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The Secret of the Secret

The Secret of the Secret

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The Secret of "THE SECRET"

How The Law of Attraction Works
This e-book is a courtesy of: John Smith
A Secret hidden during thousands of years is finally uncovered. More than just nice talking, on this book you can find a thorough description about The Law of Attraction, why does it exist, how it works and how you can make it work in your benefit. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION REALLY EXISTS The Law of Attraction exists and works beyond belief or acceptance. You can believe in it or not, but you are exposed to its consequences. This works as the gravity law; you can know that the law exists or not, you can believe in it or not, but if you jump from a height you will always hit the floor. All your life's aspects can be modified in your benefit only applying the teachings contained in this book. And to maximize your success possibilities I have also created 42 self help CD. THOUSANDS ARE ALREADY ENJOYING IT! As soon as you start reading the book you will find that it's teachings have already modified the life of thousands of people, that had overcome serious illnesses, have found the ideal couple, have improved their income, have lost weight, and tens of other incredible but true examples. This book is something very special, because instead of talking about supposed knowledge about hidden laws, it faces in a scientific way one of the most extraordinary laws of our lives: The Law of Attraction. EVERYTHING HAS BEEN PROVED All that you will read has been proved by science, and you will find many testimonies of people that have followed these teachings.

And although its serious and scientific approach, this is an easy reading book, that any one can understand and make profit from. All that you need is to decide in what areas of your life you want to put this Law into action, and then follow the easy step by step instructions that the book will give you. THIS CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE I' me sure that once you read the book and start to do what it says, you will discover such incredible consequences that you will start telling about it to all those that you love, so they can too benefit themselves with the kind of transforming knowledge that you will find. This is a proven program that has already benefited more than 40.000 people, and you are only one step away to start enjoying the kind of benefits that so many others have already enjoyed and continue enjoying.

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Look, it's easy and I will tell it to you in an open way: You are not attracting what you want to your life, because you are not letting it manifest in your life. And to manifest that kind of things in your life, you need tools that to know THE SECRET is NOT going to provide you. The only reason why you are not getting all that you want is because you don't have ALL the tools needed. You might know HOW TO ASK but...

Do you know how to receive?
HOW SHOULD YOU RECEIVE? Unless you really learn how to control The Law of Attraction and HOW TO REMOVE THE OBSTACLES that don't let The Law of Attraction act, you won't be able to reach what you are looking for. Would you like to easily achieve all that you want? Maybe things with which you have dreamed of your whole life? like... To have your dreamed home?

To have a six figure income? To find the love of your life?

To recover from an illness?
To get rid of stress and anxiety without taking pills?

You Can Do This And Much More Because You Can Attract ANYTHING You Want By The Way You Think And Talk!
The Secret tells us that we can obtain everything we've always dreamed of having, and it reveals an information that can transform ANY HUMAN BEING in someone as successful as those who knew The Secret in the past, people like Churchill, Newton, Einstein, Henry Ford, Plato... etc.

The Secret teaches us that money and prosperity are for those who do things "in a special way". They might do it on purpose or accidentally, but if you don't do your things in that "certain way" you do not reach that kind of success.

The Secret talks about a natural law that works like Aladdin's Lamp, but only a few ones know how to use it.

And the best part is that this magic something will give you as much as you wish (not only three wishes as in the story tale) And "the magic lamp" can bring into your life anything you want. But how should you manage the genie to get exactly what you want? How can you MASTER The Law of Attraction? If you learn the answers to these two questions you will infallibly get rich, get a loving couple, a new house, a luxury car, or whatever it is that you want in your life. The Secret of The Magic Lamp tells you how to do things in that "special way" that brings magic into the people's life.

I am an EX Single
"During fifty five years I've dreamed of having a couple. In several opportunities I ended up having transitory boyfriends, but they never reached a good end. I had arrived to a point of my existence, in which I resigned to remain "spinster".

But after practicing during one year what you taught me, the incredible thing happened; my personality began to change little by little, as all my friends commented me. At this time I can tell you with great happiness that I have already been married for a month with a wonderful man that has changed the sense of my life. Nora

To know The Secret to become wealthy?

To find your soul mate? To become famous? To lose or gain weight? To overcome depression? To cure your illnesses without taking drugs? To overcome an addiction? To get rid of your headaches without taking pills? To stop having insomnia? To get rid of stress and anxiety?

You Either ATTRACT What You Want or You REPEL It… The Choice is YOURS!
Right now, this very minute, you are either attracting what you want… Or you're repelling it... Would you like to know what you're doing? Just look at your life... Do you attract all that you want?

