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09 Medical Rocks

09 Medical Rocks

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Pathways by which trace elements enter the body Whatever we take into our system, a part mixes with blood, bone and skeletal parts and others come out in the forms of urine, stools.

RELATIVE ABUNDANCE OF ELEMENTS IN THE EARTHS CRUST Atomic Number 8 14 13 26 20 11 12 19 Weight Elements % O Oxygen 46.4 Si Silicon 28.15 Al Aluminium 8.23 Fe Ca Na Mg K Iron Calcium Sodium Magnesium Potassium Total 5.63 4.15 2.36 2.33 2.09 99.34

RELATIVE ABUNDANCE OF ELEMENTS IN THE HUMAN BODY Atomic Number 8 6 1 7 20 15 16 19 11 17 12 Elements O C H N Ca P S K Na Cl Mg Weight %

Here we get a list of minerals found in the earth’s crust so also in the human body.It also provides us the percentage (by weight) of the element in its necessary location.

Oxygen 65.0 Carbon 18.0 Hydrogen 10.0 Nitrogen 3.0 Calcium 1.5 Phosphorus 1.0 Sulphur 0.25 Potassium 0.2 Sodium 0.15 Chlorine 0.15 Magnesium 0.05 Total 99.30

Minerals present in our body playing prospectives in our nutrition are trace elements.From the dose response curve we learn how concentration of them in our body leads to its benefits and how their deficiency can be dangerous and even fatal

THE GROWTH and well being of man and animal are linked to intake of certain essential trace elements. The landscape disturbance may result in deficiency or excess of certain essential elements and such deficiencies or excesses may pose certain health hazards. Unscientific use of land for growth of industry, mining and habitation has not only robbed us of our balanced environment but also has told heavily on human and animal health. Filling of bad and wetlands by garbage containing toxic elements and excessive use of chemical pesticides for cultivation cause poisoning of surface as well as ground water, which are being tapped indiscriminately for providing drinking water.

Sediments of the Ganges and Brahmaputra delta in West Bengal and Bangladesh contain mostly iron, sulphur and some trace elements including arsenic. Parts of Bijapur district of Bihar are also affected. The arsenic bearing rocks lie in the intermediate layer of ground water. Microbes can leech the element from the sediment and contaminate the ground water.


Keratosis on the hands of an arsenic patient, West Bengal

Arsenic to keratosis, gangrene, skin cancer, melanosis and leucomelanosis problems.

Among noticeable ones Arsenic is a highly toxic element to the human body.A recent plague of Arsenic created disorders were noticed a months ago.It happened most abundantly in Bangladesh. A chart provided here shows us the area of infected and uninfected people.

Selenium also finds its use in medicinal fields.Selenium sulphide is used to treat dandruff ,acne,eczema is an essential micronutrient for plants and animals.but it is toxic in excess amounts. Recent studies spell that cancer and heart disease are related to selenium deficiency. It causes liver necrosis in animals in Hawaii as also endemic osteorath-ropathy — a necrosis of cartilage and dystrophy of skeletal muscles, and cardiomiopathy in Eastern Siberia and China.


World Health Organization (WHO) reports recently that in developing countries more than 800 million people are suffering from cretinism, a severe form of mental retardation, and goitre from deficiency of iodine.


Haldiati village, Naogaon, Assam

Dental Fuorosis

Skeletal Fuorosis

Fluoride is reported in groundwater from 17 states in India affecting 25 million people. The human body is a biogeochemical indicator
2 year old
30 year old

Excess of copper, cadmium, lead, uranium, thallium, mercury, chromium and tin results in renal failure problems. Kidney stone generates from excess calcium in water and kidney failure from mercury. Zinc deficiency causes loss of fertility, delayed healing, disorder of bones, joints, skin and lung cancer. Manganese deficiency in soil attributes to increased incidence of cancer. Neutropenia and acrodymia result from abnormalities of copper deficiency. Deficiency of lithium causes mental disorders and night blindness. Less magnesium may result in cardiovascular diseases. Not only deficiency of elements, excess intake of certain elements causes ailments. Alumina leads to Alzheimer's disease, lead to kidney failure, low I.Q., arsenic to keratosis, gangrene, skin cancer, melanosis and leucomelanosis problems Dusts contain asbestos, mainly in mining and industrial areas, soil fungus, spores and toxins and they also go into our system

Toxic metal contamination

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