Discarded Disability Claims Still In Limbo


November 201 '1
by Order Texas Govern,or Riclk Perry
histo,ry to reap trillions of dollars for retlred Ilaw

My story is no differ,ent than anyone else"s who has had the misfortune of stumblilnga,cross
the b:iggests,caiml in the united States
enforcement retlrernent portfojlos. The fUecing by those of' publlc trust 'woluld not matter much
'iftlhey reinv,e,sted the money in business that produces job,s, in Americal,.

In Texas, 'you cannot get a good playing job unless you wine, dlne, or know someone that works for a Priv,at,e sec:uriity Fi'rm. These 'firms control disbanded by prosecuting ,everyl:hing in 'T,exa:s, and should be p,rivalcy violation,s. I could not understand

why I was being gang

stal;ked or why the' police destroyed my complalnts as the FBII seemed to cover 'for' the
pol:ic.e unltil II read the folllowiing article ,alind it all cametogether l'ogicallly~,The' mot live' was, mon'ey

and the '9111IPatriot Act, is the modus operandi as follows,:

Ex... 'BIclhief urg,les ulnity to fight terrorism F
We'b Posted; 05l15/2008 2:00 ODr

FormerFB" international

.D.ire'ct,o.rWilliam Sessions told the terrorism require


of locol law enjOrcem,ent an'dsec,urity

busine, c,ongre'gatedat

the Oak Hills Country Club on Thurs,day that the' new rea:/it:;e,s of

constant c',ooperationamong all ag,encies ,and with' p'r;vate firms.

'~/l ou have a nit o/,se'fJse you know there ;s no ,dividing line, J7soid Sessions, the /orm,er y attorney here' and' ,one~time'.fede.r(J1judge who led' the ,FBIfrom 1987' to' .1993.


"We must sha,.,e,1I Sessions s'Qid,~eferr;ng 'to the impo.rtance that ;nte'l/igenc,eholds in a post-Sept., 111 2001/world~ ";We must find ways t,o'do ,it.

William Sessions told the heavies 10/ locQ,llaw enforcement ,and $'ec,urity businesses congre'gate,d at the Oak Hills Country ,Club on Thurs,day that the new re,,:lit;es of international terrorism require constant cooperation ,OmOfJ:9 all ag,enc,;es ,and with, p'rillote firms.
Former FBI ,Director An'd the 'top l'ocal,cop was .S:gt. Thom'QsCalucc'i' Departm,e.nt, who heade'd

0;/ tne


'Te"os at Son Antonio .Police


to identify/olks

on campus with psychological is.sueswho

clould,p'ose threats ..Meanwhile, Sessions, now a partner in

Washin'gton blue-chip low /irm' whose own FBI tenure' included some widelv ,criticized excesses, told those gath.e~ed that it was incumbe.nt on' copsthemselv,e,s to po/ice their own' behQ"ior~ "We'retry;ng to te.Uth,eworld what
the rule

10/ law

is,}II he said" Se.ssionsavoide,d being .roasted by the emcee

0/ the

event; WOA,I

anchor R,Qndy Beamer" who'at one point' polled thec~owd' over 'whether it h,e,ldthe belief t.hat the Spurs co.uld'force a Game 7 ag,ainst' th'e Homets. "Th'ey~d better or they'll ,get;ndicted~" ,50:;(1 District Attorney Susan Re,ec/,one'o/the VIPs up at tne dais. Page 1 of 19

Co'rruptio'n and po,lIitic:s has never int:e'rested me much, and i'f it were not for the
my priva,cy ofbeing


Se rv ilee visit,ing our farm threatenjng my famlily three times in ,2008, the continual lntruslon of
stalked a::ndtracked by n'ew high tech demestlc surveiUance devices or the ilUegall1 inicolrpolrati,on

of a private


on a Texas U1niive,rsity that brought

myse,lf and fallmily

great Iha m, I wo,uld halve never of g'iv'sn much thought t,o, ,Gllo,b,al Econo'mic Crisis; however, I ]us't happen to be one of those people that dweU in the p,eripheral blindspo't

of scclal

inv'is,ibili:ty" just YOUllre'v,eryd,ay ordli',nary common mysti'c •


now why Dig'ital Ally did ev'erythin,g in its power to harm' me and Imy' fallmily
of breeding' terrorist whi'le the lrlsh are much

because the Bush ErQ G,anlgof Thieve.s had the bigges,! scam 'in hlstorv going, accusing the lslamlc community more violl:ent: and have done

more damage than any extremist group, 'TrUlli'onsof dollars were on the tabl~e'and Wi'lllIiam
S,essio,nsand J10hn Ashcro,ft wanted

,; p'ieee

the action as foIUlows::

"onsos (October ,5, 2,006)- DigitlQI Ally~ tnc. (Pink She,ets: DGLY), which develops, manufactures and markets advanced technology p'roduc:ts' /orlaw enfo.r.cement, hom'eland se'curity and commercia.1 securltv applications today onnouncedthat Joh.n Ashc'to/t and Judge William S!!Sessions halle'ioine,d the' Company's Advisory BOQ"d, 'IWe are honored ,that Gene,,,:1 As.hcro/t and JU'dg;e Sessio'ns' have' agree,d to join Digital Ally's re,cently-/orm'ed Advisory Board, 'which wil/be' c'omp'rised 0/ ,highly qualified individuals that con ,Qsslst the Company' in the



0/ its

strategic object;lIes~" stoted Stanto:n E. Ross, ,Chie! Executive Officer

10/ D';gito:1

Ally, Inc. "Having served as' u.s. A,tto.rneyGene,ral, Am,er.ica's ,highe,st-rankinlg 'Clwen/orcemen't
official, ,GenerQI has' a de,ep' appreciation for the role that leading ... ed:g:etec'hnologymus't

,play in the'

post~9111. world.

