"Role of the Advertisement Effectiveness Among the youth"
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Chapter Six  Bibliography  Questionnaire 4 . Chapter Two  Introduction about Advertising o Types of Advertising o Techniques of Advertising o Merits and Demerits o Six Types of Advertising and How To Use Them o Advertising Themes & Appeals o Advertising Effectiveness of Media 3. Chapter Three  Research Methodology 4. Chapter Four  Graphical Representations 5.CONTENTS 1. Chapter Five  Findings  Recommendations  Limitations 6. Chapter One  Objectives of Research 2.

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Identifying the new trends arising in the advertising in 21st century. 6 .Objectives Of The Study To know about the advertising To study about the media which advertisement is effective? Identifying the impact on the sales and marketing strategies of companies or organization due to advertising.

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INTRODUCTION Advertising is a new view of communication as an interactive dialogue between the company and its customers that takes place during the preselling and selling. yellow pages 5. hold interest and elicit action (A-I-D-A) model.3 percent. magazines 4.S. advertising expenditure in media was estimated at $233. In advertising the term media refers to communication vehicles such as newspapers.5 percent. Advertising Media: It plays an important role to provide the effective Advertising communication between the marketer and the consumer.7 percent. direct mail 19. In 2001. newspapers 19. the message should gain attention. whether to build brand preference or to educate people. sponsor. magazines. television. billboards.8 percent. and the media depend to different degrees on advertising revenues to cover the cost of their operations. U. 8 . Advertisers use media to convey commercial messages to their target audiences. radio.8 percent.8 percent. media is a vehicle carries and the advertisers message to the targeted customers.7 percent and the Internet 1.7 billon. with other media accounting for the remainder. Advertisements are a cost effective way to disseminate message. Advertising Effectiveness: The communicator or company develop Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and presentation of ideas. of which television accounted for 22. direct mail. radio 7. and the Internet. The real aim of advertising is effective communication between marketer and consumers. goods and services by an identified effective message ideally.

with paid circulation of 399 million. and The Washington Post. The dictionary meaning of the term is “to give public notice or to announce publicly”. In September 2001. In the beginning of 2000. There were 3.S. Advertising may be defined as the process of buying sponsor-identified media space or time in order to 9 . Advertising : The word advertising originates from a Latin word advertise. the five largest U.220 commercial radio stations in the U.The media are usually classified into either mass or niche media. Newspapers. television and radio are considered mass media because they deliver messages to a widespread. The wide coverage of the mass media makes them ideal vehicles for advertisers who need to reach a large audience. newspapers in 2000. magazines. newspapers were USA Today. wired cable subscriber households in 2000.S. With 54 or more cable channels available in 62. with total circulation of 47.248 commercial television stations and 10. which means to turn to. there were 1. for example. The New York Times. audiences can tune in to CNN for continuous coverage of events around the world.S. Direct mail. in 2001.188 consumer and farm magazines.1 percent of U.S. anonymous audience. or to Cartoon Network for children's programming.9 million on Sundays.483 daily U.S. the Los Angeles Times. to Home & Garden TV for information on home improvement. There were 1.2 million on weekdays and 59. The Wall Street Journal. the second largest advertising medium in the U. offers more flexibility in terms of precision targeting and content customization. Advertising media such as cable television and direct mail are often viewed as “niche” media because they reach a narrowly defined audience with unique demographic characteristics or special interests. Direct mail can be used to reach almost every consumer with personalized messages.

10 . has defined advertising as “any paid from of non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas. It is perhaps the most visible of the entire element in the promotion mix.promote a product or an idea. and is. therefore. It is also subject to government regulation. The American Marketing Association. subject of much criticism from consumer groups. goods and services by an identified sponsor”. Chicago.

Goods. nor is it addressed to a specific person. services. ideas for action: It is well known that advertisements are employed to communicate information about products and services. It is non-personal communication. a commercial on the or the television. an illustration. What Advertising is: Advertisement is a mass communication of information intended to persuade buyers to buy product with a view to maximizing a company’s profits. can be employed. If it is a person-to-person presentation. a circular dispatched through the mail or a pamphlet handed out at street corner. an ad message in a magazine or newspaper. which an advertiser imagines will fulfill the requirements of an ad. It may be a sign. a symbol. it is not advertising. Any form of presentation. a sketch or a message on a billboard or a poster or a banner on the Net. for it is delivered by an actual person. It is commercial communication because it is used to help assure the advertiser of a long business life with profitable sales. It makes mass production possible. Non Personal: This phrase excludes any form of personal selling. which is usually done on a person-to-person or a people-to-people basic. Advertising is necessary for companies to send out information about products that would cost consumers too much to seek out on their own. The elements of this advertising are: 1) 2) 3) 4) It is a mass communication reaching a large group of consumer.An analysis of each element of this American definition follows: Any Form: Advertising may be in any form of presentation. 11 .

