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A Vision for a New Democracy

A Vision for a New Democracy

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Published by Nick Howdy
A new way
A new way

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Published by: Nick Howdy on Nov 06, 2011
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A vlslon lor a new uemocracy

ulrecL uemocracy
ulrecL uemocracy
W Pow lL worksť
1Ŧ 1o be an lnLegral parL of Lhe LeglslaLlve
8ranch of governmenL Ŧ
2Ŧ 1o be called º1he Þopulace"
3Ŧ no law shall be passed or voLed down
wlLhouL lnpuL from º1he people"
1he new uemocracy
LxecuLlve !udlclal
1he LeglslaLure
W LeglslaLlve 8ranch Lo lnclude Lhe Pouseţ
SenaLeţ and a vlrLual populace º1he populace"
Lhe 3
and overrldlng house of Lhe
1he LeglslaLure
Pouse SenaLe
W º1he populace" wlll be Lhe Lhlrd house and
Lhe ulLlmaLe check on any law LhaL ls belng
proposed ln CongressŦŦ
W 1hls wlll also allevlaLe Lhe lssue of a supposed
uneducaLed populaceŧ1hls wlll force Lhe
oLher houses Lo Lruly convlnce º1he
populace" LhaL a parLlcular law ls acLually for
Lhe beneflL of ºWe Lhe people" Ŧ
º1he Þopulace"
W ls an lnLerneL based voLlng sysLem ţ governed
by a board appolnLed by ºWe Lhe people"Ŧ 1he
board cannoL accepL any moneyţ from anyoneţ
or any corporaLlonŧ8ecall of governors can
occur aL any LlmeŦ
º1he Þopulace" uaLa lnfrasLrucLure
Web lronL Lnd
SCL/Cracle uaLabase
CuLpuL/lnLerface Lo exlsLlng voLlng

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