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Cooking Manual

Cooking Manual

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A must for bachelors
A must for bachelors

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Published by: uditgarg734 on Nov 06, 2011
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Ingredients Wheat flour 1 cupRice flour 1/4 cupAll purpose flour (Maida) 1/4 cupCream of Rice (Rava) 3 t.spoonsCoconut
1/4 cup finely choppedJaggery 1 cupCardamom 2 powderedGhee 1-2 t.spoons per dosai
MethodMelt jaggery in 2 cups of boiling water and let it cool.Mix wheat flour, rice flour, rava, maida, cardamon, and
coconut with the melted jaggery, and make a fine batter.Method to make Vella Dosai:(Similar to making dosai's/Pan
cakes)Spread a big spoon full of the above batter on a hot non-stick pan, and put 1 t.spoon of ghee around it. Let it cook
on this side for a few minutes, and then turn over to the other side, andput 1 t.spoon of ghee around it. Wait till the dosai
turns brown.

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