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Dmiito l\il Liha~lha)i versus Glori a, l'Iaeap:m,~a't-Am"m~-oi


:Fra,l1e~ ,[. Chilve-,z JPlu]iiJd!e-r

caO];]tI, :~IIl!!J!v,er.iaticnru.


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Ille~alUse af' Oi\lVl'll'A
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C,GrrU'p1li1o'U!, 'Vh:daliion, ~ff the I Omnrnlb us :~hi!cti,ofi


'Cod~ \tiolaitioD, ~f ~'h!! de of' l('I(]ind.uct C~ and. E.1tb'ieal Standsrrds fo_r ~:p,bUc

fm nelseo I. 'Chaves Plunder, vs, Gl~,ria M:flJlvenamruon andjl©!1"
b,iaJcaP'lI,a],=moyoj et al, Jllegal Ilse IOf' PubUr !Fund~~ Ol~ft and lof
ICo:lT.U :Pil:i'~:H:Jl1



Case No., OOl-,20::U


'DO'J-L. l?f L.L&~, "'O'l'I.o[iC' 'II' 'iiI:"f'!I '1E~eet'olrl~ Fa:et Fiiwling T~~~ S~ibo~qemo..bti.'O:1i\ versus Qlori~ of the OmniObus ~daca,pilg~],~:A.rlOiYO~ Election Code and ....'~ ti'''' - tIl,\'il.. nil!. l1iJ __ __ n~!!les e!t iiU. \'(o:r me CoO,MELEe_
~". _ .l ..

VruoKatioD, of the Cede: of Conduct and Etllica'l S;LHId1 ras, fOf' P'Ub~if: OfficiaJls IQualifioo, 'Theft





of and ,ftegu,'h~i.ti:(ms;

~~a~ulond~litUl() )

, [)o..r~ r,CH!vHiL'EC
Case No.




Y~:r5US Gloria l!MI'~,~ap~g~l-,~t\rr~'Yo~


t. seeks the issumnce of ,ID AD 0 '~tl ancn','" her tO le~,v€J'the eoun trY -plHp(Drrtedly te ,S,~ek 'the ~'b~st poss ibh~ mHic~'~ trear,1lmen C and/or iIOOO£H!SU ImtioM '!j;'riUl, medieai slWciJdists aibroad,~ NOI 'c"Ountries ~ ~reF,e 'lndic~~redin Applicant's l"cUers. 8;upportt~ng documents, however, '[l1enOOn the 'fo:Uol\J\.riong eountries, n~m~ly~the United ~Ua;t.~'s of j\m,(!f.'i,('u'J 'Gel'IltWly., S~; arpor,e~ ''taly,. S:lf)l:in, and Austria"

In 'her request fnr the issuance cf an, ADO 'fc)1" ld mediCid purpose, ,S~ Appli£I\t'Mlf' ,sollmStted tn.e fb']JlOI\'~'Il~ dMllI'ments~

I. ,st:Ciolnd, En,dorg.em ent dated Sepb~m.ber 1., sou of Spea:ker Fe·Ucil DD 'B_~'lDlOD,t!'l J:r.'~to the S'reretm:r of .f'oei,gD. Affit.irs" ··c.1'the Trn.\\te1. Autbori.ty grunted I~O ·thf Applicln;l to partieipate bo. 'the "C~in~on G~obaill mHi;l!J,ti\;"E ~i'e trung," ~ ~i.de~ :froiw. med~eal cful:$ultmlDo:n 'in N c~v yo,rk U.s..\. and "or :medi.cn.'rn leon~ulmtion 'in ~Iunicb" Get many, both [r-om Se.p'h!:!Obe'f 2B to IOe~ober ,6~, n.. ,2.0 , ,m to. :piI1!i cipate in ~h~ Jon~' Co:nsuID~3,UDn .uwsetio,lS IOf 'I:;]] e nd .R.'f Fnte'Il1 I3Jdon~] Cnmmission Ala~nst. Death f(UH1i]ty :in. Gene\·,o,.

~:,,~~~\ ......I-n..;ai '
Ii.) _'I!' ~1b;f;;lC1 ~

!Ii][ ,¥,.~.


,0.': .... -to!b.·~ii"1"""- l~ 'f.Ii,i"'i,~II-~ ,', ' "~~ 'Y '~ ......... , A


9' .;.~ F.

