EXCELLENCE OF THIS PERFECT DEVOTION: IMITATION OF THE BLESSED TRINITY In giving ourselves to Jesus thru Mary’s hands, we imitate God the Father, who gave His Son only thru Mary… God the Son, who inspires us to go to Him using the same means He used in coming to us, that is, thru Mary… the Holy Spirit, who bestows His graces and gifts upon us only through Mary.” -St. Louis Marie de Montfort, “Secret of Mary”, no.35

by Architect-Planner Marie Borromeo Cancio, PIA, PIEP The New Earth of Love Peace & Joy Foundation

PROTECTION during the coming GREAT TRIBULATION On April 18. to the extent that you spread the Total Consecration. “Mother. will the cataclysm (Great Tribulation) be also in the Philippines?” She got the following response from the Blessed Mother through an inner locution: “My child.TABLE OF CONTENTS PART ONE: INTRODUCTION * WHY DO THE TOTAL CONSECRATION: 5 Ps * WHAT IS THE TOTAL CONSECRATION? * HOW DO I MAKE THE TOTAL CONSECRATION? * EXCELLENCE OF THIS PERFECT DEVOTION (BENEFITS) PART TWO: THE TOTAL CONSECRATION * PREPARATION BEFORE TOTAL CONSECRATION * VISIONS: MARY'S ROLE AND THE TOTAL CONSECRATION * THE TOTAL CONSECRATION PART ONE WHY DO THE TOTAL CONSECRATION?: 5 Ps 1. I will spare my children in the Philippines. will work great wonders in the world. “Secret of Mary”.” St. Among these are Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Blessed Pope John Paul II whose motto “Totus tuus” (I am all yours) is the Total Consecration in its shortest form.” God has destined the Philippines to be a holy nation and to use us to bring all other nations back to Him. thru Mary…. God the Son. God speed!” 3. “In giving ourselves to Jesus thru Mary’s hands. Since 2004. Mary Queen most powerful. PERFECT DEVOTION The Total Consecration is the PERFECT DEVOTION because thru it WE IMITATE THE BLESSED TRINITY. the Blessed Mother has been appearing to Filipina visionary Emma de Guzman in .35 2. I will use you to bring all other nations back to me. destroying sin and setting up the kingdom of Jesus her Son upon the ruins of the corrupt kingdom of the world. that is. My holy nation. who gave His Son only thru Mary…. 2011. we imitate God the Father. Louis Marie de Montfort. PROPHECY Regarding the TOTAL CONSECRATION: St. Louis Marie de Montfort prophesized that towards the end of time God will raise up great men full of the Holy Spirit and imbued with the spirit of Mary. Spread it my darling. who bestows His graces and gifts upon us only thru Mary. Through them. God the Holy Spirit. 4. These holy men will accomplish this by means of the Total Consecration. PHILIPPINE'S SPECIAL DESTINY “My Filipino nation. who inspires us to go to Him using the same means He used in coming to us. no. a visionary from the Philippines asked the Blessed Mother in her prayer.