We look forward

to the guidance that he' can pr:ollide Digital Ally as


to r,ealize' the full market pote'ntial

enjorce,ment, hom,ela:nd s ec,urityand commercioi

0/ its digital s'urveillanc,e security ,applications.

t:ec,hnology in law

R.eadl Fu II A'rtli:cle' at 'the fOIUow'ing: Ili:nk:

http://'WNW~th,efre,e[ibrary.comIJohn+Ashcroft+and+Willliam+S~+Sessi'ons+Join+Digital+Ally,+lnG" a01152372041
What Sessions was attempting wa:sa plan of attack onanvonethat g,ot iin.their

way with this,

stat,elm,ent nAnd the top local cop was Sgt. Thomas ICslucci' of the U1niversi'ty of Texas alt San


Pollee Department, who headed a team formed psychological issues who coutd pose threats. n

t'o,idi'en'tify felks on campus wit:h

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[I hadgone to the IPolllice'then the FBI alfter the Vi~rginia Tach M,assacre before the Univers,ity of Illinois shootlnq ._

and j' the week

scores ruined by Aimelri:can IPsy'chiatric tyranny who could have done weilielisewher,e Harold [Mandel
Nationa I" Heal th Exarni ner


September 18, 2011 - Li ke this? Subscri be to get i nsta nt updates.
The powerfulA.merican po,litical propaganda machine often brainwashes people ,all'over the wD'rld

la;r and humane syst'e'm in the' world land' that scores of political prisoners in' lo,ther nations such as the t~ouble,dA"Qb counltr;es,'srae~ ,and the ICommunist nations 10/ North Korea, Vietnam, Chin,Q and Cuba could have had much better lilies if only they lived in theUnit'ed states A careful anlolys.;s of the true state of ,affairs tn the Unit'ied States sh'o'ws that this is not neces,sarilv true' due to the' undemoc.ratic, corrupt and b'fat,QI n,atu:re 0/ the notion's civilm,entlQI h,eolth care system., This system 0/ tY'liannyis c/e,orly used to' ,bru,tally
into believing the American legal systemls the' most c,rush disse'nt in's'fead

0/ to' .heal people' from

me'ntal illn,ess..

IOrgainiz'ed Gangl'9 Ilink::

http://2.bp.blogspot.coml-74-zZ,OudU7M/Tnd1 II/AAAAAMADVoiehrwcleR5:Xo/s1600/0S+iis+a+Crime,.JPG

q UeZF-

The US',/ede'raigove,rnment and a/I Americante.rritories



have devio.usly worke,d with all 50 states

across the wortd to' create


corrupt, and undemocratic

a system "of psychiatric enslavement, torture andmur,der which ls used to' ,brutally c.rushdissent in tne notion and which ;snot discussed openly on Q daily basts. Consider that doily
within scores of prill;ie',ge'd and wealthy peopJege't Up' to go to work at multi~m';lIion' dollar .magnijicen't



houses on 'Wall Street in New York City or in exc.lus;v,e Hollywood sets in LoS Angeles as

millions and millions 0/ well:",educate.dvktim» o/Americanpsy,c,h'iot.ry who could hOlle ot,herwise had naturally he'a/thy ,and productive' livesaredy,ing in the filthy streets.





Scores ruined I Exa:mhll,

by Amelricaln Ip:sychi,atric tyranny

who coulld

have, done' well,elsewherle' - National


http://VIWW.exa m~nle .CO m/hea lth-ln-natlonal/scores-ru r tyranny-\Nho-could-have-done-weU-else\Nhler,e? CIID=exa,miner alerts_article#ixzz1YPz2:lFpsO

ined by... america n-psych iatric-

In fear for my families sSlfety and my own life, I write a plea for protectlon Attorney Gie'nelrall of Texas as foUows,::

to Grleg Abbott

Pllea,o Greg Abbott IPagel http':/l~Jinearism.orglnmageslGregAbott001.jpgi t

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2:",Res[ponse ILetter fromSenator

John Cornyn Au'gus,t 20109

3., R,e,sp,onse Lette,r from


Himsellf as my

,eiro, Rodriguez

'who Misrelpr,e,s,e'nted

'Con'g:resslon,al Represer tative and Refused to lnvestlqatethe http,:I/vvww.,linearism.orglimageslCilroRodiriguez12092009.jP9 4., Respon,se from Ralph ID.,Rouse Hluman Health Services ihttp::I/\MN'\N.,linearism.orgnmageslRalpDRouse1 0282008,.jpg

'Gan'gl S,tallking

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to add ress f,he' highe's't tevet of gOllernmen't via yo,ur web slite' Jor ,positive .change ;n Woshin'gton. ,Few Americans have p'rob'le'ms that require a letter to the president to ,s'traightenout an issue, ,especially if thelssue alrea,dy has a process and junction in place to' handle such' concerns such as disability dis,cr;m;"'Qtion and ,retaliatio,n ln higher e'ducation.
Thank ylou the' opportunity


Unfortunately" after two ye,Qrs of writing reports' to the Justice Deportme,ntat the request 01 the
Justice D',ep'artment~' just received what;s' kno'wn' in'dislob"e J'tudent clrcies as Stamp" tetter tnat stmes rthe ckcumstonce« you des,cribe do' ,no't 'to addres5~ II' ,s,;gnedCeeCeeAllawaY,D;rector,



raise anlssue that we are able


in details the ,s'ys'tematic discrimin,ation that exist today on
m,ajor role'

'& Adj'udlcation ...My concerns list American Campuses that playe,d a

in the shooting at Virginia Tech, on on'e 0/ you.r ,complusles, Illinois Universifyin 2,OOB,onda library ;n' my o'wn H'ome town 0/ San Antonio Texas less th'an sixmo:nthsogol
S',enat,orJohn Corny.n;s mo'nitoring this' case because I made

close' ;sinvestigotedthorough'/y

commitm,entto his office, "1/ th';s it will help all TexQs Disabled students. I also made G' commitmem