I can assure you that if you learn how to master The Secret you will be able to get all this and much more that you don't even dare to dream about now

My change to success was radical
For thirteen years, I had been doing art with ceramic clay and in spite of having a very well known shop, I never achieved great success. Since I learned how to use The Law of Attraction, I'm constantly receiving invitations to different exhibitions, and I have also been encouraged to be the founder of a group of private exhibitors, and now we are to establish another one. More people than ever come to these exhibitions, I could connect myself with heaps of famous people, and the doors don't cease to open for me. Silvia S. You can use The Secret in every aspect of your life: money, health, relationships, happiness... anything at all!

You’ll be able to understand the hidden power of human thoughts, and this knowledge will change your whole life! Now The Secret is available to everyone... Tap into this power and enlightment and attract to your life everything you want as if you where an unstoppable magnet... Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Larry King... they have all featured The Secret on their shows.



In One Month I Reached More Than In 12 Years!
12 years ago I heard that the Internet was the future, and that was the best way to end up with my economic problems.

I thought that that sounded reasonable, that it had to be like they said. But the sad truth is that after 12 years of stuggling with the Internet marketing, the best I did was to earn u$d 200 a month Once I read The Secret of The Magic Lamp and started to practice its teachings

On the first month I earned u$d 1,300.00 On the second month more u$d 1,500.00 And it keeps growing every month!
I almost can't believe what I'm living, for the first time in my life I'm living a life of wealth as I had never know before. I know that to earn 1,500 extra dollars each month might not sound very impressive, and I know that there's people that's earning much more. So the only thing I want to say is that this book has changed my life. Norberto Cruz

This is not just about becoming wealthy, this is about becoming ALL you deserve to become in EVERY SINGLE aspect of your life! In any group of 100 people working, there are 95 who become unsuccessful and 5 turn out to be successful. Did you ever wonder why? Would you like to be part of this 5%? The reason has nothing to do with being lucky. There are people who attract unlimited wealth as a magnet while others equally capable or talented or worthy never do it. There are people who go to University and end up in poverty, while others with a lower status, less education, and less talent end up as tycoons. The difference between ones and the others is that they know how to put The Law of Attraction into work for them.

You might have been putting all your efforts trying to manifest what you what, you might have been having positive thoughts and doing positive afirmations, but you are not seen the real results that you are looking for. Do you know why? Because your subconscious mind is much much more powerful than your conscious mind. You need much more than knowing that a secret law exists, you need to know how it works, and most of all:

Learn how to master The Law of Attraction and there is NO limit to what you can achieve!
Now Imagine...

Imagine if You could learn crystal clear WHERE you need to be and WHAT you need to do to make The Law of Attraction work FOR YOU. Imagine for a moment your life exactly as you desire it Imagine being able to spend your time doing the things you enjoy where you want, for as long as you want, with whomever you want Imagine that you can end up struggle… stress… and strain Imagine that suddenly you start to live THAT life that other people are already living!

This Has Saved My Life!
I went to take Roberto's Mind Control & Law of Attraction course, because my weight excess took myself to have a heart attack, and this alarmed me a lot. When I learned how to control the deep levels of my mind, I began to feel so well that about one year later I stopped my exercises. Then I began to put on weight again and little later, I had my second heart attack, this time a serious one. While I was in intensive therapy with a heart blockade, I remembered the well that I felt with Roberto's exercises, and I requested to my wife to ask for

Roberto's advice on which would be the exercise more suitable for a person in my condition. Starting from the answer to this question, I began to practice three times per day, until I arrived to the moment of one of my routine checkups. As usual, the doctor prescribed an electrocardiogram, but when they gave it to him he said that he thought that it should have being a problem with the machine, so he asked for a second electrocardiogram. When he saw the results of the second, between confused and bother he requested a third electrocardiogram. With it he was finally convinced, that the heart blockade didn't exist any more at all; and that I was perfectly healthy; and that same day he allowed me to recover my normal life. José Luis Otero

Have you ever wished to have the power to change your reality? Well, NOW YOU CAN HAVE IT! The powerful people of the world have been using The Secret for centuries in their benefit, now you can have access to it because there's a system, there's an explanation, there's a secret formula, and with it...

Now choose the option that you like most, but remember that The Secret of The Magic Lamp will tell you WHAT you need to do, while the CD will teach you HOW TO DO IT, and will help you doing it, so you need both to reach your goals.

