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Bones List

Bones List

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Published by: Derón Asbery Holmes on Nov 08, 2011
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Cranial Bones Bone Frontal (1) Parietal (2) Occipital (1) Markings coronal suture lambdoidal suture sagittal suture foramen magnum occipital condyles external occipital protuberance external auditory meatus squamosal suture mastoid process styloid process zygomatic arch sella turcica optic foramen greater wing lesser wing crista galli perpendicular plate cribriform plate

Temporal (2)

Sphenoid (1)

Ethmoid (1)


Facial Bones Bone Nasal (2) Zygomatic (2) Maxilla (2) Palatine (2) Mandible (1) mandibular condyle ramus coronoid process angle mental foramen Markings zygomatic arch palatine process

Lacrimal (2) Hyoid (1) THE VERTEBRAL COLUMN Bone Cervical (7) atlas axis Thoracic (12) Lumbar (5) Sacrum (1) Coccyx (1)


Markings (apply to all vertebrae unless otherwise noted) spinous process transverse foramen (cervical only) articulating facets body vertebral foramen lamina pedicle demifacets (thoracic only) odontoid process (dens) C2 only sacral foramina (ant. & post.) costal cartilage

Ribs (12) true 1-7 false 8-10 floating 11-12 Sternum

manubrium body xiphoid process APPENDICULAR SKELETON

UPPER EXTREMITY Bone Clavicle Scapula Markings sternal end acromial end spine acromion coracoid process glenoid fossa head greater tubercle lesser tubercle deltoid tuberosity trochlea capitulum olecranon fossa


coronoid fossa Ulna olecranon process coronoid process trochlear notch head radial notch styloid process radial tuberosity ulnar notch styloid process


Carpals (8) each wrist scaphoid lunate trapezium trapezoid triquetral pisiform hamate capitate Metacarpals (5) each hand (I-V) Phalanges (14) each hand - (proximal, middle distal) LOWER EXTREMITY Bone Pelvic (Coxal) Ilium Ischium Pubis Femur Markings acetabulum iliac crest greater sciatic notch ischial tuberosity pubic symphysis obturator foramen head neck greater trochanter lesser trochanter linea aspera medial condyle lateral condyle

Patella Tibia medial condyle lateral condyle tibial tuberosity medial malleolus head lateral malleolus


Tarsals (7) each ankle calcaneus talus navicular cuboid cuneiforms (medial, intermediate, lateral) Metatarsals (5) each foot (I-V) Phalanges (14) each foot - (proximal, middle, distal) ARTICULATIONS Atlanto-occipital Atlanto-axial Sternoclavicular Acromioclavicular Glenohumeral Elbow Occipital condyles – superior articulating facets of atlas Atlas – axis Manubrium of sternum – clavicle Clavicle – acromion of scapula Glenoid fossa of scapula – head of humerus Trochlea of humerus – trochlear notch of ulna Capitulum of humerus – head of radius Radial notch of ulna – head of radius Distal radius – scaphoid & lunate Sacrum – ilium Acetabulum – head of femur Femoral condyles – tibial condyles

Wrist Sacro-iliac Hip Knee


Tibia – talus

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