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Spch 1315 7501 Midterm Exam Review

Spch 1315 7501 Midterm Exam Review

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Published by: sureshshah101 on Nov 07, 2011
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SPCH 1315 7501 MIDTERM EXAM REVIEW Chapter 1 *Recognize the three key differences between public speaking

and everyday conversation (p.8-9) *Recognize the six major steps students can take to control their nervousness (p.9-16) *Recognize the 7 elements of the speech communication process (p.17-22) *What is a frame of reference? (p.19) *What is ethnocentrism? (p.24) Chapter 2 *Recognize our book’s definition of ‘ethics’ (p.30-31) *Recognize 3 types of plagiarism (p.36-41) Chapter 3 *Differentiate between listening and hearing (p.48-49) *Recognize 4 types of listening (p.49-50) *Recognize 4 main causes of poor listening (p.50-53) Chapter 4 *What is the difference between a general purpose and a specific purpose (p.81-85) Chapter 5 *What is meant by an audience-centered approach (p.96-97) *What is meant by the statement that audiences are egocentric? (p.98-99) *What are the differences between demographic & situational traits of audiences. How do we get this information as speakers? (p.100-109) Chapter 6 *What are the various sources that we have available to us as researchers? *What are 3 criteria for evaluating the quality of documents found on the Internet? (p. 127130) *What are 4 ways our book mentions to make our research more productive? (p.134-138) Chapter 7 *Recognize the 3 types of supporting materials that our book mentions in this chapter (examples, statistics, & testimony). *What are oral citations? (p.159-161) Chapter 14 *What are the 4 types of informative speeches mentioned in our book? (p.301-308) *What are the 5 guidelines for effective informative speaking? (p.308-315)

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