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Specimen Paper 412

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ĐỀ THI THỬ TUYỂN SINH ĐẠI HỌC NĂM 2011 Môn: TIẾNG ANH – Khối D Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề Mã đề thi 412

Họ và tên thí sinh: .......................................................... Số báo danh: ................................................................... ĐỀ THI GỒM 80 CÂU (TỪ QUESTION 1 ĐẾN QUESTION 80) Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word or phrase that is closest in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. Question 1: The lost hikers stayed alive by eating wild berries and drinking spring water. A. connived B. survived C. surprised D. revived Question 2: Land mines are extremely dangerous as they are very capable of causing death. A. lethal B. mortal C. grievous D. fatal Question 3: Though the man was found guilty of murder, he was unrepentant. A. not remorseful B. not fearful C. not sad D. not worried Mark the letter A, B, C or D to show the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions. Question 4: I was really put down by the sight of flies buzzing around the food. A B C D Question 5: Popular belief in the United States is that an early life of hardship and poverty made Abraham A B Lincoln to be the great leader he was. C D Question 6: The architecture exhibited in the Empire State Building and conveyed us an idea of the prevailing A B attitudes of the day is important for the historical and cultural value it represents. C D Question 7: Every hour, or on the outside, every ninety minutes, a person dies of cancer. A B C D Question 8: Critical to understand the phenomenon of human intelligence is the notion that not all human A B thought patterns are either predictable or rational. C D Read the following adaptation of a report from the National Institute on Student Achievement, Curriculum, and Assessment and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 9 to 18. Many educators are (9) ……… on the role of curriculum standards in education systems, and some observers believe that Japan's (10) ……… national math and science standards (11) ……… students' success in TIMSS. The standards set by the Japanese Educational Ministry for all students do indeed (12) ……… the framework for offering students challenging and interesting curricula in mathematics and science. Interesting material certainly (13) ……… a difference for attracting students' attention to learning. There is more, however, (14) ……… the story of Japanese students' success. The Japanese Education Ministry (15) ……… creating well-rounded students at the elementary and junior high school level (16) ……… the various subject areas in the national curriculum. They set standard hours per subject in the national elementary school curriculum, emphasizing subjects such as music, arts and handicrafts, and homemaking, physical education, and moral education, as well as math and science. The standards (17) ……… devote a large amount of time to Japanese language and life activities, a subject that gives younger students personal life experiences in Trang 1/6 – Mã đề thi 412

In life activities class. eternal B. They met on the specific circumstances. C. challenging C. Abraham Lincoln would take away their rights to make local decisions and would abolish slavery. noting B. A. Question 21: Had it not been for the circumstances. Question 22: It is much easier to walk home from here than get on a crowded minibus. D. It never dawned in me that I could win a prize. however D. off Question 15: A. There are quite a few people travelling on the bus to Dover. Virginia. D. The coach to Dover is going to depart as planned. out B. 1861. A. In no circumstances would they have met. I will probably just choose to walk home from here. outward Question 17: A. D. I never had full advantage of winning a prize. Question 23: Despite having few passengers. B. Kentucky. young man. notwithstanding Question 18: A. Georgia. Question 24: “Do not go in there. amicable C. or D to indicate the word or phrase that is opposite in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions. Trang 2/6 – Mã đề thi 412 . students (18) ……… in activities such as picking flowers. or D to indicate the sentence closest in meaning to each of the following questions. The guard tried to force me in there. Their meeting was only due to the circumstances. People generally walk home from here rather than use the minibuses. A. provide B. insofar D. B. affirm C. It is a lot more difficult to squeeze into a full minibus than to go home from here on foot. thriving C. there will not be a lot of people travelling on it. Mississippi.preparation for classroom-oriented science. While it is not easy to get on a crowded minibus. C. B. A. and watching falling stars. seeks C. The guard warned me against going in there. futile Mark the letter A. modifying Question 10: A. satisfactory Question 20: Mr. C. It never crossed my mind that I could win a prize. B. to C. After violence broke out in Kansas over the issue. Henceforth. The coach that goes to Dover only carries a small number of passengers. D. and more specifically the issue of slavery. A. Congress. condense C. and after Kansas entered the Union as a free state. explain Question 12: A. because they are always full. If the minibus is full. Tennessee. account B. it is better than going home on foot. Maryland. makes Question 14: A. even though there are not many people on it. C. I was never put off from winning a prize. Question 25: I never thought that I could win a prize. opponents of slavery and advocates of slavery often clashed over whether or not that state should allow slavery. If the bus for Dover leaves right now. derive C. so it will be departing soon. A. for D. Question 19: Henry has found a temporary job in a factory. chooses B. inapplicable B. B. permanent C. within C. conceive D. through B. raising rabbits. Virginia was made its capital and Jefferson Davis was made president. Delaware and Missouri were divided on the issue and were declared "border states". also C. Read the following passage on the Civil War and answer the questions that follow by marking A. I was told to find my way in there. Texas and Arkansas broke away from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. As new territories became states. B. C. improves B. partake B. Smith’s new neighbors appear to be very friendly. C. conquer D. Alabama. the coach to Dover will still leave according to schedule. They met each other by the circumstances. notices D. C or D relatively. focusing B. The Civil War was waged because 11 southern states seceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America. Louisiana. therefore B. consisting D. genuine D. in an effort to preserve the United States. defies Question 16: A. concealing Question 11: A. Richmond. D. highlights D. declared war on the Confederate States of America on April 14. B. catching frogs and insects.” the guard said to me. they would not have met. strive Mark the letter A. empowering D. C. The secession took place primarily due to a long-standing debate concerning states rights. deride D. Florida. Question 9: A. North and South Carolina. hostile D. A. southerners began to believe that the new president. The guard ordered me not to go in there. B. acknowledge Question 13: A. ponders C.