,to the Dallas O/ficeo/Civ;I' Rlgh,ts 'that I would cooperate
process for over two ye'Qrs aft,d ;S 0' maior caffl:pus safety


with the


is' now in

concern. The Dallas Field Office 0/ Cillil

Rights cannot ,per/orm tbe';r Iduties if cee cee .ru.bber ,st:amps and relects valid ,complaints from students and ,also .in' case dis:abled stu:dent parents o/studel1'ts that atte,nd f,exas CQ,mp,usesWe .have a valid interest in this case r,e'r/ o/the'!actth'otwe ore bot.h disabled"
l,!astly, at the request of the Justice Departm,e,nt, .1have s,ubmitt:ed 100rds ,oj piQges of test:imony ,that is-till un .-... . -.jv i __ e ---s_ -,der inllst;-f;on e __ go__ b·--.- th-', ... Dalts' Fiefr',O"ice Toda .. .1 r,e_cee - Q tette r I.Erom C,e,···.,Ceye - __o U _'11"'-_'" _ ---y, · .. __e __ e

Allaway that does .not.sfatewhlch
.haveY,Dur staff/oak

oj the 27 se'parate grievances ,o/disc'rimination", ret;aliat:ion" and
inlle,stigations by the Justice Department over the last ,eigh,t

now under inve,stigotio:n' b,y the Dallas ,field Office tha:t Cee Ce'e ls ~~je'ct.;n:g. Please •
in-to t.hebogus

y,ears during the Bush' Administration. Dueproce:s's ,e,annot work with

Iustice .Departm'en't


che,ots 'to its' ownag,en,da'I'

IGregory ,O'D,ell and FQmily and ,on beh'olf
I understood

0/ dis,Qb/ed

stude,nts o/,higher educ'Qtion' Texas but what I did not

that my case was revi'ewed by Ric:k Perry Governolrof

know is 'the S,tate' of Texais voided out all civU rights by the G,overnor's 911, Act execu'tiv,e order. After the r,e'view of the e1xecutive order, I 'wro'te an article exp~ailnin!gthe ilnljustice these pe,op,le of publle trust have brought uponthe normal wOlrk'ing class elthens of Texas as follows:

"History bas tl1ught us to be vigilant about the' loss

0/ liberty

to tnose 'who'

wont to monitor us in order to increase our securitv" Page 5 of 19

Take a moment and think of a'[I[1 people whoa'r,e :50 commonplace the

in youlr daiiliy affairs, they keeper, s,ecUirlity or 'ev,en a locall grocer,

seem to be non ... existent or c:o!mplletely in,visibleat times, such as a house

g:uards, malntenance



cl,e:rks, grounds,


spouse, At times, gender, race, and cultural groups seem to ride in a perceptual blind spot of social recognition. There is a glood chance that even people of prestigious positions such as a Mayor, Senator, constable, banker, or your own chilld's teacher go unnoticed and you may have experienced difficulty with their names or would not recognize them at a social function.
Certailnly, the people, t:ha!t hosted such a function, the workers, the servers, and those that
prepared the food and dlrinlk, dwelliin the' peripheral

bllin,d spot of soclal in'v.,si'bility., 'Coulld it be

that there is an eve:ryday ordiilnary ecmmon god, as close a's the invisiblle nose on you!r face,

wlorkilnlg mlracles in yo,ur life?' [~met [Malry
81 tewyears

back whil!e doing research on the origiln and hlstorv of the .Mled'ina lOam

R,eserv,oir' i'n rural


Texas, the, oldest






by a man who, lost Ihislife on the' tusjtanla, torpedoed by a Germa!n U-boat: U-,20on 7 May 1915, an event that brought tiheUnited Stall:es inl,o the Gre'atW,o'f'ld War, now known as
World War' I as a matterof

history repeatlng

World 'War 1[[1,.,
expanded during 'the' Roosevelt's [New Deall era

The, Mledinal Re:servoiilrl[rlrigati'o'n

creating biggest

100015 of jobs for the' undereducated unemployed after the B,lack MOlnday stock market crash of :1929 lnto a recession .50 deep it is remembered as the Great Depiression,. the


mlelitdown in the


·of the IUnited States 'whlich had an effect ion the

w,orld's economic heahh for the next 40 yealrs.

the M,edin'a Reservoirs de,ve!lo'!p,e!r's nama engraved on a brass pilate that: 'is,no longe!lr assessable as in days of my youth, fenced lin with high barbed wi,'redl fences financed by the 911 Patriot Act in the name of Nati'o,naIS,e'cUlr,ity by the, ne'wly for:med T,exas Ant:i~t:er'r,o!rijs,m Task Fo,'rcewhUe I was 3waywo'r'king inCh,ina:.
II have forgotten
Citation:: http://WViW~linearis,

task force brought back the corruption of the IMctarthY'iism era, 19'40'5 ... 1950'5., a,lnaI1nti",co,mmunisiml domestic surveUllalnce program dieV',elloped by the
Feder'aIIBUlr,eau of Invest:igaltion
the' State, led by J Edg,ilr' Hoover, di,c:t:a'ting We' The Pe'ople as enemies

[litt:~ledld l know theantl-terrorlsrn


Ne'v',er..the,..less, as my leye:s look for a wa:y' t,c ci'rCUllmvent the barrier for a photograph of the hiistoric m'a,rker;,foino,wed the bottom of the fence upwards over the spiraling razor w:ire. p,ee'ringinto deep space', s;ware' of my tiny insignific,ance in the' whole, of thin,gs unaware of a
satellite p,erched over' my 'GPS position.