Unlike publicity. it is an important social and economic topic in Indian society. Because of tis high visibility and pervasiveness. Advertising is a mean of reaching groups. 12 . this means of promotion is paid for. permitting an advertiser to speak to millions of buyers in a matter of a few hours. it is not free. but it often takes special prominence in the overall marketing mix design. An identified sponsor pays for advertising. Advertising is only one element of the promotion mix. Further. Advertising is identified communication. Each advertising message indicates who the sponsor is. Advertising is impersonal and is addressed to groups.5) 6) The communication is speedy. The advertiser signs his name to this advertisement for the purpose of publicizing his identify.

to ‘advertise’ meant merely to announce or to inform. an advertisements is an announcement to the public of a product. etc. which would otherwise be difficult to obtain easily. persuade. and not directly at the individual. Advertising is a paid form of publicity. sales of secondhand vehicles and furniture. advertisement (visual. ii) Second. spoken or written). The medium may be print (such as newspapers. Basilically. The earliest advertisements in the first English newspapers published in India in the eighteenth century were little more than ‘public announcements’ about the arrival of ships and merchandise from abroad. advertisements are identifiable with their sponsoring authority.Main Ideas in the definition: i) First. iii) Third. any sponsored communication Whatever the form of designed to influence buyer behaviour is advertising. Some advertisements today still do just that: Provide information about ‘birth’ ‘deaths’. then. Thus. and tenders notices and similar types of public announcements also provide the public with valuable information. with little or no intention to The majority of classified advertisement provides useful information about jobs. and 13 . In earlier times. posters. engagements. it is directed at a mass audience. accommodation. Matrimonial advertisements recruitment advertisements. Publicity is not paid for by the sponsor. In other words the simplest definition of advertisement is that is a ‘public announcement’. advertising is a paid form and hence is commercial in nature. which is not always the case with publicity. banners. service or idea through a medium to which the public has access. advertising is non-personal. as in personal selling.

hoardings). phone. video. An advertisement is usually paid for by an advertiser at rates fixed or negotiated with the media. internet) or any other. television. cable. electronic (radio. 14 .

Advertising can also be classified according to types. most important among them being the manufacturing. however. The principle means of classification are: (a) by geographical spread. trading and service films. such as (i) primary demand or selective demand advertising. The basic or classification. (ii) direct or indirect action advertising and (iii) institutional advertising. can be divers. It is conceptually more interesting and analytically more important to classify advertising. as will be evident from below: TYPES OF ADVERTISING Geographical spread Target Group Demand Influence Level Institutional or Product Advertising 1) Geographical Spread Direct or Indirect Advertising 15 . such as national. regional and local (b) by target group.Types of Advertising Several categories of organization are large users of advertising. non-profit institution and the government agencies.

Generally large. which are issued by the manufacturers / distributors to the buyers of industrial products. Among them are Hinustan Lever. They select media with a countrywide base. (b) Industrial Advertising: Industrial advertising on the other hand refers to those advertisements. advertising can be classified as (a) consumer advertising (b) industrial advertising (c) trade advertising (d) professional advertising (a) Consumer Advertising: A very substantial portion of total advertising is directed to buyers of consumer products who purchase them either for their own use or for their household’s. Associated Cement Companies and the like. they spread out to wider horizons. Escorts. (c) Trade Advertising: Advertisements which are directed by the manufactures to the distribution 16 . b) Local Advertising: Small firms may like to restrict their business to state or regional level. established firms belong to this category. advertising can be classified as a) national b) local and c) global a) National Advertising: Some manufactures may think that their target is the entire country.On the basic of geographical spread. Brooke Bond. Larson and Turbo. Some firms first localize their marketing efforts and once success has been achieved. 2) Target Group On the basis target groups aimed at.

(d) Professional Advertising: There are certain The classic product for which the consumers themselves are not responsible for the buying choice. examples are pharmaceuticals where the decision is the made by the doctors while the consumers are the patients.channel members. 17 . such as whole sellers or retailers are called the trade advertising.

 In the second commercial. accompanied by shots of unbranded cartons and asked viewers to write to an anonymous post-office box numbers for a free sample. Some of the techniques to lure the customers are given as follows: Value Added Advertising: In addition to providing information about the product. adding to the latter’s sense of receiving value added benefits by offering emotional addons. Value Added Advertising transforms a product into something more appealing to consumers than the physical object produced in the factors. the company introduced moneybak offer for the dissatisfied customers (now the product is revealed as Surf Excel). This is because the advertising industry adopted Bernad Smith’s definition of experiential marketing where “consumers could sense. The Marketers tries out new innovative ways to communicate with the consumer. think and act and relate to the product of service advertised”. advertising has become an indispensable means of reaching the consumer.Techniques of Advertising In the world of excessive competition. 18 .  The first commercial announced the launch of a new detergent brand. The three types of Value added Advertisings are: a) Interactional Advertising The purpose of Interactional advertising is that interaction cements the company’s relationship with the customers. feel.

are transferred to the shoes. The qualities that he represents. who declared their delight with Surf Excel. The objective was targeted to the adult buyer rather than the children. the real differentiator lies in the emotional condition it generates in the customer’s mind.  The real value of eating Cadbury’s chocolates today lies in experiencing the “the real taste of life”.  Surf Excel. Michael Jorden is considered to be an extraordinary athlete and is shown warning NIKE shoes. unbreakable) are transferred to the Ceat tyres. c) Emotional Advertising When the value delivered by the people is tangible. promises to tackle the roughest strain without damaging the color of the fabric.  The NIKE advertisement starting Michael Jordan is another example of Transformational Advertising.  Titan watches provide the value of the job of giving a gift. in its new modification. India’s largest-selling compact detergent powder.  The Ceat tyre commercial on television portrays the tyre to be “Born Tough!”. The third commercial went on to depict the feedback from real-life users. namely greatness and professionalism. But it is hard to judge if an emotional ad is 19 Here the innate qualities of a rock (solid. b) Transformational Advertising The fundamental objective of transformational advertising is to weld the experience and the brand so that the value from the former is transferred to the latter in the customer’s mental map. .

