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Cognos Query Studio

Cognos Query Studio


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Cognos Study Material Query Studio
Cognos Study Material Query Studio

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Before you can use Query Studio, you must know how to open the Cognos Connection Web

Exercise 1—Open the Cognos Connection Web Site

Note: Query Studio works only on the Internet Explorer web browser on a computer running the
Windows operating system.

1.Open the Internet Explorer web browser.

2.To access the Cognos Connection web site, type the following URL in the browser’s
Address field and then press ENTER:


3.Type your UDel Net ID (UNIX username) in the appropriate field.

4.Type your password in the appropriate field.

You should see a window similar to the following:

The Cognos Connection Web Site gives you access to the ReportNet suite of reporting tools:
Query Studio and Report Studio. Query Studio allows you to create ad hoc reports from an
existing data source. You can edit and save the reports, add features to make them more
understandable, print them and more. Report Studio allows offers more options for creating
complex reports.

End of Exercise

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Cognos Query Studio

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