Why am I fond of Stylistics? Stylistics… What is in this word?

It belongs to neutral stratum of the language: no emotions, no colour… just science, a branch of linguistics. Nothing interesting? Let’s see… WHAT IS your “favourite book”, you’re longing to read during a busy day, and when the latest hour in the evening comes, you devour the story from the book? WHAT IS your “chatting with friends”? WHAT IS your “serious talk to the parents” when you need some money to add for your holiday journey? Besides, you’ll be successful and able to get your aim, only if you’re convincing enough. So, WHAT IS it all surrounding you every day? It’s language which is expressed in the speech. No matter, oral or written. The way of expressing your thoughts and feelings is more important. It is what we call “a style”. It’s the style of the language that makes you fall in love with some book. It’s the style of the language that makes you the life and soul of the party. It’s the style of the language that makes you successful in your deals. Thus it is impossible not to be fond of Stylistics which studies zest of the language and all the ways of avoiding dry and matter-of-fact speech. Especially valuable it is in comprehension of foreign languages.

Katya Postnikova, 741gr.

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