~·l ,,,,_~,..l' ,,~, .l~.:I1 mil .,li;o1]Ularsemeo .. uiu;u In-Ii 'L.~--, 113, 2011 u'CI!i,'O.x:1l

Jr., 'O'IC Sel:'l"Dltary Oellefi"lil of tl1.,e' HO:lLSe of' Rell'r~seJiltativesJ to tbe S.~crem'r.y of FORigllil Afi1drs.. iamen~.~.. dIe 1"cn~1. A1tlu~ri:h.f' ·granted to the: ~])lieant! to ineludi@' ~at\1i~l to S\bli(tPtJ:re~8pairi~ and :ltl'~1''~'Q seek med~cal CD DsuIDtaU!i)I]l, \\ritb spe.ciati~ frem Oe~C)ber ::l2. ~o December 5!,2()'n;

iOl ,HiIlIllf'm [0 .~


r ,~._ ,",


It,..lll~,_... ...

6, Hiller.ary su·bmi·llitecl by the Law F:irm


schedule of ccnsultanon Germ.allY' ,and Sng(in~ ~ ,t'""'"

._:O\:em'ltrer 2~ iO.1I.de:taiUlIl;1 kp,plican
\';;1 Ul


Dh~z Del Rosarlo al1d

speeiDed ,doctor,s '~n Singapore ~


In beml" 2.'DI altilJ,Q,24 d·obefl" fHn ~ l~tl!eF'S~ ,Ap,"U.c,~ll~~ e..~f.e.ssed 'be r tntentien cu,"'ifindIe~m,kingte retum to the' ·PhUi.ppffil1'es UPOfli cQmple~~on of


tb~ 'medica] "lre;ltme 0t",

Cireuirua.'l':4:1~201Q 'O~.i-.1 i~lllnre ,of HDOs' \IYLO.s~ :a:ild ",WOs. Said. ,'ro"iisio'n states that an .. O m~y 'be issued to a. 'person w ,suQjet:t of' an~fn)O or ·lfl.O for ,!!,l\!:eepional f,~aJ~DIl&' .b~·tne jDlStm't ease, t]].ie~ le';'{cep'll!O'na 1 reason etted by tbe AppUea:n:t rus, th.~1 need far. eN:p€~I,1i Dle.diru(;a] eOHsl1ihiltio~, .aJ.il(l''OBl.d",~.fj'lli sped.Mlisg on. 'h)"POpa:f;~~hpQlcUi~m

Ap-pn.C~ll 's request f:~r an ADO is based. on Se~tioln 7' of t

and mel~bol le '~~~e ~liseiDJ;'J.~/dsorder si~~e., ~u-;tOfdiJllgtn ,AppUcm t, tbe i

~ong~;rSDild canditlon lasts, tbe 'more 'it is 'n kely ~orem ain..

, ,,'\ppUmnfs '-Jemel! ,Abstrad as pr-e'pared by De. llira:so~ ~1LS, r~~er._r.ed, ge~:[e'~m,· of lI,eal th ['~d,]'~e to Ona 'fot his, expert op~nion us. '~,e' ,cbi,er govem'ment pbystei,~~l. Sec:r-cta:ry Qnm, ~vaB asked tn determ,m.~ ir AppUca u t's condition ~s stated tnll! 'l\l:edlcal Abstract ~lSl life - _Ie-at:eDiD-I" and ,-jat if f...fl(_ptn: medi(lll. treabn,ent ahroad is not SDU,,~t, t'he same wculd result in. ,0, deterioration of' App.Ji,can(s medie~] ICfJ,:nw~Qn," Ot'hell'l'ise., &>\pplicant,'~ req uest 'f~:ra_M~o~ragee' 'Itf., vel abroad, to based on. rl( m~dicli lemel!e'ney eanlnlot be eensidered ;~s one Ic'f 'dles e.'


e~:Cepiti,@inmJr~lsc,ns,(ciD~emp'~a,ti!d ;D jU..3tifica.rian fo,t tbe issuanee Of am, as ADO unde.r 5 -ct.l,C'D,of 'D@p:artm~nt Circufa_r 4.1-20 10~

JUSJti.J!~ ba:sed, as it 'is upon, rue'r p'D\I;I'er '~:O' ensure'iN!!: ,ro,per' S"d[iiJ!ii,fi[SU"::hDOn o.f dle criminal justice ,~"S~C'ro,9Jnd, the p[['OS!cutffiOD. of offendeL's, inel udiuS, the i.s.sua.nc,e, 0,( ,eom,puls@'!), peecesses to a~.ul'1 the: com,pHance 'bY' 'respondents: ml,d de l'end:a_UIbi;at \\~ate"·~r s' _g~ Qf' the erlmlnal 'Pro-ceedin:gs:~ including pr.ell m lnary in,'I{efltjg~ti;O'l'ls;~::lJnd fur thls p'U~, 001 ke-~p 'Ebo.-- 'UDder. illWeStigatiofi: ritki Il the it~F:rU)O:rial • _- - "..l:"-iifN:,,, .' "'f th ~:iI..'·ii~ ,'.' ' "-1,--:-, ] u:nsw,c ~~QD, r me ~u.hlP,PUl.e tf'l tate, un ess "'"'i"F~'--wise ,.:11- term~I:·' g.A1 ,t"~ o ~ ,I, v'~n...r ~,-:-.ri; nn .... ~Q1" u
ii-''''' !U,~:~""',"

