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1Guillen Vatican Finances

1Guillen Vatican Finances

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Published by: atwitsend on Nov 08, 2011
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The Vatican's public rents and taxes are administered
in her famous Cardinals . The sale of indulgences,
papal benedictions, and the Apostolic Armory are
estimates at $3 million. She gives very, very little to
the poor. Some discaterios carry taxes for their
bureaucratic services, and every service has its own
tariff and quota, from $30, $200, $ 300, etc. Now, do
you want to add the thousands of dioceses, and in
every on you can acquire a photograph of the Pope
with his indulgences and benedictions? Or how
about acquiring the thousands of esteemed Vatican
publications in all the world?
If you attempt to add it up, as this servant has, you
will be amazed at the great riches managed by the
Vatican. They still have the audacity to tell us that
they are poor and needy. In the Roman curia alone,
salaried employees are paid $14 million; and in the
embassies $27 million, $3.9 million and $15 million
respectively in administrative expenses.
I copy these figures from Jesuit Thomas Reese's book
(chapter VIII, Vatican Finances, pages 203. 230). For
the Jesuit Vatican writer, as well as for the vast
majority of functionaries whom the Vatican governs,
the difficulty in getting to the truth about the
Vatican's finances is justifiable, because, as he
himself says: "to put together the budgets of the 49
entities of Holy See is difficult." In other words,
we must continue ignoring how these millions in
offerings and donations are being administered. But
we historians and Vaticanists have the hope of one


Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

day soon knowing (once and for all) the truth about
the harlot's monies and of uncovering the hypocritical
face of this false coin, which has had us fooled since
her Jesuit writers and bona fide Catholics have
presented us with several accounts and statements
which answer not to reality; and also that an
international committee such as ONU or UNESCO
permit us and the laity to know just were their
millions, which they steal shamelessly, end up - and
all because she has made us believe that it's all being
done in the name of Christianity, which the Vatican
spuriously claims to be representing. It will be then
that they will open their eyes and cease to be robbed.
A hope of respect for human rights, which the Vatican
never has recognized, in the new democracies. Until
when will this hair pulling deceit of National
Catholicism continue? Why this strange interest in
continuing to hide the reality of the Vatican's
finances? There exists no reason for it other than the
Vatican fears the exposure of the corruption which her
evil administration has been practicing in the Vatican
for centuries. But the worst of the case is that all this
enrichment (stealing) is being done in the name of the
poor Christ, who founded a church whose kingdom is
spiritual, and not a kingdom of terrestrial and material

The money investments which the Vatican effects in
all the world, with the sole purpose of deducting
substantial profits ( for she does not distribute them
among the poor, as she claims), and her multiple
activities of holidays, markets, fairs, and worldwide
collections, as P. Reese very well says, "are
uncontrollable," that is to say, the bad administration



is justified. The Vatican always uses her scholastic
language and irrational philosophies to justify the
injustifiable, that is, to cover up her robberies.
The millions received by the Vatican from her
alliances and concordats with Catholic governments
are deposited in the New York Stock Exchange in a
representative set of stocks, and (which) rendered
$1.6 billion dollars in 1993.
The finances that exist in the dioceses and banks, and
which should be made known, are not published. The
servant, in the dioceses of Seville, Spain, Chiriqui,
Panama, San Diego, California, Tijuana, Mexico, etc,
has had access to knowledge concerning the millions
of the profitable businesses, the investments of the
banks of Opus Dei, popular Atlantic, The Pacific
Commerce Bank, figures which are occulted and
which only few hands have handled, accounts and
monies which are administered in various
investments, unnecessary constructions, expensive
trips, and savings accounts generating the juiciest
interest yearly. Know You these things? Are you are
ignorant of the fact that the Spanish bankers, during
the fascist epoch, and the Italian and American banks,
possessed and continue to possess and dominate the
economy worldwide? And that the churches were
their buddies. I was called to serve in Seville, Panama,
Mexico, and San Diego, and to be a witness of their
multimillionaire riches.


Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

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