Nor, did II heed 'the words


Mary' had said,

"Some,bodlyis Always Watching.,"

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and [PIOI,'itics has ne'ver interested me much, alndif lit we're' not for the Secr'et Seirvice

visiting our' farm and threateniing Im,v falmily three times ln 2008, and the eontlnual intrusi'on of mypriivacy olf being stalked and tracked by new high tech domestic surveillance deviic,esand the illegalin1corpo'ralti'on 'o,fa prfvate firm on a Texas Unlive'rsity that brought mys,elf and falmily great harm, I wo,uld halve' never of g:iven much thought 'to iGlobal E,cono,mic Cr'isis; however" I just happen to be one of those people that dwen in the p'eripheral Invilsibillty, just your everyday ordlinary eommon mystic .. blind spot of social

P,o"etrydevelop,edi 20..000 years ago as hymns, chanted or sung by Miystics, inthesalme , songs developed from illll[iter,at,eAmeri'can slaves from conceptions


beyoln,d the temporal biln,ary

assoclatlon of rational thought [I ,cal[II/P'e'nniesf,r'o,m Heaven," ln times of despair [Mystics seek

Diviln'e guidan,ce by shifting theilr consciousness beyolnd bilns;lry assoclatlons and often times writ'e these experiences down iinl verse; orthe poem that has already been written. The pragmatic calls these blessing oflnsplrattcn
wh'iich is sin abstract

the abstract,

but ln realltv the abstract is the

I'ogilca,ll ll'inear wriitten eXlpres:sionwe calli a poem, A better example would be a highway map dlrawing of emp1iricIII Q1bject,s; another would be a line'sr t.ypedengineering of' today or tomorrow design withoUltiUiustrati,o:ns, which is in, fact an abstract design. Abstr,a,ct:designs includes the best softwareappllcatlcns

that 'wi I never break through t:he liinlguist'ic
for mankind but make very bad

sound ba!lrr,ie'r of biin,ary assoclatkms- known asthe O,ntologic,all OUemmaorthe fact lito know is

tO be human .. Digitall syste~ms have proven "

to be goodslaves

'Mast1ers ..

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Thank GOld for Imirac:les or p,osit:i'v,eevents in our lives that seemsto bring harm to the harmless I:

oppose the Ilalws of physics

or the natural order ef thlngs such iin m:y case whieh reflected karmlc harm, back to those that

Privacy ,Golden Rul,e::'ges/LinearismPrivacyPage''GODeU2005.jpg
The new 911 'free'- 'fo,r'-a,llll pending s

Act mandated

by' Georg:e Bush Jr. drained our eClono,my Iby
and cerperatlens

paying our ne'ighbors tc keep aneve on us assec:ret inte,lllige'nc,e operatlves


,elmergency measure

under the guise to keep, us safe while

viol'ating' the intent to our right to personalprlvacv

protected bv our constltutlon.

The 911 [Patriot Act: One Bilg undlnq [Holle
http://VVVV'N. ' Patriotact.gif EVlery time congress 'enacts a ne'w law, no, matter how trivial, we are' strip' of our freedom to legislate our own actions, and places the burden of our behavior on Law IEnforcemlent
Age'ncies., IIf,congress were'to pass a I,alw' todaiy that band sex, very few 'would obey the law nor w,ould the IPollicle enforce it; however'"

if the lawoinl¥' .appines to the citiz,ens and not to those

who governor

the po !lice who are rewalrded for enforclng the law" violates the 'rule of Ilawl t:hat

onlY'lelilds to government:

0 .. .. .. -0 MI skie is it true? Texas is a Police State 000 u

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Likewise, congressional law makers know, nO mat:ter how rational a proposltlon

'RlaIV seem in

theory, the onlly way to prove a,I,eg,islativemandate benefits the better good iis after the I,awiis applied, Ilf a nle,wly drafted I,aw is,the cause of better SWleet: consequences or unjust; t:he I'awiis debated by a congresslenal o'ver,sight com!mlittee" lind if necessary adjusted in!s,ol,mewayoriis

Ilaws that produce action

dire consequences,

especiaiUy fair those

that band together as


lnterest Gr'QUIPS, and those that goverln,

creates a pOWielr uproar' se loud it calls fer as w'le have seen after the 911


and ln some cases Martia'i law is supreme

attack on INew Y:o'rk Cit:y with the disregard

to; our right, to privacy which 'is alsoaconstitutional
law at. the state level such as Texas were ri:g:ht:ly brought down

Emelrgen:cy executive orders or Martiall

approved and enacted to protect the wh,ole' body of the IUnited States from Terrorisrnwlth
good reason, we had jiu:st been attacked with our own passenger airlin,esthat the tw'into,w:ers that stood high above the' New Yo!rk 'c,itysky-lin'e whlich hosted 'the worlds

global financlal centers that killed never 4000 people, Se'ptembelr 11, 2001. IOn thls sarne day



destroy the Pentagon

and the White House failed to complete their mlsslon,

Lieut,enisnt Texas IGo,verlnlor James Ri:clhard Per'ry" known! as I'RickPerry" assumed the office of


by protocol of Geolrge W. Bush 'winnling

presldentlal eleetlon ln 2100,0 just

mont.hs before the attack and ;i'ss,uedlan executiive order RP8 uRel,at'in,g to the G;ovlernor's. Task
FOf',ce of Homelland Seculriity.u

"'This exe,cutiv,e order sup,ersedes all previous orders on'dshall remain Governor.,

in'eRect and in full force until

modifiedl amendeit rescinde'tt, or superseded by me tGovernor Ric.k PerryJor by


Citatioln: http://governor .state, tx. us/news/executive-orderl44401 Unfortunately, theerder has never been rescinded or' was s,ti'll'in e,ffect as of hi:sthird election
i'n2,010 whli"ch ,gave 'the ,Gov,ernor' afmostcomplete dictaltorshipin,T'exals

which inicl:uded over
creating a corrupt

4,500 bias appolntees of Public Trust some embedded iinl the supremecourt Texas Justice .s;ysteim. ,Exe'c;utive Order RIP.8, vlolated