Th.e g:['l.'IJ'll'tin;g; of



is! disc retio n.flJZY upon 'the, s~ cre'lta 1;' of

exoopti,cm~,easons, r

reason ror the S'ec r-etary' of Ju~tiee to mUo,''I' hell" b) h~a'Ve 'the ccrm,pulsof)" j'Ltrisdtcti~ln of ~he :P.bUi_p,pL~e criminw just~tt ~·st,enlJ ,;md, \c'\fht!them:' &urll e!c@ption:~l reason ~s cGncomitm.ntly m,e't in :re'],ation to the gr.,~,~ityf'the o ~'h.argei ~~ll~le' ~'i Mt b~~:I' an d for' ~\i·hicb she' ,m'lt$t ans~\f,e.r.befol'e the.' ' IP1l.dl,liJe,prrd"ll~6el,tot',and, UtS e:o'um, IS ,a m,~~,e[ f l,e-galIDbUgfJl,tio~u~ o

l\B such, the prrlmary issue in any applic'at[on for an ",4J.)O is '\"'bether 'Dr '[lot ~.l\plp'lteaJll,t has subs' .fiti~I1!(l ;:'I, sufficient ~~b.OpmJ

," Based on _~ihe dncuments submitted by til e Ap,p]i:can ~ and the.
sllbs,tnu:na'ted 'by tb~ ,App1 ieant :in, her' present iappUeartion for an AD O.
The ,find1ngs 'of'dlis
m~(~] E'\'a]Juatl,OU. of


Oift3.J IH) leJ(c-epIlQD~l



orner are 'the 'followin.g:

FI~5'tj there' aJppe.alllS to 'be ;;)j di_serepancy on I;he memc31 ,C'ondltiOll c.t' the A;PP,'I~'cant: a!~stated in her af:fidavi~! tbe Ol1J! hand, ~a~d' 't1'l~
medkaJ] ab.s9a~ts, of. 'b.er rh)·~.dcla[)!s as 'well as her lilbysidaDJSi' stD:temen ~ to Secretary 0,[1 , dudn;~ Ole t~'tl)er!:s 'O~~,obl;r 28~ ;2,0 ~nl'viiit te the AppUcnnt, on the other


In, ber Oetober :2'1.,2Q 1i i:'i'mdavi,t AppHc~n~i[.cQtegp:ri.caUy states ,th~'t D:r~ JWiei GO:pe2l:~CeINa.n,re..~as ~ertified ('hot s.be' has ~me~aooTit,OOil1€' h msease.. HO¥~'i'8r't in ber OctOD r 2::t;; '20:rm. 'zooieaID :abstmct pr-epam:o,ed by Dr, ,Ro'1~e'do C" ~IiL;aso]~ was s.tat.~d that ~~I.JJn. llDd~rUyi.ng rare ]J:I,'etabolic i~ bone ~a. rould no~: he' ~oml1'u,led. eat and she Jnay Jeq.wi're It 'bome' r bhYpbiy.'" On the otbi!r htlHid 'Wn. the October '2~!, aon madleal abstract [of D'r~ ·I.a;r.-b) 'Vel:: '~.cl :me~.'t;ioD,~t ,~_U ',.,.1]5 rn:ad.e'o'[',IllJi]f::mitu)'lli;e bOlIrue (U!e~.se in, relatiQ'p to 'hi'S diagnosis and trea .. tment o'f !hi!!: .Ap'pUc~"nt, f,runam~'y 'in. th ir October 28'1 2,011] meeting lvitll S)e\cretary On;.'1", App.]ic:nn'~~s :p'l'i,ysidsns h3!:\1!' stat-ed u a OO'DC@:m die ua:Wi1e or ,cause ,of Ap~.j!Jj.ca"ts hil'Opal''athyro:idism, '''rV'it};U)l.[Jt n'lentiDldng anythll1!;: IIJbout metabel le 'bone · _se1E1S~ "" haJs~-e:li~r
J t















the medical. abstract and statements of App]ican'~~SJ ph,;s~ei;]jQs belles her ,eL1im 'lihm: :s'he: bas rare 'mebiboic ':bone' disease .. 1" h~ .~..'a t b ,f'.tiLu~et--opez,~~e"antfl:Sl~ i9 nullC sne C aims .,'iI.. tnat tlS was eerh~_~~LiLD,Y 'D Ji'~'1' a~dtbO'lJl,t ,aJDy' 'Pf'@OIf: ~Jif said, c.eI,tifjication~ her iU11edical sbstraets ~_l1d

