finding a means of indefinitely prolong ing human life. m yomas. and minor burns. 3. most effective when acquired through deep slow rhythmi c breathing and through the energy centers (chakras) of the inner and outer aura . Alchemy. * Pranic Healing is the transfer of subtle energy from one person to ano ther. tension. stomach aches. * Pranic Healing has been endorsed by many professionals in the "orthodo x" health. chiropractors and pharmacists. muscle pain. fever. # The Earth: The ground prana that enters though the souls of our feet. sore throat s. * Pranic Healing deals with physical. manias. * Pranic Healing uses the auric and chakral energies both for diagnosis and for healing. mental. hepatitis. tuberculosis. psychologists. and epilepsy. emotional and spiritual di sorders without the use of touch or drugs. a rational seeking of the intelligible. common element . phobias. depression. toothaches. migraine. Emotional and mental disorders like stress. Severe ailments. emotional and mental a ilments. Alchemy was in many ways the predecessor of modern science. * Energy healing is an ancient method of treatment which originated in t he Orient. simulta neously. It utilizes life force as fuel to initiate the necessary biochemical changes to make this happen. Tired or sick people benefit much by lying down under trees. 2. Emperor Diocletian of Rome is said to have ord ered all Kama'atian (Egyptian) works concerning the chemistry of silver and gold to be burned in order to stop such experiments. schizophrenia. Pranic Healing is not intended to replace modern medicine. anyone can learn a nd apply pranic healing in a short amount of time. anxiety. sprains. dysmenorrhea.care system. # The Air: Ozone prana.

in due or der. after his second trip to the Orient. Afte r the opening of the meeting in solemn form. which eschew comparison in favor of what is distinct or unique in any ethno-cu ltural configuration called religion.C. On his re turn to America. If there is something common to religions that makes useful comparison possible. 1875. for example. and took the oath of both L Ordre du Lis and as a Supreme Grand Master of the Supreme Grand Dome. General Ethan Hitchcock introduced Dr. Palestine. Drs. a Moor became the first Sup reme Grand Master of the Illuminati. his noble duty was as an educato r of the freed Moors (Washitaw). ran it through three large editions. at age eleven. He was the first Supreme Grand Master of the Supreme Dome of the Rosy Cross of France and the second Supreme Grand Master of the Fraterni tas Rosae Crucis of the Western World (North and South America and the Isles). Randolph to Hargrave Jennings. Fontain e and Bergevin of New York. the Dou ble Eagle of Prussia. who in turn gave him a letter of introduction to W. religion scholars are moving toward area studies . France. Dr. and also sp onsored him in France. most comparisons of religion seem to consist less in the di scernment of commonality than in the imposition of it. member of L Ordre du Lis of France. He successfully visited England. Today. Randolph into his office as Supreme Grand Mas ter of ALL the Rosicrucians in the World. After taking his seat. as already mentioned.. Unfortunately. into the world. and Randolph was inducted before the Altar of the Three Fleur de Lis. Pre-Adamite Man. at the behest of the Supreme Hierarch. in ancient form. g race. Blavatsky had finally taken thei r toll.1875) was a Moor. Turkey and Greece. In 1858 the Supreme Grand D ome met in Paris. di fferent religions are compared. and Order of the Rose of England In conjunction with these herculean labors he published his work on human antiquity. at the President s personal request.Randolph and his love were married in Toledo and in 1874 they welcomed a son. Randolph to the German Inner Council. but he c ould never regain the grandeur of his life in Paris and Boston. Malta. it is not obvious to everyone. t he Hierarch of Eulis and the Ansaireh. salvation. the Grand Ritual was performed. Comparison amon g religions assumes some sort of commonality among religions. and so on.. that the time had come for a division of authority. Arabia. Egypt. a physician. Amenhotep IV wa s born and was crowned King of Egypt in 1367 B. eternity. Palgrave of London. who. This wa s finally consummated in 1858. in 1378 B. on July 29. Syria. h e went to Louisiana and for nearly three years. According to the Rosicrucians. His mind . it is easy to appreciate his attitude toward the existing religion (or religi ons) after he had been thoroughly instructed in the secret philosophy. Count Guinotti. he shot himself through the head with his revolver. and then. Irela nd. increasingly. It is interesting to note that Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Societ y in the same year. philosopher (occultist) and world traveler. Osiris Budh.P. the establishment of a Supreme Grand Master for Europe [England not included] and one for the Western World. Finally. Randolph was made acqu ainted with two members of the Council of Three of the Fraternitas. gave up his seat as Supreme Grand Ma ster of the Supreme Grand Dome(4). Basically. The Conclave was opened by the Supreme Grand Master Levi. Levi turned over the Wand to the Su preme World Hierarch. 37 His followers claimed that the curses and black magic of H. For all religions originates from out of Af-Ra-Ka (Africa) from . Randolph continue d to publish books from Toledo and to promote the Brotherhood of Eulis.or pattern of meaning in a group of otherwise diverse entities.C. Scotland. handed the Wand to Count Guinott i. who proceeded to recall Supreme Grand Master Levi to his seat and the proper officers proceeded to Initiate Dr. he stepped down from the chair. G. According to such. During the period between 1854 and 1856. one of the members of the Inner Council of the Fraternita s of England. where the chief endeavors were those of building Temples to gods of all kind s. selected criteria of meaning are used to o rganize data rather than to discern a pattern within them. Their official history says that he was: "Born in a country where peoples were given to idolat ry. it was decided by Count Guinotti and the World Council then sitting in Paris. who in turn introduced Dr. Pascal Beverly Randolph (1825 . closed the Supreme G rand Dome and opened under the grand ceremonial of L Ordre du Lis. Levi. judgment. notions as deity. Whenever.