'the Civil and Human R.ights of a 1111 Texas Citiz,ens cllearlyexpressed by the COlnstituti'on of the 'United States o,f.America. Texa.s Governor Rick Pelrry used Overt and

Co'nvert Acts, against the people of Texas solely t,o retain power and oppress the people of Texas in the' name of N,ationall Security Ju'stiified by the 9'1,1 Pat:iriot Act. IHleiOlpen:ly declared walr on the Dnlted Statles and attempted succession from the' unlcn consideration abiding Ame'rican P,stri,otswho :reslid,e in Texa,s alnd are United States Cit:iz,ens,. of lalw

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Th'eo_e ..-...-- __ .-..- au __ __ _5 _ega_-'I ___ IG·-V' rnr' o __ e__s _y virt· ueI' - ·-f th e po w e_r an d_ ',-. thorlt yr Is 11·-· -', o_ ·-.f' Tx a b o o

n~1r" .• _e5pO


nslbl - - nd __5 e f_o_Ir a~ iS
order RP'8 'which

dir,ect1ly linked 'to theabuse formed

of IFedlelral Funds by his signatUl:r:e of executive
task force which

the Texas antl ... terrorism

has II,edto p'Ollirticalfavo,r,s that include state as
as 'if above the' Ilaw.

w,ell as IFederal1e'm!ploye'e's who freely act wiithout tealr of prosecution




Texas Gov,ernolr R,ickP,erry salt aloof o,f'inegalacts any invollvement as allothers

as if by washing his hands releases hlm from by law as aconsequence or' lawl:ess orders
instead of specific

by his orders must sutter punishment

of hls execut'ive, elmerge1nlcy order and their own i.lll~egall actlons .. These favors are justified Iby 'fealr ,of a necelssal:ry evll for' a better
States, by us,ing the term e'ne'my of the United 'Terrorism or Terrorist'

good ,a,gains't: an. uln'identifiedl fictitious

persons or organbations.

The, focus, of counter-terrorism
United Statesorat
means in which

should be' on those that have attacked

or plan to attack the

w,ar with the same instead of a creature in the dark whi,ch lends to the

abuse of power by fear of unknown threats to retain 'power and oppress the people;"'The
the Governlo,r helld to' power iis by anti-ethica ' investiigatiio,ns devices and by

' cries wolf olr 'Terrorlsm ..

See The Texas ,Gov,ernorthat 'Cries 'Wo/fat the follrowing Unk:

http://liamnotanonymoUisihaveaname 11111/governor-that-crie,swoltoppresslon ... othtml

I~n2009'" newly ellected Presiidelnt Barrs,ck Oba,m,s corrected thls Naminlg: Bind INeces,sity problem

by cl'ear:liy identifylingthat
understand Changen

United states was,


w,ar with a specifico,rga,niz,alt,ion



Qaeda .. AI,. aedia is aglobal .Q

Im!i'litant Sunni Islamistgrou'p wal's the leader of


Ibiin Laden .. II

group 'called The Islamic IMlov"em;ent for that claimed Ir1espo,nsibi'lity of the fir:s't feder,al buil:ding bombing in Saudi A:rabia.
OS8!lma b:iln taden

II have good reason to bel:ie've:it,. II w,as a witne'ss to the first federal bomblng in Riy',adh, Saudi Arabia on Novelmb,er' 1.3, 19 95 as we,l!I as my departed

wife' who was a F1edieral WOlrkelr at the

time and II was her dependent, she did not dlie' iln the e,xpillosion but from unrelated causes Ilater
in life years before I met Malry and thought II would never love again ..
Citation:: http://'vVW'N.,


The point of mentlenlng

the terrorlst


by osema bin Laden in 1995 :i,sthat the attack

on N:ew York would have never taken place and the 9 11 Patriot Act ls an un-necessarvevjl
deslgned to keep theweal:thy fe'w secure and wealthy.

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The Rick iPerryBig O'UTax plan
The offiice of Texas c:om;p,tro,lI'er accounted for ,evelry penny as, ,81 precursor letter in 2,006 that
the "P'elrryra'x Plan is the IBiggest I lot Check in Texas History'" and! projected ,a23 Biililioin dollar
5·0 eiial I,

sho,rtfall in 2010 wh'ich aUi exans ,mostlychildre'n, the elderly, and tho se that requlre T


diralm,a't:ic,alily from 'the consequences

of the GovernlOir.s tax leglslatlon,

Citation:!ne\NS/605'15Iett er.html

Wlhe'n 'the' 911 Aclwas drafted, great care and concern for our constltutlonal

riight to priva,cy

and due process lead to a serlous phjlosophlcal debate 'in regards to, pri'vac:y intr'Ulsi,ons; not these that are mere mUd j'lrrlita'tio'lnls of privacy 'but those vlolatlons tiha,t could endanger the live:s 0" others such as wireta':PP,i',ng",domestic between the IF B,I and pollee or' those I

survejllanee, and sharing of classified 'i'nformal't:ion

Public Trust including

private flrms,

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Once the 911 Act was passed, priiv'8ICY' intrusions and honest; how:eve,r, many p,eolplle consider argue the ne'w age Kant Hedonlsm theory,

became a matter of publk trust whic:h is an
as a moot notion know 'wher,ewe such as those 'wh'G' came, 'from and we

ethical concern and not a polnt of I·aw. Ethics ls only a concern for those thatare hcnorable

"lf 'we don't

don't Ikno'w wher,e we aregolng, why should w:e care about the


we act?'"


