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Unit 03

Unit 03

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Unit 3: He's the one in the blue shirt.


[00:00] Goals ● Identifying people through physical description

A. Look at the picture and use the words in the box to describe each person.

B. Brainstorm! Think of some other ways to describe people. Work with a partner and write at

Listen to short descriptions of each of the people in Task 2 and number the names (1-5). U B. or Uh. Listen. are used when you are deciding or still unsure what to say next. 2.. [01:32] A.. Listen again and check your answers.least three sentences to describe someone that you know. 3. [00:04] A. ♫ _ Cindy __ Tony Tan __ Charles Markham _ Alan Watts _ Elaine Nolan .. Look at the picture and draw lines from the names to the correct people.. ♫ Listen for it: Um. You will hear a conversation about the five people listed below.

6. I'm not. Yes. 5. Question 3. Listen. Yes. Question 2. 3. Question Statement Statement Statement 4. Yes. No. it isn't. ♫ 4.B. Yes. I don't. it is. Yes. ♫ 1. I'm not. 5. Listen again and check your answers. No. I do. A. Yes. No. I don't. ♫ 6. ♫ . I am. No. [04:02] . I am. I am. A. Is it a question or a statement? Listen to the examples. I do. No. ♫ [02:07] B. 1. What is the relationship of each person to the speaker? Listen again and circle the correct answers. 4. ↓ Then listen and circle the correct answer. Who are the people describing? Number the pictures (1-5). Listen again and practice. Question 5. Question Statement Statement Statement [03:20] B. 2. Listen and circle the answers that are right for you. ♫ Example 1: He's the managing director? ↑ Example 2: He's the managing director. No. I'm not. Question 6.

To me.What color shirt is he wearing? . Useful Expressions ♫ . blond guy over there? [04:29] Các từ ngữ hữu ích [04:57] Anh ta mặc cái gì? Bạn nói rằng anh ta độ trung niên à? Tóc cô ta màu gì? Anh ta có ria mép hay là râu? Cô ta có cầm bóp không? Cô ta mặc áo màu gì? Bạn muốn nói gã trẻ. B: Is the person wearing glasses? A: No.. . Write a brief description of a classmate in the space. B: Is the person's hair long or short? A: Not too long. whereas people in other parts of the world prefer a more full-bodied appearance.What color is her hair? . . Chinese actress Gong Li is perfect because she's beautiful and smart.What is he wearing? . Have your partner decide which classmate you're talking about? In Focus: [05:20] The ideal look ♫ Different cultures have different ideals of beauty for both women and men. tóc vàng đằng kia à? Try this. Then.Is she holding a purse? . I guess you'd say it's shoulder length.You mean the young. In many parts of the world "thin is in". .Would you say he's middle-aged? . describe and answer questions about the person.Your Turn! Describing someone's appearance ♫ Sample Dialog ♫ A: The person I'm describing has brown hair and blue eyes.Some people think supermodels are perfect but I think they're too thin. But the person is a bit heavyset. - ***********************************[end]********************************* . B: Is the person tall or short? A: I'd say average height..The things that make Brad Pitt so sexy are his blue eyes and great smile.Does he have a mustache or beard? . but he's wearing blue jeans and a brown shirt. What physical characteristics define the ideal man and woman in your country? Name some of the people who fit this description.

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