How big a value is the The Secret of The Magic Lamp ToolKit? Let's review... The Secret of The Magic Lamp is a comprehensive action plan... everything for starting and reaching your goals... is presented in a

highly readable (even fun!) format, in step-by-step fashion... and it contains all this...
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
How The Law of Attraction works Why you are under The Law of Attraction's power Learn how to open your mind to the unlimited possibilities that the universe provides in your life. What you need to do to make The Law o Attraction work FOR YOU (This could mean de difference between making it happen and getting it all wrong! The SECRET to becoming a Money Magnet, fast and easy. Discover how to become aware of the Law of Attraction at work in your life Learn how to maximize The Law of Attraction's influence Learn about the essential secrets of visualization to attract everything you want in your life Learn about the #1 thing that can block you from achieving your desires (This is where most people go wrong) What can you do to make The Law of Attraction work faster Tens of testimonies of people that have already used these tools Exercise 1 of CD 1 to help you reach the ideal brain levels to work over The Law of Attraction Exercise 2 of CD 1 to help you program The Law of Attraction Exercise 1 of CD 2 to help you master the deep levels of the mind Exercise 2 of CD 2 to help you master the deeper levels of the mind All that you need to change the life that you are living into the life that you would like to live And much, much more!

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What Will "THE SECRET" Do To Your Income?
Pay attention to what you are about to read... because the secret that can transform your whole life is contained within the following text. Anyone can experiment an abrupt change in his economic situation, and start obtaining those things with which he didn't dared to dream, if it learns a few clews that are ignored by most part of the humanity. Clews that can transform and have already transformed magically the lives of thousands of people from all around the world. The news are spreading like fire all around the world: there's a book that explains step by step how to transform anybody's life in the kind of life that that person would like to have.

This is an easy to read book, you don't need to have any previous knowledge to understand and make profit from it. If you can understand what you are reading now, you will understand my book because I have written both things. THIS IS AN ANCIENT LAW The Secret is not about a new discovery of science, or about some kind of law of the new age, it is the unveiling of an ancient law known during thousands of years, that only now is starting to be considered as something serious and valuable. A law that will allow you to obtain what you have always dreamed of... AND TO KEEP IT FOREVER! The process to generate wealth is so simple that if you follow the step by step instructions that I will be giving you, you could stop working this same year if you wanted to do it. The best part is that everything is very easy, anyone can learn how to do it because you have already been using the techniques that are needed (only that you used them to obtain what you DON'T want). Everything is as easy as reading, and listening to the self help CD that are given with the book.... You only need to have a strong desire of getting whatever is it that you want, and sustain that desire in your mind until you see it come into your life. Only the ones that accept the idea of a failure can fail WOULD YOU LIKE TO REACH WHAT YOU WANT? If you don't want to have a failure life, then keep on reading and you will reach what you are looking for before than you can imagine. This program consists in the most complete information and help that you will find on the Internet, and at the same time is easy and fun to do. You will discover yourself playing with The Law of Attraction as a child, and marveling of what you will be able to reach, so easily and in such a short time. And reading the testimonies of thousands of people that have reached success before you, you will realize that people uses the strength of The Law for all kind of different things (some really amazing) I promise you that I will explain with all detail all that you need to know, and then I will guide you step by step to reach what you are looking for. You don't need any kind of previous knowledge, you only need to read, listen and let be guided step by step. The only difference between the powerful that get from their life all that they want, and those oppressed, in bankrupt and depressed... Is the information that I will share with you WHAT WILL I TEACH YOU?

How your life's argument was born

• • • • • • • • •

What must you do to stop having the kind of life that you don't want to have What must you do to call The Law of Attraction into action, and to make it bring what you really want and need Which are the different mental states from which you can invoke The Law, and from which mental states you will obtain more results What vibration can affect the results of what you are looking for and how to produce it Which is the belief system that has given you your problems, and how to take it out of your mind forever Which are the clues that will let you know if The Law of Attraction is really working for what you desire, and what can you expect about your future Which is the belief system that produces wealth in the wealthy ones, and guarantee them, that they will be rich by the rest of their lives Which are the things that you have been told that AREN'T TRUE, and that are harming you. How can you do to have the kind of thoughts that will help you change the sense of your life. This knowledge is the key to all the success that you will achieve, and the reason why even some of those who know about The secret, but do not have enough information, can't reach what they want And the most incredible is that you already have all that you need to transform the life that you are living in the kind of life that you would like to live... But you don't know how to use it!