the Mountain of Salvation near Batulao. after renouncing Satan forever (the one who enslaves us through the seven capital sins of pride. Mary Mediatrix of All Grace told visionary Teresing Castillo on September 25. In 1948. 1980.” They consecrated themselves to Jesus Incarnate Wisdom thru Mary using the formula by St. “From this blessed nation. The practice of the Total Consecration precisely enables Mary to perfectly mediate with Jesus so that the Holy Spirit grants the consecrated soul the virtues and merits of Jesus and Mary in a mysterious and gradual manner that the soul is hardly aware of his growth in holiness. I am Mary Mediatrix of all Grace. greed. 1948. 1948. Philippines. anger or wrath). a Carmelite in Belgium. “tell your sisters to love one another as true sisters.was the death of Mother Magdalen of Jesus. Her apparitions give us a glimpse of our nation’s destiny if we heed her. whom the Holy Spirit had inspired to write the Total Consecration.” and on September 26. her Son will rebuild our country. (a) God decreed the His Mother appear as Mary Mediatrix of all Grace in Lipa in 1948: * Note that the year before-1947. PEACE & JOY If we Filipinos heed heaven’s messages and pray and live the Total Consecration. 5. Louis Marie de Montfort. On Oct. I gather you all into the refuge of my Immaculate Heart. anniversary of the last apparition of Fatima. envy. The Mother of Love Peace and Joy’s message to us through Emma is that Her Son loves our country so much that He has gifted us with faith and we will never lose it. Louis Marie de Montfort. Stefano Gobbi. No man can have two masters: you can either choose to be a slave of love of Jesus through Mary or a slave of Satan through sin. gluttony. upon which I have a great design of love and light. “ I wish you all to consecrate yourselves to me on October 7 and be my slaves. Note that the Total Consecration by Montfort is the only consecration where one freely makes himself a slave of love of Jesus through Mary. PARTICIPATION in RECREATING OUR COUNTRY AND THE WORLD TO BECOME THE NEW EARTH OF LOVE. 13. She said that if we forgive one another and are united. 1948. the spread of both the devotion to Mary Mediatrix of all Grace and the Total Consecration will lead to the universal recognition of Mary’s Mediation. * Note also that two years before Mary Mediatrix of Grace appeared in Lipa -1946. sloth or spiritual laziness. Clearly. It will then become the center of faith and love and all other countries will look up to us.” MARY MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACE and the TOTAL CONSECRATION For us to be able to fulfill God’s great design for our people. (b) Mary Mediatrix of All Grace asked for the Total Consecration. we need to see and obey God’s will for the Philippines regarding two important aspects of Mama Mary’s apparitions in the Carmelite convent of Lipa. the “Pueblo Amante de Maria” (a People who loves Mary). Mama Mary told the Philippines through Fr. lust. whom Jesus had asked to work so that the universal Church declares Mary’s mediation as a dogma or truth for all to believe. we will be able to . * The sequence of years – 1946.was the canonization of St.clearly shows that the accomplishment of God’s will that Mary’s role as Mediatrix be dogmatically recognized is now the honor and responsibility of the Philippines. 1947. to be humble and simple because humility and simplicity are the two virtues I love most… Be very good.

no. saying. we become one with Mary who is one with Jesus and the rest of the Trinity. .” Message Aug. Just love in its purest form. Jesus said. and for Mary.2. ‘ Our souls magnify the Lord and our spirits rejoice in God our Savior for He has looked upon the lowliness of our people . 1980 through Fr.. Like Mama Mary. for behold henceforth all generations shall call us a blessed nation’. “. 2011 (www. *obeying our Queen’s smallest request so she can act in us for the glory of the Father. “Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Oh the Philippines and the world transformed by love! “I am the Mother of all peoples.fulfill our destiny as a nation. Stefano Gobbi. The Marian Movement for Priest. It is not just about praying the formula but living its spirit. ONE SOUL inside Mary's heart loving Jesus and the rest of the Trinity. The New Earth of Love. you become ONE HEART. your family and your loved ones will enjoy the Glorious Life that awaits you for one thousand years. We choose a day or feast day on which we willingly and lovingly consecrate to Jesus thru Mary our body. Once united to God. Then you will overflow with love and participate in building this new paradise through deeds of love. No disease.I can steer you properly towards the new paradise on earth where you. graces. Through visionary Maria Devine Mercy who receives spiritual guidance within the Church.revelacionesmarianas.” (Mama Mary to the Philippines. material possessions and spiritual possessions (merits. simplicity and great faith-.thewarningsecondcoming. be it done unto me according to your word. in Mary. virtues. No shortage of when she said yes to God when He sent Angel Gabriel to announce that she would be the Mother of the