e.  First of all what does electricity mean to us???  Electricity.Introduction: Is anyone happy with current situation of electricity in India???  So. this is our small step to try to improve this situation by our project. converted from other sources. still notice it’s importance only during load shedding.secondary source of energy i.  We need it for every small thing.  .

 OBJECTIVES: “Shaping Imagination”  “Electricity”-Need of the hour  .

 . signals. etc. etc. toll booths. Merits and Uses Low Budget electricity production  Less floor area  No obstruction to traffic  Easy maintenance  Suitable at parking of multiplexes.Scope.  Uses: Charging batteries and using them to light up the streets. malls.

Roller mechanism III.  To generate electricity using the vehicle weight (potential energy) as input  Possible using 3 different mechanisms: I. Crank-shaft mechanism II. Rack.BASIC PRINCIPLE: Simple energy conversion from Mechanical to Electrical.Pinion mechanism  .

 Secondly as bearings are of sliding type.  .Why Rack.Pinion mechanism?? Crank-shafts are required to be mounted on bearings which creates balancing problem leading to mechanical vibrations which in turn damage the bearings. any occurrence of variable load( which is bit obvious in case of vehicles!!) leads to balancing problem.

Maintenance will be very difficult  Might cause collision.  . Roller mechanism has some different disadvantages.

 What we did??? Rack-Pinion assembly gives good mounting convenience  Maximum gear losses– 3 to 5%  Efficiency– 95%  .

DC motor as Generator  How is electricity generated???  Basic principle of generation of electricity.Construction of generator: Initial experiments.  What we did???  .

Challenges we faced!! Selecting suitable generator.  Achieving proper balance of speed and torque.  Selection of springs.  .

 .  Constructed our own generator by applying the basic principle. we have successfully explained our idea of generating electricity from speed breaker.  Although we got less electrical output.What we achieved??? We LEARNT a lot.

 .  More suitable and compact mechanisms to enhance efficiency. thus increasing input torque and ultimately output of generator.Future Scope: Such speed breakers can be designed for heavy vehicles.

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