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Facebook Profile Project

Facebook Profile Project

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Published by: Yeicob Laá on Nov 07, 2011
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Iacebook Þrof||e Þro[ect

1Ŧ ° Leams make a lacebook proflle of a Luropea° Mo°arch from 1300 Ŷ 1800 CL
2Ŧ 1he Mo°arch wlll be asslg°ed Lo your group l° classŦ
3Ŧ ?ou wlll have o°e day l° class Lo fl°allze your proflle
4Ŧ ?ou wlll °eedť
aŦ °formaLlo° abouL your Mo°arch a°d hls/her cou°Lrles
lŦ 1he eve°Ls Lhey were l°volved l°
llŦ 1he Lhl°gs Lhey ºllked"
lllŦ 1he marrlages a°d relaLlo°shlps
lvŦ 1helr ºfrle°ds"
vŦ 1hl°gs Lhey ºdlsllke"
vlŦ 8lography
vllŦ Pow Lhey recelved Lhe crow°
vlllŦ 8ellglo°
lxŦ 1helr ºposLs" (you °eed aL leasL Lwo for oLher Mo°archs)
bŦ Colored pe°cllsţ markersţ glueţ prl°Led lmages eLcŦ
3Ŧ ?ou wlll have [usL one day l° class Lo workţ so be sure Lo orga°lze yourselves well so you ca° fl°lshŦ
6Ŧ Jhe° compleLeţ Lhe groups wlll be asked to present the |nformat|on l°cluded l° Lhe proflles Lo Lhe classŦ
7Ŧ 8emember Lhls ls a group pro[ecLţ buL we wlll be workl°g LogeLher as a class Lo compleLe Lhem!
Clea°ll°ess of pro[ecL 20Ʒ
Accuracy of l°formaLlo° 20Ʒ
Crammar a°d use of L°gllsh 20Ʒ
Croup work a°d ÞarLlclpaLlo° 20Ʒ
Þrese°LaLlo° of pro[ecL 20Ʒ
Iacebook Þrof||e Þro[ect

Charles v (Spal° a°d Pabsburg)
lerdl°a°d (Pabsburg)
Þhllllp (Spal°)
Louls xv (lra°ce)
ÞeLer Lhe CreaL (8ussla)
Charles (L°gla°d)
Cuee° LllzabeLh (L°gla°d)

LllzabeLha° Age (L°g) 1lme perlod of culLural a°d eco°omlc growLh l° L°gla°d
Spa°lsh Colde° Age (Same as aboveţ wlLh loLs of wealLh CCLu)
lre°ch Colde° Age (Sameţ less goldţ more culLure)
1he 30 years war (L°g/Spa) 8eLwee° Papsburg/Spal° a°d ÞroLesLa°L sLaLes (L°gla°d/8ohemla/CLLoma°
Lmplre/lra°ce 1618Ŵ 1648 Causeť compeLlLlo° 8ellglo° a°d naLlo°al lde°LlLy)
ulvl°e 8lghL of kl°gs (ALL)
L°gllsh Clvll Jar (8oyallsLs vs Þarleme°Larla°s) Charles 1
8aLLle of Lepa°Lo (SÞA) Spal° a°d Poly League defeaL Lhe CLLoma° emplre 1371 (Charles v)
neLehrla°ds rebelllo°s (SÞA) neLherla°ds rebel l° 1336 1609 (Þhllllp ll)
Spa°lsh Armada agal°sL L°gla°d (1383 Ŵ1604 Þhllllp ll defe°dl°g growl°g colo°y a°d emplre)
1he lro°de (l8A) clvll war 1638 a°d 1630 parllame°L vs absoluLlsL resulL ls kl°g

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