ic hnn&:lct,"I! ..._,._'.'_.,-, nr'nhl,:s,mn,f nri,,:aru u,i,nl=lIiti,nnc ic nn,t ::::In -'._..'1---' ..,.._.'._ " t;hpr~fnrp,_ th,p..... '._,.1'. -·1...···'..'-',··,_·'.... .. ·.... _....,.. l~thi":II1,t"nln,.l:Itirn, nf ..... , . '.., . ,'···_··, _...._-,'.-_ ..__...'_.
1""'. __

honesty but a polnt of trustworthjness
trustworthlness are tedious

whi,ch ls a point

of I!aw. Systemic rules are rules of
and balances that

such as the po!lici1es, at any bank which incorporetechecks

and seem to be amblguous to ensure the lnvestors that the bank lis trustworthy,

whiich is,not the case' of honesty oran ethical concern. The 9118:cl: W8:S mandated

by P'resident Gieorge 'Bush Jr.. la,r' good reason with the int,enl


"keep us safer" but thoseln

pesjtlons of public trust that take Kant'ls free willi thelory literalll:y,

without ethical judgment but to the letter of the Iliaw, used the 911 ,Actto fleece our countries coffers andcreate tr'illiionsof d,olillarsin debt while l'ini'ng their own pockets with gold at the
same timle' busied themselves
buUlding political ernplres,

PeO'lple that conslder ethics as a moot n:otionwill not disclose the fact they do not care' about

the way the'y act; however, yo,u can 'identify tlhemwhen
unethical life stylle by making such statements agaiinst it!'" One of the first bold actsof


no empathv or jlust.ify an

"Iify'ou havea concern, about: it, tihen make a Ilaw

our !newly ,el'ected Commande'r ... ..Chief~ PlresidientB,arack. n and balances that

Obalma in

Ap,r'iI of ,2'009',was to make sure the appllication of the Rule of Law was aplPlied byinc.olrp,orating



or rul'es of checks



of ,Publl:ic.'Trust are
and those that


Aga'in, thlis ls nota

question of' honesty, everybody makaan

is, honest, The rale of Ilaw

simp,ly means the appilicatio'in of the Ilaw applies to those that are governed
govern! too, Nobody ls above the Illaw,or can anvona Mostcit:iiz.en:$, believe that the 91.1 Act overrides

exception to the law,

all Iprivacy Ilaws incliudilng those government

agencies 'thalt.enforce laws that:

ensures our r'ight to, pri'v8 cy by evldence of bac:lklllo'gs, of

co,m!plainlts that go back for maniyv,e'ars.,als if the right to p:rivacy is no longer a I!awtlhat a1nly'o'ne ob,eyssuch as a la:w that: wo,uld make sex. an iUegal1act .. nobody wi'll obey it not ev'en the' p'once. If we ap'pllya,n exception to the' rule thalt sex is a violation punishable

by law except for those

that enforce the law is that '''sli,IP'p'ery slope" ,of corruptlon
The 911 Act: speed and im,p'iict

that in part or by whole caused the
heakh could not have been

biggest G,I,ob,allEc:ono,mlic Meltd,own j'n over one hundred years.

·0" destruction

to global economic

po,.ssible without

the inco,lrporation

of prlivate security

fir:ms and data bases or computer

that were hard wilredto

responses with,out: an audlt traill olr ,anyquallirty

assurance, svstems that once required human intervention,

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T,o'tal'reUa,nce of computer


gave these Iprivat,e firms or any illegi'tim'ate State IMiliitia

the disastrous

albility to access pal'Ylment for goods and services 'without ,competiitiv8 bids or where paid for not p,r'oviding any' services expect for accounts recefvable

wo,r's,e, corporations

and accounts p,ayabl!e' syst:,eml tied to automatlc payments from the federal government. IMany of these firms and government organlaations used blanket covers of N,ational S,ec,urity justified by 'the,91:1IP'atlrio,'t:Act. The 9'11 F'r,ee-,for-aUs,p,ending act justified funds and trigge'red automatic paYlments withouta'lnaudit trajlor audltors,

Nobody Saw It Coming?
The best software applications
sound devlces that produce


of 'todalyolr tomorrow

barrier of Ibi'nary assoclatlons-

will never break through the linguistic to know is to be human. Without a doubt,clompute!r
Li,kewise, as recent

art.lificial InteU'igence are useful tools for mankind.


has sh'QWIn.,artificialll.ntellige'lnce has proven to be a v,erygolo,d slave but also a ve'ry bad


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Th,e 911 Patr'iot ,Act caused the greatest

global economic

mleltd'Dwn by the' time I,graduat:ed iln
but 'no onewanted to

fall 2,010,8'''Cila55, of Glloba:IIIEco';no,mic Crisis" which back and rename The 'G!reat IDepress,ion

w,a:shist:ory repeat'iing,

c,alillthe crlsls by lits, realname The Gres,tDelpre'ssion If,acts, and Hi:stolry for' polltlcal controll

II.. Tlhinlk of that entire book ediiting to go

II 0'" 1'92,9or worse today's

ability to change 'statistics,

Private Sec:urity Fi'rms Sp,eci'fics: lhttp://iamnota nonymousiihavea narne. blog m12,Q 11111IstHI-looking-for-victor-that-

No need toexpect a miracJle' thatcauses Rick Perry to resignfr'olm the Office ,of th,eGovernor' of
Texas, because the' application and the c'itizeln:s, o,f the' United of the rule olf law does not oppose the' laws of p,lhysics or the

natural order of things .. alii it takes is an: lndlctment

fair his crimes against the people of Texas

Staltes ofAmerical

Alii it: takes is fallith iin The United


Attorney Ge'ner,111 Offi,e,e., lin all other th'ings, In God 'we trust!" Not ,eve'n Clls!lrence Thomas, Ulnited States GOP SUlpreme Court, Puppet can write a Ilaw that


stalkers for the vlol1entacts

against the disabled, because gangstalking isa

v'iolent crhne no matter wh,oy',ou are st,i,llking be they healthy, we'althy, or iindiffere'nlt. We must command thelUniveirs'it'y Oncludilng: of Texas Austin for finalllypublishiinig a good de,finliti,on, of