working. A series of shots depicting a middle-aged man being rushed to the hospital and wheeled into the operating room after he has had attack while his panic-stricken wife waits fearful. Afterwards. The result is that Pepsi is spilled over the boy’s shirts. Another kind of comparative advertisement was taken out by Thumps-up against Pepsi. This advertisement is a counter advertisement spooling the Pepsi ad. is that no matter in whatsoever uncomfortable or difficult situation you are. always keep your head cool and you will achieve your targets. which is revealed to the consumer in the advertisement. black and white image and the apprehension of the wife. During the World Cup Cricket Tournament held in India. This advertisement struck up an immediate association with safety and relief. Therefore. And the slogan appears “Be Cool”. This result in no spilling of the Sprite on the boy’s shirt. the Sprite advertisement is the same. “There are many things in your husband’s life that you cannot control. which is not spilling off from the glass. the boy looks at his wristwatch with the glass in the same hand. The advertising featured scary. they showed 20 . because emotions are internal and personal things that people will not express immediately. On the other hand. drove home the message. except that when the girl comes to ask the time. The Pepsi ad shows a boy on a roller-coaster enjoying Pepsi. Pepsi was nominated as the official sponsor. the boy (in his good sense) first takes the glass in the other hand and then sees the time. The Facts. when a girl comes to ask him the time. Comparative Advertising: This advertisement of Pepsi and Sprite showing the two products competing with each other. The punch line appears “Be Cool. Don’t be a Fool”. Saffola: It’s your life insurance”.

a lot of money is spent on advertising their products. are now available all through the year.  Safal Frozen vegetables. On account of this competitiveness of the companies in the market. The punch line appeared “Don’t be a bunder. appeared “Drink Pepsi. Health and Hygiene Advertising: Consumers are getting very much 21 fitness conscious and the advertising agencies are keeping this factor into . Sleep Pepsi”.cricketers Mohammed Azharuddin and Ajay Jadeja in the advertising drinking Pepsi during sleeping. which inform the consumer s that certain vegetable like carrot. aiming to prove the superiority of one brand over the other. The punch line In the counter advertisement Thums-up showed two monkeys eating bananas and sleeping with the cricket bat. taste the thunder”.  Another kind of Informative Advertising projects Hindustan Lever Limited’s Fair & Lovely Dark circle Remover Cream. cauliflower. ladyfinger etc. Eat Pepsi. Informative Advertising: Advertising is also done based on information that has to be provided to the consumer regarding the products. a ready-touse moist tobacco pouch placed between the upper lip and gum that requires no chewing or spiting but tastes of tobacco. which eliminates dark circles under the eye. eating and playing. pea. which are available only in a particular season.  Triveni Consumer Products has launched Click. This is known as Informative Advertising.

The price of the products is also very high. few examples. has overcome this problem resulting in the boosting up of self-confidence and admiration from other people for her beautiful skin. Life Style Advertising: Another way to have an impact on the Ahaat Daliya ( porridge) and Kissan Annapurna Atta (wheat flour) are a consumer’s mind is portraying the life-style of a successful person. 22 .  Kingfisher Beer is a brand of liquor. which shows a woman narrating about the problem of her dry skin. the emerging trend in advertising is that food is also now being branded and advertised. a person’s hair would become longer and stronger. This advertisement also showed the use of some chemical compound. The West Indies Cricket Team endorsed this brand.  Pantene shampoo showed that in just 14 days.  Dove Soap is shown for women belonging to upper-middle class and upper class families. thereby catering to this segment only. and how.consideration when making an advertisement. which portrays a mood of celebrate victory.  Film Star Akshay Kumar portrayed a macho-man image in Red and White cigarettes where he rescued a girl falling from the ropeway. It is an advertisement.  For the nutri-conscious consumer. by using this soaps. which was considered the best in this game. thereby also indicating that medicinally this product of very good use. Many new products have entered the market.

jovial and lively kind of an atmosphere around the customer‘s mind.  Farex Cereal Food for infants is an advertisement targeted directly towards the infants. as it comprises a healthy food for them. The advertisement portrays the small girl to be very fond of Amul Butter. Elle18. It is also targeted indirectly towards the mother.  Another comic advertisement is that of Parle G’s Krackjack. Based on age. sex. the advertising on the . L’Oreal.  The Amul Butter advertisement. This advertisement ha Mack and Jack. the Lion. etc. the An emotional or an normal tendency of human beings is to relax. the advertisements are made for different kinds of products.. the famous comic characters. the famous movie villain and his assistant Michael.g.Humorous Advertising: Humor in the advertisement is normally kept in order to create a light. This is done because after a hard day’s work. cosmetics is also paying well to the manufactures. 23 Due to the television reaching all parts of the country. Demographic Advertising: Another kind of advertisement normally informative kind of an advertisement would be too stressful for a person to shown is based on demographic segmentation. 50-50 biscuits. They try to cut many jokes wherein Ajeet is only interested in Maggi Tomato Ketchup and nothing else. two characters resembling Laurel & Hardy. Lakme. e. etc.  Similarly. the cosmetic field is largely catering to the women segment.  Maggi’s Tomato Ketchup advertising portrays the boss played by Ajeet. has a small girl performing a comic role and the punch line as “Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul”. imbibe. Revlon.

