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REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES Office of the Court Administrator SUPREME COURT - En Banc - M A N I L A Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr.

, Complainant, A. M. Oca IPI No. ___________________ For: Gross Misconduct, Disbarment, etc. Former Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, Respondent. X-------------------------------------------------X VERIFIED DISBARMENT COMPLAINT / LETTER-AFFIDAVIT
[Under Rules 138, 139-B, & Rule 140 (A.M. NO. 01-8-10-SC), Rules of Court, inter alia] With - Motions - for Leave of Court to Admit this Complaint, for PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION, Immediate Docketing and Early Resolution

- versus -

Mr. Justice Antonio T. Carpio, Chief Justice Renato C. Corona, and the MEMBERS, En Banc, SUPREME COURT, Padre Faura, Manila Your Honors, I, the undersigned complainant, Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr., under oath, by MYSELF and for MYSELF, as litigant / complainant in this case, AND WITH LEAVE OF THIS COURT, most respectfully depose and say, that: CRITICAL AND UNDISPUTED FACTS Relevant Antecedents Bill of Particulars: On September 26, 2006, this Honorable Court promulgated a Resolution (released on October 5, 2006), giving due course to Judge Florentino Floros (complainant Judge Floro, for brevity) Verified Complaint/Letter-Affidavit dated August 25, 2006, filed on August 30, 2006 against Marilyn Puno Santiago, sister of Puno, for brevity). It deals with the 3 hours Spanish card reading at the Supreme Court conference hall, upon order and request of respondent Puno. In A.M. No. 2006-24-SC (Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. v. Mrs. Marilyn Puno Santiago Reynato S. Puno (respondent

and Jasmin Mateo), the Court finally dismissed Judge Floro's complaint on November 14, 2006, to wit: Note: Download this pleading:

[A.M. No. 2006-24-SC. November 14, 2006] JUDGE FLORENTINO V. FLORO, JR. v. MRS. MARILYN PUNO SANTIAGO AND JASMIN MATEO For consideration are the Verified Complaint/Letter-Affidavit dated August 25, 2006 and Verified Another/Supplemental Complaint/Letter-Affidavit (sic) dated September 1, 2006 filed by former Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr. against two court personnel from the Office of Senior Associate Justice Reynato S. Puno of this Court. While this Court, in cases of this nature, would normally have proceeded to a statement of relevant facts and allegations, it bears noting early on that the complaint is couched in such obscure language as to render that task very difficult, if not impossible. Parenthetically, it may be recalled that, earlier this year, this Court, in Office of the Court Administrator v. Floro,[1] (A.M. No. RTJ-99-1460, March 31, 2006, 486 SCRA 66) relieved herein complainant of his duties as a trial judge. Cited among the grounds for his relief were complainant's unusual beliefs which were "at odds with the critical and impartial thinking required of a judge under our judicial system." Thus, this Court noted: Moreover, Judge Floro himself admitted that he believes in "psychic visions," of foreseeing the future because of his power in "psychic phenomenon." He believes in "duwendes" and of a covenant with his "dwarf friends Luis, Armand and Angel." He believes that he can write while on trance and that he had been seen by several people to have been in two places at the same time. . . .[2] (Emphasis supplied) Regrettably, the complaint displays vagueness of expression and want of logical thought that it may be described as bearing a trance-like character. Consider, inter alia, the following statement in the complaint: "Respondents Jasmin Mateo's and Marilyn Puno Santiago's formidable Lust for Power and Glory --brought them not to the Land of Fantasy, not to Never Land, not to the Island of the Fairies, but to the Enchanted Kingdom of the 3 Mystic and Healing Dwarves --- They would try anything just to . . . They wanted to look inside the CRYSTAL BALL of Luis Armand and Angel [.]"[3] (Underscoring, emphasis, and ellipsis in the original - Verified Another/Supplemental Complaint/Letter-Affidavit, p. 7.) The surreal frame in which the complaint was crafted is heightened by the several pictures, printed in full color, interspersed therein, none of which contributes to clearing the obscurity. In one page of the complaint, for instance, there are three pictures: two appear to be logos or seals bearing the Latin word "veritas," while the other seems to be a cover of a foreign religious comic book bearing the title "Veritas".[4] While they almost fill up an entire page, the pictures appear to have no relevance other than complainant's mention of the word "veritas" somewhere in the complaint. Add to these pictures of clouds and flowers, icons of Mary and St. Peter, pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, Edu Manzano and Justice Sabino de Leon, the logo of a

restaurant, a cartoon character, etc., and one would look at the complaint as more reminiscent of a dream-like stream of consciousness than a seriously drafted pleading for the Supreme Court, or any court of justice for that matter. To consider the complaint any further would only waste precious time which this Court can more fruitfully devote to cases of significance and more pressing urgency. The complaint must thus be dismissed outright. WHEREFORE, the Verified Complaint/Letter-Affidavit dated August 25, 2006 and Verified Another/Supplemental Complaint/LetterAffidavit dated September 1, 2006 are DISMISSED. Puno, J., no part.1 Jurisdiction of the OCAD in cases against Retired Supreme Court Justices Complaint Judge Floro invokes the jurisdiction of this Court of last resort to take cognizance of this landmark case, based on the latest jurisprudence: "While both accused (CJ Davide, Jr. and Austria-Martinez) are now retired from the service, the complaint against them still qualifies for exclusive consideration by this Court as the acts complained of spring from their judicial actions while they were with the Court. From this perspective, we therefore pass upon the prima facie merits of the complainants Lozanos criminal complaint." (AM No. 101-13-SC, Re: Subpoena Duces Tecum Dated January 11, 2010 of Acting Director Aleu A. Amante, PIAB-C, Office of the Ombudsman, March 2, 2010) Similarly, this Court rendered Judgment against CA Justice Roxas in the GSIS-Meralco bribery case. On January, 2007, the Supreme Court of the Philippines dismissed with finality the August 30, 2006 landmark disbarment A.C. No. 7324, filed by Judge Floro against Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr., Justice Bernardo P. Pardo, Alfredo Benipayo and 6 others. NOTE that the case against Davide, Jr. was filed by Floro with the Office of the Bar Confidant at that time, and the 3rd Division, En Banc, dismissed the case. However, Judge Floro was informed by the Office of the Bar Confidant that administrative cases against all Judges and Justices were cognizable in
1 - Verified Complaint/Letter-Affidavit dated August 25, 2006, filed on August 30, 2006 against MRS. MARILYN PUNO SANTIAGO - with the Office of Administrative Services, Complaint and Investigation Division, S.C. Personnel, under Atty. Eden T. Candelaria [(02) 552-9552, duly signed and initialed by Manny, 2:30 p.m., Aug. 30, 2006], - Verified Another/Supplemental Complaint/Letter-Affidavit (sic) dated September 1, 2006, filed on September 8, 2006 [A.M. No. 2006-24-SC. November 14, 2006]

2007 by the OCAD instead of by the OBC. Hence, Judge Floro filed the Disbarment Case against the Dirty Dozen and CA Justice Romeo Barza with the OCAD, which docketed the case as A.M. OCA IPI No. 07-106-CAJ, per SC Resolution dated June 19, 2007, En Banc. Therefore, Judge Floro opted to file this landmark case with the OCAD, instead of with the Office of the Bar Confidant, upon previous instructions and coordination between the 2 offices under Rule 140 (A.M. NO. 01-8-10-SC).2

Critical Facts Detailed narration of facts regarding respondent Punos personal Order to Marilyn Puno Santiago and Jasmin Mateo to request Judge Floro to predict the 22nd Chief Justice Appointment against Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago and Mr. Justice Leonardo A. Quisumbing. Timeline

July 20-22, 1999, August, 1999 On July 20, 1990, Judge Floro was suspended by the Court. On July 22, 1999 (on the 3rd of more than 60 private meetings at the chambers of JBC Member Regino C. Hermosisima, Jr., with 3 meetings at his Capitol Estates home), Hermosisima, Jr. told Judge Floro that Comelec Chair Jose A.R. Melo said "Floro ... kuro-kuro yan!" Further, Hermosisima, Jr. said that it was the last hurrah of Flerida Ruth Romero who made and wrote the July 20, 1999 En Banc Resolution of Suspension as her final cursed resolution before her retirement. Hermosisima, Jr. furthermore, said: "Puno and Panganiban are with you; Panganiban believes in Jaime Licauco." From July to August, 1999, Judge Floro repeatedly called the Office of respondent Puno; thereat, in having filed (copy furnished) more than 60 Motions to Lift suspension until January, 2006, Floro met and became close to Jasmin Mateo, the private secretary of Puno, who later on gave Floro her cellphone and phone numbers at her Balut, Tondo, Residence: (02) 251-3724; (02) 256-6637, which are not working anymore; but later, Jasmin gave Floro her cel. # 0919-266-0273, which was and is on and off working. Floro also gave Jasmin his coconut healing oil and the Healing Judge Book. Floro repeatedly asked Jasmin to convince respondent Puno to grant Floro an audience, so that his case would be decided, since Hermosisima, Jr. on SC Dismisses Another Disbarment Case against Ret. Chief Justice Davide

December 2002, said that Davide, Jr. would sit and put in the back burner, Floro's case until his December 2005 retirement. Jasmin cautioned Floro not to deal with Marilyn Puno Santiago, respondent's sister, since the latter was not in good terms with her. Mateo further informed Floro that she had been with Puno for so many years. Jasmin Mateo also warned Floro not to repeatedly call her at her Tondo phone since her husband is a jealous lover. For this reason, Jasmin texted SMS Floro about 11 a.m. of March 12, 2001, while the latter was riding a bus at Tuguegarao, asking Floro not to text her anymore since her husband had accused her of infidelity. From the foregoing circumstances, Floro concluded that Jasmin was the Queen of Puno's Court regarding all matters (in like manner that Atty. Bibing Timbangkaya was the p.s. of Justice Nazario), except the appointments which were assigned to Marilyn as private secretary, while Luz Puno was more concerned with the business at the OCC. Luzviminda T. Delgado Puno: why did she suffer the heart ailment? Why did she pass away on April 12, 2006, and why did Narcisa Puno die on April 25, 2007? Destiny or Curse? About 11:30 a.m. of the landmark FPJ Oral Argument, before the March 3, 2004 Decision, Judge Floro went to the OCC to ask for a pass for a front seat as Intervenor; but since the OCC was so busy preparing for the Oral Argument, Luz Puno confronted Judge Floro with a security guard; she was so mad and pointed a finger to Judge Floro ordering the guard to oust Floro and anyone thereat off the Office; forthwith, LUIS, the King of kings of elementals, who was hurt, did flash the VIOLET light which struck and blocked her vessels; Judge Floro was later granted a pass by the SC officer.3 About 11:40 a.m., of another day, Luz Puno again, but this time, in a friendly voice, accidentally met Floro in front the PIO Office: "Judge (Floro) ... were you the one who filed the anonymous complaint-Motion to Inhibit Justice Dante Tinga in the FPJ case?" Judge Floro politely replied: "Ma'am ... hindi po ako, letter po ito ni Fr. Romeo Intengan, SJ Provincial, my classmate, para madecide na itong kaso ko!" The truth of the matter is: Judge Floro was the movant and mailed the motion via LBC Malolos for reasons: a) Judge Floro hired Atty. Gregorio Batiller, Jr. as counsel of his father in a fraud civil case before Valenzuela CFI, about 1980, when Batiller, Jr. was employed by Santiago, Andrexito Fornier, Dante O. Tinga Law Office, Strata Bldg., Ortigas; and b) Batiller, Jr. informed Floro that Tinga was a very corrupt Congressman, etc. [G.R. No. 161434. March 3, 2004] MARIA JEANETTE C. TECSON and FELIX B. DESIDERIO, JR., petitioners, vs. The COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS, RONALD ALLAN KELLY POE (a.k.a. FERNANDO POE, JR.) and VICTORINO X. FORNIER, respondents.