Staillking B,ehavio'rs (exp,ert be:low) whi,ch unfortunately IPolice/FBII),. Pllease v'iewthe,folll!owilng
a check list of those vio,l,ations

match many Staff Stalking Behavio,rs,

$.afety sheet ;publis,hed by UIT A:Uistiln and makes,

that 'you have ex!pe'ri,enced by Stalff and Po,Uce on iUniv,ersit,y of

Texas Campuses at Any tocatlon: 11., Follo,wilnlg the personor
repeatedlv sho,wing up unexpectedlv at the person's

cilia! 5", work, favo'rite coffee shcpvetc, 5

,5,.Using technologv 'to track tlhe,v'ictim, such as htdden cameras, computer D'e'Vlic,e's

viruses, and GiPS

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9. Searching out lnformatlon services

about victim with the' ,aid of IPublic, records, Internet search

hired in,vest'iga!t,ors, or ,contactii,ng friends, falm:ily" classmates, or co ... worlke'rs

1.,0.Sifting throughvictim's

trasihor other lite'ms victim has had contact with

12" ln my case, unwarranted


and seieures

of my home and stalking

by miilitary

helicopters order by IRick Perry Govern,or of Texas,

http:// cmh c. utexas liedu/stal kin9_a mi bei n gi stalked ~ htm'l
Remelmber, the one under the 911, Patriot on campus that's Ac:t ilt lis yOUir patrletlc duty to speech out and report Staff

Stallking by repo,rting the behavior by calliing '911, or stop by your local FBI o,ffic:e(d,o'n"t go a secret], C'o,mmunicatio,n ls the IK,ey...


Documentation", and Documentation. c.omputer

Don'lt forget to use the cameras, illeg:alwireta~p',ping, and

surveUI,ainc,eals· eviiden,c:e against: the Staff" P',olice, and FBn

The rule ,of law, aliso call1!edsupr,e.macy of Ilaw~ means that the law is allbove everylone and it aplplies to eve,ryon,e.Wh,elh.e;rgove,rnlor or governed, rulers or ruled, no one 'is alb,o've t:he' Ilaw, no one is, exempted from the' Ilaw, and no one can grant exemption to the applicat.ion of the
Ilaw. The Rule-of-law is why II sent a thank you note to senator INIYSen. Schumer as foillows:

A Tlhank y,ou fr.o'!m Texas, INY S,'e'ln. ,Sc:hum"er accu:ses· O:nStar of invading' !pllrivacy
Dear Texas Congre,ss;onal Representatille's' pleQse' pass on to the SenatorSc.hum,ef' that I have eV.ide'nce' that OnSt,ar has' been doing this for years in' Texas as ,attacking device by Private
Security Firms ondo./so op'e'n to other' Hackers .• ' consider Private S,ecurity Firms before ,Obam'o's

Executille order in April2,009Q5 illegal "Hacke'fs ", Th,ey should bav« been prosecuted by



by me to thleJusfic,e Departm,en't for .Stoking and Ret:Qliation of aD'isabled ,Student and " a:m still

iwaiting •.
One of m')' specific concerns was OnStar an'd Illegal H,Qckers [Prior


fO in April 2009] discon'nec'te'd in 2009. When.1 purc'h,Qsed the' plan 'the original cion tract expressed a

powerful assumnce th'Qt ,m'y pr.ivacy would not be violat'ed. Once l found out that II 'was being tracked, II dlscontlnued condltlons that all GiPSdevices wer,e' permanently terminated y,oUlr constltuents and thousands b et.ween 2.005,·,20'1.0., the servlce under contractual but as yous:ee they were not. If

it wals just me', I woul~d not report this to youlr office'; however, it is a concern to at leastone of
of people across .America that bought a vehicle with on-star'

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II and Iman,y others appreciate Senator Sehu mer eHo'rt's that enforce the P'r,esidi,ent'ial executi've order to INSA iin 20'08 '''to preserve andenhance" Civillright:s and ICivil Libert'i,es.

NY Sein. S,chUlmer ac'cusle',s OnStar o,f ilnvading priivacy
Ap Associated

Press By IMlllCHAEt GORIMltEY - Associated

Press IIIAP - 4 hrs ago

http://neYJS .yahoo .com/ny-sen -sch u mer-accuses-onstar-l

nvadling-p rivacy-

A week ago, OnStar changed ,its policy an:d' began' ,continu;n'g tne connection jar ex-customers unless 'th,ey asked for it to be discontinued.

Finnor'noted keeping the two-communication active jor forme" customers ,couldsomeday allow/or eme~gen,cy mes'sages to be sem even to ex-customers about'selle,re weather ,a" evocuations. The open line' could a/sloallow OnStart,o alert drillers about 'warranty in/ormation or .re,calls,sbe .sQ;d~
's,ch,;d he is,n't persuaded .. He said customers shouldn't have to ",opt ,out" o/t'h',e tracking after they endservice •.He QCCusesOnSt,ar oj'actively deceiving customers, 's,chumer;s annoull'cin'g the effort Sunday byreleas'ing ,se'eking an ilJve.stigatio'n ..


to the Fede'ral TrQde Commission

On5'tar charges ab,aut $199 ,0 year for basic service and' $299'
n,Qv;gation aid .. ,




service tha;t includes

II gathered

Imy research by inte,rviiewing AI~saltialnimmigralnts in Calstr'oviUe, Texas who stUI,had
the area's hlstorvand spendlng

days ;i'n the

Cast:r,oviUe Ubralry that




of I~ocall,nlationall"allnd

ilnterlna'tiio,nall works not vet replaced by online computer resources less

t,Qlrmlinals,.IUnUke the nearest uni!ver:sity lib:r,ary empty of books and people, this small town

boolk de:po,sit,ory was fulll, of localls realding books and ,enjo'yilng the library's hi'story repeatl
My' home" a farm house, was Imiles alway' from my field project

so I spent the last night in an 'Olld Landmark Inn which 'was the

lnn after iinterview'ing IMary, a y10ung Ilady my age for inforlmlatio,:n concernlng imy research, Malry,.a P'alrk Ranger, suggested thatl stay at the local historic beginning ota lifelong r'e111ationshipl,. Like I said p,reviousl:y, a mlracle i's,a p'OS,iitive event in our lives that seems to oppose the laws of

physics or the



of things,

P'erhaps, miracles are natural





or beyond the Ililmits of human

ressoniing that gives hope i'ln times of

desp,sir or uncertalntv,

Here is looking back at you!