advertising plays a very important role.e. 500 ml. The emerging trend in advertising the chocolate segment has been pioneered by Cadbury. i.e. Pineapple.  Dabur has brought in different flavor in the market fruit juice. Dabur has come out with “Dabur Homemade”. packaging. 1000 ml. in the chocolate segment.  Godrej and Kissan’s Tomato Puree has hit the market catering to this need in mind. Therefore. as more and more women are working. Mixed Fruit etc. because the product is seen as somewhat harmful to breathing. Orange. Mango. Similarly.  Tortoise Mosquito Coil used fun positioning for a long time.g. different packages i. All these are in Advertising of Positioning of Brands Products are also advertised on the basis of cent-per cent positioning.  Reckitt & Coleman own Dettol Soap.  Similarly. etc. Packaging Advertising: Advertising is trying to lure the customers to buy their products on the basis of the way they are brought in front of the consumer’s eyes etc. E. Dettol’s “100% bath” implies a “germ-free bath”. we can say that: 24 .

“100% safe” or even “100% product”.  Cadbury India advertised the 5-Star chocolate by offering 30% more chocolate in its 5-Star bar for the same price. 5 bottles as firstly. 5.Firstly. 200 ml bottle of Coca-cola came out with the Rs. to claim to be “100% strong”. people very frequently. which could lead to greater consumption of the product. It adheres to Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel’s (of Nirma company) credo – “sell high value products at the lowest 25 . 2 per unit of the product. possible price”. the product should be superlative.  Cadbury’s Chocki is a liquid chocolate packed in plastic pipes. Price Advertising: Marketers also lure the customers by showing in an advertisement that a product is available at a lesser price without any compromise on the standard. without even giving a thought to the disposable money on hand. It is priced at Rs. otherwise the positioning cannot be sustained in the long run.  Another example of price advertising is of the Rs.

the tea is also very strong which gives lot of energy and freshness. The impact of these stars in advertisement. which has made its remarkable presence felt in advertising. They have left their counterparts far behind in the film industry.Celebrity Advertising: Another trend. as Sridevi is very strong as a police inspector. The advertisement is mainly aimed at young boys 26 .  Saif Ali Khan and Shahrukh Khan (two famous actors of Indian Cinema) showing a product Clinic All Clear Shampoo with the punch line Dho Dala (i. washed out). as the awareness model or famous personalities or celebrities in their respective fields. It is also used in portraying that a particular product is best in quality because a person which also very well known in his/her field endorses it. which are endorsed by the celebrities. Here. The advertisement shows that after drinking Boost. This is also called endorsement advertising.  Srivedi (the famous Indian Actress) endorsed Agni Tea where she portray a character of a woman who is very strong in the role of a police inspector and at the same time is very much attached to her family.  Sachin Tendulkar endorses Boost Nutritious Milk flavor. Sachin Tendular plays very good cricket and then comes the punch line: “Boost is the secret of my energy”. this advertising depicted that. which the company to increase the sale.e. likewise. They are much used in advertisement either to lure the rural people in buying a particular product or in forcing to buy such products. this shampoo also the best in quality and is way ahead of the other brands of shampoo. It is a competitor of Cadbury’s Bournvita. similarly.

 According to Arun Adhikary. Firstly. Non-Commercial Advertising: Earlier.who are aspiring to become like Sachin Tendulkar and lead India to glory. look good” factor. E. it provided escape as well as the women from their daily routine. Karishma Kapoor etc. They try to drive home the message that the oral polio vaccines are perfectly safe and necessary. Secondly. the massage conveyed was of smoother and beauty star of Raveena Tandon. This was done by the “feel different. HLL. the icons of beauty and glamour were chosen to represent the brand. Pepsi and Coke have created many intangible benefits for its product by advertisement with film stars. celebrity advertising focuses on the market image which has been treated by the celebrities for their products and not on the ingredients or the measure the product. Children and Adults want to consume their products to feel some personality with film stars. there are two fundamental reasons for using stars in LUX advertising. television had not made inroads into the rural areas of our country. Executive Director. Nowadays. More percentage of the rural viewers has access to television. And it is just a matter of two drops. Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai in educating the people to give polio drops to infants. Therefore. we can say that. such that.g. through 27 . the pulse polio advertisements are also being made attractive by soliciting the services of film star Amitabh Bachchan.

once they are hungry. Sale Aspect of Advertising: Apart from that on the consumer behaviour. In this advertisement. the government also makes sure that all the concerned parents do not find any problem in getting leave to those days. 28 . which is similar to Batman or Superman who is elongated and goes right up until the height or the rising football and then gathers it with his spreading hands. advertising has an important impact on the sale of the product. no matter whichever organization they are working for. which targets the children. The demand creation of a product is well highlighted by the advertisements. Secondly.  The general tendency of children is that they do not like to eat the normal kind of food prepared in their house. children are seen playing and then suddenly they hit a shot in which the football is about to break the glass of a window in the neighborhood. the sale of a product will depend on demand creation for a product. According to Dr. Kanchan Prateek. The advertising then shows a character. because of all these things the infant mortality rate has gone down dramatically. they cannot wait for long if the food is not cooked. Secondly.  The advertisement of Boomer chewing gums. Firstly.which the parents can make the life of their child secure. the sale of a product will depend on the number of units sold. This attitude of a child was captured by Nestle and they came up with Maggi Noodles. has become very famous and so is this product.

which would deeply penetrate each hair stand and moisturize the dry hair right to its tip. The advertisement of Sunsilk Shampoo shown by HLL portrays that the shampoo contains essential oils from flower extracts and Vitamin E. normal and oily groups.  Firstly. hair is classified into dry. 29 .e. this advertisement suggests that shampoos should be used according to the condition or type of hair that a person has i.

