Q. Explain capacity of parties under the Indian Contract Act?

Or Minor cannot enter into contract Explain Or Short Note :- Minor, Person Disqualified by Law Synopsis I.)Introduction a. What is Law? b. Indian Contract Act 1872 c. Meaning of Contract (Chart) d. Meaning of Capacity

II.) Section 11 of the Act a. Minor i. Who is Minor?

Case Law :- Mohiribibi vs. Dharmodas Ghose, (1903)

iii. Legal rules regarding Minor iv. An agreement with or by a minor is void and inoperative ab initio. v. He can be a promisee or a beneficiary: vi. His agreement cannot be ratified by him on attaining the age of majority vii. If he has received any benefit under a void agreement, he cannot be asked to compensate or pay for it. viii. He can always plead minority:

ix. He cannot enter in to a contract of partnership x. He cannot be adjudged insolvent. xi. He is liable for the ‘necessaries’ supplied or necessary services rendered to him or anyone whom he is legally bound to support. xii. He can be an agent. xiii. A minor is liable in tort (A civil wrong). b. Persons of Unsound Mind. i. Meaning of unsound Mind ii. Types 1. LUNATICS 2. DRUNKEN OR INTOXICATED PERSONS 3. IDIOTS

PERSONS DISQUALIFIED BY LAW (other persons) i. Alien Enemies ii. Foreign Sovereigns iii. Convicts iv. Insolvent v. Other persons

III.) Conclusion

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