In short,

'U'od.erbillg metabclle bon e dj~'ease, can not be 'oo'wUy ruled out, and, hen~el-ilS ye WI De' detetllLined, 'dilo~,gna, bone biop~~, .nd, 2.) ,ApplitaDfs a phys:ician~, are stin. at a,~O&~as to whether' ~he''1!;lnderbing nature or rea:use of her hYPO,PillJT'iolthyr'Oidism. ltS, ,the ,QeCu,rreIu:e' of m,€:~abtl,]iG;';'bon.'~dlsease,

db."eC:t 5talemen ts to



:l:ie\~;:d ltb.;]j,t '[I.,) 'am

m,ad.e' on, ApplicaJrlt s .edial ~oDdrutdon ,U 'Ole' ef m~mbolh:'[)Cine disease, site mSt has to under.go ia DOfl€ biicpS'y~a medieal process ~:.nlderta'!~~n. 'reguIDa'rly hI the Pbi].illIll111e"S And whi~h lhere:fOli~ ruell!d, not necessarily 00' avaU.oo c'[
As such, before

any eon



'-ccon' '~based en the' 'm~dtt'--alfiV~ml!l';;'i,Uo.n 'Qf S~.re tary Olga '~f'le· np'p'e~n to b~,no rnr,~ent a nd. inl'media:bc medical e_memency sit~n tion 'lor Appli.l!:'::aJt to' seek 'n'l,e.flica 1. treatment n ,!lhFCh~d AD~or.'di,ng, to the rep©rt· of



Secr.el~ IOloa \\~~~l't as life 'lhf'ea(enit~g was '[be series 100f dl'me major' w 01?~ raUo~s, \,,'hic'll Appl lcant ~ULSundergone in the :Phi1ippin,es...t\s, stated alse hr Setlcta'ry' ,003- Appl bZtill, is f'eC-uperating :rejWJ,ndlly well from said opera nDns~ \'~lth medical trea tmen:t l1awing 'been awil'ed of from ]or~ docto'li "~l,th 'tb,e use of '~(u:a'!fa,dThhi§., NClilimg, :iln, ilbe report of 5'erltetBlfr O,na indic~tes if l!Il'U' 1i~e '~m,r-eabeni<n.!, ,o@nm'lion ICOll'tin:ue~ to' endanger Applicanfs; health, IS' '~h.'~ n'iy ,r..efeir~:n.ce to any ]jfe ;t'hr€a;t,en]n~, o c~n.d1tion ~'"IIS_i\.ppli(an't, una. ,rgo~B three major c;pe~a'Unns vdtich 100 the~ether hand" have alte~dr been dscbn,-ecl ,a SlllCCl~SS ~by AppUcaJnt'e, 01ti\trl

·..Ji .. ·...


imp;ro'r"ed 100 odition

For rthl pan, ,of' Dr, V.el~"his medleal abStJ,3!ft iodir.;ated; 'me EO']]OllQrJg

~-Pp'~~C[! aft~r umd'ergoin~ three operI~ti,o:l1S~ __ I

Slgnifian - impr'n,~eme[lt and. lett Uicep~~
'\~tho~t lcu),~~,gi.QS;


of 'dIe "-mne"iS lo'f '[be

2~ IGood

,aU~l~e'n~ of. ,tih~cervical spine with inl.plant in :pJnce

~ - F- n'llii

~,!.,o!.;. .... ~

'v· . <_,v

if'Lf motor


,iIilU'-; - ~l""'"- ....~ '1- "" UPl'il!l1" e.""'Y-lI;'n1~~J'1 'd',,- . .'- ...~ .. '~'hj, an.' ,I [leL 1ol!n OJlI~el,l

4. Better


'e",idenee D~, X R!!l!lYof bone ;gro",,1,Jb, it~i1dng'p~a(:'e '~'nthe ,~ter]or tl@rlomn SRelll that head b~nd, a[~ of Lehrnian, '~n.t:un"':zru, p


The ooly nepti,\"e :LodtcatiOll, kl AppUcg,nfs ' ast dlmgD.Os'i!;WM that the PtIJrathyroid hcrmone remained d,el1.c~ent, ,V!t.ithoiut any' indicaticrn \~JtsOGve~ 'that this IDfE~'~~ ally ,~,."aythe ,g'l'ner.-ru,o'b~a'ti,w tD:3J,t AppUc,j,l'nt 1!/,'V{\S indeed on her ' Io'';JjY '00 r13e'Jo~e'ry and that there 'liVilS no'~hing life th r-e,a~.en~n\~ia'bollIt 'ber. 'pl'e.SL~nt IbolldhjO:Jil ,af:t~f the s:uttessful


. -- -1.., treatme:uJt'. 's_ld!