Hence, Floro filed the Inhibition Motion in the FPJ case vs. Tinga, who was cursed by Floro on November 3-5, 2006 under Psalms 109/73. Dante Tinga represented the Taguig district for 3 terms, from 1987 to 1998. After his third term as congressman, Tinga ran but lost in the mayoralty race against Cayetano, Maria Laarni L., by a measly and painful less than 4,000 votes.+ It is further UNDERSCORED here, that Felipa Anama's spouse Ting Anama accused Tinga of bribery regarding his own family lot case. Douglas (Ting) Anama confronted Floro and even begged Floro to ask his 3 mystic dwarves to intervene in the Anama family civil case decided by Tinga, and Ting talked to Floro at the SC toilet, hoping for miracles. But Floro denied his plea, since the dwarves are not meddling in money matters, but only in INFLICTING illnesses and accidents, inter alia. About 3 days before the appointment of CJ Panganiban, Floro called Jasmin asking for an audience. Jasmin promised Floro, but stated that respondent Puno was still grieving. Floro copy furnished the CJ candidates with his Motion to Lift Suspension, at the same time asking for audience. Floro predicted before 2 SC guards, that the one who would let him in the office will be CJ! Floro was not allowed to enter Puno's office since the SOP was for the guard to receive for Floro, the pleading. But Nene, the front desk court personnel of Panganiban received the Floro motion, thus the prophecy fulfilled for Artemio. Puno did not grant Floro an audience, since, at that time, he was very complacent regarding being appointed CJ. Disregarding Miriam Santiago's Palace connections, Puno, later on realized the weight of Floro's prophecy.4 December 20, 2005 The day after the CJ Panganiban Oath, all the court personnel of Puno wore all black at the 1st morning Flag ceremony: Floro: "Kasi, nagluksa sila, ayon sa dyaryo." Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez, on her 1st ever audience granted to Floro per p.s. Gemma Castillo, now in Customs, about August, 2006: "Nakita ko pa nga sa TV, nakaluksa lahat sila!" Realizing that Puno will not be appointed CJ, Marilyn came to Geno Ginintuan, with her husband Mr. Santiago, to ask the guides from the Oracle of Padre Faura. But Jasmin did not believe the false prophet and thus concocted the formula to convince Floro to predict Puno for CJ amid the reports of some
4 Saturday, 08 May 2010 19:54 THE Ombudsman has cleared retired Supreme Court (SC) Associate Justice Dante Tinga of the plunder charge filed against him in connection with his decision in the Court in 2004 and 2006. In a 14-page order, the Ombudsman, citing jurisdictional concerns, junked the charges of plunder, falsification of public documents and violation of the antigraft law against Tinga filed by engineer Ernesto Bautista.

security guards, that Leonardo A. Quisumbing granted Floro several audiences, the 1st having been on January 24, 2006, as a CJ applicant early bird. These SC security guards are gossip mongers, to the benefit of the Queen of the SC or rather 1st lady Jasmin Mateo. Judge Floro confronted Geno Ginintuan (who daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) conducts fortune-telling business between the NBI and SC. Geno affirmed the fact that Marilyn and many other SC people nagpahula sa kaniya. Marilyn Puno Santiago, Jasmin Mateo, 3 Hours Spanish Card Reading in the Supreme Court Conference Hall: Judge hindi ka namin bibigyan ng pamasahe, baka ma-offend ka - - - Jasmin Mateo - - Judge makakaganti rin kami sayo! - - - Marilyn Puno Santiago - - -5 Caught by the Tiny Arm of Law --- In Flagrante delicto Jasmin Mateos and Marilyn Puno Santiagos formidable lust for power and glory --- brought them not to the Land of Fantasy, not to Never Land, not to the Island of the Fairies, but to the Enchanted Kingdom of the 3 Mystic and Healing Dwarves at Osaka, Japan, and Malolos City --- They would try anything just to They wanted to look inside the CRYSTAL BALL of Luis, Armand and Angel: They would go back in TIME, travel to GENESIS, in the WORLD of ENVY, HATRED and DEATH They were CRAZED to be so excited and entertained by the MAGIC SPANISH CARDS of the MYSTIC JUDGE WHO KNOWS They PONDER by December 8, 2006 --- Judge Floro wrote to Justice Nazario: FURTHER to my June 30, 2006 letter to you, Nagulat po ako, nang tawagin ako ni Jasmin Mateo, mga 4:40 p.m., nang pababa ako para magparecive ng copy ng pleading; Kailangang-kailangan ko raw HULAAN kung sino ang nangloloko sa opisina nila, since January, tawag ng tawag, etc. di nila madetek, po. Pumayag ako, sa condition na may permiso muna sila kay Justice Reynato Puno (dahil Acting C.J. daw siya noon), at sa kondisyon na espiritual ang aking magiging payo, gagamitin ko ang mga Spanish Cards (pumayag sila kahit Mason at Methodista sila at ako naman ay Katolikong ex-seminarista).

Kaya tinawagan ako ni Jasmin uli sa bahay, at naSET: HWEBES, 2 week, 1:30 p.m.; 3 Sbarro Pizza, 2 Supreme, at Hawaian, halagang P 2,000 +/- (and coincidentally namang binili para sa akin ng aking kapatid, na nanduon pala sa Robinson, kaya, dinala ko na papunta kay Marilyn Santiago at Jasmin, kaysa iuwi).

Ang nagdala po ay ang Sbarro delivery crew. Kinuha ng aide ko (NAME WITHELD FOR SECURITY REASONS) ang isa, at 5 +/- na S.C. security guards ang nanduong nakabantay sa labas at nakita kami at kinain nila ang 1, at ang 2 ay pinakain nina Jasmin at Marilyn sa staff ni Justice Puno. Akala ko po ay HULAAN ang gagawin namin, pero sabi ni Marilyn Puno Santiago (kapatid ni Justice PUNO) DERETSOHAN na raw: Judge, MAGIGING CHIEF JUSTICE ba kami? Nagpahula silang 2, natapos kami po ng mga 4:40pm. Hindi ko po alam kung ano ang BALAK nila sa akin naluko po ako, tinesting nila siguro kung talagang may mga spirit guides, dwende o ano ... Ang version nilang 2, wala raw sakit si Atty. Luz Puno, kumain lang daw ng gabi, nagsuka, at iyon po, namatay sa open heart surgery, ng 7:00 a.m. --- 15 hours after my last letter to you and 12 hours after I saw Bibing Solis... Capitol Estates Jasmin said: Judge hindi ka namin bibigyan ng pamasahe, pero MARILYN SAID: Makakaganti rin kami sa iyo!!! Based on my reading of her card, it seems that she is insincere but I do not know their AGENDA. The VIOLET LIGHTS of LUIS, my spirit guide flashed xxx. August 30, 2006, 5 pm Marilyn Puno Santiago and Jasmin Mateo confronted Judge Floro near the office of Justice Nazario, minutes after the latter filed the Administrative case against both: Jasmin Mateo got a tip from the OAS officer who received Judge Floros complaint and forthwith, she and Marilyn ran and rushed to have met Judge Floro some 4 meters off the Office of Justice Minita Viray ChicoNazario. Jasmin was so angry and shouted at Judge Floro: Bakit kami ang idinimanda mo, bakit hindi iyong mga mahistrado? Judge Floro replied: Paano? By impeachment? Jasmin and Marilyn forthwith entered the cursed room of Justice Nazario, whose husband Rod perished later on due to the cursed room. Atty. Luzviminda D. Puno (according to Ms. Gemma Castillo, p.s. of Angelina Sandoval Gutierrez), had been experiencing chest pains only since 2005, after she pointed a finger at Floro. She had gone to doctors, contrary to Marilyns version. I told her that their office is CURSED: due to a SPELL, and KARMA, as Buddha taught. WRONG MOVE or so UNKIND, was both of their / all personnels WEARING BLACK. NAGLUKSA sila, against Chief

Justice Panganiban, days after the appointment. It signaled an OMEN: the death of Atty. Luz Puno and Narcisa Puno:6 Both Marilyn and Jasmin candidly told me that the vexation regarding the cellphone and landline office phones was allegedly committed by 2 persons. But they said that it seemed to have stopped last January. I frankly told them that I am not the President, and I could not at that time PREDICT who would be Chief Justice. I told them that I spontaneously predicted C.J. Davide, Jr.s appointment by announcing on November 13, 1998, before my Oathtaking before Justice Pardo, that Justice Josue Bellosillo will not become Chief Justice. I also told them that the TSISMIS, that I predicted C.J. Panganibans appointment: I told them that a Supreme Court guard asked me the day C.J. Panganiban was appointed: Judge, who will be the C.J.? I said: Yung magpapasok sa akin So, Nene and Vilma were there, and I was allowed to enter the receiving room and Vilma said that, I would be given appointment as soon as Justice Panganiban would not be busy. I TOLD VILMA THAT THE CODE OF CONDUCT PERMITS IT SINCE I DISMISSED ALL CASES AGAINST MY DETRACTORS, AND ALL I WANTED IS 5 MINUTES TO LET JUSTICE PANGANIBAN SEE FOR HIMSELF IF I AM PSYCHOTIC. Jasmin INSISTED THAT I SHOULD HELP THEM BY PRAYING. And I said that it depends upon Gods will, it is predestined. Then, I did Spanish card reading for Jasmin Mateo for about 20 minutes (regarding the issue of whether one of her children would make it and pass the exams I refused to predict by the cards and instead counseled her to teach the candidate to read the codes and should practice clear writing). It took us about 2 hours, just to have finished card reading for Marilyn since it dwelt on one of her childrens education I told her that the cards advised that the United States is better than Philippines, but there might be some problems regarding love relationships here the cards went wild . I candidly told MARILYN that I was guest at PASADA 630 with EDU MANZANO and PINKY WEBB. Edu ON THE AIR, ABS-CBN, DZMM read my written prophecy, 2003, July: The judicial department will mourn Magluluksa ang hudikatura dahil sa lagda ni Benipayo sa pahina 67 nito.7 I tersely explained to Edu that the prophecy was meant for my Ateneo Professor Justice Sabino De Leon, Jr. (whom I predicted to have been appointed). But according to Justice Hermosisima, Jr. he opposed my reinstatement, until the latter desperately tried to convince him .. I
Court News Flash, Death of Luz Puno, April 12, 2006

pg. 21, last line, Supplemental Motion filed on 20 July 2003 in the case.