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No State Shall Including Texas I

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Thousands of Di'scarided Disabili'ty Cla,ilms U,.,S.Colleges and Universi'tie's
Stililin ILimbo INo,v'elmlbe"r 20 11.

,(Many ofthese people are still being st:alked or have d,e,r,o'gatolry information

held by Pr'iv,ate

Security iFirms, unable to find gainful emplovrnent lnformatlonthat What happened

or harassed

by Ilaw',enfor,ce:mentfor

they should not have.] thatgrldlock

inside' the Offic:,eof Civil Right:s durlng the Bush Admin'i.stration

and denled valid ciivUrights, clalms that insure due precess, ju:stice,andanti-disc'riimi'natioln policles that should have been, applied on UI.S. Colleges and Unive:rsitie:s which hada direct causaleffect creditable on the :100 fold increase in campus violeneeln reports showthe the years 2.o01..2,008!!Several staff such as "commies" use of terms by senior and supe:rvisory

and 'I'Socli'aUst" to d,em,or,alliz,e staff membersenfcrdng

the Ilaw under the Bush Administration. iin W.ashingt:oin! ensurlng o,f hat:red against those that andacts

'The Office of Civill Rights i:sthe most :i,m,portant governmentagency

equal protections of attornevand

of the law and prosecute legal counselas foll'olws:


can not protect themselves,

Thomas Per,ez has announced

the turn around in the OCR~:s o·ffice'

St.a,te'm,ent of thomas

E. Pere:z Assistant Attorney Gene'rall :De!partm,ent of Justice
United St,ates Senate Concerning

Befor,e the Co'mmittee of the Judiciary

the 'CivUIRi'ghts

D'ivision ofthe Department http://judi,,

of Justice' IPresenlted Ap,ril20, 2010

nate .g:ovlpdfI1 0-4-.20IPe rezo/Q27s,Testi mony.pdf
'fair SteplPin,g Up! R.:eardlthe Bolld Truthful ere zO/OZ7s'Testimony.
ci'vil riights vio,lations and talented career

Thank you U... Justke Department S. Thomas E. Perez Ass,istan,t Attolrney http::lljudi:ciary

R.epolrt from

G,ene'ral Office of Civil Ri,ghts at the foillowin,g llnk:

.. e nate .;go,v/pdfl'1 0-4-20 s

IIIMy aldi:mlinistraltio,n has a Ci'viI D:ivis·ionl that is once again prosecuting

emp IOlymen t d iscrimina,tio n"
"Perhaps most ilm~po,rtantllYI this involives assembllng a team of commltted, attornevsand
1 1


staff to carry out the Dilvision'ls critical work,. Betwee'n 2,003·and

2007, more than 70:percelnt of Divi'sion'ls attorneys left, many taki'ng with them year of
experience and expertise." "The D'ivi:sion has made considerable progress in the protectlon and reached 39 settlement of rights for individlu811:swith

disabillities., The IDis,abUirtyRights Section in the first yealr of the Administ,raltion agreements ..This work in,cludes 14 nlew agreements

filled 12,llawsuits under Project to ensure

Civic:Acces,s, which allow the' Diviision to WOlrk co,op'erative,ly with Ilo·cal!1 government ... C·:" - ." dl b 1IIIes,-!!g:rea t er accesstc t '1IV,le programs an. drservices- '0 fln dlIV'II_ua_s w_' 'it, h'J_ls,a_ "I"t'· n ·In __ ld II
IIIM!eanwhile, the Administratli'onlsfilr's,t
year proved to be a landmark forfederal the' Suprem,e Court declslon i,n O:lmste'sd

state to

v, L..C., 5.27 U.S. ,5811 99), (19

a ruling requiring

eUminate unnecessary segregatlon of persons with dis,abillities and provide those individuals,

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w,ithservice's i:n the

mestlntegreted steering appropriate ..The Omstead declslon has often
and in the last:

been called the Brown v. Board of Educationl of the disability r'ights movement,

y,ear the D,ep'alrtm,ent:filed amicus briefs in five separate case's lin Connectiicut, Virginia, N!ortlh

Csr,oliina, IIIlinois, and Florida, and intelrve,ned in a case in ,New York [Perez],"

http://j u d nate .go,v /pdf/1 0-4,·20 e re zO/027sTestimony.pdf

One 0,' first OCRarticles in 2009 tit:I'ed "unlted ,law Soci,etyis to promujgate the contjnued

States Assists'nt Att,Q,rney 'Generalll Thomas E.
need for' actlvlsm,

,P,er,ez speak at NCCU School of Law" states "The mlsslon of' the 'CiivURi,ghts & Constitutionsl'l to

advccacv, dlscusslcn, research,

w:riting"and legaill representation

for' civil and human rights issues."


in the union.Texas

has maida it: clear that they· will not partlclpate, condone', nor

disability mandates concemlng dli'sabled student equlality, access to' a higher education, or equalprotectlon under the law, arguing only 'able bodies,' are :protected by the' constitution under the 10th amendment and "disa:bled bodies' area burden of care by way of virtue of the State of Texas (Riclk Perry). Perha,pswe should blrilng back the sporting term of 'handicapped' and remove the disability by two th'iIr'ds vote of congress!

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Labs s: GP'S, Tracking, Civil Riights, 911 Patriot Act, stalked, Discarded Disability Liimbo November 2011" derogatory information, IRiick Perry" unwarranted search and seizures, stalking: by milItary helicopters

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