CAN YOU CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS? Do you know that all those things that you have done till now to change your life, could have worked, if only you knew how to control your thoughts? If what we do is not in harmony with the possibilities that the universe puts in our hands, it is not strange that we don't reach what we expect. Many people complain that they can't get a good job or that they can't find a job with the payment that they would like to receive, while they see around them that others do find it. Do you know that only listening to one of our CD, you could find a better job, or earn more with the one that you already have? This is something really easy to achieve, you only need to have the information that the book provides you, to learn how to direct your thoughts into the right direction, and the listen to the appropriate CD, to receive the subliminal messages that will help you succeed. No one can reach what you are looking for for you, it's yourself who puts The Law into action in the correct direction and reach all that you seek, or who puts The Law in the wrong path and live a frustrations life. The secret to wealth is to follow the natural laws, laws that are so exact as maths. It is not a question of believing or interpretation. They are only laws that you must know how to use in the proper way. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME? Do you think that to have a bigger income you need to have will strength, luck, relationships or a promissory destiny? Not at all, you don't need any of those things, because the technique that I will teach you it doesn't consist in a new way to fight against life, but in a way to let life bring you what you want.

You only need to learn how to create the right thoughts, and direct them in the right direction, if you don't do this as you should, it doesn't matter how much you work or how many works you have. The money won't come to you in the amount that you need to feel wealthy. But it is not enough to have the right thoughts, you also need to reinforce those thoughts with proper brain waves. Is is not the same if you think in something in the ordinary level of every day, that if you learn how to do it in the Alpha level or the Theta level (I will talk more about the Alpha and the Theta levels in other article). All that you need to know now is that Alpha and Theta are not the brain waves that you are now using trying to earn more money. It really isn't important how old you are, and how much studies you have, because these techniques that have already be proven by thousands of people, can provide the desired life to anyone. One thing is to struggle to earn just enough money to stay alive, and other is to follow the steps of someone that has already obtained, what you are looking for, and the reach your own success. HAVE YOU EVER FIND A SUCCESSFUL PERSON WILLING TO SHARE HIS KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU? If you have answered NO, you are wrong, because I'm ready to do it, and in fact I do it every day with those that have trusted in me, and have bought my book, and they are modifying their lives with lightning fast. Think a little, if you could increase your monthly income only 20% thanks to what I'm going to teach you. How much would you be earning each month? How much does it worth to you to change your actual life, for the kind of life that you would like to live? There's always people that say that don't have enough money, or enough time to take advantage of an opportunity. And that's an expression that tells us how far they are from wellness. You can't enter into the wealthy ones world, having limiting thoughts. And, if you don't have the information that you need to put The Law of Attraction into action, you will helplessly spend thousands more that it would cost you, to reach your dreams right now. If You can follow the same strategy than those that are already successful, only one thing can happen to you: You will obtain the same success. But if you follow the advice of those that never reached anything (but are willing to tell you what you must do) then you will also fall into failure. THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY , IT'S YOUR LIFE, IT'S YOUR DECISION The Secret... is nothing less than the key that Napoleon Hill (author of "Think and Grow Rich") said that everybody was looking for. And when you know what to do it's so simple that you marvel yourself why doesn't everybody know and make profit from it. But don't forget that the powerful DO know it, and they ARE using it, and till now they have been the only ones to use it (no one likes to much competition). And what happens after you read The Secret... ? Is that all that you need?

This question has two answers: The first one is that The Secret... will provide you without limits al the knowledge that you need to have. The second one is that you will always have questions and will need the help of those that have succeeded before you, so that's why after buying The Secret... you will be invited to join our Affiliates Program, where at no cost I will tell you how you can multiply your monthly income. You might have asked why I will share with you this knowledge. For a simple reason, I would like you to have all the success with which you have dreamed till now, because if you do reach it, you will tell it to many people, that will also want to buy this book. So as you see if I help you The Law of Attraction will help me.

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The Secret & Science
Against everything known till now, our thoughs aren't stored inside our brain but belong to The Quantic Field. Each time that we think in something, we generate a vibration that inter acts with armonic structures of our cells. This way we attract to your lives that in which we think. In physic the world Quantum is an indivisible energy entity, it is the last component or the smaller and esential component of the universe in which we live, because the atoms are composed by sub-atomic particles, the sub-atomic particles are composed by Quarks (that are energy packages) and the Quarks are composed by the Quantum. So…