also told Edu and Pinky Webb that it is GOD, Christ, and the SPIRIT who can determine death. But my spirit guides are ANGELS of God, as instruments to clean the judiciary of HYPOCRISY and CORRUPTION HEALING the WOUND. I further told them that MAGLULUKSA TALAGA not only once but many times . Judge Kaibigan ko si Luz --- Edu Edu, maawa ka, I suffered already for 6 years ...! I pleaded, after the air show. Mind-boggling Dismissal: The Cursed (Psalms 109 & 73) 76-Pages Supreme Court Justice Minita Viray Chico-Nazario Psychosis Decision Bite of the Serpent Truth is the Greatest Bomb Travesty of Justice The Cursed Decision, Object of World Ridicule The international community of world reporters, journalists and broadcasters submitted funny attacks and criticisms against the weird, odd and quirky DECISION. At the same time, bloggers and forum discussion members/users jointly submitted as rejoinders thereto, thousands of new topics or threads with truckloads of comments and replies which ridiculed the Philippine landmark Supreme Court judgment: first in world judicial history unduplicated, unparalleled The (ponente, Supreme Court Associate Justice) Minita Viray Chico-Nazario 75 pages Psychosis decision, dated March 31, 2006 --released on April 6/7, and published worldwide on April 7, 2006 (birthday of Angel, sister of LUIS and Armand)8 --- Ignited the spiritual FIRE from Judge Florentino Floro's EYES which emitted the VIOLET and WHITE LIGHTS of LUIS that struck the merciless hearts of the Philippines High Tribunal --IN MEMORIAM A BLESSED FAMILY9 6 days after the release of the DECISION. In Memoriam April 12, 2006 Luzviminda D. Puno+

Supreme Court Decision, 75 pages, March 31, 2006, released on April 6, 2006 OCAD vs. Judge Florentino V. Floro

The Happy Family of Reynato and Luz Puno,


Atty. Luzviminda D. Puno, retired SC Clerk of Court En Banc, passed away last April 12 at the St. Lukes Medical Hospital, Quezon City due to complications from heart surgery. She was 65. Atty. Puno, or Luz to her peers, wife of Chief Justice Reynato Puno, graduated cum laude in 1961 from the University of the East law school when she was just 21 years old, and successfully passed the bar examinations that same year. She became SC Clerk of Court En Banc on September 11, 1993 and retired last June 23 after 35 years of service in the judiciary.10 Justice Nazarios 6 pages Dalliance Resolution of August 11, 200611

LUIS, King of KINGS OF ELEMENTALS FINAL CONFLICT 6 and 6, perfect numbers of twin dire prophecies: double mournings in the Philippine Supreme Court & Judicial and Bar Council spiritual cleansing MAGLULUKSANG MULI ANG HUDIKATURA... (The Judiciary will mourn) On April 25, 2007 Narcisa Puno died in pain. (Ponente, Justice) Minita Viray Chico-Nazario 6 pages Dalliance Resolution, August 11, 2006 VIOLET lights flashed from the 2nd FIRE emanating from Judge Florentino Floro's EYES which transmitted the VIOLET and white lights of LUIS that spiritually and mystically exploded upon the inner organs of the Philippines Judicial and Bar Council --6 days before its promulgation --Judicial and Bar Council, (Ret.) Sandiganbayan Justice Raoul Victorino's wife Lirio "Lily" Bautista, expired on August 5, 2006 at the age of 76, leaving also her only daughter Lillie.12 Psychic Judge and The Bite of the Serpent, August, Resolution
10 11

Obituary, Manila Bulletin, Ocad vs. Judge Floro, Resolution, August, 2006


dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life In the earliest of the times, we recall Gen. 3:14 - And the LORD God said unto the serpent: Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life. Also, but later, If the snake bites before it is charmed, then is there no profit for the charmer's tongue. Ecclesiastes 10:11 Atty. Ma. Isabel Providencia Bibing Timbangkaya Solis drafted and finalized the cursed Psychosis 75 pages decision As private secretary of Justice Nazario, Bibing worked with her at the Sandiganbayan since she was law student. In 1992, Judge Floro met his fatherin-law Judge Cesar Solis (her neighbour at Capitol Estates, near Ever Gotesco), whos wife died of cancer. Her mother, Atty. Victoria Timbangkaya (No. 6 placer in the Bar Exams) had known Judge Floro through their neighbour, Justice Regino C. Hermosisima, Jr.13 He is a 4-termer JBC Member and Lay Minister of their Parish. Judge Floro hired as co-counsel of record, Senator Rene A.V. Saguisag14, about March, 2003. Atty. Vicky Timbangkaya was a senior partner of Atty. Saguisag, and Judge Floro communicated with her almost weekly if not daily through telephone, regarding the 7 years suspension case. Judge Floro begged all of them to submit the truth to the Court, or help Judge Floro get a job, work or trabajo, lest the cursed decision be a dire OMEN to the loved ones of the Philippine judiciarys most powerful lawyers and magistrates. Atty. Bibing Solis gave Judge Floro certified copies of Justice Nazarios pre-trial Orders (which became ANNEX A, of the Petition) days before the filing of the March 12, 2004 Mandamus case to enthrone Justice Nazario. AT THE SANDIGANBAYAN, ATTY. BIBING SOLIS RELAYED TO JUDGE FLORO THE COVENANT: UPON HER ENTHRONEMENT, JUSTICE NAZARIO WOULD FIGHT FOR JUDGE FLORO UNTIL THE END. Atty. Bibing Solis talked to Judge Floro 2 times at the Sandiganbayan and about 2 hours at her house before the 2004 elections, regarding the case and Justice Nazarios appointment. Atty. Vicky Timbangkaya confided to Judge Floro, that: a) she suffered malaria, pneumonia and flu, b) her son, brother of Atty. Bibing Solis was in and out of the drug rehabilitation at Dumaguete and from the Siliman University Law School; she transferred him to the Adamson University Law School (taking just one or 2 subjects irregular last semesters) through the grace of its Adamson University Dean Antonio Abad, a friend of Atty. Vicky Timbangkaya and further, c) Atty. Bibing Timbangkaya resigned from Justice Nazario and transferred to the Office of Justice Gesmundo.
Wikipedia, Regino C. Hermosisima, Jr., created by Judge Floro, 14 Wikipedia, Rene Saguisag,


It was on the day that Judge Floros case decision was released on April 6, 2006, since Justice Nazario asked Bibing to finish drafting the Decision of the case of Judge Floro.15 The Omen fate of the Philippine judiciary On April 11, 2006, 4:30 p.m. (14 hours before the death of Atty. Luzviminda D. Puno) Judge Floro visited her at their house (she would go to Palawan). Atty. Ma. ISABEL PROVIDENCIA Bibing TIMBANGKAYA SOLIS, showed to Judge Floro her youngest son who was bitten by a dog, and her first born who also met accident at a swing with 7 BIG LIFETIME STITCHES on his left forehead (uncorrectable by plastic surgery). Her father-in-law's office, RTC Manila, Br. 22, Judge Cesar Solis' court was ransacked by robbers, that April 7, 2006. The Agony: Sandiganbayan Justice Minita Viray Chico-Nazario; Triple Destiny Twin December 5 & November 5 Iginuhit ng Tadhana Milagros, Minita, Florentino 5 December, 1939 - Birth of Minita Chico-Nazario 5 December, 1925 Birth of Milagros V. Floro 5 December, 1995 - (Death of Mother of Judge Floro) 5 November, 1953 - Birth - Judge Florentino Floro 5 November, 1997 Judge Floros JBC Application 4/5 November, 1998 Appointment of Judge Floro 5 December, 1939 - Birth of Minita Chico-Nazario 5 December, 2006 Judge Floro - Judge of the Year 5 December, 2006 67th Birthday of Justice Nazario The Mystic Judges Legal Fight against Destiny of Choice
S.C. Petition filed by Judge Floro to enthrone Justice Nazario:


Fighting Justice Alfredo L. Benipayo16 (nominated 7 times, since 2000, but failed), The Firms choice for the vacant Supreme Court post and against another powerful JBC nominee (the choice of Pancho Villaraza), the mystic Judge was the sole litigant who fought publicly (G.R. No. 162285) for Justice Nazario). Atty. Ma. Isabel Providencia Bibing Timbangkaya, the private secretary of Justice Nazario told Judge Floro that the good Justice promised to do everything within her power to reinstate Judge. But after her appointment as Supreme Court Associate Justice on July, 2004, Chief Justice Davides brothers Jose & Jorge died in pain, while Hilario Davide, Sr. was bedridden amid the twin spinal cord surgeries in 2004/2005 of Justice Renato C. Corona, which info was given by classmate Tonette Brion, hence, Judge Floro was doomed in legal darkness due to bitterness. Written Prophecy of Death In page 359 404 Pages First Book of Judge Floro, 2006 ISBN 9789716916195 "World-famous Mystic Armand, LUIS and Angel, the Three Dwarves MEET THE JUDGE, Psychic and Healing Martyr or Filipino Justice" Judge Floro wrote: FINAL WORD OF JUDGE FLORO TO JUSTICE MINITA VIRAY CHICO-NAZARIO Cursed 75 pages decision of Justice Minita Viray Chico-Nazario

On March 12, 2004, when hope was lost for Justice Nazario, only LUIS through Judge Floro, PUBLICLY, CONSTITUTIONALLY and by
Wikipedia, Alfredo L. Benipayo,


SPIRITUAL weapon, fought to enthrone MINITA, as God destined her to be the 15th Supreme Court Justice who would be the instrument to clean the corrupt judiciary and to PEN the landmark Decision which should have championed Justice. But she instead buried the truth awaiting its burial in her tomb.The 2 pages which MARKED her destiny is reproduced hereunder as LIVING proof that LUIS did prophesy her ASCENCION to the GOLDEN THRONE as GODDESS OF FAURA.

As LUIS said:

She will regret it!