Savior. How? Because the TOTAL CONSECRATION to Jesus thru Mary is a most effective way of uniting us to God and uniting our country. soul. we overflow with love for one another and are empowered to transform this country and then the world into the New Earth of Love. at the time of the decisive trial. Living the Total Consecration means: *taking Mary as our model for doing God’s will-.with humility. and then striving to perform all our actions with Mary. We will become the prosperous joyful nation beloved and so blessed by God. 20:1-6). Through this Consecration. But before that will come the Great Warning (Illumination of Conscience). atonements). that I may save them in greater numbers. the Great Miracle.” *asking her to intercede before Jesus for everything we need *offering everything we do for Jesus always through her so she enriches them with her virtues and merits. Peace and Joy refers to the New Paradise on earth where we shall have one thousand years of peace (Rev. when some of these will disappear from the face of the earth. The Great Warning is close (visit thereby making them most pleasing to God. 210) Our foundation's vision is “the New Earth of Love. No worries. Peace and Joy. 14. I look at hearts of nations to gather the seeds of good and to make them blossom in the garden of my Immaculate heart. we shall continue to be humble as we sing. & the Great Tribulation. through Mary. Son and Holy Spirit. Oct.” By praying the Total Consecration. Peace and Joy where Jesus is King because Mama Mary is greatly loved beginning from the WHAT IS THE TOTAL CONSECRATION? It is a total surrender of oneself to Jesus thru Mary as a holy slave of love. LIVING THE SPIRIT OF THE TOTAL CONSECRATION The Total Consecration is a great gift of the Holy Spirit.

of holiness. Do not think. When we praise and thank God. GOD ALONE. That’s why we give the greatest pleasure and glory to God when we do everything in Mary. As Mary is everywhere the fruitful Virgin. and of peace. act through Mary and act for Mary. To sum up. When we receive Jesus in Holy Communion. he is even more especially her fruit and her masterpiece in the soul where she is present. He knows that through the Total Consecration. we place Him in Mary and give Jesus the greatest delight. It is with my cohort that I am preparing the way along which the glorious reign of Jesus will come to you. makes it noble and great through her motherly care. 314. We await the Final Victory. *giving Mary the full right to dispose of whatever we do and have. MARY CAUSES JESUS TO LIVE IN THE SOUL (SECRET OF MARY by St. served and pleased God at every moment of her life. and it will be a reign of love. “Marian Movement for Priests”) THROUGH THE TOTAL CONSECRATION. In this way. serve and please God as Mary did. saints. Mary will help us forget self everywhere and in all things and live only for God. When we live the Total Consecration. Mary is the only creature that is full of grace and without sin.” “It is with my cohort that I am building up. So Satan and his devils fiercely wage war against Mary and her cohort (army) of angels. who went as far as to give birth to a God-man. thereby enabling us to love. the Holy Spirit enables us to act in Mary. no. Mary becomes all things for the soul that wishes to serve Jesus Christ. consecrated souls and all those who walk along the way of love and holiness. for the greater glory of God. But VICTORY IS OURS through Mary: our daily battles and our final battle.” . remains idle in a docile soul. and of grace.*praying in Mary. 57) 56. the Ark of the New Covenant. that Mary. Stefano Gobbi. and even a great number of devout people find it hard to credit them.” (Mama Mary through Fr. the most fruitful of all God’s creatures. VICTORY OF MARY AND HER ARMY Throughout history Satan has worked very hard to turn our minds and hearts away from Mary because he knows only too well that those who turn to Mary always find Jesus. of justice. dear soul. we do so in Mary. If Jesus is equally the fruit of Mary for each individual soul as for all souls in general. She causes Jesus to be continuously in that soul and that soul to live in continuous union with Jesus. He knows that from the beginning of history (Genesis 3:15) it is Mary who will crush his head. She enlarges and inflames his heart with her charity. the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. she produces in the depths of the soul where she dwells a purity of heart and body. But why dwell any longer on this? Experience alone will teach us the wonders wrought by Mary in the soul. and fruitfulness in good works. we are beyond his reach because we are safe inside Mary. Louis Marie de Montfort. wonders so great that the wise and the proud. She enlightens his mind with her pure faith. nos. She is therefore the only creature who loved. makes it pure with her purity. She deepens his heart with her humility. 56. each day. 57. a singleness of intention and purpose. the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary that we glimpsed in Apocalypse 12: 1-17 “Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman adorned with the sun standing on the moon and with the twelve stars on her head for a crown.