And how is the quantum related with The Secret? As we all know, water has many well researched properties which make it the main life supporter of the planet. But there's something about water that the mainstream science tries to ignore and deny, and it is the water conscience, or the capacity of water to record and store information and to react to vibrational influences. However Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig, Prof Schweitzer and Dr. Masay Emoto have clearly proved that water can act as a liquid tape recorder, being able to receive and transmit electromagnetic vibrations to the molecules. This process of transmition amplification and storage of molecular signals, is something natural to all human beings, and the experiments of the mentioned scientific, call for our special attention to the kind of thoughts and words that we use.
The water that we daily consume, is not so pure as we might think. Modern man de-energise water through synthetic processing and adds to it many chemicals to kill dangerous bacteria and microorganisms. All this mechanical and chemical treatment changes pure water properties, and makes it carry unwanted signals and wavelengths potentially harmful for us . Dr Wolfang Ludwig has demonstrated that many harmful electromagnetic frequencies and oscillations can be transferred into the human organs through water while Dr. Masary Emoto author of "Messages of Water" has proved that even sound and music change the structure of water crystals. Water molecules have a positive and a negative pole, and that's why they can behave like little magnets, attaching themselves to the neighboring molecules, to form clusters of several hundred molecules. These clusters are very sensitive structures that could easily be affected, and vibrational influences can impress themselves upon them, this way storing information into the water. This is closely related to homeopathy. Homeopathy works because of the cluster's ability to store vibrational imprints. On the homeopathic process, the vibrational patters become locked into the cluster structure of water, and when you drink the homeopatically remedy, the cluster structure is transferred into you, who will respond to the vibrational pattern drinked. This has already being proved under rigid scientific conditions by Prof. Benveniste in France in the late 1980s, and was afterwards confirmed by the researches of five different universities.

Water Pollution

As you can imagine, being water capable of vibrational imprinting, it also takes on the imprints of environmental pollutants and chemicals, and transfers them to us when we drink it. As Dr. Wolfang Ludwing proved in Germany, telling us that not only the physical pollutants have a damaging effect, but also the water that has been exposed to those pollutants have a damaging effect, because the cluster structure is polluted with those vibrational imprints. But aren´t we drinking pure water? NO, conventional water treatments are not adequate because they remove the physical pollutants to produce chemically clean tap water, but the water's cluster structure is not affected by such treatments, and still convey the vibrational pattern of toxins and chemicals to the human body. Water is so important for life in this planet, that it is everywhere, it is in the atmosphere as clouds, rain and humidity, it is within the Earth's crust, it is in every living being, animal or plant, and our bodies are comprised of 70 %

water. Our brain uses water molecules to store our knowledge, and consuming impure water weakens our ability to resist disease. Prof. Jaques Benveniste found that alterning magnetic fields you can erase the memory stored in water (many psychiatrist in the past used electro shock on schizophrenic patients, to erase the memories that they stored in the water molecules in their brains)

Cosmic imfluence
Water appears to act as the Earth's sensory organ for the cosmic cycles. We all know how the tides react to the moon's phases, and Dr. Theodor Scwen has investigated the subtle effects of the cosmos on water, and has clearly showed the variations in water response to changes in planetary constellation. He found that moving water acts as a receiver, while still water preserves the received information. In his experiments he shacked water at regular intervals, before, throughout and after a solar eclipse produced. And wheat grains that used water shaken during the eclipse had a stunted growth, whereas the growth were normal when used water shaken before and after the eclipse. (Other techniques where used afterwards and confirmed this correlation of plant growth and planetary constellation)
Lawrence Edwuards had also carried out fascination work on how the shape of tree and flower buds change their shape as the planetary alignment change. For example the planet Mars influences the oak, Venus the birch, the cherry is influenced by the Sun, etc. In the same manner, water is highly susceptible to changes in the cosmic constellation. It is receptive to cosmic influence and conveys its information to all living organisms, because they are all largely composed of water.

Mind and sound imfluence

One of the most heart stopping investigations about water properties is Dr. Masay Emoto's that proved that human thought, emotions and sounds can change water crystal's shape.

This photo is a sample of frozen dirty water

This is a sample of water from the lake at Fujiwara Dam (Japan): The structure of the two pictures is amorphous and there are no crystalline formations
And then it happened the unbelievable, Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of the Jyuhouin Temple , made an one hour prayer practice beside the dam.

After the prayer, new water samples were taken, frozen and photographed, and the ugly blobs become the following clear bright and crystals:

Reverend Kato explained that during his prayer he invoked the spirits of the Seve Benzaite: the Goddesses of Fortune (that might be the reason why the some of the crystal's color is gold) And what do you think that happened to Reverend Kato? While he prayed he had to generate within himself the devotional vibrations that changed the dam water's crystals, and at the same time that he was purifying the dam, he was purifying himself changing the shape of all the water within his body.

And how does the untreated distilled water look? The different samples of distilled water do not look all alike, you will find many formations but none of the crystallized, this is one of them.