It uplifts the living standards. It makes possible retail price maintenance. It lightens his burden of job. 30 . It creates a colorful background. It maintains the existing market and explores new. It saves good idle time.Merits of Advertising Some are the important merits of advertising:It instills self-confidence and initiative. It provides new horizons of knowledge. It increases and stabilizes the sales turnover. It ensures better quality products at reasonable prices. It acts as a driving force in decision-making. It controls product prices.

Product proliferation.Demerits of Advertising Some are the demerits of advertising:Insufficient manufacturers stay in business. Does not create new demand. Mis-representation of facts. Morally degrading. Injurious to health. Barriers to entry. 31 . Wastage of national resources.

Our advertising strategy was to promote the company name rather than promote the movies we rented. because of their low-price advertising message.05"x 1. your insurance agent might be a personal friend.Six Types of Advertising And How To Use Them Mistakes in advertising can be costly to small business. instead of local merchants. you may purchase a lot of goods at your local Wal-Mart. using the right "type" of advertising. "Video Library . However. We placed small box ads (about 1.5") throughout the San Diego daily paper that simply said. You will buy your insurance from him/her regardless of the company they represent. Not every business will use all six types of advertising. The six types of advertising are: Company Image: Which is more important. This also works for company name changes. For example. can cut the cost of advertising by making it more effective. with the right message. If you are a new company you may want to begin by establishing the company name first and the products and services later. In the 1980's I worked with a video chain in San Diego. For this reason many business decide either not to advertise at all or to be very conservative with their ads. California called Video Library.xx Locations" We started in 32 . this can be a very important question. the company or its products or individuals? In a small town or market. In another example. Which type you use will depend on what your message is and the end result you wish to accomplish.

Kraft makes jams and jellies. Kraft makes their own brand of mayonnaise. Their Velvetta® brand of cheese might be another winner. Would you buy Pennzoil® Cake Mix? Why not? They're a good company aren't they? 33 . Kraft®. When the dishwasher appeared on the scene they could have very easily created "Tide For Dishes." Capitalizing on a winning product name. Name Brands: If there is one company in operation today that understands the importance of brand names." A brand name creates a perception in the customers mind that becomes very strong. Video Library was the most recognized name in video in San Diego at that time." Ivory Soap®. you know the product. on the other hand. but Hellman's® is number one. they created a new name that became just as strong in dish washing. the Kraft name is hardly noticeable on the package. It's that strong perception every advertiser strives for. it has to be Procter and Gamble®. "Miracle Whip®. Tide® laundry detergent is far and away a number one best seller and has been for several years. has a bunch of products. Are you starting to get the picture? Kraft also makes another successful brand name. When you hear the name alone. Smuckers is number one. Instead of using the established name "Tide®". but only one true winner.1980 with four stores and by 1985 we had 43. "Cascade®. Philadelphia Cream Cheese® has about 70% of that market. Also notice. that thinking doesn't work. But as we all know.

advertising in the newspaper. put is everywhere you can afford to. You will find these companies using direct mail or placing ads in trade magazines. radio or TV would be a waste of time and money. run some machinery over your carpets and leave. feel it. They come in. For these businesses. There is nothing stronger than a good brand name. It's dramatically out of place as a cake mix. They sell health to the infant crawling on the floor. Business To Business Advertising: Many businesses never have the need to deal with the public at all. Except clean carpets. These will have listings and rates of trade and industry publications you can advertise in. For a complete listing of trade magazines ask for the "Encyclopedia or Periodicals" at your local library. If you develop one. Carpet cleaners don't sell clean carpets. Service advertising is most often emotional advertising.Do you see how ridiculous that sounds? It flies in the face of our perception of Pennzoil® as an oil product. see it or smell it. Advertising A Service Instead Of A Product: Advertising services is one of the most difficult type of advertising. One of the best examples of service advertising is carpet cleaners. It must often be explained as well as demonstrated. Nothing tangible is left behind. Also ask to see the "Standard Rates and Data Service" directory. They can't touch it. They sell pride that people can visit a beautiful clean home. You don't have a tangible product you can put in someone's hand. 34 .

placement and use of logos. Public Service Advertising (PSA's): If your company can sponsor a charity event.Co-Op Advertising: Co-Op advertising in one of the best ways for the small business owner to get the message out. 35 . You can share production costs for brochures or other printed materials and put each others coupons in your respective businesses. Pizza parlors and video stores are naturals to work together. Every company wants their business portrayed in the best possible light. The media you choose will want payment for the ad within a month at the most. Before the ok the co-op money. You may not receive your co-op money for several months. pictures. Most media are required by licensing agreements to provide a certain amount of time or space for the good of their local communities. they will want to approve all ad copy. In this type of advertising the manufacturer absorbs a portion of the cost and can also supply all the artwork for the ads. Make sure you get reimbursement procedures in writing and can live with them. size. To that end. Their are some pitfalls to be careful of when dealing with co-op advertising. If you place an ad without approval you run the risk of violating one of the guidelines and absorbing the entire cost of the ad. they will be very strict about how and where you place your advertising. An alternative to teaming up with a manufacturer is to team up with another local business. PSA's are a great way to promote your company in a positive light.