when your mind is on her. we give her all that we hold most dear and we let her dispose of it as she wishes in favor of the living and the dead. Renew yearly on that same date. through Mary…the Holy Spirit. you will not despair. IMITATION OF THE BLESSED TRINITY “In giving ourselves to Jesus thru Mary’s hands. She places our gift on the golden dish of her charity and clothes us. when she holds you up. he prevents our merits from being lost and our graces from receding. choose a day or feast day when you could to do the Consecration again. EXCELLENCE OF THIS PERFECT DEVOTION: (from “Secret of Mary” by St. She enriches us with her own merits and virtues. IT HONORS JESUS “We are showing that we need Mary His Mother as our Advocate and Mediatrix with Him who is our Mediator. when she is on your side. Afterwards. she preserves virtue in us. In short. we are practicing humility. who bestows His graces and gifts upon us only through Mary. emptying ourselves completely to do her honor. you will arrive safely home. who inspires us to go to Him using the same means He used in coming to us. 35-41) 1. IT PURIFIES AND EMBELLISHES OUR GOOD WORKS “Consecrating ourselves in this way to Jesus through Mary implies placing our good deeds in Mary’s hands…Dear God.” 2.HOW DO I MAKE THE TOTAL CONSECRATION? Pray the Total Consecration with your family and friends as soon as possible. who gave His Son only through Mary…God the Son. See PREPARATION BEFORE CONSECRATION (last part of this booklet). Bernard explain in substance all that I have said. that of keeping me in the grace of God and increasing that grace. 'She keeps her Son from striking us. when you pray to her. when she protects you.” 3. our dear Mother. 'These words of St. Had I but this one motive to impel me to choose this devotion.” 4. as Rebecca clothed Jacob. how everything we do comes to so very little! But let us adopt this devotion and place everything in Mary’s hands.' (St. you will not wander. in the beautiful garments of her first-born and only Son. Louis Marie de Montfort. namely. Jesus Christ. nos. IT RENDERS THE SOUL FREE “This devotion makes the soul truly free by imbuing it with the liberty of the children of God. she out of gratitude opens wide our hearts enabling us to walk with giant strides in the way of God’s . you will have no fear. you will feel no fatigue. we imitate God the Father. CHARITY IN THE HIGHEST DEGREE “Giving ourselves in this way to Our Lady is a practice of charity towards our neighbor of the highest possible degree. you will not fall. because in making ourselves over to Mary. which are His merits. IT INCREASES THE GRACE OF GOD IN US “When you follow Mary you will not go astray. and which are at her disposal. when she guides you. my heart would burn with longing for it. she far surpasses our generosity and gives us very much for very little. When we have given her all we possibly can. she prevents the devil from harming us. that is. something which always gladdens the heart of God.” 5. Bernard) And again.0 Since we lower ourselves willingly to a state of slavery out of love for Mary.” 6. this time after 33 days of preparation in honor of Jesus’ 33 years of life.