Dr Emoto's investigation included taping words or people's names to the bottles, playing music to them or exposing them to floral essences. Other effects that Dr. Emoto claims to have found in his research include:

That the same sentiment expressed in different languages produces different crystal formations:

Water from clear mountain springs and streams show beautiful crystalline structures, while polluted or stagnate water is deformed and distorted.

Distilled water exposed to classical music takes delicate symmetrical crystalline shapes. In the following picture you can see the results of exposing water to Bach:

and to Beethoven:

Water that´s bombarded with heavy metal music, negative thoughts and emotions, or is labeled with negative words, looks like this:

Water treated with aromatic floral oils tends to mimic the shape of the original flower. The following are water crystals exposed to aromatic essence of chamomile:

The same effect produces exposing water crystals to negative words or ideas. The following is a picture os water crystals when the words "Adolf Hitler" were taped to a bottle of distilled water:

Another very interesting experiment was to tape the words "You Fool" to a recipient of distilled water. The pattern is almost identical to the pattern that produced the heavy metal music, and Dr. Masaru Emoto wonders weather perhaps heavy metal musicians look upon people as fools

Dr. Emoto's amazing experiments tells us that even when we can´t see immediate results for our prayers and mind control exercises, the energy of our thoughts surround us. When we love ourselves our bodies respond, when we send love to our neighbor their bodies respond, and when we send love to the Earth, she responds, because our bodies are 70 percent water and the Earth´s surface is also 70 percent water. Water is far from inanimate, water is conscious of what surrounds it, of our thoughts and of our feelings, though you can heal yourself and your planet if you only believe that you can. When you use the power of your mind to project positive feelings, the water that's everywhere around you and inside you, will receive positive, natural, spiritual and healing information, that will store in its molecules and will broadcast to other molecules, giving love peace and health to yourself and all that you project your love to.

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Love and THE SECRET...
Are you looking for a loving couple, are you looking for your soul mate?

Stop your useless search, because to be able to find your soul mate you need to know how to project your energies, and if you don't know how to do it you can end up with a series of short relationships, where only the names change, while the results are always the same.
If this is what has happened in your life then The Secret... will help you reach the kind of couple relationship that you are looking for.

You might have found yourself in a situation where things just happen... Chains of coincidences follow one to the other and finally take you to an unexpected situation. It's as if the universe where working to make things happen in your life, sometimes helping you rich what you are looking for and sometimes taking you apart from your goals All of us, in some moment of our life, make plans about the road that we seek to travel in our existence. We tell ourselves in example:
I would like to marry (like Nora had said to herself for over fifty five years) or... I would like to have several children, or... I want to be a healthy person, or... I want to be wealthy Etc.

Perhaps after this we thought that the most convenient way to achieve our goals was to go to university. And so we did, and after three, four, five or more years of study, we finally arrived to the day in which we began to work with all our will force, with all our physical energies, with all the acquired university knowledge, and with our whole ten percent of brain capacity. Ten percent? Yes, ten percent (some say it’s only about 5 %) is what science estimates as the maximum that ordinary people use. Let us suppose now for a moment that our inner mind, our powerful subconscious, for some unpleasant experience that we have had in our childhood, decides that: It doesn't want to marry neither to have children, or... It doesn't want to be a healthy person because it enjoys a lot when people care about him, or...

It wants to only have money to reach the end of each month, and nothing else And to achieve it, begins to put at stake the energies of the ninety percent of the cerebral capacity that we don't usually use. Who do you believe will win in this bid? I believe that there won't be doubts in your mind, that in a fight of nine against one, the stronger one (our subconscious mind) will win. And that perhaps, at most, we will win transitorily (as Nora's boyfriends). After reading this paragraph, you will surely begin to realize why in many opportunities of life, you said to yourself: "now I will go toward the North" and finished going toward the South, and when you noticed it... Again tried to go toward the North and finished going once more toward the South... Because, in spite of our good purposes and hard work, our wishes might find to be opposed to a very superior force, the force of the subconscious mind. You must understand that if you haven't been able to find a loving couple it's because your subconscious mind is sabotaging you. You need to put The Law of Attraction to work for you instead of against you.


I am an EX Single
"During fifty five years I've dreamed of having a couple. In several opportunities I ended up having transitory boyfriends, but they never reached a good end. I had arrived to a point of my existence, in which I resigned to remain "spinster". But after practicing during one year what you taught me, the incredible thing happened; my personality began to change little by little, as all my friends commented me. At this time I can tell you with great happiness that I have already been married for a month with a wonderful man that has changed the sense of my life. Nora

THE SECRET... won't teach you how to catch a couple, it will teach you how to modify your life's reality working from within, and utilizing all the resources available for any one, but that only a few know how to use.