[Friday, March 12, 2004 Judge asks SC to let Nazario take oath and fill SC vacancy By Benjamin B. Pulta ]

Death and Curse Rod Nazario and Minita Viray Chico Justice Minita Nazario's husband Rod, age 74, former Manny Pacquiao manager, passed away on September 24, 2009 after having undergone by-pass operation in 2006 and underwent chemo-therapy for his lung cancer. Judge Floro did curse the house of Nazario at 9:30 p.m., August 4, 2006, when she refused to let the Prophet enter her Paranaque castle. Forthwith, LUIS flashed the VIOLET lights which enveloped the cursed Nazario home and the entire Philipppine judiciary. The supremacy of the 3 mystic dwarves is a gift which judicial history must emotionally accept without any condition.17 For believers and infidels alike, Judge Floros 3 mystic dwarfs LUIS, Armand and Angel did write history, by marking the judicial departments magistrate Justice Minita Viray Chico-Nazario with their VIOLET lights. From the time she receive Judge Floros Rollo-case for Decision in 2004-5, her fate was determined and there is no exit from the Biblical Imprecation under Psalms 109-73. Related lawsuits Because of Judge Floro's suspension and eventual separation from the Philippine judiciary, he filed multiple lawsuits having aimed for reinstatement after he was suspended on July 20, 1999. On June, 2004, Judge Floro filed an intervention petition, in the certiorari lawsuit filed by the opposition Koalisyon ng Nagkakaisang Pilipino (KNP) Davao City Rep. Ruy Elias Lopez, to stop a joint session of Congress


from canvassing the votes for president and vice president. Judge Floro asked the Court to declare a failure of elections and order the COMELEC to conduct special presidential elections. Judge Floro also asked the Supreme Court to declare Noli de Castro as acting President, as Solomonic solution to the political crisis. On January, 2007, the Supreme Court of the Philippines dismissed with finality the August 30, 2006 landmark Disbarment administrative lawsuit filed by Judge Floro against Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr., Justice Bernardo P. Pardo, Alfredo Benipayo and 6 others. In late April, 2007, Judge Floro filed a disbarment complaint grounded on charges of gross misconduct, ignorance of the law, manifest undue interest, questionable temporary restraining orders and violations of the ethical standards and code of conduct by the Philippine Court of Appeals Associate Justices, "CA Dirty Dozen". Judge Floro named one justice specifically as part of dirty dozen, twelve judges currently under investigation for corruption by the court's Ombudsman. For non-payment of docket fees, the High Court, on June 5, 2007, dismissed Judge Floro's intervention petition dated May 30, 2007, and his Supplement dated June 1, 2007, in the Gregory S. Ong citizenship case, filed by former Senate President Jovito Salonga. On First Friday, August 1, 2008, Judge Floro filed a taxpayer lawsuit against some Court of Appeals Justices and lawyers in the GSIS-Meralco bribery case. Aftermath and unusual circumstances "At the same time, a series of unfortunate incidents have befallen the supreme court justices or their families, including serious illnesses and car accidents," the American Bar Association (ABA), an 1878 voluntary bar association of 410,000 members, lawyers and law students, with national headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, with a significant branch office in Washington, D.C., in its Jounal, said. "Floro says the person to blame for the mishaps is one of the elves, 'Luis,' a 'King of kings' who is an avenger. He told the newspaper that the elves help him predict the future, but he has never consulted them when issuing judicial decisions," the ABA added. In an interview, on August, 2006, by The Standard, Hong Kong's first English and free newspaper, the main local competitor of the South China Morning Post, journalist Sam Chambers met Judge Floro at the famous Hobbit Bar on Mabini St, in Malate, Manila, amid a bottle of Australian shiraz. "One such blogger described Florentino as a Filipino X-Man for his efforts to rid the country's judiciary of corruption.


However, Florentino admits to having a darker mission, avenging those who corrupt the legal system. This has led him to be dubbed an angel of death, a description he does not dispute," wrote Chambers of The Standard. "Eight Justices who Florentino has deemed corrupt have all been struck with serious illnesses, three of them dying. He has, he confesses, been psychically "inflicting illnesses" upon his tormentors, even going so far as to ensure one of them gave birth to a child with epilepsy," Chambers added. In a special interview, on August, 2007, by The Wall Street Journal, an English-language international daily newspaper published by Dow Jones & Company (acquired by News Corp) in New York City with a worldwide daily circulation of more than 2 million, and with approximately 931,000 paying online subscribers, as of 2007, journalist James Hookway, on September 17, 2007, wrote that "Mr. Floro, 54 years old, has become a media celebrity; he is now wielding his new clout to campaign for the return of his job -- and exact vengeance on the Supreme Court of the Philippines." Mr. Hookway explained that Judge Floro become a regular on Philippine television. "They say your show will be taken off the air if you don't feature me more often, Mr. Floro's told one interviewer; even so, a series of dire incidents appear to have the nation's top jurists rattled; according to local newspaper reports, a mysterious fire destroyed the high court's crest in its session hall on January 16, 2007, and a number of members of the court and their close family members have developed serious illnesses or have fallen victim to car accidents," Mr. Hookway added. Five mystic court fires: Respondent Punos Moral Farce; Hypocrisy "The fire gutted the en banc session hall, with the flames reaching the ceiling and perimeter wall. It started when we were having a meeting. The smoke came from one of the conference rooms. Thick smoke billowed out of the third floor of the main building, said Chief Justice Reynato Puno. On July 22, 2000, one year and two days after Judge Floro was suspended, the Catmon, Malabon City Halls of Justice was burned, destroying 5 million pesos worth of court properties. The one hour dawn fire reached 5th alarm and fully destroyed the Fiscal's and Clerk of Court's Offices, the court salas, offices of Judges, canteen and stockroom, except Judge Floro's. According to Mr. Hookway, enough bizarre events came to pass that in July, 2007 the Supreme Court issued an en banc resolution warning Judge Floro to stop in his threats of "ungodly reprisal." Judge Floro told Mr. Hookway that he is not suffering from psychosis, and that he's not to blame for the dire disasters. "He points the finger squarely at 'king of kings' elf Luis, who Mr. Floro says is bent on cleaning up what he says is the Philippines' corrupt legal system, and who had taken vengeance. During the court hearing, Mr. Floro revealed that Luis predicted that then-Philippine President Joseph Estrada would be ousted from office; Mr.

Estrada was forced from power by a popular revolt two years later in 2001 and was sentenced last week to life in prison for corruption," Mr. Hookway elaborated. The second fire also halved the Commission on Elections's seal on March 12, 2007, while the third fire almost obliterated the entire fourth floor of the Philippine Court of Appeals on July 26, 2007. The fourth mystic fire burned the Muntinlupa City halls and Metropolitan Trial Court on August 4, 2007. Unexplained series of car accidents, illnesses, surgeries and deaths of Philippines jurists and lawyers Just five days after the Supreme Court of the Philippines released on March 31, 2006, the decision in these consolidated cases, unexplained series of car accidents, illnesses, surgeries and deaths had befallen upon Philippines jurists and lawyers. On April 12, 2006 and April 25, 2007, Luzvimanda D. Puno and Narcisa Puno, wife and mother, respectively of Chief Justice Reynato Puno passed away. On July 17, 2006 and November 16, 2008, Hilario Davide, Sr. and Edon Brion, the parents of Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr. and Supreme Court Associate Justice Arturo D. Brion, respectively, also died. Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr.'s brothers, the eldest, Jose Davide, a lawyer-engineer, and Jorge Davide, a doctor in soil, died in 2004 and 2002, respectively. In the 2010 Cebu Gubernatorial Elections, Davide left his post at the UN, campaigned for his son, Hilario P. Davide III, who lost painfully to Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia by less than 100,000 votes.18 Lirio B. Bautista, wife of former Judical and Bar Council Member, retired Sandiganbayan Justice Raoul Villaflor Victorino, passed away on August 5, 2006, at Medical City, 6 days before the Supreme Court released on August 11, the resolution dismissing the appeal of Judge Floro. "Alfredo Benipayo had chronic cough that bothered him for years. At first the best doctors thought the trouble was with his lungs. They found out later that it was his heart. He was suffering from CAD (coronary artery disease). His heart was clogged," wrote Fr. Rolando de La Rosa, O.P., UST in the Manila Bulletin. On February 21, 2001, Benipayo underwent angioplasty surgery 5 days after his appointment as Commission on Elections Chair. My doctor said, "We see a block in one of your arteries. To make sure that it's there, you better undergo an angiogram. It's true enough, not only one, but three of my arteries were severely blocked. Luckily, the operation was very successful. That was on a Friday, my fifth day in office. Sunday, I left the hospital, St. Luke's Medical Center," Benipayo told the Makati Business Club. It was Justice Benipayo who signed the Memorandum of Suspension of Judge Floro on July 13, 1999. On February 22, 2008, 3 p.m., Alfredo Benipayo (Dean of the faculty of civil law at the University of Santo Tomas) was hospitalized in Iloilo City's Saint Paul's Hospital. At the middle of his


lecture before the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Iloilo Chapter in a hotel, he collapsed and suffered massive stroke, was transferred to St. Lukes Hospital. Now, he is practically an invalid and permanently disabled, without any hope of recovery. Benipayo tried 7 times to become a Supreme Court Justice, but Floros curse blocked his dream via curse. On the evening of January 26, 2007, Judge Floro's expert witness, parapsychologist Jaime Licauco almost died, having had a near-fatal heart attack (Myocardial infarction). He was rushed to the Makati Medical Center and finally transferred to the Philippine Chinese General Hospital. Licaucos cardiologist, Dr. Dy Bun Yok found (angiogram) that 70% of one of his arteries is blocked. Licauco stayed in the coronary care unit for 4 days, and thereafter, he underwent an angioplasty. After 2 days, Licauco left the hospital (after almost 2 weeks stay thereat). "My new cardiologist, Dr. Dy Bun Yok found one of my arteries was 70 percent blocked," Licauco wrote in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Judge Floro further successfully blocked the vessels of his enemy atheist Amazing James Randi, who suffered angioplasty on February, 2006, and after ridiculing the 3 mystic dwarfs as 3 stooges, in his JREF newsletter, Randi suffered terminal cancer in 2009 and is not dying painfully, as Floro pleased. On February, 2007, the judiciary mourned the twin deaths of retired S.C. Justice Vicente Ericta and C.A. Justice Roberto Barrios. S.C. Justice Antonio Martinez died of kidney failure on March 17, 2007. On March 9, 2007, the neighbor of Judge Floro, Judge Rosa Reyes, Br. 74, RTC, Malabon died after 2 years battle with lung cancer. Associate Justice Bienvenido L. Reyes, who served as RTC Judge, in Br. 74, Malabon City, the neighbor of Judge Floro and precedessor of deceased Judge Rosa Reyes, suffered a heart attack (seizure) on August 8, 2009 and stayed in the intensive care unit of the Capitol Medical Center, Quezon City for "valvular heart disease, secondary to rheumatic heart disease; mitral regurgitation; and aortic valve stenosis (AS)." Reyes's physician, Dr. Francisco Lukban said. Department of Justice Secretary Raul M. Gonzalez suffered from acute renal failure and in September 2007 he received a successful kidney transplant. He and his son Raul, Jr. both lost in the 2010 Iloilo Elections, as Floro wished and cursed. Judge Floro's counsel of record in these cases, Rene Saguisag suffered a dire car accident on November 8, 2007, in Makati City. A speeding dump truck struck Saguisag's van, killing his wife Dulce Saguisag, a former Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development. Saguisag was in critical condition and stayed for 20 days in the ICU of St. Luke's Hospital. He had seven broken ribs and small blood clots in his brain. This happened after Floro issued the curse, after Saguisag turned Floros plea for Mercy on August 27-28, at a Makati Hotel, where both stared at each other, Floro begging Saguisag to tell Cory Aquino and Erap to give Floro a small job,

