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Vibration analysis of a body partially submerged in fluid

Guide Dr. Vasudevan, PhD Professor, SMBS, VIT University Team Nandish A S (11MCD0021) Aditya Prakash Muley (11MCD0024) Piyush N (11MCD0039)

This work presents a procedure to determine mode shapes and natural frequencies of a partially submerged plate. In this analysis of partially submerged plate, fluid is assumed to be ideal, i.e., Inviscid, Incompressible and the motion is assumed to be Irrotational, and the fluid pressure on the wetted surface is in phase with the structural acceleration. When underwater or partially submerged bodies are designed, accurate high-frequency vibration analysis is required to keep the systems safe. The validity of the developed theoretical method will be verified by comparing the results with those obtained from the finite element analysis. The corresponding dynamic characteristics (e.g., natural frequencies and principal mode shapes) of the plate structure will be obtained using ANSYS, a standard finite-element software. To assess the influence of the surrounding fluid on the dynamic characteristics, the wet natural frequencies and associated mode shapes will be calculated.

Key words Partially Submerged body, Modal analysis, mass and stiffness matrix and mode shapes.