Hence the practices suggested by St. (Cf.1 She delivers our soul from weariness.” He said.commandments. In fact Jesus expressly gave her to us to be our Mother during the crucifixion narrated in John 19:27: “When Jesus. “Behold your Mother”. Am I not here who am your Mother? Are you not under my shadow and protection? Am I not your fountain of life? Are you not in the folds of my mantle? In the crossing of my arms? Is there anything else you need?” (Our Lady of Guadalupe to VISIONS: MARY’S ROLE. our Final Victory led by Mary and the New Paradise on Earth and the Second Coming of Jesus. 2) Knowledge of self. “Listen and let it penetrate your heart.” She did so. a religious who died in the odor of sanctity. whom he loved. my dear little son.newearthoflovepeaceandjoy. Montfort. Louis de Montfort advises us to prepare for the Consecration by exercises which certainly are not compulsary. Juan Diego in 1531) . Do not be troubled or weighed down with grief. True Devotion to Mary). Do not fear any illness or vexation. The object of this Consecration is to cast off the spirit of the world. behold thy son. anxiety or pain. sadness and scruples. therefore. TOTAL CONSECRATION & JESUS’ SECOND COMING God gave a Filipino visionary a series of visions (in boldface below) which is expounded to help you understand the need for your Total Consecration. “Behold. visit www. “Make yourself.” PART TWO PREPARATION BEFORE THE TOTAL CONSECRATION St. and from that time onwards her troubles ceased. Explanation: Mary. “Woman. 3) Knowledge of the Blessed Virgin and 4) Knowledge of Jesus Christ. thy mother. in order to acquire fully the spirit of Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin. Louis-Marie de Montfort are: 1) Renouncement of the world. the Mother of Jesus Our Lord and Redeemer. VISION 1: Mama Mary’s beautiful face as Mediatrix of All Grace and she says so very tenderly “I AM YOUR MOTHER” addressing herself to all of us. but which assure its great efficacy because of the purity and other dispositions which they tend to develop in our souls.” Then he said to the disciple. To get a free copy of the 33-day Preparation for Total Consecration. It was this devotion that Our Lord taught to Mother Agnes of Langeac. Jesus says. he said to his mother. “my Mother’s slave and wear her little chain. saw his mother and the disciple standing by. is also our Mother. as a sure way of being freed from the severe suffering and confusion of mind which afflicted her.” Mary loves us so tenderly and cares for all our needs. which is contrary to that of Jesus Christ.

we are also freeing ourselves from slavery to the devils through the seven capital sins of pride. “I will put enmities between thee and the woman. Mary continues to tell us. we stay in Mary’s heart and she protects us from harm and evils. “they have no wine.” Jesus tells us what to do when we read the Bible where we have the Ten Commandments and rest of the revealed word of God.” And they filled them to the brim. and ask her to present ourselves to her dear Son as His slaves of love. “What wouldst thou have me do. gluttony. Explanation: John 2: 2-11: “Now Jesus too was invited to the marriage. * Mary is the perfect mold. we renounce Satan forever and give ourselves to Jesus. And she shall crush thy head and thou shalt lay in wait for her seed. As consecrated souls. Jesus will turn our ordinary earthly life of ups and downs into an extraordinary supernatural life of love that begins on earth and continues forever after death. and on her head twelve stars…” (Rev.” And Jesus said to her. it is the Trinity’s will that Mary is the Mediatrix between Jesus and us. She nourishes and shapes us to be like her Son Jesus. Fill the jars with water. thus Jesus miraculously turned water into wine.” Mary told the attendants to do whatever Jesus tells them and they did. * Asking Mary’s help when the devil tempts us to sin is the best way to get rid of the devil who is so scared of Mary. sloth or spiritual laziness. “Do whatever He tells you. Mary is present and her victory foretold: In Genesis. the mother of Jesus said to Him. anger or wrath. and take to the chief steward. By doing this. God already announced that Mary shall crush the serpent’s (Satan’s) head. greed. 12:1) When we pray and live the Total Consecration. While Jesus is the only Mediator between God and man.”… Jesus said to them. and thy seed and her seed. She is the Mediatrix of all Grace (Jesus) and therefore the universal treasurer of all God’s graces. as a slave of love to her. woman? My hour has not yet come. VISION 3: Mama Mary crushes the serpent’s head (Genesis 3:15): signifying victory through Total Consecration From the beginning to the end of the Bible. obtaining all graces we need from God. we imitate the example of the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity—Eternal Wisdom who emptied Himself to assume the condition of a slave in order to set us free from the cruel slavery of Satan. And the wine having run short. when Adam and Eve committed sin. “Draw out now. And Jesus said to them.” His mother said to the attendants.” (Genesis 3:15) In Revelations. . She can channel more graces to us if we acknowledge her as Mediatrix of all Grace and ask her for grace. the Will of God. lust. “And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet. When we follow what Mary tells us. envy. We choose Mary as our Queen and consecrate ourselves body and soul. and also his disciples.VISION 2: Mama Mary says “DO WHATEVER HE TELLS YOU” referring to the Ten Commandments. “Do whatever He tells you. By doing this. Mary helps us to crush the devils and remove sins from our lives because: * When we make the Total Consecration to Jesus thru Mary.