work and trabajo lest loved ones perish. But Saguisag was stubborn. Hence, Cory died of cancer, while Erap, as Floro predicted at Metro Gate before defeated Senatorial Candidate curse JV Bautista, that Erap would lose. Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay on April 21, 2008 asked the public to pray for Saguisag who was still recovering. "Hanggang ngayon e talagang hindi niya makalimutan yung nangyaring aksidente sa kanya (Until now, he cannot forget the accident)," Binay said. Guihulngan, Negros Oriental Regional Trial Court Judge Mario Trinidad, was the 16th Filipino judge murdered, since 1999, (when Judge Floro was suspended), the Monsters and Critics reported. The Manila Times and Counsels for the Defense of Liberties (CODAL), Philippines, a lawyers organization stated, in their special reports, that since 2001, 26 lawyers were killed due to their professions; 755 civilians had been killed extrajudicially, while 359 survived attacks, but 184 persons were still missing. Against the Manila Hotel Summit of respondent Puno to stop extrajudicial killings, Floro posted several prophecies in the Internet on dire events on journalists killings, even begging this Court to consecrate the nation and the judiciary, enthroning Mary and the Eucharist in the 5 mystic fire courts. But this Court expunged Floros January 4 and April 4, 2007 MarianEucharist motions, for this sole reason, 34 journalists were killed in the Ampatuan Massacre and Floro was credited with this written prophecy by GMA TV. Since the Supreme Court was created by law in 1901, no Supreme Court magistrate ever retired before the aged of compulsory retirement. But Justice Ma. Alicia Austria-Martinez, the 3rd ponente of Judge Floros dwarf case (who inherited the cursed rollo from cursed Flerida Ruth Romero and most cursed Bernardo P. Pardo) had to hand her robes due to health reasons, after she unloaded the Rollo to Conchita Carpio-Morales. Judge Floro, on August 2002 and July 2004, went to her Paoay House and sealed the fate of the Chief Justice contest fate towards Brion-Corona destiny. We were told she had health problems even when she was in the CA, a JBC member confirmed Austria-Martinez opted for early retirement on April 4, 2009 because of health reasons. "I am saddened that Justice Ma. Alicia Austria-Martinez has opted to retire early from the Supreme Court due to 'health reasons.' She is not bedridden. Neither is she physically or mentally incapacitated, but she has chosen to retire on April 30, 2009 because she felt she could no longer cope with the heavy caseload," retired Chief Justice of the Philippines Artemio Panganiban wrote in his column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Floro cursed Cainta and Rizal due to Justice Ynares-Santiago and Austria-Martinez mortal sins in the case, causing the Ondoy-Pepeng tragedies. Former Sandiganbayan Presiding Justice Francis E. Garchitorena, the predecessor of the ponente of these cases, Justice Minita Chico-Nazario, died of


brain tumor on February 25, 2005, at the Makati Medical Center, after making fun of Floro at the Ateneo Law School Library on March, 2004. To Filipinos, who are superstitious and believe in magical creatures some invisible, some half-human, half- animal - which are all said to inhabit the Philippine countryside. Dwarves or duende are elf-like beings, something like tiny magical goblins who dwell in the forests. According to Philippine mythology and folklore, there are two types: the black ones, who are evil and can harm, and the red ones, who are good and can heal. In Mindoro, the Mangyan tribe claim to barter with the few remaining duende for forest products. Then there are the nocturnal Agta, tall black men who also hang out in the forests; the Batibat, found in Ilocos, look like fat women who live inside posts, and suffocate people by sitting on top of them; the bovine-like Mantahungal have fearsome teeth; the Pugot are self-beheading multi-formed creatures, and the Tikbalang are centaurs in reverse.19 Transcendental Grounds and Extraordinary Merits-Circumstances of Judge Floros Administrative-Disbarment case against Reynato S. Puno The following evidence of the highest character is submitted in support of this landmark administrative case, thusly: a) Judge Floro is a visionary, clairvoyant and prophet. He has accurately predicted in his Angel of Death 1996 and other editions, more than 800 dire prophecies with impeccability. Since 2008, he had been bestowed more than 21 visions and apparitions of Mary and the Eucharist, with vivid images and unequivocal messages duly filed with this Court of last resort.20 b) Judge Floro accurately predicted in writing the downfall of Erap, angioplasty and massive stroke of Justice Alfredo L. Benipayo, 5 Court Mystic Fires, carotid surgery of Davide, Jr. Judge Floro easily predicted the 2004 deaths of his brothers Jose and Jorge, and 2002 lung cancer death of Diego Gutierrez, issued the verbal and written predictions of the SC appointments of Justices Corona, De Leon, Jr., CapioMorales, Callejo, Sr., Teresita de Castro (in Wikipedia), Brion, del Castillo (by



phone to Atty. Gregorio M. Batiller, Jr.), Chief Justices Davide, Jr., Panganiban and Punos appointment against Quisumbing and Miriam Defensor-Santiago, by 3 hours card reading with Marilyn Puno Santiago, at the most sacred SC Conference hall.21 c) Judge Floro predicted the September 23-24, 2009 dire tragedies (ROPE) Rod Nazario, lung cancer death after 2006 heart surgery, Ondoy, Pepeng and Global Millennium Earthquakes, Haiti and Chile, World Record Extra-judicial Killings of 30 journalists in Ampatuan Massacre when the Court, with Justice Arturo D. Brion, as one of the Justices, on June 3, 2008, or exactly 25 years after LUIS, Armand and Angel appeared to his brother, Robert, expunged from the Rollo, his Motions to EnthroneConsecrate the Eucharist and Mary in the 5 mystic fires courts he predicted. Judge Floro predicted the enthronement of Minita Viray Chico-Narario. Justice Brion also dismissed Judge Floros quest for justice regarding his only ancestral home on October 28, 2009. Poor jobless-homeless Judge Floro! [A.M. No. 2006-24SC. November 14, 2006] JUDGE FLORENTINO V. FLORO, JR. v. MRS. MARILYN PUNO SANTIAGO AND JASMIN MATEO Nov 14 2006
21 MONDAY JANUARY 25, 2010 Cerge M. Remonde was the 7th of President Arroyos aides who died during her tenure. 9 others have been hospitalized for illness. The other deaths among the Cabinet during the Arroyo administration were political adviser Jose Ma. Rufino Jr., who died of liver cancer, and foreign secretary Blas Ople, who died after a heart attack on board a plane bound for Taiwan. On April 7, 2009, a Bell 412 presidential helicopter carrying four of Arroyos trusted officials crashed in the mountains of Ifugao province. They were supposed to prepare the activities for her arrival in the province the following day. Killed in the crash were Jose Capadocia, press undersecretary for operations and media relations, together with Appointments secretary Marilou Frostrom, Presidential Management Staff assistant director Perlita Bandayanon, and presidential senior military aide Brig. Gen. Carlos Clet. Also killed were the pilot, Maj. Rolando Sacatani, co-pilot Capt. Alvin Alegata, Clets aide Quarter Master 3rd Class Demilyn Reyno, and crewman Sgt. Roe Gem Perez. Serving under the Arroyo government also carries health risks. Gabriel Claudio has resigned as Arroyos political adviser to focus on treatment for his worsening congenital scoliosis and compressed spinal nerves, despite having undergone spinal surgery. Raul Gonzalez was replaced as justice secretary and appointed to the less stressful job of chief presidential legal counsel shortly after nearly losing his life from bleeding ulcers brought about by kidney problems. Finance Secretary Margarito Teves once got hospitalized due to pancreatitis, a sign of stress. Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo has undergone heart surgery. Monetary Board member Ignacio Bunye suffered from slipped disc when he was press secretary. Emilia Boncodin had a kidney transplant when she was budget secretary. Other Cabinet officials who have undergone medical treatment are: then Executive Secretary Renato de Villa, who underwent heart bypass; then presidential chief of staff Rigoberto Tiglao (and now ambassador to Greece), who also had heart bypass; and former presidential chief of staff and now Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona, who was treated for ulcers, two spinal cord surgeries. Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita and national security adviser Norberto Gonzales have been advised by their doctors to monitor their blood sugar and cholesterol level. With Regina Bengco 22

d) Judge Floro accurately predicted the consecutive deaths of Cerge M. Remonde, Jose Capadocia, press undersecretary for operations and media relations, together with Appointments secretary Marilou Frostrom, surgeries and illnesses of Aquilino Pimentel, Jr., spinal pinched nerves, Alberto Romulo, heart surgery, Raul Gonzalez, kidney transplant, Pryde Teves, bombed grandson of Margarito Teves, after said officers denied Floros December 2006 Applications for job, work and trabajo. Pimentels children Koko and Gwen both lost in the Senatorial elections, due to the curse. Judge Floro also cursed the day he was denied by Sec. Eduardo Ermita, for audience. He and his son lost most painfully in the Elections. e) Judge Floro holds the Ateneo Law School 1975-1985 unbroken record (not duplicated by 10 Ateneo Valedictorians, of 91% in criminal law review under Dean Antonio L. Gregorio, the No. 1 terror professor Ateneo ever had); he placed 12th in the 1983 Philippine Bar Examination, with a very high bar rating of 87.55% in one of the hardest examination in Philippine history (only 21.3% passed; 65% of both Ateneo and University of the Philippines College of Law students failed because of the taxation bar subject). This rating ties with that of SC Justice Antonio T. Carpio. f) Judge Floro became immortal in world history on April 7, 2006, the birthday of dwarf Angel, and from that time until today, dire events enveloped the Judicial department, inter alia. [g]reat cases like hard cases make bad law. - Northern Securities Co. v. United
States, 193 US 197 (1904),[307](Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., dissenting)

The 'establishment of religion' clause of the First Amendment means at least this: Neither can force nor influence a person to go to or to remain away from church against his will or force him to profess a belief or disbelief in any religion. No person can be punished for entertaining or professing religious beliefs or disbeliefs, for church attendance or nonattendance.
Everson v. Board of Education, 330 U.S. 1 (1947) Hugo Black

The dire events pointing to PGMAs imminent downfall. Present your evidence and dont be nervous . . . . - Alice in Wonderland [This gets] curioser and curioser . . . . - Through the Looking Glass22 February 4 and March 5, 2010 Floro SC pleadings, in the Chief Justice landmark case, Arturo de Castro vs. JBC: the prophecy and OMEN regarding PGMA, FG sufferings after Floro's filed pleadings 22 G.R. No. 161434. March 3, 2004 - Maria Jeanette C. Tecson, et. al. Vs. The Commission on Elections, et. al. Decision, AZCUNA, J.:


Here, I am presenting my evidence, tons of them, for the Court's perusal and not judgment of my impeccable prophecy inserted in the video and in the 2 documents, to wit: %5E_Chief%5E_Justice.doc

Download 26 pages, February 4, 2010 Judge Floro's Supreme Court JBC Application-Nomination for Chief Justice of Philippines Supreme Court

Download Judge Floro's 23 pages March 5, 2010 Supreme Court Intervention, Word, in G.R. Nos. 191002, 191032 & 191057 & 191149, "Arturo M. de Castro, et al vs. JBC and PGMA" The prefatory Omen: FG Mike Arroyo's accident and heart attack vis-avis the Tuguegarao PGMA earthquake, stiffening, and 2010 Chilean Earthquake, inter alia February 17

Mike Arroyo in stable condition after car accident 02/18/2010 First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo figured in a car accident on Wednesday but is now in stable condition, a Palace official said. "Stable na po ang condition niya pagkatapos ng aksidente (He's condition is now stable). Nothing to be alarmed about," deputy presidential spokesperson Gary Olivar told GMANews.TV in a phone interview. Arroyo was on his way to Wack Wack Golf and Country Club in Mandaluyong City when his Toyota Land Cruiser hit a post, according to his lawyer Ruy Rondain. February 25

