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Gapps Pilot Guide

Gapps Pilot Guide

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Published by: nadwanjohi on Nov 08, 2011
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In a dual-delivery pilot, you can sign up for and pilot Google Apps with your organization’s
primary domain name but without changing in-production MX records and risking disruption of
email service. Instead, you add a subdomain alias to Google Apps, and then add or change
MX records for the alias to point to Google Apps.

On your mail server, you add email addresses in the subdomain for each pilot user, and then
configure the server to send a copy of each message for pilot user to that user’s subdomain
address. Because you added or changed the MX records for the subdomain to point to Google
Apps, pilot users receive their messages in their Google Apps Inboxes.

Dual-delivery configuration example

As an example, assume you signed up for Google Apps with the primary domain
solarmora.com and you want to use the subdomain gtest.solarmora.com for your pilot. First,
you’ll add the subdomain as an alias to your primary domain in the Google Apps control panel,
and then add or change the MX records for gtest.solarmora.com to point to Google's mail


Google Apps Pilot Guide

Next, you’ll configure your mail server for solarmora.com to forward copies of pilot users’
messages to their new addresses in the subdomain. For example, if a pilot user named John
has the email address john@solarmora.com on your mail server, you'll configure the mail
server to forward copies of John's messages to a new address in the subdomain—
john@gtest.solarmora.com. Google Apps places John’s messages in his Inbox for

john@solarmora.com. John can now access the same messages in his Inbox on both your
mail server and Google Apps.

The following figures shows the inbound flow for John’s email:

Dual delivery options

If you use a dual-delivery configuration, you can configure the following options:

•To ensure that your pilot users use only Gmail during your pilot, you can temporarily
disable email delivery to their mailboxes on your server. Refer to your server’s
documentation for instructions.

•You can set up Google Apps to route pilot users’ outbound and intradomain email to your
server, for purposes such as associating your mail server’s IP address with all outbound
messages, archiving messages, applying policies, and so on. For instructions, see
“Optional: Route outbound and intradomain email through mail server” on page185.

Configure a Dual-Delivery Pilot


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