12:1-6. The Reign of Peace: The New Earth of Love Peace and Joy. the New Earth of Love. The Total Consecration is not just a prayer you say and renew only once a year. devoted themselves to prayer. She will crush all the devils and recreate this world into the glorious Kingdom of her beloved Son Jesus. behold thy son…Behold thy Mother”). Her mantle seems to be flying and under her mantle is seen all the millions of souls consecrated to Jesus through her. Therefore. When you make the Total Consecration. Rev. you become one heart one soul with Mary. it yields a rich harvest. Lk 1: 26-38 (Annunciation of the Savior) Lk 1: 46-55 (Visitation/Magnificat). You become her little slave of love and do everything she suggests to you which is God’s Will for you.” (Jn 12: 24-25). you become one with the Blessed Trinity. Before you know it. Acts 1:14 (“All with one accord. 3:15 (“And she shall crush thy head”. In summary. through and for Mary. VISION 6: The Second Coming: Mama Mary arrives to her destination. Gen. but Mary is also one with Jesus.Why is the Total Consecration radically different from other consecrations?) To crush the serpent’s head means to die to the powers of our soul and senses of our body. This means being totally dependent on her as a child is to his mother. The final victory of Mary and her army of consecrated souls will usher into the Reign of Peace. by practicing the Total Consecration. We become one with the Blessed Trinity. so you become one with Jesus. 20: 4-6 (one thousand years of peace) . VISION 4 : Mama Mary presents us to Jesus and Jesus is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. That devotion is the Total Consecration to Jesus thru Mary by St. together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus”). Peace and Joy where everyone will live so happily doing God’s Will and giving Him all the glory. The earth will be transformed into the New Paradise. (A woman clothed with the sun”). it remains only a single grain. Jn 2: 2-11 (Miracle at Cana). BIBLICAL REFERENCES: Isaiah 61 (Year of the Lord’s Favor). but if it dies. Louis de Montfort. Rev. Jn 19:26-27 (“Woman. If we do not die to ourselves. takes from her heart a globe filled with millions of consecrated souls. Oh it is Jesus she has come to welcome back to earth! She humbly bows down. You need to live its interior practice of performing all your actions daily with. we must choose among our prayers or devotions that which will best lead us to the death to ourselves. Acts 4:32 (“those who believed were of one heart one soul…”). and then offers it up with arms outstretched to Jesus who is coming down from heaven towards her. and Jesus is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity so you also become one with the Blessed Trinity. We make use of the things of this world as if we made no use of them because “Unless a wheat grain falls on the ground and dies. she will be working great wonders through you. VISION 5: Mama Mary is walking fast and is in a hurry to reach her destination. we shall not bear fruit.