Mike Arroyo stable, only needs 'physical rehab' hospital SOPHIA M. DEDACE, GMANews.TV 03/29/2010 Mr. Arroyo was rushed to the hospital last Thursday due to severe back pains and high blood pressure which doctors later diagnosed as "re-dissection of the thoracic aorta" similar to the dissecting aneurysm he suffered in April, 2007. February 27

The 2010 Chilean earthquake occurred off the coast of the Maule Region of Chile on February 27, 2010, at 03:34 local time (06:34 UTC),

rating a magnitude of 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale and lasting 90 seconds.In Chile, at least 500,000 homes are estimated to be damaged. At least 723 people were reported killed, although later reports from Chilean officials indicated that the death toll was significantly overestimated, with the actual identified death toll being 486 as of March 8, 2010. March 2

Magnitude 6.1 quake disrupts Arroyo's speech in Tuguegarao 03/02/2010 11:53 AM MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) A magnitude 6.1 earthquake disrupted President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's speech in Tuguegarao City on Tuesday morning. Formal Offer of Exhibits/Evidence Judge Floro respectfully OFFERS the following documentary evidence, marked as Annexes A to 1/sub-markings hereof, and requested to be marked as Exhibits, for the following purposes: General purposes of the offer to prove all the allegations of this disbarment and administrative complaint/case, that is, to prove that respondent Reynato S. Puno is guilty of gross misconduct, violation of his lawyers oath, thus having violated Rules 138, 139-B, & Rule 140 (A.M. NO. 01-8-10-SC), Rules of Court, the Code of Professional Responsibility, Code and Canons of Judicial Conduct, the Bill of Rights, and Arts. 18, 20 and 21, New Civil Code, inter alia. Specific purposes of the offer Annex A and A-1 9 Fournier Spanish cards, to prove that Antonietta Articona Brion, wife of Arturo D. Brion, and Jasmin Mateo & Marilyn Puno Santiago, did touch and use these cards of Judge Floro during the psychic readings on 2006, at the Supreme Court Conference Room beside the Office of then SC Associate Justice respondent Puno, to predict their futures and to help respondent Reynato S. Puno be appointed Chief Justice, and on 2001-4, at the Brion Pandacan, Manila house and at the Court of Appeals Office of Brion, respectively, to predict the future of Tonette and to help Arturo D. Brion to be appointed CA Justice and later on as Supreme Court Justice; the twin handwritings of Tonette and Art Brion, and their signatures, to prove that both are indebted lifetime to Judge Floro, regarding their fate and appointment in the CA and SC, and the dinner at the MPC (P 700.00); Annex B and B-1 Page 359 of Judge Floros 1st Book, to prove that Judge Floro did predict the fate of Justice Nazario and death of her husband Rod Nazario, including his ouster as Manager of Manny Pacquiao; Judge Floros

picture about 7 meters off the Karatula and house of Conchita Carpio-Morales and Don Lucas Carpio, respectively, on July, 2003, to prove that Judge Floro did curse Paoay, Ilocos Norte, resulting into the damn failure of Antonio T. Carpio to become SC Chief Justice, due to the mystic imprecation; to prove further, that as Judge Floro granted the request of Regino C. Hermosisima, Jr. to predict the appointment of Corona on 2001, Judge Floros 2nd prophecy on Corona became a reality at 12 noon, May 17, 2010, when the mystic Paoay curse closed the curtain upon Conchita Carpio Morales dreams in the fairy tale story called Arturo de Castro vs. JBC; Annex C Page 1, August 29, 2003, Friday, with the August 29, 2002 picture of the Angel of Death, Judge Floro, who predicted on August 27, 2002 the appointment of Conchita Carpio Morales and Romeo Callejo, Sr. as SC Associate Justices; to prove that Conchita received as successor Ponente from cursed Flerida Ruth Romero, Bernardo P. Pardo and Alicia Austria Martinez, the imprecated Rollo which removed Judge Floro due to pretend world; to prove that the Paoay Imprecation Prophecy became a Virtual Reality when Corona took his sacred oath 12 noon, May 17, 2010, putting the last nail in the judicial coffin dream of Ilocos Norte; Annex D and D-1 The written prophecy dated December 8, 1998 by Judge Floro displayed on his Court Sala on December 20, 1998, predicting Eraps election landslide and later downfall, and the picture of the Angel of Death Judge Floro, 12 noon, Good Friday, 1998, at San Juanico Bridge, where he CURSED and predicted the downfall of Erap, and his eventual defeat in the 2010 Presidential Elections, for which reason, Flerida Ruth Romero and Eraps neighbor, Bernardo P. Pardo, signed the worldwide cursed July 20, 1999 suspension, which caused the 8 medical surgeries of S.C. Associate Justices, inter alia; the one page Gifts of Prophecy and Spiritual Healing, where on 2001, Judge Floro predicted the global and millennium massive earthquakes, Marian Apparitions, both from 1999 to 2012, and the no time frame downfall of PGMA, and FG Mike Arroyos fate, but stated that she would survive her political battles but in the end would be badly hurt as a result, the nation would suffer; Annex E The September 28, 2009 2 pages Withdrawal Motion of Robert A. Abad and the VIOLET thumb mark of Alfredo L. Benipayo, to prove that Judge Floro successfully blocked the latters vessel, causing his February 21, 2001 angioplasty and February 22, 2008 massive stroke which resulted in his slow and painful leading to imminent death vegetable state, to prove that Benipayo can no longer sign and write LIES; Annex F, F-1 and F-2 Page 1 of the Blue Madonna April 4 First Friday, 2008, Motion for Eucharist-Marian consecration in the 5 mystic court fires; the June 3, 2008 and October 28, 2009 SC Resolutions which expunged from the records, the said Religious Motions. Both put the final nail to Judge Floros Judicial coffin, exactly 25 years, when LUIS, Armand and Angel appeared to Robert Floro, and which did deny Judge


Floros 350 pages complaint against Judge Thelma Pinero-Cruz regarding Judge Floros only ancestral house and lot which he lost, after having lost his job, upon cursed UP Class 62 Magistrates signatures, and of course, upon Arturo D. Brions participation in both SC deliberations; to prove that Judge Floro did loose his job and house, allegedly because of Ateneo Law School Classes 1982, 1980 to 1989, contra his father Florentino Floro, Sr.s advise that eductation is a gift and PAMANA; Gma News TV, February 4, 2010 Exjudge who predicted Maguindanao massacre eyes chief justice post to prove that respondent Punos Moral Farce and 2007 Manila Hotel Summit on extrajudicial killings, Writ of Amparo and Habeas Data failed due to Floros prophecy and the expunged Marian-Eucharist Motions, resulting in the world RECORD 34 journalists killed; Annex G Page one of Judge Floros February 4 and March 5, 2010 Interventions Petitions and Motions in Arturo M. de Castro vs. JBC case, where he predicted the twin earthquakes and fate of PGMA and FG Mike Arroyo, to prove that twin earthquakes did happen after the twin filings, and to prove that PGMA stiffened at the Tuguegarao quake and FG Mike Arroyo met an accident and was later hospitalized ICU as Floro predicted the OMEN; Annex H Collectively Cover Page, pages 1-5, of Angel de La Muerte, 2003, by Judge Floro, which was first published to Antonietta Articona Brion at Arturo D. Brions chambers, 2003, and pages 20 and 24 of the July 20, 2003 Motion to Lift Judge Floros suspension, to prove that the prophecies on SC and Court deaths, surgeries and accidents, dire events did happen as Floro predicted, to prove that Floro predicted the fate of PGMA, FG Mike Arroyo, Jose de Venecia, Benipayo, Fidel Valdez Ramos, Pedro A. Ramirez, Hilario G. Davide, Jr. and more importantly the dire events and twin death on respondent Puno, and on Rod Nazario; to finally prove that unless Judge Floro is vindicated, multiple and successive, deaths, accidents, fires, lingering illnesses, horrible, slow and painful deaths, including suicides, would circle the Judicial, Executive and Legislative Departments top officers LOVED ONES; Annex I and I-1 Psychotic judge enlists help of dwarf-friend vs SC November 3, 2006, to prove that the Biblical Imprecation of Judge Floro with the 3 holy angels-dwarves did cause the multiple deaths, accidents, fires, and even suicide enveloping the Judicial department, inter alia; BBC Front Page Online news Friday, 18 August 2006, 01:57 GMT 02:57 UK Filipino 'dwarf' judge loses case, 2nd Best Read worldwide, to prove that Judge Floro and the 3 mystic dwarves became immortal and world-famous in world history. [Total 23 pages]



With Legal Argument and Memorandum of Law / Authorities With due respect Undersigned complainant charges / accuses respondent Puno --- with --a. conduct unbecoming of a lawyer, indirect contempt of court, and of gross misconduct, as an officer of the court and member of the Bar / legal profession, to wit: Section 3, Rule 71 of the Rules of Court provides that a person may be punished for indirect contempt for: (c) Any abuse of or any unlawful interference with the processes or proceedings of a court not constituting direct contempt under section 1 of this Rule; (d) Any improper conduct tending, directly or indirectly, to impede, obstruct, or degrade the administration of justice; xxx (Vide: NICOLAS O. TAN vs. ATTY. AMADEO E. BALON, JR., August 31, 2007 A.C. No. 6483, YNARES-SANTIAGO, J.: EN BANC) Respondent Puno, with malice and bad faith, due to lust for power and glory, with corrupt or evil motives and ways or scheme and design, deliberately, willfully, and feloniously misled complainant Judge Floro, by using his own sister Marilyn Puno and private secretary for so many years Jasmin Mateo, more specifically conspiring with both employees to request Judge Floro to predict respondent to become Chief Justice with the help of the 3 unseen mystic dwarves LUIS, Armand and Angel, in the guise of foretelling the culprit in an alleged cell phone and telephone office bugging or stalking. b. professional indiscretion, violation of his oath of office and his duty as Supreme Court Chief Justice and attorney or counselor-at-law, which include the statutory grounds enumerated under Sec. 27 of Rule 138, Revised Rules of Court (Arrieta vs. Llosa, 282 SCRA 248), including grossly unethical behavior, malice and bad faith in using for his own glory the sacred Supreme Court Conference Room for Judge Floro and his sister with Jamin Mateo to do anything so that he would be appointed Chief Justice by the President, inter alia. c. grave VIOLATIONS of --i.) Sec. 20 (a), Rule 138, Revised Rules of Court, including the Canons, to wit: Respondent Puno, like all other members of the bar, failed to live up to the standards embodied in the Code of Professional Responsibility, particularly the following Canons, viz: ii.) CANON 10 A LAWYER OWES CANDOR, FAIRNESS AND GOOD FAITH TO THE COURT. Rule 10.01 A lawyer shall not do any falsehood, nor consent to the doing of any in Court; nor shall he mislead, or allow the Court to be misled by any artifice. CANON 1 A lawyer shall uphold the constitution, obey the laws of the land and promote respect for law and for legal processes. Rule 1.01 A lawyer shall not engage in unlawful, dishonest, immoral or deceitful conduct.