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Are You Aligned?
The Alpha Centering Sound
Our brain wants to lock in on every impulse that it hears. One noise produces one brain impulse, two noises: two impulses. Ten noises: ten impulses. The brain responds to what it hears. The Alpha sound is a constant sound, and the brain wants to follow it at the same rhythm, and this is what produces the desired effect of entering into the deeper levels of the mind . Some people say that if you relax and meditate while playing soft music in the background, that will relax you. But the soft music goes to the left brain, and so it just relaxes your mind but not your brain, because it does not slow down the frequency of the brain. And soft music does not produce a constant frequency, it is fluctuating. And for practicing mind control and a deep relaxation we don't want the brain to be fluctuating back and forth following the frequency of the music sounds. We need the brain to decrease its pulse imitating a low constant frequency, a monotonous hypnotic sound.

And when our brain detects 10 sounds per second - with the alpha sound - it reacts 10 times each second. This is how the Alpha sound can help you reach the inner levels of the mind.

Can We Hear An Alpha Sound?
As a matter of fact we can´t hear an Alpha sound, because the Alpha frequency is 10 cycles per second, and the human brain´s hearing range goes from 20 to 20,000. So the alpha sound is below the threshold of the human being. What it´s known as the Alpha sound, is the sound produced by a 600 cycles audio generator interrupted 10 times per second. So it´s not really an Alpha sound but it produces the same effect.

What's The Alpha Sound For
Mind Control students are told that in order to receive maximum benefits, they should enter into the deep levels of the mind for 15 minutes, three times a day, and the Alpha sound helps them reach and maintain that level. When you practice during 15 minutes three times a day at the alpha level, that strengthens your immune mechanism and helps you keep healthy. Using the Alpha Sound you can remain at your center while doing your own programming at your own pace. And when you do it, you can reach even a greater depth because you can be less dependant on a recording and become more involved with your inner self. If The Law of Attraction is bringing into your life what you don't want, if you don't feel well wilth what you are receiving, then you are out of your alignment, you are not aligned with the Universe, you need to center yourself with the Alpha sound, start feeling good and start thinking in what you want ant NOT in what you don't want. Then The Law of Attraction will bring THAT into your life. Many of my students reported that they have received healing benefits using the Alpha Sound. Some of them say that the alpha sound induces a faster recovering from injury and illness. The way they use the Alpha sound to induce healing is holding the speaker of the player very close to the body (about a quarter of an inch) while playing the Alpha Sound at full volume. Does this have any scientific base?

Scientists say that the electromagnetic pulsations coming out from a magnetic field, can stimulate (excite) subatomic particles, and that this stimulation is what it helps in the correction of problems. And any speaker has a magnetic field that can be modulated to pulse at ten cycles per second if you play the Alpha sound. And if you place it close enough to the body (not against the body because you will mute the sound), then every cell within the afflicted area will receive a ten cycles per second magnetic-field massage.

How Much Time And How Often Should You Use It?
The best is to place the Alpha sound over the afflicted area three times a day, fifteen minutes each time. After those fifteen minutes of Alpha sound stimulation, you must allow time to the sub-atomic particles to settle back down and naturally return to their original health state. Some people think that if some Alpha sound stimulation is good, then a lot of stimulation will be better. But this is not necessarily so. You must give the body time to make the corrections, and they are supposed to be maid between sessions. My Alpha sound CD does not contain any guided exercise with instructions on how to reach the deep levels of your mind, because it has being created to help you do your own programming at your own pace, or to practice with it as a healing means.

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Is Your Subconscious Against You?
How Do The Positive Subliminal Messages Work
The positive subliminal messages are positive phrases that are directed to the deep levels of the mind to re-program the thought's structure.

When your subconscious is programmed in a positive way, your life receives positive results, but if you are filled with fears, anguish, jealousy, pain and other limitations, your life will show it. It doesn't matter why your mind may be contaminated with negative thoughts, you are a free to decide what is it that you want for your life, and re-programming your mind is the only way to get it.

Where Can You Put Subliminal Messages
A subliminal message may be inserted into a movie, images and sounds. When you mix sounds with the subliminal messages, that sounds can be listened at any moment or place, even while you are driving your car, or when you need to remain alert; because they are created in such a way that you don't need to pay attention to them (you can even be walking, watching TV, working or reading while you listen to them) When the subliminal audio files are created, the messages may be put under music or different sounds in such a way that they are only listened by the subconscious mind (that is towards they are directed) To make this records able to be listened at any time, all the phrases that may conduct to a deep relaxation are removed from them.

