The Vicious Circle of Governance, Socialization or Civilization

Business and the Private Sector

Financial Institutions

Citizens, Farmer-Producers and the Laborers

Donors and the AID Mediaries

Public Sector, Local Bodies, NGOs and the Elites
Social, core or the real world voice :
• Reduce gap among and within citizens, farmer producers and the laborers • Let them love their values, traditions and diversity • Institutionalize and authorize local communities to loosen elite capture of decision power and resources use

Business, elite or the virtual world voice :
• Help to create and promote markets by improving sales of goods, services and utilities • Mainstreamise citizens as consumers and laborers. • Democratise the governance through market-led brokerisation of national investments and debts

Impact of governance : • Destroy universal values, cultural integrity, social harmony and rhythm • Enforce unspecified national interest and unfair resources use • Diplomacy, bureaucracy, corruption, pollution, disease, war, and the continuum

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