Dear Dr.

1507 Country Club Drive
Red Bay, Alabama 35582
November 01, 2011
I want to personally thank you for taking your time Saturday evening
to bring so much enjoyment to my heart as I listened and sang with the
A Cappella Choir once again. What a precious time for so many!
Enclosed is a small donation toward the new robes, a tour, or
whatever youthink best.
Would you please share the other enclosed letter with the choir, and
please thank them for everything they did for us? I want them to know
what a difference they made.
Thank you again, Dr. Copeland! I greatly appreciate your leadership!
~ % i 1
Phoebe White Hill
Dear Dr. Copeland a.nd A Cappella
1507 Country Club Drive
Red·Bay, Alabama 35582
November 01, 2011
I wanted to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your
valuable time Saturday evening as you sang and spent time with those of us who
have dearly loved and appreciated the A Cappella Choir for many years. You
brought such joy, made us laugh, and graciously listened to us share funny
moments of history with you. You were totally awesome in every possible way!
There were numerous tidbits that we did not or could not share that would
have made your ribs ache from laughter! From Gideon stories during choir camp
at Shocco Springs, a yellow jacket restingon a very blond first tenor's head during
a formal concert, an amazing visit toa certain area of Amsterdam, the severe
attack of food poisoning during a concert in Mobile, or the telling of how the
Plunge Ahead Awards were received daily during choir tours, the A Cappella Choir
has persevered with grace, dignity, and honor!
Please maintain our traditions as you new ones. Enjoy singing the lovely
"A Cappella Angel" and "Dear Beaus" with great pride! Give it your best!
Above all, please cherish every precious moment you are given to be a
member of this sensational choir. Remember to thank the Lord for these
opportunities to practice, sing, and enjoy such rare experiences, for yours is a
if r
special talent and privilege assigned to you by the Lord, God AlmJghty! Give Him
. each note, every word, and each smile, for He has chosen you to share His
glorious, beautiful, heavenly message in song!
/ Thank you for allowing me to sing with A Cappella again! What an awesome
experience you gave to my heart!

Phoebe White Hill

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