Media has a limited amount of space or time for PSA's. You might get a break if you are currently advertising in the media of choice. It might also help if your organization buys a small amount of time or space to run with your PSA's.Some of the downsides of PSA's. Just because you request a PSA. Don't expect to see your ad on "er" or some other prime time show. I don't want to paint everyone with a broad brush here. PSA's are often placed in off times. Some media are better than others. 36 . doesn't mean you'll get it.

Several attempts have been made to classify the advertising themes for different product groups. any form of acclaims. Jhonson directs all the messages of its baby products to mothers who love and care for their babies. export awards for excellence. Informative theme: The theme basically informs about the product. All of you must have seen the informative themes of a ad copies of no-frost fridges and micro-wave oven these days. for instance Liril soap advertising is built around the freshness concept. Pepsi is a utilitarian theme. The core idea is thus the theme of advertisement. busy people ride on it. An advertisement of Rayon states: practical people wear it. The theme is a specific appeal and is an important unit of content analysis. This central or core ideas runs through the whole copy.Advertising Themes & Appeals Advertising Themes The advertisement is built around a core idea. Achievement – orientation theme: The advertiser announces the achievements to its credit like export earning. The ad copy 37 . Utilitarian Theme: The major emphasis was on the usefulness of the product. awards for productivity. industries depends on it and smart people bank on it. Focused Theme: This theme is directed to a specific segment of the market. Non-specific theme: This theme is vague and diffused.

.g. scheme or idea: The new product launches exploit these themes. and the types of appeals. 38 . which motivate to target audience. launch of an anti-ulcer product like Ranitedence or credit cards. Descriptive and projective theme: It is an amalgam or combination of information and achievement themes. Telco is thus a movement. e.goes beyond the product features. The message is built around the advertiser product/service and projects an image/achievement of the advertiser. The target audience. Identification of theme: Each advertisement is thus around a primary theme but may also have a secondary or perhaps even a tertiary theme. New product. Philips recently announced that it is the company that gave the world the picture tube. the product features. service. The advertising themes are based on our knowledge of the market.

In this appeal advertiser touch the unconscious mind of consumer.Advertising Appeals In advertisements various appeals are uses by the advertiser. Rational Appeal: Rational Appeals are used at broad base. This information also released in rational appeals. threat etc. After the acts consumer may facts some emotions towards product. These appeals tell about the features & uses of the product to the consumer. types. Most common advertising appeals are following: Emotional Appeal: In this type of appeal advertiser creates emotional These These advertising appeals have impact of consumer. appeals are a way of communication between product & user. Why this product is better than other. These appeals are various feelings in consumer by arising fear. 39 .

perforce. and they chose the most expensive medium: television and ad films. In fact. They range from items of common daily consumption to more luxurious goods. This route is often adopted by the fast-moving consumer goods sector. A host of products come under this category. a private sector company and foreign multinational. is dictated by its inherent need and the clientele . The most classic example of high-pressure advertising is the one practiced by the mobile industry. They spend millions of dollars to push their products through celebrity endorsement.ADVERTISING STRATEGIES Advertising games companies’ play Advertising strategies are as important to a company as its sales and marketing strategies. 40 Hence advertising. whose attention is wants to grab. There are stories doing the rounds in the advertising circle as to how Bollywood film heroes Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgan got crores of rupees for their part in these endorsements. Advertising should not be done just for the sake of advertising. Each has its own niche in the industrial world and different clienteles it caters to. AIRTEL and TATA INDICOM mobile companies have huge budgets. advertising complements and support strong sales and the marketing plan of a company. A company has to first understanding its real need for advertising. High-pressure advertising is a sustained campaign by a company to preserve its product identify and image and boost its sales. There are lots of differences in the need for advertising by a public sector company. apart from consolidating on its value of its customers.

Samsung. Big players have their pockets deeply lined and can afford the high cost of sustained advertising. Not just advertising but sponsorship of events also lends a varied image to the product and the company that sells it. TV and ad films for the big fish. solution: it needs to do aggressive advertising. In advertising the cost and objective often have to marry well. The four major players – Maruti Suzuki.First. they need to reinforce their products’ image. advertising is a backbone supplementing their aggressive marketing strategies. Maruti. Hyundai and mItsubishi – are always seen. as costs are constantly escalating for the most popular forms of advertising. Print media. But there are no hard-and-fast rules. Adopting traffic islands. too. So choosing the medium of advertising becomes important. For FMCG companies like Hundustan Lever. Today. Proctor and Gamble. which can give long terms value 41 The . Then you have a powerful and well laid-out strategy. advertising is a very important medium for these companies to tom-tom their virtues and excellence over their rivals. Again we have the auto-majors like Ford. Hyundai. Small players cannot. LG. was hit by the liberalization process and lost its virtual monopoly in the small car segment. Companies are looking at newer options for advertising. Ford. Godren or Philips. they ought to edge out their rivals and once that task accomplished. through marketing strategies. putting up placards and neon-lighted boards on flyovers are some of the cheaper options. If Ambassador and Fiat had shrinking volumes because bigger players with fancy cars entered the market. GM an Maruti indulging in aggressive marketing and advertising strategies to corner a big chunk of the market pie of the products.

The company understands this best gets the best value from advertising. The best long-term value to an ad is airport All those who use that product fly for advertising.to an advertisement. by choosing the right medium and can save on costs. It’s expensive but its there everyday for anyone to see and it reaches out a target audience. 42 . In the final analysis. business and get to see the ad. advertising strategies are essentially governed by the companies’ ability to sustain a campaign and the need the same.

