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Afro Asian Meaning

Afro Asian Meaning

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Published by: Maricel Bailon Jebulan on Nov 07, 2011
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Afro-Asian literature is a term for novels or writing such as poems written by people from mixed African-arab

ethnicity, or african-asian ethnicity. In modern times, a a part of world literature, Afrio-Asian literature is a separate segment of writing [in english] of experiences in Africa and Asia to further cultural understanding and world peace. for example Ngugi wa Thiong'o, the distinguished African writer and Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience (Kenya 1977), has been at the forefront of discussions on the role of indigenous languages in decolonization, particularly in Africa, and has provided inspiration to anticolonialist struggles throughout the world. His novels include Weep Not Child (1964), The River Between (1965), A Grain of Wheat (1967), Petals of Blood (1977), Devil on a Cross (1982) and Matigari Ma Njiruungi (1986). In 1977 Kenyan authorities detained Ngugi without charge after the production of his play, Ngaahika Ndeenda (I Will Marry When I Want). The drama, staged in the Gikuyu language with a cast of peasants and workers from the village of Kamiriithu, was sharply critical of the inequalities and deprivation faced by ordinary Kenyans. Amnesty International designated Ngugi a Prisoner of Conscience, and he was released in 1978.

“Crisscrossing Through Afro-Asian Literature is intended to give the reader varied views of life in the Afro-Asian sphere. It hopes to help the reader capture the nuances of the human experience that well from the vast wealth of wisdom and culture in these countries.” – from the Prefatory Note

Afro-asian literature refers to the literary output of the various countries and cultures in Africa and Asia. This includes their oral traditions and from the first to the contemporary written and/or published prose and poetry.

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