psalms. to 1557 B. and it changed the worship of the Sun as a god to the worship of The God symbolized by the sun. He owed his position to his wife. Private. 1538 B.the Symbol of Life. T he discussion regarding her admittance (preserved in the Rosicrucian Archives) f orms an interesting story and reveals the origin of some of the doctrines of the equality of the sexes..C. The first Pharaoh who conducted the class in his private chambers was Ahmose I. but was nothing of the earth. his daughter.. the teachings mo re profound. Specifically for those on a Path ." [12] ESOTERIC SCIENCE Esoteric: The Inner. a son of Thut mose I by his marriage to Isis. science. a history refers to them.C. in everything. This was the beginning of Monotheism in Egypt and the origin of the worship of a spiritual deity which 'existed everywhere. the superiority complex that stems from these "elite. and art were not to be ent rusted to the masses nor were they susceptible to preservation through writing u pon papyri. attended by the select minds. For this reason classes were formed by the most learned.C. and temple walls give us evidence of the first desires to make permanent the knowledge and learning of the Egyptians. whose spirit was in heaven and whose physical manifestation was the Sun . in 150 0 B. Ahmose. and his reign in unimportant to us except for h is establishment of the Brotherhood. To him came the inspir ation of overthrowing the worship of idols and substituting the religion and wor ship of one god. Be cause he was capable of conducting the great school as well as ruling the people with more civilized and advanced principles (due to his training in the school. as well as contributing to the philosophy and sciences. at which the doctrines and principles of science were taught. [10] Thutmose I was succeeded by Hatshepsut. The members of such assemblies became more and more select. Thutmose I was crowned succeeding Amenhotep I. obelisks. how ever. [11] It was Thutmose III who organized the prese nt physical form of the secret Brotherhood and outlined many of its rules and re gulations. Many were the means adopted to preserve the knowledge attained tha t it might be correctly given to future generations. who ruled as a 'king' independently and as corrigent with her half-brother Thutmose III. "One will find. He became ruler upon the deposition of his father. Thus was laid The Found ation of the Great White Brotherhood. who wa s the first woman to become a member of the class on equal terms with the men. and again in the quiet of some of the temples erected t o the many Egyptian gods.and understanding were usually keen. that the Egyptians had reached a high state of civilization and advanced l earning at the beginning of the XVIII dynasty comparable only with the Renaissan ce of France.C. Thutmose I. he is referred to as the 'deliverer of Egypt' by some historians. and the arts. Confidential. Notice the a rrogance of these people. These classes or schools. with even the knowledge of brain surgery. In some cases classes of a very select nature were hel d in the private chambers of the reigning Pharaoh. On January 12th (approximately). who reigned from 1580 B.C. and the discussions so dialectic that there arose a most autocratic and secret society of the truly great minds of the day. no doubt)." These secrets belonged only to them not the average person. a supreme deity. for in his fifteenth year he composed many of the most beautiful prayers.'" [3] Pantheism! Secrets for the Elite: Egyptian culture had advanced to unbelievable heights . He was succeeded as Pharaoh by Amenhotep I. were held in the most is olated grottos at times. But the more profound secrets of nature. who became a teacher in the secret sch ool for three years. The Great White Brotherhood wanted t o retain certain profound secrets of nature. The hieroglyphic markings o n the pyramids. This was in accordance with the secret doctrines. science. He ruled until 1447 B. and chants used in the organization today .

because it investigat es the ultimate divisions within this universe. These Teachings are specific writings of various ancient religio ns and philosophies that have existed in various forms for literally thousands o f years as the driving force of many current and non-existent cultures throughou t the world.. These general traits together define reality and would presum ably characterize any universe.. share one major denominator: they are based on what are called The Ancient Wi sdom Teachings. by contrast.of Personal Unfoldment. Metaphysics is customarily divided into ontology. metaphysics may be conducted a t the highest level of abstraction. but are common to all possible universes. Ontology. Knowledge and Understanding. which is concerned with describing the most general traits of reality. Because these traits are not peculiar to this un iverse. Students find that practical application can be applied immediately to what they learn with the most modern teaching/healing and consulting techniques avail able. International research into the validity of these subjects. and metaphysics proper. METAPHYSICS Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with the nature of ultimate reality.and many lives are positively changed forever. consider ing and searching for the answers to 5 basic questions that continue to plague t he human's inquisitive mind: # * * * * * Who am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where do I go from here? Why must I suffer pain? All of the subjects that come under the broad definition of Esoteric Science s. Universities and similar places of learning a round the planet today.. which deals with the question of how many fundamentally distinct sorts of entities compose the univer se. is more closely related to the p hysical world of human experience. and their powers . continues to thrive in Colleges.more than ever before. .. Esoteric Science covers a large and exciting range of subjects aimed at dealing with questioning.

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