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Cognos Query Studio

Cognos Query Studio


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Cognos Study Material Query Studio
Cognos Study Material Query Studio

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As you learned above, the basic Cognos report is a list report. You may have noticed duplicate
values in the Retailer Sales report you just created. For example, each retailer’s name appears
multiple times, once for each product the retailer sold. You can manipulate a report to sort the
data and to hide duplicate values through a process called grouping.

Suppose you create a report that shows the number of product types sold in each sales territory
throughout the world. Your report would show duplicates for each product type, producing one
entry for each sales territory. You can use grouping to hide the duplicate values, sort the product
types alphabetically, and see a summary of items sold for each product type.

Exercise 5—Create a Grouped List Report with a Filter.

1.To create a new report, click the New Report button on the toolbar. (If you are asked
whether you want to save the Retailer Sales report, click Yes.)

You will see the new report window in which you can begin to add data. For this report,

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Cognos Query Studio

you will add data using a method different from the one in Exercise 3.

2.In the Go Sales and Retailers package, expand the Products item by clicking the plus


3.Click Product type.

4.Hold down the CTRL key; expand the Countries item and click Sales territory.

5.Continue to hold down the CTRL key, expand the Orders item and click Quantity.

Drag the selected items to the right window pane. They will appear in the order in which
you selected them. There will be a slight delay while the program processes the data.
When it finishes, the window should look similar to the one below.

Your report shows the quantity of all product types sold in each sales territory. You can
group by product type to hide the duplicate values in the Product type column.

6.Click the heading of the Product type column.

7.Click the Group button

on the toolbar. The window will change, and your columns
will look like those below. Each product type appears only once, and a summary for each
type has been added.

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Cognos Query Studio

Note: If you want to ungroup a report item, click the column heading and then click the
Ungroup button

on the toolbar.

Suppose you want to see only the quantity of each product type sold in Central Europe,
Northern Europe, and Southern Europe. You can apply a filter to see that subset of the report.
To do this:

8.Click the heading of the Sales territory column. The column turns yellow and the
heading becomes dark blue.

6.Click the Filter button on the toolbar. You will see a window like the following:

7.In the Show only the following box, click Central Europe, Northern Europe, and
Southern Europe. Scroll down and click OK. The window will change, and your
columns will look like those below. Now you see the quantity of product types sold in
Central Europe, Northern Europe, and Southern Europe. There is also a subheading that
shows the values you have used for the filter.

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Cognos Query Studio

8.Click the Save As button on the toolbar.

9.Type a name for your report. For the purposes of this class, type your initials
followed by Grouped Product Types. (You may add a description of the report if you

10.Make sure the Option Button next to “Public Folders > GO Sales and Retailers” is

and click OK. You may have to scroll down to see the OK button.

Note: To remove a filter, click Deselect all in the Filter box.

End of Exercise

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