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com 1-800-752-8398 2 . Etc.) Maintained Proximity Switch Position Closed Open LS PRS PRS Liquid Level Vacuum & Pressure Normally Closed PS Temperature Normally Normally Open Closed TS TS Normally Normally Normally Open Closed Open FS FS PS Flow (Air.Electrical Relay Diagram Symbols E LECTRICAL R ELAY D IAGRAM S YMBOLS SWITCHES Disconnect Circuit Interrupter C1 Circuit Breaker DISC Limit Normally Normally Neutral Position Open Closed LS LS Actuated LS LS CB Held Closed LS Held Open LS NP NP Limit (cont. Water) Foot Toggle Normally Normally Normally Normally Open Closed Open Closed FLS FLS FTS FTS TGS Cable Operated (Emerg.) Switch COS Plugging F PLS PLS F Nonplug F PLS PB R R Plugging w/Lockout Coil F PLS 1 Selector 2-Position SS 2 1 3-Position SS 2 3 Rotary Selector Nonbridging Bridging Contacts Contacts RSS RSS OR RSS 1 LO OR RSS Thermocouple Switch TCS OFF – + Single Circuit Normally Open PB Push Buttons Double Circuit Mushroom PB Head PB Total Contacts To Suit Needs Connections. Maintained Conductors Contact Not Connected Connected PB 1 2 – – + + Normally Closed PB www.industrialtext.

) Chassis Plug Time Delay After Coil Relay.industrialtext. Thermal Relays. (cont. Siren.) Adjustable Iron Core Air Core Magnetic Amplifier Winding MAX X X Motors 3-Phase Motor MTR DC Motor Armature MTR A Pilot Lights Push to Test PL PL Horns. Etc. Etc. AH Buzzer ABU Bell ABE www. Brakes. Etc. 2-Position 3-Position 2-Position Overload General Hydraulic Pneumatic Lubrication Element Etc.) Reactors (cont. CR TR M CON SOL SOL 2-H SOL 3-P 2-L SOL OL IOL H1 Control Circuit Transformer H3 H2 H4 T X2 X1 Coils (cont. Open Load Closed Open Closed Open Closed Grounded GRD CH PL TR TR TR TR CR M CR M OL IDL CON CON RECP Coils Solenoids. Etc.com 1-800-752-8398 3 .Electrical Relay Diagram Symbols Contacts Connections. Thermal Ground Or Frame and Normally Normally Normally Normally Normally Normally OverNot Necessarily Recp. Timers.

industrialtext.com 1-800-752-8398 4 .P&ID Symbols P&ID S YMBOLS INSTRUMENT LINE SYMBOLS Capillary tube Electric signal EM. radioactive Hydraulic Pneumatic Process SYMBOLS FOR TRANSDUCERS AND ELEMENTS FE 10 FE 104 Orifice plate Venturi or nozzle EE 4 FI 5 Magnetic Rotameter FV 101 Control valve www. sonic.

vacuum Quantity Radiation Speed or frequency Temperature Multivariable Vibration. Instrumentation Symbols and Identification.P&ID Symbols INSTRUMENT IDENTIFICATION LETTERING First Letter A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Analysis Burner. damper. louver Well Unclassified Relay. unclassified * User’s choice may be used to denote a particular meaning. dimension Second Letter Alarm User’s choice* Control Sensory (primary element) Glass (sight tube) Indicate Control station Light (pilot) User’s choice Orifice.com 1-800-752-8398 5 . If used. This letter can be used repetitively in a particular project.1-1984. state. actuator. having one meaning as a first letter and another meaning as a second letter. The user must describe the particular meaning(s) in the legend.industrialtext. Reference: ANSI/ISA-S5. * Unclassified letters may be used only once or to a limited extent. combustion User’s choice User’s choice Voltage Flow rate User's choice Hand (manually initiated) Current (electric) Power Time or time schedule Level User’s choice User’s choice User’s choice Pressure. force Unclassified** Event. mechanical analysis Weight. or presence Position. The user must specify the meaning(s) in the legend. restriction Point (test connection) Record or print Switch Transmit Multifunction Valve. the * letter may have one meaning as a first letter and another meaning as a second letter. ISBN 0-87664-844-8 www. compute Driver.

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