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Driver's License Study Guide

Driver's License Study Guide

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Published by: Yibo Wang on Nov 08, 2011
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Highway work zones are established according to the type of work underway along
the roadway.Signs in work areas are typically diamond shaped, orange, displaying
black letters or symbols,and serve as a warning that people are working on or near the
highway. In addition towarning signs, police officers, flaggers, roadway markings, and
traffic control devices are used todirect drivers safely through work zones and protect
highway workers.

Through many work zones, the speed limits may be reduced and lane usage could
be restrictedfor safety purposes. Any reduced speed will be clearly posted within the
work zone. If there areno reduced speed limits posted, drivers should obey the normal
posted speed limit. Remember though to be prepared for the unexpected when
traveling through work zones.

In Arkansas, fines for all moving traffic violations occurring in a highway work zone
are doubledif workers are present and warning signs are present in advance of the work

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