While choosing or to float any message on media three important concept should be taken in to consideration: a) b) c) Reach: Reach Frequency Continuity Reach refers to the total number of households that will be exposed to the message through a particular media vehicle over a set period of time or it is measure of the number of different audience members exposed to at least once to a media vehicle in a given area of coverage. Reach is usually expressed as a percentage of total number of households in a prescribed area that have been exposed to the advertising message. Frequency: Frequency refers to the number of times the receiver is exposed to the media vehicle. or refers to the number of exposures to the same message that each household supposedly receives. The purpose of reach is optimal exposure.Advertising Effectiveness of Media (Conventional / Internet) To communicate any message to the consumer marketers has to select the media (conventional / Internet). New brands or products need a very high level of reach since the objectives is top make all potential buyers aware of the new entry. Since the 43 . An advertising media is the vehicle used to carry the advertising message from the sender to the receiver. High reach is also desired at later stage of the product life cycle. The idea behind the strategy of greater reach is that the advertisement be received by as many people as possible at the first instance.

Frequency primarily means repetition of the same message and the objective of greater frequency is to promote interest and desire for the product on a continuous basis. Low attention getting media will require more repetitions. the lower the level of frequency required. b) Numbers of Media Used: The fewer media are used. c. b. Media Factors Marketing Factors Message or Creative Factors It includes: The higher level of attention achieved by the Media Factors: a) Attentiveness: media vehicle.frequency may differ for different set of households the average frequency is Average frequency = total exposure for all household / reach Average frequency means that the average households is exposed to the message … times. d) Repeat Exposure: Media that allow for more repeat exposures 44 require less frequency. the less frequency is required. Factors important in determining frequency levels a. the more frequency is needed to break through the clutter. c) Clutter: The more advertising that appears in the media used. .

Effects of reach and frequency 1. b) Target Group: The ability of the target group to learn and to retain messages has a direct effect on frequency. c) Purchase Cycle: Shorter purchasing cycles requires higher frequency levels to maintain top mind awareness. A variety of messages requires more. Marketing Factors: a) Brand Loyalty: It includes An inverse relationship exists between loyalty and frequency.e) Scheduling: Continuous scheduling requires less frequency or pulsing. The higher the loyalty. the lower the level required. c) Message Variation: A single message requires less frequency. Beyond three exposures within a brand purchase cycle or over a period of four or even eight weeks. b) Message Complexity: The simpler the message. increasing frequency to build 45 . the less frequency required. Message Factors: a) It includes Creating an image requires higher Image versus product Sell: levels of frequency than does a specific product cell.

One exposure of an ad to a target group within a purchase cycle has little or no effect in more circumstances. 3.advertising effectiveness at a decreasing rate but with no evidence of decline. Gross Rating Points (GRP) The media buyer typically uses a numerical indicator (GRP) to know how many potential audience members might be exposed to series of a commercial: GRP = Reach x Frequency GRP is the total audience that might be reached by media schedule. When a consumer continued to view or hear about the product or the company in a positive way. Continuity: As the impact of an advertisement reduces after a certain period of time so it is important that the advertisement is to be repeated after a certain period of time to make an impact. 5. The data strongly suggest that an exposure frequency of two within a purchase cycle is an effective level. 46 . differential effects by brand are equally important. the central goal of productive media planning should be to enhance the frequency rather than reach. 2. Although there are general principles with respect of frequency of exposure and its relationship to advertising effectiveness. Since one exposure is usually in effective. 4. it helps to remember the product continuity has a cumulative effect of advertising on the consumer and is dependent on the length of the time advertisement runs.

47 .

ROLE OF RESEARCH : To find out the impact of advertisement on youngsters. To find out the role of brand personalities in moulding the behavioral pattern. To test the effectiveness of advertisers in increasing the sales and liking of a particular brand. 48 . what is the impact of advertisement on young generation and the living standards of people.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH : Advanced learner define research as “ a careful investigation or inquiry specially through search for new facts in any branch of knowledge” Redman and Mory define research as a “ systematized efforts to gain new knowledge” RESEARCH PROBLEM : In today”s world.. To find out the level of effectiveness while creating a brand image.

Sampling Method : Judgment sampling Sampling size Area : 50 : local promoters and youngsters. METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION : The method used for data collection is through direct interview and the instrument used is a questionnaire.SAMPLING PLAN For this study I have surveyed thirty retailers of different locations. : single local advertiser. SAMPLING PLAN : ADVERTISEMENT AGENCIES Universe Sampling Unit : All fifty advertisers of the region. SOURCES OF DATA : All the sources of data used in this study are primary source of data. 49 .This is a descriptive type of research study.

50 .

0% 51 .0% Yes No 95.1 Do you see advertisement? (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] See the Advertisement 5.Graphical Representations Q.

0% Yes No 74.2 Do you give full attention on the advertisement? (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] Give full attention on the advertsiment 26.0% 52 .Q.

Q.3 Media you are using more to see the advertisement is? (a) Audio Media (c) Print Media (e) Any Other [ [ [ ] ] ] (b) (d) Video Media Internet [ [ ] ] Any Other 2% 10% 19% Internet Print Media 62% Video Media Audio Media 9% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Print Media 50% Internet 60% Any Other 70% Audio Media Video Media 53 .

4. Which types of advertisement you prefer? (a) Emotional (b) Transformational [ [ ] ] (b) Comparative[ ] (d) Informative [ ] [ ] (e)Health and Hygiene[ ] (g) Any Other [ (f) Celebrity ] Preference of types of advertisement 30% 25% 20% 15% 13% 10% 5% 0% Emotional Comparative Infomative Health & Hygiene Celebrity Other 24% 26% 19% 12% 6% 54 .Q.

