I. Other-Centered (1-13) II. Courageous (!4-26) III. Judicious (27-39) IV.

Resourceful (weeks 40-52)

Week 44 From Allan Cox
Chart A Brief Early Bio
1. “Just realize where you come from: this is the essence of

wisdom.” Tao Te Ching*
2. Get down on paper those formative and most memorable events

of your first 10-15 years of your life.
3. Don’t labor over this. Spread the task out over a reflective week

or two. Let come what may. Just bullet the high and low points.
4. Mull them over, for better or worse. Have you been remaking

history through your memory? Assigning blame? Making excuses? Check it out.
5. Whom do you love and “owe” your gratefulness? Your

expanded thoughts and feelings are what count. Use that yellow pad.

Who/what scared you? Your expanded thoughts and feelings, please. Delight or fright . . . from here on, which will win your might? When did you soar? What tells you what your special gifts are? How will you go about expressing them now? They haven’t gone away.


*Yo, many of the 7 tweets at the beginning of these posts each Sunday are meant to travel. Do share them with your friends and family.

Photograph by Cher Cox

Boy A man may grow up forgetting he was a boy, or thinking he forgot. Certainly there was much to remember, but also the impulse to put behind. Three generations and a kid brother in two houses side by side with a handful of boarders to boot. Now he’s moved east with his master’s degree and scarcely a thought of skinned knees, climbing the cherry tree and the hurt amid tears when his best friend moved away, a father who ran alongside the learning biker, then let go, the mother and grandmother who could cook up a dream and place it on the table, a grandfather who taught him how to whittle and held him close, the kid brother who sassed him right. The revisits that recur at times unexpected will warm the walls of his Park Avenue office and give him a spine for the missing rainbows.

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