Sherman marched through Georgia and the Carolinas. The first shots fired at Fort Sumter occurred after Congress declared war. Gettysburg was the watershed of the Civil War. Meanwhile. Grant waged dozens of surprise attacks against Lee's army in the wilderness of Virginia in 1864. Robert E. B. Grant staged a series of attacks in Georgia that decimated Lee's army. Grant was made commander of the Union Army. The invasion of Richmond. the Confederate states surrendered on April 9. D. C. the shots at Fort Sumter signified the start of a long. Lee’s Army of the Potomac was forced out of Pennsylvania. B. Read the following passage adapted from Mastering Skills for the TOEFL IBT and answer the questions that follow by marking A. the Confederate Army was at the brink of collapse. Gettysburg. South Carolina. waged Question 27: Which of the following best describes why 11 southern states seceded from the Union? A. C. bloody war that would become the most deadly in the history of the United States. occurred on July 1. The separation of Richmond. The battle did much to cripple the Confederate army. North Carolina D. To invade Richmond. Neither the Union or the Confederacy had the upper hand. D. Question 26: The term “seceded” as used in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ……… . The battle that ensued was one of the bloodiest battles in American history. eventuated B. The Union was preserved. empowered D. Congress declared war after the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter. moans Question 35: What was president Lincoln's main goal during the war? A. after Union forces had invaded the Confederate capital of Richmond. B. The turning point in the war. D. The Battle of Gettysburg. Although there we no deaths reported that day. Grant had gained control of the Mississippi River and port of New Orleans which effectively split the Confederacy in two. at Appomattox Courthouse. when Confederate and Union armies met at Gettysburg. acknowledged C. births C. signified C. Question 29: Which of the following states did not secede from the Union? A. Florida Question 30: The word “ensued” in paragraph 3 can be best replaced by ……… . Robert E. B. C or D relatively. William T. collided D. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was further decimated after Ulysses S. Question 33: What of the following events happened first in accordance with the passage? A. To destroy Georgia. Virginia. To preserve the Union. Maryland B. in the western battlegrounds. The Wilderness attacks. A. Trang 3/6 – Mã đề thi 412 . Union forces under Ulysses S. defied Question 31: Which of the following is not true according to the passage? A. destroying everything in his path. Union general William T. Question 28: Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. The occupation of Richmond. Eventually. Although the battles resulted in the demises of tens of thousands of soldiers on the Union side. however. C. C. C. Robert E. 1863.The first shots of the Civil War were fired April 12. B. A. Many major battles such as Bull Run I and II. Virginia C. Question 34: The word “demises” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to ……… . The southern states did not want the government to make important decisions for them concerning slavery. Congress declared war before the first shots were fired at Fort Sumter. outtakes D. Sherman's March to the Sea. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia was driven away from Pennsylvania by Union general George Meade and his Army of the Potomac. C. passing B. Antietam and Shiloh. Finally. Sherman and his army destroyed much of Georgia. The government did not want to make important decisions for the southern states concerning slavery. D. The southern states wanted the government to make important decisions concerning slavery. The march came to be known as "Sherman's March to the Sea". To spread the will of the north. D. 1865. The surrender of the Confederacy. Pennsylvania. 1861 at Fort Sumter. Question 32: After which event did the Confederate States of America surrender? A. B. B. Ulysses S. claimed tens of thousands of lives on both sides in 1861 and 1862. Abraham Lincoln was president of the Confederacy. Meanwhile. D. withdrew B. A. among others. The government wanted the states to make important decisions concerning slavery.