Rule 1.02 A lawyer shall not counsel or abet activities aimed at defiance of the law or at lessening confidence in the legal system. CANON 7 A lawyer shall at all times uphold the integrity and dignity of the legal profession, and support the activities of the Integrated Bar. Rule 7.03 A lawyer shall not engage in conduct that adversely reflects on his fitness to practice law, nor should he, whether in public or private life, behave in a scandalous manner to the discredit of the legal profession. CODE OF PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY (Promulgated June 21, 1988) CHAPTER I. THE LAWYER AND SOCIETY - CANON 1 - A LAWYER SHALL UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION, OBEY THE LAWS OF THE LAND AND PROMOTE RESPECT FOR LAW OF AND LEGAL PROCESSES. CHAPTER II. THE LAWYER AND THE LEGAL PROFESSION CANON 7 - A LAWYER SHALL AT ALL TIMES UPHOLD THE INTEGRITY AND DIGNITY OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION AND SUPPORT THE ACTIVITIES OF THE INTEGRATED BAR. Rule 7.03 - A lawyer shall not engage in conduct that adversely reflects on his fitness to practice law, nor shall he whether in public or private life, behave in a scandalous manner to the discredit of the legal profession. CANON 8 - A LAWYER SHALL CONDUCT HIMSELF WITH COURTESY, FAIRNESS AND CANDOR TOWARDS HIS PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES, xxx. CANON 11 - A LAWYER SHALL OBSERVE AND MAINTAIN THE RESPECT DUE TO THE COURTS AND TO JUDICIAL OFFICERS AND SHOULD INSIST ON SIMILAR CONDUCT BY OTHERS. Rule 1.03 - A lawyer shall not, for any corrupt motive or interest, xxx delay any man's cause. Rule 10.03 - A lawyer shall observe the rules of procedure and shall not misuse them to defeat the ends of justice. CANON 12 - A LAWYER SHALL EXERT EVERY EFFORT AND CONSIDER IT HIS DUTY TO ASSIST IN THE SPEEDY AND EFFICIENT ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE. Rule 12.04 - A lawyer shall not unduly delay a case, xxx or misuse Court processes. in that respondent respondent Puno miserably failed to be the embodiment of competence, integrity, and independence; (due to his ardent desire and lust for power, glory and material benefits); he did not behave to promote public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary; he failed to follow the strict mandates of Rules 138, Rules of Court, and the Bill of Rights, RULE OF LAW, and due process. These violations / acts and omissions of respondent definitely show him to be wanting in moral character and probity / good demeanor or unworthy to

continue as officer of the Court, or unfit or unsafe person to enjoy the privileges of attorneys or for conducts which tend to bring reproach on the legal profession and to the High Tribunal, or to injure it in the favorable opinion of the public. He clearly demonstrated attitudes and courses of conduct wholly inconsistent with the approved professional standards, of having failed to live up to his duties as lawyer in consonance with the strictures of the lawyers oath, the cited Canons and Codes, thereby having occasioned unwarranted sufferings, humiliations and hardships on the undersigned, who had been JOBLESS, WITHOUT WORK, WITHOUT TRABAHO, WITHOUT OCCUPATION, WITHOUT BUSINESS, since the cursed July 20, 1999 preventive suspension, until today, and WITHOUT A HOUSE, due to dismissal by this Honorable Court and respondent Puno of complainants administrative case against RTC Judge Thelma Pinero-Cruz, retire RTC Judge, Br. 16, Malolos City, Bulacan. He was propelled by ill motives and malicious intentions, coupled with greed and lust for power and glory, having failed in conscientiously seeing to it that justice permeates every aspect of her duties and profession, in conformity with the avowed duties of worthy members and officers of the Bar and the Bench. Petitioner respectfully cited the foregoing norms, code and laws, to support his contention that a) the respondent Puno was / is heartless, merciless and has no compassion wala siyang PUSO, considering the predicament and sufferings of jobless Judge Floro due to pretend world; b) and without any delicadeza, he used not only Judge Floro but even the sacred halls of Justice SC Conference room, and further used both his sister and said private secretary, to achieve his greedy aims, purposes and schemes. Respondent Puno is accordingly liable under these laws, civilly, (under Articles 19, 20 and 21, New Civil Code, inter alia) criminally and administratively, due to palpable obstruction of justice and delay of petitioners cause / cases, because of the resultant vendetta with his unjust and unlawful orders to both his sister and court personnel to use Judge Floro and the 3 mystic dwarves. Petitioner's constitutional rights to due process of law and property were violated when respondent disobeyed the Constitutional provisions, Code of Professional Responsibility, Revised Penal Code, Rule 139-B, 139, Rules of Court, A.M. NO. 01-8-10-SC, Rule 140, Revised Rules of Court: SEC. 8. Serious charges, 3. Gross misconduct constituting violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct; SEC. 9. Less Serious Charges. Less serious charges include: 4. Violation of Supreme Court rules, directives, and circulars; 7. Simple Misconduct. SEC. 10. Light Charges. Light charges include: 1. Vulgar and unbecoming conduct, inter alia. Burning issue Respondent, for glory, ridiculed Judge Floro and misused the sacred Halls of Justice, SC Conference Room


Moral Farce of respondent Puno smart, but Hindi siya Parehas: Urgent and compelling - chilling effect on litigants' and lawyers' recourse to the Courts first and foremost cause of extra-judicial killings due to CURSE Respondents acts and omissions have far-reaching consequences, because every litigant especially the pauper and less privileged have to worry that he or she may be forced to pay huge sums or bribes to magistrates who only value power and glory even with the price of USING anybody including a jobless Judge due to pretend world. Petitioner believes in the Supreme Courts long history of vigilance on this matter of paramount import. Petitioner runs to this Honorable Court with urgent and compelling reasons: If petitioner (as lawyer, judge, world-famous prophet, mystic, clairvoyant, psychic, healing magistrate, a Full Second Honors Ateneo alumni and 1983 Bar Exams, 12th placer, 87.55%, holder of 10 years unbroken record of 91% in Ateneo Criminal Law Review) could not obtain justice in his own country (for he could hardly, by any legal means, including scholarly written and filed court pleadings) and he could not find any kindness, compassion, mercy and could not even find a job, work and trabajo, due to the pretend world, why should respondent use and bother even the 3 mystic dwarves, just to be appointed Chief Justice?



IN THE LIGHT OF THE FOREGOING, it is respectfully prayed that the instant VERIFIED DISBARMENT COMPLAINT / LETTERAFFIDAVIT [Under Rules 138 & 139-B, & Rule 140 (A.M. NO. 01-8-10-SC), Revised Rules of Court, inter alia], With - Motions - for Leave of Court to Admit this Complaint, for PREVENTIVE SUSPENSION, Immediate Docketing and Early Resolution] against respondent, Reynato S. Puno, be duly NOTED, ADMITTED, GIVEN DUE COURSE and GRANTED. Further, it is respectfully prayed, that - after filing of respondents COMMENT / ANSWER, and after due notice, hearing, and Report of the Commissioner / Investigator, - judgment be rendered declaring him GUILTY of all the charges and that the supreme penalty of DISBARMENT be imposed upon him, ordering that his name be stricken from the Roll of Attorneys, and punished accordingly, under Rule 139-B, and Rule 140, Revised Rules of Court, as amended, inter alia. Special Prayer: Furthermore, petitioner most respectfully petitions this Court to SUSPEND Reynato S. Puno, pendente elite, from the practice of law, indefinitely and until further orders from this Honorable Court, and that the suspension should take effect immediately. Other relief and remedies are likewise prayed for. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I signed this pleading - letter-affidavitcomplaint, this 18th day of May, 2010 at Malolos City , BULACAN. Judge FLORENTINO V. FLORO, JR., Petitioner-Complainant, on behalf of himself, by himself and as litigant, 123 Dahlia, Alido, Bulihan, Malolos City, 3000 Bulacan, Cel. No. 0915-553008, c/o Robert V. Floro [I.D. Number: RTCJ-317 / EDP Number: 38676300; ROLL OF ATTORNEYS NO. 32800, Pg. No. 60, Book No. XIV]. NOTICE To: Atty. Ma. Luisa D. Villarama / Atty. Felipa B. Anama, The Clerk of Court, Supreme Court, Manila,

Please DOCKET and AGENDUM the foregoing pleading for the deliberation and Resolution of the Honorable Court, immediately upon receipt hereof, in view of the transcendental nature of the same. Judge FLORENTINO V. FLORO, JR.,

I, Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr., under oath, depose/say, that: I am the complainant in this case. I caused the preparation, signed and read the initial complaint duly filed in this case, and all the contents / allegations thereof are true and correct of my own personal knowledge or based on authentic records. I certify that: I have not theretofore commenced any disbarment action or filed any administrative or other claim against respondent Reynato S. Puno, involving the same issues in any court, tribunal or quasi-judicial agency, and to the best of my knowledge, no such other action or claim is pending therein, and if there is such other pending action or claim, a complete statement of the present status thereof will be made, but there is none; if I should thereafter learn that the same or similar action or claim has been filed or is pending, I shall report that fact within 5 days there from to the court wherein the aforesaid complaint or initiatory pleading has been filed. I further CERTIFY that[A.M. No. 2006-24-SC. November 14, 2006] JUDGE FLORENTINO V. FLORO, JR. v. MRS. MARILYN PUNO SANTIAGO AND JASMIN MATEO has long been dismissed and is final, and respondent Reynato Puno, though mentioned therein, was immune from suit until his May 17, 2010 retirement, was not included therein, and the issues therein are not the same in this case. I certify that on May 18, 2010, I served copies of this pleading with all annexes in this DISBARMENT case Judge Florentino V. Floro, Jr., Complainant, - versus Reynato S. Puno , A.C. No. _______, upon respondent Puno, by personal service, one copy left with the Office of the Court Administrator, since I do not know of his address, being retired, even if I tried my best to locate the same, since I have no access of the records, as evidenced by the signature / initial / receipt, as hereunder indicated, after, in accordance with Secs. 3, 5, 7, 13 and 12 of Rule 13, Rules of Court.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me, on this 18th day of May, 2010, here at Malolos City , Bulacan, affiant exhibited to me his CTC NO. CC12005 # 21783592, issued at Malolos, Bulacan, on 2-27, 2007. DOC. NO. 285, PAGE NO. 58, BOOK NO. 77, SERIES OF 2010 33

BERNAR D. FAJARDO Notary Public, BPSTA Bldg., Provincial Capitol Compound, Malolos City, Bulacan, Until December 31, 2010, PTR NO. 1496043, 1- 4,10, Malolos, Bulacan, Atty.s Roll No. 33633, IBP OR # 774491, 1-4,10, Malolos, Bulacan, MCLE-2 # 0011645, Pasig City, 8-27, 2008.