I dare no longer approach the holiness of your majesty on my own. That is why I turn to the intercession and the mercy of your holy Mother.CONSECRATION TO JESUS. will now receive me through you. Grant my desire for Divine Wisdom and. Virgin most faithful. your Son. fully mature with the fullness which Jesus possessed on earth. Amen. without any reservations. through Mary. in all things. body and soul. the unfailing refuge of sinners.* Accept. as your slave. his empty promises. through your intercession and example. your most worthy Mother. I greet you as Queen of heaven and earth. in whom Eternal Wisdom willed to receive the adoration of both men and angels. Mary. I declare that for the future I will try to honor and obey you in all things as your true slave of love. so that through her I may be your faithful slave of love. make me in everything so committed a disciple. and I do not deserve to be called your child or even your slave. True God and true man. By it I wish also to thank God for the privileges bestowed on you by the Blessed Trinity. I choose you. INCARNATE WISDOM THROUGH MARY by St. Louis-Marie de Montfort O Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom. I thank You for having emptied Yourself in assuming the condition of a slave to set me free from the cruel slavery of the evil one. only Son of the Eternal Father and of Mary always . that I may become. to carry my cross after Him for the rest of my life. Through her I hope to obtain from You contrition and pardon for my sins. (say your name) an unfaithful sinner. and to be more faithful to Him than I have been till now. and that Wisdom whom I desire to dwell in me always. so that He who redeemed me through you. conscious of my unworthiness. I have not fulfilled my obligations. whom You Yourself have given me to mediate with You. then. This day. O admirable Mother. Since I cannot lay claim to anything except what merits your rejection and displeasure. present me to your dear Son as His slave now and for always. gracious Virgin. and so make me one of those whom you love. even including the value of all my good actions. Incarnate Wisdom. most lovable and adorable Jesus. in whatever way you please. confident in your mercy that has never forsaken anyone. His Mother. I surrender and consecrate myself to you. teach and guide. I turn to you. for all that is under God has been made subject to your sovereignty. visit our website www. in support of my petition. both spiritual and material. whom you nourish and protect as your children and slaves. and I give myself completely to Jesus Christ. living tabernacle of God.newearthoflovepeaceandjoy. I wish to acknowledge the authority which both of you have over this poor sinner. Your holy Mother. *NOTE: It is good to renew the Consecration daily using the paragraph in bold letters above or the following: I am all yours and all that I have is yours oh my Sweet Jesus. for the greater glory of God in time and throughout eternity. present. with all that I possess. grant me the favor of obtaining the true Wisdom of God. as my Mother and Queen. I praise and glorify You for having willingly chosen to obey Mary. and his evil designs. dwelling in the splendor of Your Father from all eternity and in the virginal womb of Mary. I . at the time of your Incarnation. But I must confess that I have not kept the vows and promises which I made to You so solemnly at my baptism. this little offering of my slavery to honor and imitate the obedience which Eternal Wisdom willingly chose to have towards you. imitator. I give you the full right to dispose of me and all that belongs to me. with the whole court of heaven as witness. the Incarnate Wisdom. and future. I renounce forever Satan. To get a free copy of the 33-day preparation booklet. Mary Immaculate. Your Holy Mother. Mother of mercy. renew and ratify today through you my baptismal promises. and slave of Jesus. I adore you profoundly. accept the promises and the offering of myself which I now make. past. I call upon you. and with the fullness of His glory in heaven.

TRAEH enO .OUR TARGET: TOTAL CONSECRATION of EVERY FILIPINO & as a NATION by DEC. 2011 as an OFFERING to the BLESSED TRINITY thru MAMA MARY ! SAVE A SOUL A DAY by sharing & praying the Total Consecration with ONE person a DAY! “HE WHO SAVES A SOUL. 8. eb ot ynitsed ruo gnillifluF ++++++ …NOITAN enO .com Contact # 09172419237 email: newearthlpj@gmail. Stanley Villavicencio _______________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ NOITARCESNOC LATOT EDIWNOITAN VISION The New Earth of Love. beginning from the Philippines.newearthoflovepeaceandjoy... Peace and Joy where Jesus is King because Mother Mary is greatly loved...EVOL FO HTRAE WEN ehT .DOG enO …LUOS enO . SAVES HIS OWN” – words of Jesus to Bro. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ OUR BATTLECRY: ! YOJ & ECAEP .

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