things were soon to change. Medusa. among them Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan. one of the most terrifying feminine archetypes. for example. and that by 1841. only in ten wives in the UK worked for cash payments. and making this guardianship into a burdensome duty. ironically. Traces of sex discrimination dated back to the Greek Empire. it was the first and second World Wars that most effectively brought women back into the workplace. During the late 40s and 50s. the right to divorce. D. making women wardens of their men. or ‘women’s lib’ as it was called. Factory machinery became more efficient. however. Trang 4/6 – Mã đề thi 412 . Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Emmeline Pankhurst. In the 18th century in Europe. published in 1949. B. equal treatment for women’s athletics. one on one. better pay. Anthony. By 1911. Its leaders had been women. C. The Greek period of ascendancy ended the corruption of power prevalent during the decline of the culture of the Great Goddess. women’s powers of self-determination were being continually eroded in the West until the Women’s Movement of the mid 1900s. it is estimated that something around 30 percent of textile workers were women. women ……… . over 95% of married women had a trade and produced almost all the bread and beer sold at the time. The best place for women was at home. like an evil flood. In the US. The infant mortality rate soared. By the late 19th century. by women. women’s roles in industry continued to expand in spite of the still prevalent attitude that home and child care should be women’s work. Worldwide. To think. some of them quite brilliant military strategists. By 1835. The Second Sex. The great ideal of Grecian love was not that between a man and a woman. crowded out by the demands of wage labor. The infant mortality rate was immeasurable. Women succeeded in securing better and more varied work opportunities. The late 1800s and early 1900s found American and European suffragettes. and sexual harassment. we think of women’s struggle for equality with men as beginning during the 1800s. but that between an older man and a younger woman. many women worked very hard to change attitudes toward the feminine. even if they lack any official political voice. God-worshipping culture still with us today. Many women today. it was not uncommon at that time for women to work outside the home. Medusa was the source of inspiration for a dance performed by one ruler. has never had a women president. replacing it with the corruption of the patriarchal. Capitalism had effected a split between working-class men and women. only one in 20. Both women and men protested. and a greater role in political life. Grecian armies subdued and intentionally relegated to obscurity a Goddess-worshipping Mesopotamian empire. fundamentalist regimes. this was not a good time for women. the rioting crowds led. Question 38: Prior to the 19th century. The Feminine Mystique. the world’s wealthiest nation. one in three household servants were women. The Grecian armies that conquered the Mesopotamian empire was led by a woman. in less technologically advanced cultures. along with socially sanctioned attitudes that consider women as inferior—or wives as servants or even property—still deprive many women of respect and resources. The wealthy and the clergy colluded to enact laws preventing women from providing for themselves. can be traced to one ruler who performed a dance wearing a headdress made of snakes. But did the situation for women improve much over the centuries that followed? Perhaps for a time. D. The most cost-effective way of running a work force was to get women out of the work place. joined de Beauvoir’s in providing an intellectual foundation for the movement. but power struggle between women and men dates back to at least the time of the Greek Empire. factories and mines hired entire families to work in them. was one of the first books analyzing the deep-seated fears and attitudes causing women to be discriminated against. in more recent times. However.Today in the West. more often than not. Obviously. to lap at the doors of the upper class. but. The United States. It is known that in 1737. including Susan B. the right to birth control. During the 60s and 70s. However. by Simone de Beauvoir. Women worked inefficiently during the time. Question 37: What was the reason for women to be driven out of the workforce in the late 19th century? A. among other things. confining them to unpaid domestic work. It is not a mistake for us to think that women’s struggle for equality began in the 1800s. As one can see. Betty Friedan’s book. that gender discrimination has disappeared is quite unrealistic. lobbying for women’s right to vote. such as unequal pay and work opportunities. Some men during this era were determined to find a way to procreate without females. Women occupied much space in slums and factories. horrendous conditions in city slums and factories caused so much disease that it threatened. still have control of their resources in much the same way. needing fewer workers to run it. C. in England. Domestic work among the working class had been reduced to an absolute minimum. Working women at this time experienced widespread gender discrimination. B. Question 36: Which of the following is true according to the first paragraph? A. equal access to education. The families received cash payment for their work. Women also fought during this period for equal access to colleges and universities.

