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Armenian Genocide : A reign of terror

Armenian Genocide : A reign of terror


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Published by: hayastan on Oct 18, 2008
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coded telegram

Sublime Porte
Ministry of Interior
Directorate for General Security

To the provinces of Haleb, Diyarbekir, Musul, Mamuret-ul Aziz, Bitlis,
to the district of Urfa.

The immediate arrangement and dispatch of a report on the condition of the number of Syriacs
in the province/district and how many of them have been deported together with the Armenians.
4 May 1918.

in name of the Minister,
assistant clerk
Ali Münif


This telegram is one of the few instances in which the Ottoman government at the most central
level was specifically interested in the Syriacs. Talât seems to have delegated the task of surveilling
the Syriacs to his direct subordinate Ali Münif. From 1917 on they were even allowed to travel
freely through the empire for commercial ends. It seems that the CUP leadership did not
perceive the Syriacs as a threat, probably because the latter consisted mostly of politically
unorganized peasants and artisans. Their religious leadership obeyed the government and avoided
any conflict of interest at all costs. Since there were no Syriac-nationalist equivalents of the
Dashnak and Henchak parties, the Syriac population was perceived as sufficiently emasculated by
the CUP.


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