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Complete Cc Grow Guide

Complete Cc Grow Guide

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Published by: bgfhjbjchdbsjk on Nov 05, 2011
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Proper ventilation and air circulation are essential to maintaining a healthy indoor grow environment.
The basic rule of thumb is to move the warm, moist air out and to move the cool, dry air in and around
the plants and their roots. Many various types of fans and devices are available to achieve this goal.

Careful planning, basic research and smart shopping will acquire all that one needs to keep it cool and
dry, and experimentation will fine tune the system to provide the most perfect indoor environment

DJ Short is the breeder of the famed Flo and Blueberry strains. He welcomes feedback and questions,
especially relating to the cultivation of those varieties. He can be contacted through Cannabis Culture.

CO2 for you
by DJ Short (27 Dec, 2000)

Carbon Dioxide is an excellent way to increase your bud bounty.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) generators are perhaps the single most powerful increasers of plant production.
During the daylight hours plants breathe in and use CO2 much the same way we animals metabolize
oxygen. By adding CO2 to the air of the grow room we are capable of greatly stimulating plant growth
and vigor.

Overexposure to CO2 by humans is very capable of proving fatal. Therefore, also remember that
monitoring of the air with a CO2 or gas detection device is mandatory when using a commercial CO2
distribution system.

There are two main types of commercial CO2 delivery systems, bottled and propane generators.

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