5 Advertisement have been faced by you daily is ? (a) 15 .50 50 onwards 55 .Q.30 [ ] (b) 30 – 50 [ ] (c) 50 onwards [ ] Faced Advertisement Daily 12% 49% 40% 15 .30 30 .

Q. Do you satisfied with the performance / quality of product which is seen by advertisement (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] Satisfied with the advertisement 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 62% 38% Yes No 56 .6.

do you pay attention of the advertisement? (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] In the break.7.Q. In the break of serials / movies / cricket match. pay attention of the advertisement 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Yes No 34% 66% 57 .

Q.8. When you are going to purchase any products, you think about the advertisement of that particular product. (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ]

Purchasing time, think about the advertisement
No 19%

Yes 81%


Q.9 Have you ever purchased the products which are shown in the advertisement? (a) Rarely [ ] (b) Mostly [ ]

Purchased the products which are shown in advertisement
79% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Rarely Mostly 21%


Q.10. In your opinion which media of advertisement is better (a) Conventional [ ] (b) Internet [ ]

Which Media of advertisement is better 71%
80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Conventional Internet 29%


61 .

Video media is using more to see the advertisement after that print media. 19% said celebrity advertisement and 13% emotional advertisement. 74% respondents give full attention on the advertisement and 26% respondents not give full attention especially in women. 62 . 2.Findings 1. 3. 4. 15 – 30 times faced the advertisement in daily said 49% respondents. They said. which are seen by advertisement but 38%. 40% said 30 – 50 times they faced the advertisement. 5. said they not satisfied. 12% said they faced the advertisement above 50 in a day. 62% respondents are satisfied with the performance / quality of products/ services. 26% respondents said they prefer informative type of advertisement. In the sample size of 100 consumers. 6. 95% respondents are seen the advertisement and 5% is not seen the advertisement especially home dominate women. the advertisement is not maintained around the product. 24% said comparative.

8. which are shown in the advertisement. small kids are not seen the advertisement of Internet. Conventional media is better than Internet. 79% respondents are purchased or taking services. the mind of customer is not properly see the advertisement so that they cannot pay attention of the advertisement that time. which are shown in the advertisement. They prefer conventional media (like Television.7. The advertisement having impact of consumer mind.) 63 . old person. 9. When you see the movies. Newspaper. then give the break. Purchasing of the product or taking services. If the advertisement is effective they buy the product immediately without any hesitation. they think about the advertisement of that particular products. 10. Mostly respondents said when they purchasing the product. Magazines etc. Mostly housewife.

clear. Sale of the products / service depends on the advertisement. They dono’t criticize any community. person or others. • Consumers see the advertisement in 15 – 50 times (average) daily. • The timing of advertisement is taking good impact of consumer mind. • The advertisement is not having confusion in the mind of consumer.Suggestions • In the study of research. So that the advertisement should be fair. so that the advertisement companies should care of the time of right advertisement. • Advertisement companies should take care about the ads. if the quality of advertisement is very good or excellent consumers see the advertisement more than 50 times. 64 . advertisements have more impact of consumer mind. • Advertisement should be displayed in conventional media because this media is better other than media.

it took some time to establish support with the respondents & the question had to first explain clearly to respondents. • Time limit of the researcher and respondent both. 65 .LIMITATIONS Some limitation come in the way of every. which has been applied. • Without any previous contact. It may be possible that all over India survey shows different result. These limitations depend upon few factors. • The survey has been conducted in the Agra city. The main limitations which come in the way to complete the survey are following:• The questionnaire technique is the only method. which are not in control of performer. This survey has some limitations. which is smaller geographical area in respect to whole country. • Only 88 respondents have been taken into consideration.

66 .

Websites www.com www. Kothari 3. Books  “Marketing Management” Philip Kotler  “Research Methodology” BY C.google.BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.R. Business Today Business India Business World News Papers The Times of India The Hindustan Times 4. 2.   67 .    Magazines A&M.

2 Do you give full attention on the advertisement? (a) Yes Q. Which types of advertisement you prefer? (a) Emotional (b) Transformational [ [ ] ] (b) Comparative[ ] (d) Informative [ ] [ ] (e)Health and Hygiene[ ] (g) Any Other [ (f) Celebrity ] 68 .Questionnaire Name of _________ Respondent _____________________________ Age Sex ________ Q.1 Occupation ____________ Do you see advertisement? (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] Q.4.3 [ ] (b) No [ ] Media you are using more to see the advertisement is? (a) Audio Media (c) Print Media (e) Any Other [ [ [ ] ] ] (b) (d) Video Media Internet [ [ ] ] Q.

30 [ ] (b) 30 – 50 [ ] (c) 50 onwards [ ] Q. (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] Q. In your opinion which media of advertisement is better (a) Conventional [ ] (b) Internet [ ] ********Thanks for Your Cooperation******** 69 .9 Have you ever purchased the products which are shown in the advertisement? (a) Rarely [ ] (b) Mostly [ ] Q. do you pay attention in the advertisement? (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] Q.Q. When you are going to purchase any products. you think about the advertisement of that particular product.6. Do you satisfied with the performance / quality of product which is seen by advertisement (a) Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] Q. In the break of serials / movies / cricket match.7.8.5 Advertisement have been faced by you daily is ? (a) 15 .10.

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