How Are The Subliminal Messages Created
There are many ways to create a subliminal message, our subliminal messages contain a mixture of sea waves and Alpha sound. As all our exercises contain this same mixture of sounds, some people think that they are all alike, but they aren't. What you will find alike in all our exercises are the sea waves and Alpha sound, but below them, in a frequency that can only be listened by the subconscious mind, are included the positive phrases.

Is It Wrong Or Harmfull To Listen To Subliminal Messages?
Some people feel a little uneasy with the idea of re-programming their minds. The first thing that I would like to say is that each day even without being aware of it, you try to convince others of what you think or believe. And this can't be considered harmful or incorrect. Every one deserves the right to think in the way he wants, and if you have noticed that the kind of life that you are living, is not the kind of life that you would like to live, because your subconscious mind is sabotaging you, then it is not only right and correct, re-programming the way that you think, in order to change your life's quality. It's the best that you can do.

The subliminal messages won't force your mind in any way, they will only make you know other way of thinking, that in our case, it's not a secret formula, but the same positive phrases that can be listened in our positive motivation exercises, that are the kind of phrases that you need to reach the goals that you are looking for. The subliminal messages then, are definitely the most effective way to reach the kind of thought's changes that you may need.

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The Secret... Can Give You What You Want!
The Deep Theta Sound
The Theta sound is used as a guide to the Theta brain levels. In my previous article I have told you how to hear an Alpha sound can modify your brain levels, but much lower than Alpha (7 to 14 cycles per second) it´s the Theta level (4 to 7 cycles per second ), and we can receive great benefits by using this level. Each time that we activate our mind, it seeks the first place where it can function deductively. If we are meditating at an Alpha level, when we activate it, the brain goes up to Beta, but if we activate it while being at the Theta levels, then it will only go up to Alpha, where we still are at deep levels The Theta sound can also be used to practice the exercises to control The Law of Attraction that are supposed to be done at Alpha level, because as the Theta sound pulses at exactly half the rate of Alpha, it´s easy for the brain to have one Alpha beat for every two beats of the Theta sound. And since the Theta sound beats at a slower rate, the brain is attracted to a lower rate of pulsing, and makes it easier to remain at alpha.

What Do We Need The Theta Sound For?
The problems that we want to correct with mind control techniques must be within our reach. Our mind needs to have enough information about a problem to be able to correct it, and if we have never reached the Theta level, then it is closed to us.

Every time that we enter into the Theta level with conscious awareness, that opens that level to us, and puts it within our reach. And if you learn to master the Theta level, you will be able to control physical pain without taking medicines.

What Kind Of Problems Can We Solve At Theta Levels?
It is said that limiting belief systems could be rooted there because they are usually seeded at an early age.

If a 5 year old child is told that he is stupid, he will simply accept it, because at that age he is not able to react deductively. He loves his parents, he belief in his parents and he just records in his brain cells what his parents tell him. At hat age, his overall predominant brain frequency will be 5 cycles per second (children frequencies are much slower than adults), so every impression will be made at a very low frequencies. When those levels come within our reach, then we can program ourselves to reach our goals, and if the limiting belief is rooted in theta, our mind can correct it. There´s another good reason to open up the Theta levels to our reach, and it is to be able to work over our biological intelligence. While psychological health problems are rooted at Alpha level (ten cycles per second), biological health problems are rooted at Theta level (five cycles per second). Theta level is the level that the hypnotists use to have teeth pulled, and even to have surgery, without the use anesthetics. Our body know how to heal ourselves, but many times they need that we remove the interferences to healing to let nature take care of its natural course.

Orient And The Theta Level
We usally use Alpha level to do the exercises to control The Law of Attraction, but do the yogis use Alpha level? No, they don't. They use Theta level. Alpha level is good for a mind that wants to be activated, but Theta level is the level desired for those that want to practice yoga´s passive meditation.

So if you want to practice yoga, if you want to work over your life's argument or if you want to practice exercises to solve problems at that level using The Law of Attraction, then you need to master the theta levels, and the easiest way to do it is to practice with my Theta Sound CD
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goals. Hill also discusses the importance of overcoming many of the most common fears that can adversely affect one's thinking and potential. Think and Grow Rich has sold consistently since its first publishing. According to one publisher, the book has now sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Think and Grow Rich is currently ranked #9 on the BusinessWeek Best-Seller List for paperback business books and has been on the aforementioned list for 22 months as of April 2007.

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