Chapter #14

Power & Politics

Power  Authority  Influence  Leadership

Bases of Power

Formal Power

coercive power Reward power Legitimate power
Personal Power Expert power Referent Power

General Dependency Postulate  Importance  Scarcity  Substitutability

Power Tactics

 

   

Legitimacy Rational Persuasion Inspirational Appeals Consultation Exchange Personal Appeals Ingratiation Pressure Coalitions


Politics: Power in action Good political skill have the ability Use their bases of power effectively .

Organizational Politics

Political Behavior
Activities that are not required as part of person formal role in the organization but that influence or attempt to influence the distribution of advantages and disadvantages with in the organization

Legitimate Political Behavior

Normal ever day Politics

Illegitimate political behavior

Extreme Political behavior that violates the implied rules of the game

The Reality of Politics

People who ignore this fact of life do so at their own peril

Causes & consequences of Political behavior

Factor contributing to political behavior Individual factors Organizational factor Political Behavior Low high Favorable outcomes Reward Punish

Employee Responses to Organizational Politics

Organizational Politics may threaten employees Decrease job Satisfaction increase Anxiety &Stress Increase turnover Reduced performance

Defensive behavior

Reactive & protective behavior to avoid action blame or change.

Impression management

Process by which individuals attempt to control the impression other from of them North Americans

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