most C. absented D. A. Anthony was born in the late 18th century. condolences B. lobbied for their right to vote Question 39: The word “colluded” used in paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to ……… . standard Question 60: Everybody should take time once in a while to keep their computer skills ……… . is a worthwhile experience. during Question 59: I cannot let you win by ………. she was ……… recognizable to us. A. gives out Question 56: Next time when you come ………. B. A. corporation D. conditions in factories and slums improved. impractical Question 44: The word “sanctioned” used in the last paragraph can be best replaced by ……… . about D. particular D. a second wave of the contemporary movement D. C. A. A Tribute to Simone De Beauvoir C. By 1911. barely D. A Long-since-established Notion B. at Question 55: The odorant ……… a noisome smell. gives of C. gender discrimination still exists. cooperated D. moderately C. A. please make yourself at home. fatigue D. The Women’s Movement Mark the letter A. A. Question 43: The word “unrealistic” in the last paragraph is closest in meaning to ……… . on C. had control of their resources B. on B. Cause For Women’s Liberation D. fault C. consistent B. an intellectual base for the motion C. were to marry older men C. A. gives off B. D. C or D to indicate the word whose main stressed syllable is different from those of the others in the same line. many D. intactness C. Men discriminated against women because of deep-rooted fears and attitudes. hard C. up-to-date C. opponent D. mostly B. sacrificially B. Through the movement. underlying B. A.A. indeed B. easily Question 53: It was ……… kind of you to lend me that book. A. unilaterally D. enemy C. That women should take care of home and child was a discarded attitude in the 1940s. morally Mark the letter A. for D. conceded C. ascertainably Question 47: A. deprived D. settled C. encouraged C. in C. For all the efforts that women have put in the movement. default B. were not allowed in factories D. latest Trang 5/6 – Mã đề thi 412 . in fashion B. integral Question 49: A. A. amongst Question 50: A. minded B. A. at D. over Question 54: The journey will take us four hours ……… most. consisting C. women secured better jobs and better pay. an acknowledgement of the movement Question 41: What is not true according to the passage? A. B. off Question 57: Our ……… for this week’s netball match is the Eagles. making Question 52: Covered in mud. with B. ……… of no more than twenty pupils. analyses of the causes of sex discrimination B. far B. motivated B. A. B. in B. After women were drawn out of the workplace. round C. It was during the time of the World Wars that women started to be back in the workplace. D. insofar B. comprising D. A. defaulter D. obnubilated C. notified Question 40: The author mentioned The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir and The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan as ……… . Question 51: The student exchange program. trendy D. accepted Question 45: What is the best title for the passage? A. at least not without you answering the final questions. ……… opening the door. Susan B. gives away D. B. C or D to indicate the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. Jerry found that his house had been broken into. Question 46: A. importantly D. only one in twenty wives in the US worked for cash payments. Question 42: What can be inferred from the passage? A. A. C. unmodified C. deplorable Question 48: A. impactful B. partner B. considerate C. advocate Question 58: Then.

growling B. A. A. modernize B. so do not expect her to bear the burden. affordable B. within C. As though the homework was difficult Question 72: I can assure you that sooner or later. by Question 77: When a car pulled out in front of her. injury B. A. A. A. let Question 73: We have not ……… a hotel room yet. A. miss B. modernizing C. courageous Question 70: Turn off this radio. A. lose C. A. paper D. submerged B. is going to be promoted by the manager. A. unless Question 76: This product must be consumed ……… two days of purchase. available C. individual D. hired D. compelled C. distinctive Question 66: I was ……… in the book I was reading and did not hear the phone. divided C. rented B. A. who is very ……… at her job. about B. incarcerated B. The harsh sound really ……… me crazy. engrossed Question 67: To get a passport. accessible Question 64: Wolves were heard ……… mournfully in the nearby forest. encourage D. down C. ache Question 63: Easily ……… from the motorway. responsible Question 62: An excruciating ……… ran through his back. A. to make B. except B. Difficult though the homework was B. A. A. discourage B. roaring C. of being made C. of making D. card Question 68: She tries to set ……… an hour a week for practice. certificate B. bothers D. courage C. made B. down for D. A. but do not let one failure ……… you. barking D. we tried our best to complete it. modern Question 79: He hurried ……… he would not be late for the meeting. license C. A. pain D. unless D. separate B. round to B. drop Question 78: The equipment in our office needs ……… . in Question 69: I know you feel fed up. you must send in your birth ……… and two photos. suitable C. A. Thanks to the difficult homework D. A. otherwise it will go off. howling Question 65: One shared problem for teachers is that each student has their ……… needs. A. worries C. reached C. modernized D. fall D. he will come ……… the idea. A. drives Question 71: ………. to making Question 75: He tends to ignore me ……… he needs something. harassed C. up with C. takes B. so that Question 80: The man was ……… after finally being caught for social security frauds. gripped D. manipulated D.Question 61: Sally. A. aside D. good B. please. the shop is very popular. if D. after D. booked Question 74: She is incapable ……… public speech. A. wound C. discouraged D. Despite the homework was difficult C. without C. distracted D. Maggie did well not to ……… control of her bicycle. down with Question 73: The policeman ……… him to appear as a witness. as if C. since B. ambitious D. accountable D. released THE END Trang 6/6 – Mã đề thi 412 . under B.

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