COPY FURNISHED: (By Personal Service): Former Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, Respondent, c/o Office of the Court Administrator, one copy for Reynato Puno is left with the OCAD since Judge Floro could not locate the house of Puno, Supreme Court, Manila and Office of the Court Administrator, Supreme Court, Manila,


BERNAR D. FAJARDO Notary Public, BPSTA Bldg., Provincial Capitol Compound, Malolos City, Bulacan, Until December 31, 2010, PTR NO. 1496043, 1- 4,10, Malolos, Bulacan, Atty.s Roll No. 33633, IBP OR # 774491, 1-4,10, Malolos, Bulacan, MCLE-2 # 0011645, Pasig City, 8-27, 2008.

COPY FURNISHED: (By Personal Service): Former Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, Respondent, c/o Office of the Court Administrator, one copy for Reynato Puno is left with the OCAD since Judge Floro could not locate the house of Puno, Supreme Court, Manila and Office of the Court Administrator, Supreme Court, Manila, Atty. Caridad Pabello, OAS, OCAD,

Atty. Lilian Barribal-Co, Financial Management Office, OCAD,

Atty. Wilhelmina Geronga, Legal Office, OCAD,

Public Information Office, SC,

Office of the Clerk of Court, SC,

Fiscal Management Office and Budget Office, SC,


Financial Services Division, Internal Audit Division, SC,

Office of Administrative Services, SC,

Judicial and Bar Council, Secretariat,

Hon. Aurora Lagman,

Hon. Amado Dimayuga, and

Hon. Conrado J Castro.

All the Supreme Court Associate Justices and Chief Justices.


Agum, Apal! Mamamatay- tao!

Dear Mr. Justice Lucas Bersamin & Mr. Justice Mariano del Castillo, Destiny permitted me to have met both of you in 1999 and 2006, respectively. Since I was suspended by Justices Flerida Ruth Romero and Bernardo P. Pardo, I suffered the darkest nights of my soul since I was persecuted by the Davide, Jr., Panganiban and Puno Courts. Mapalad pa po sina Luis at James & Anna Patricia dahil hinding hindi na nila masasaksihan ang kawalanghiyaan na nagaganap dito sa ating mundo, ayon sa Ecclesiastes.23 Yesterday, at exactly 8:30 a.m., and since June 2, 1983 (when LUIS, Armand and Angel appeared to my brother Robert at the wake of my father), I was bestowed the most precious gift to sit inside the flying saucer of LUIS, even if he was so compassionate to have allowed me to ride his Bamboo space ship on 2008, after I failed due to FEAR, in 4 attempts amid 4 of his rocketspace-UFO ships. LUIS thereafter gave me a glimpse of the sea universe when due to his kindness I rode his rocket ship this year. May 17, 2010 6:30 a.m. Galactic wars Jupiter revolves on its axis from new moon to full bright slowly descending as 2 Galaxians planets collided fell like bread hosts; inside LUIS' revolving flying saucer I viewed the dark greenish universe then it stopped by LUIS' big Church as saw the inside but I was afraid and a small brown wood did spin floating mid-air towards me but the door warded it off not hitting me as I tried to step inside the church and backed off. I saw the bright morning and peeped seeing the funeral coach of a dead Robot defeated by LUIS.24 Today, I reiterate to this Honorable Court, that I have decided to endure my sufferings, due to a pretend world, since I was punished by the Puno, Panganiban and Davide, Jr. Courts, until yesterday. Starting today, in the life of this 23rd Corona Court, I hereby offer my present and future dire pains to the poorest of the poor and those victims of Filipino Justice. Ergo, I desire to embrace the darkest nights of my soul in the glorious reign of the most vindictive Philippine President (ever) Noynoy Aquino who bears the 666 on his forehead, amid my prophecy of the imminent downfall (no time frame) of PGMA, and as a result the Filipino nation will have to suffer.

491-493rd tweed of The detailed and daily accounts of Judge Floros mystic travels in LUIS Enchanted Kingdom at Osaka, Japan and Philippines, his Visions, dreams and the Apparitions, including the travel in the land of the dead.


I came to your planet, to give peace to mankind!

LUIS, the King of kings of Elementals, appeared to Judge Floro after descending his UFO ship. The Peace of Christ can only be achieved through formal consecration of the Judiciary and Filipino Nation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Holy Eucharist (both must be enthroned in the 5 mystic fire courts) to crush the Serpents head, whose instruments proliferated, that is, top officers with 666 on their foreheads, as seen in a vision by Judge Floro, Prophet and Visionary, the Angel of Death, and Annihilator. Footnotes: i Report Online | Equal-Opportunity Violence 6 Feb 2007 by JOEL M. ROCAMORA The 10-day wake of Bersamin moves the story to Bangued, the capital of Abra, and allows it to slowly unfold. A picture at Bersamin's funeral showed daughter Charrie saluting her father with a clenched fist. When the funeral cortge passed Valera's house, another daughter of Bersamin, Melanie, shouted mamamatay- tao (killer) repeatedly until relatives hushed her. Another of Luiss brothers, Lucas, a Court of Appeals associate justice, called for Abra, [to] wake up. You know the face of agum (greed) and apal (envy). Lucas Bersamin was cheered on by the 6,000 people who attended the funeral, a large crowd for
Bangued, especially with the atmosphere of fear and tension pervading the town. Filipino legislator gunned down - Saturday, 16 December 2006 A Philippines' congressman and his bodyguard have been shot dead as they left a wedding near the capital Manila. Luis Bersamin from northern Abra province was shot twice in the head at point blank range by a man who then escaped on a motorcycle. Mr Bersamin, 62 xxx. Bersamin s murder came more than a month after a relative, Abra provincial board member James Bersamin, 66, was shot dead in the capital Bangued plaza while jogging in November.

Destiny, Angony and Ecstasy Judge Floro met Judge Apolinario D. Bruselas, as PJA 2nd highest officer, 2004. As RTC Judge Q.C., Philippines, the latter apologized to Judge Floro per text message on Judge Romeo F. Barzas humiliation of Judge Floro. The latter prayed for the appointment to the Court of Appeals of Judge Bruselas. When Justice Bruselas was appointed CA Justice, the latter introduced Judge Floro to the most powerful CA Justice Lucas Bersamin. The agenda was for the latter to help Judge Floro find a job per Malacanang appointment.


Judge Floro also PLEADED to Justice Lucas for the latter to intervene and convince his S.C. Justice friend then ponente C. Carpio-Morales to decide Judge Floros 6 years case. Surprisingly, about 3 meetings between Judge Floro and Justice Lucas Bersamin discussed instead (of job) the a) talk between him and a staff of Justice Nazario, as ponente, circa January, 2006 and b) the developments of Judge Floro s case; the last accidental meeting was c) at the CA g/f, on August 29, at exactly 10:30 am where Justice Bersamin hurriedly went up but signaled his thumbs up right hand to Judge Floro, saying that J. Nazario is favorable to Judge Floro; Justice Bersamin and J. Nazario met and talked about Judge Floro s case, and she read the internet posts of Judge Floro. After that meeting, Justice Bruselas and Judge Floro talked for about 20 minutes regarding the filing of disbarment case against C.J. Davide, and Judge Floros plea to Justice Bruselas for help regarding a JOB lest the LOVED ONES of the most powerful Justices be annihilated by LUIS. Judge FLORO candidly informed Justice Bersamin of the IMPRECATION or curse upon the judiciary, and specifically added, is the Biblical curse upon ATENEO class 1982, 1980 to 1990 (where Judge Floro accurately predicted the fire roasting death of the wife and Marilou, daughter of Dep. Customs Com. Gil Valera, classmate of Judge Floro. Prophet Justice Floro warned Bruselas of DEATH once the JBC opens his Br. 73 sala without his appeal being resolved yet. Ateneo Class 1982, Emily Reyes, the father of Manny Gaite, Mr. Gregorio, Christopher Lim all died in pain even if CA Justice Edgardo Sundiam, who dismissed Judge Floros writ of Amparo to save the latters only ancestral home, and after the entire 4th Floor CA was burned during the birthday celebrations of Justices Sundiam and Bienvenido Reyes who in drama anthology, allegedly suffered 2 heart attacks, so that he could escape the Meralco-GSIS bribery case the Judge Floro did file against Reyes, et al. November 03 2006, 11:50 PM INQ7 BREAKING NEWS - METRO REGIONS Psychotic judge enlists help of dwarf-friends vs SC Tetch Torres November 03, 2006 BEGINNING this Sunday, three dwarves will work their powers against 14 of the 15 justices of the Supreme Court, a dismissed judge has warned as he filed his third motion for reconsideration for his reinstatement before the high tribunal. Judge Florentino Floro Jr. of the Malabon regional trial court was separated from service after medical findings showed that he was suffering from psychosis. The high court had said that Judge Floro lacked the judicial temperament and the fundamental requirements of competence and objectivity expected of all judges. It said that the findings of psychosis by the mental health professionals assigned to his case indicated gross deficiency in competence and independence. In his appeal, Floro said his three dwarf-friends -- Luis, Armand, and Angel -- appeared to him last week and told him that the justices would suffer their wrath for dismissing him. 39

Floro said the sufferings of the Supreme Court justices would start midnight of November 5, the eve of his 53rd birthday. Floro said he appealed to his dwarf-friends to spare one justice, which according to him had been put into a vote by the three. Floro did not name him. "Voting en banc with full authority, Luis voted negative, Armand conditionally positive, upon full appointment of Judge Floro to a higher or equal position by virtue of the eliminated magistrate, while Angel voted neutral," Floro said.

"The essence of prediction if PAIN, and the ultimate goal of prophecy is its final INJUNCTION" - Angel of Death, Judge Florentino Floro 'Parang ako ang namatayan' Manny Valera November 25, 2002 12:00 AM Customs directors wife, son killed in fire at home By Matthew Estabillo (The Philippine Star) Updated November 22, 2002 12:00 AM The wife and son of the Bureau of a Customs deputy director burned to death the other night after a huge fire gutted their mansion in an upscale subdivision in Barangay Old Balara, Quezon City. The victims were identified as Esperanza Valera, 40, and Marlou Valera, 13. Both were residents of 11 Lakandula Street, Ayala Heights, Old Balara and were the wife and son of Customs Deputy Director Gil Valera. Valeras wife, 3 others contest Abra lone district By MAR T. SUPNAD January 7, 2010, 4:09pm In the gubernatorial battle, reelectionist Gov. Takits Bersamin will be challenged by Lizardo Senogo and Gil Valera. %28Agila%29 Agila ng Katutubong Pilipino, Inc. (Agila) is an organization that upholds the interest of the indigenous Filipinos. Founded by tax lawyer and Tingian native Gil Valera in 2007, Agila seeks to represent the indigenous in the Lower House. After having been evaluated by COMELEC in terms of its influence, advocacies and programs, visibility, and integrity, Agila gained accreditation and is part of the 187 party lists to seek congressional seats in the May 2010 national elections. It is the first time Agila vies for congressional seats. The organization holds office in Baguio City. ATTY. GIL A. VALERA, CPA-LCB, Deputy Commissioner, Revenue Collection Monitoring Group, Bureau of Customs %20Resolutions&docid=1207806708505866543 [G.R. No. 167278, February 27, 2008] SC Upholds Dismissal of Customs Deputy Commissioner for Grave Misconduct By Jen T. Tuazon.