State Issue 2: What It Does

State Issue 2 makes some very fair and common sense requests of government employees to help our local communities get their growing labor costs under control.    • It allows an employee’s performance to be considered when determining compensation, rather than just awarding automatic pay increases based only on an employee's length of service. It asks government employees pay at least 15 percent of the cost of their health insurance premium, with the other 85 percent portion to be publicly funded by a government employer (with our tax dollars).  That's still less than half of what private sector workers are currently paying.   It requires that all government health care benefits apply equally to all government employees, whether they work in management or non-management positions.  No special favors. It asks government employees to pay their personal share of a generous pension contribution, ending the practice of requiring taxpayers to pay both the employee share (10 percent) and employer share (14 percent).  In this economy, many private sector workers get no retirement benefit at all. It asks government employees to earn their paycheck based, in part, on performance and quality of work, not just on how long they've held the job.  It stops the outdated practice of laying off good teachers just because they haven't served long enough. Finally, it preserves collective bargaining for government employees, but it also returns some basic control of our schools and services to the taxpayers who fund them, not the union bosses who thrive on their mismanagement.

Even under the reforms of State Issue 2, Ohio's government employees will still receive better pay, better health care and better retirement benefits, on average, than the vast majority of Ohioans who work in the private sector. Ohio's economic recovery begins with reclaiming our schools, respecting our taxpayers and restoring our jobs.  State Issue 2 gives us some very reasonable opportunities to do just that. On Tuesday, November 8th, vote YES on State Issue 2.
Paid for by Building a Better Ohio, J. Matthew Yuskewich, Treasurer, 4679 Winterset Drive, Columbus, OH 43220

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