- '~",,",..;J




ILlU.. ~


t 'fI', ,_ ~;;'~-ylliitL _1 t"II! It' r ~l!L1!i.e ,- [,,,,,~.", ... l!!.,.e-n e

..l:.........JIi .... UI!A.-LU,_, ""-.'


U~_ 'threatening 'Dr' if;re\~e['sjbl]eand. ~rrep3:m,ble eondi.'lion iof ,A_p,plican~:


'F{-om the pfJeredling o'bsen",~tiDn_S made

Ona, boUt q nestlons as to

by App'IDlcmnf:s


"tEUEl' 'pTese!'IlC~ gf ,;'tny

ll~¥! been

~nswer~dl in '~h.e n.eg~th·e, Thus, baSfd on 'idlis d.etermiDadon. of ... i\ppl~~nt"s medical looDditton &OlmJ. an lr\~ajuation lo_f'her medieal abstr~u:~!LSi there. npp:ean to be no 11rgent and compelling pmr],JOIf3! for h er ~emcm ·trea.t:DmIe·l1ii brood SOl as. to ~~JillSti.ttl't€n ex:c~{t:i:wum~ reuon for a a tll'e g-mntLng of an lID 0.. J..... mo~" ....'L. ~
-' ...1"' ,A" d npp . mn t~ 'm'€uIQ 1 COlilu'Ltl'Omli n~ p:reseFtll't '.•ces DO'[ .s '

therefo:re offer. any exeeptiaaal reason tha t wO~ll~d. override the pfinrmournt oousider..~)ti.O'n.rO,f ' h.e W'IU1DClf (I'r a \V,Dllc.hli.st Oirder arpinst . her, L~.. to k·~ep her ,~ith"in the jurwdh:~tiDn of dlJ~ :PhiU~,pilD!e erinrinal j1!]~~l"e~~·te'm~1especially .in Ugh t IOf ~h.e .fact UlaJJ~. ,APPllic:Ut bSB selected for ber d'es. ~n3JiJlo-n mun1mes with '\~'hJ['hd1 f.h'iUpP1U!!S has 'DO lexist! ng wradition treaties;

Th:iN" ,.\pplicant Ust;;i $e\'ii!rm cu''Untr-les ·aJS des t[p,aiti on I' iOlm.e' of . 'ier ·TtvhichweN' not. fom;' .putrpuses. of. m~dical ~Qnsw.tation.~ 'bu~ 'Im ,atnenm:ng eanferences, ThilSe ac-e the 'C~i11'~OD GIDba'~ :bl'wtiatm'1i~-le~tD;nB in 'Na'if' York, USAf' 0:00 ~heReg~OWl'1 eons:~;Lltation. meetlags of. the ][]l'l'e:rQation~. CnDli~i-O'g. ~ffinS1li:: 'a;t:liru Pe~alty i~. Ge~e\ta", S~:~ilaJi]d' .. \Ylille AppUC'~:nt.abo Us·t:s I'tamy, ~\iuS'tn~~and 'N,~'V1"01'1, ·USA.'as des1in~lkms; fur her medicai alJlsulmt.i.c 11 in be r !:ravel 3utnarity 'be;r.·de:mll.ed ~tineraJ_'~~' sUbmitted 'OD November' 2.. 20.11, sh-o-".~ 'dial sb-e' ,ac~l~Y mb;~nds 1m :sHk. medleal '~lcmBw.ta:tion only in Shl~aporel 'GCf.ln~J]y an.d IElahl prior 'to No'tlemDer 2; .Applic:.mt·s mmtattd ~bn~rM)'i'D. be r o ero'!b€ F.' 21 ,:lffida.vit· covers Stn.ppo-~e~ IGerma:nJ' ,and, ,Al].stri~," A.p!lJruica-nI~!'samb]:va~e'nc~'in. her , ' country' o-f ellteice for medi,ctd eoesul t~t.fuOl1, and '~W'eiltal]li'nt p'U~s under $lilSpi"iou bel' eaadidness i~. a matter ma:t purporttlidlJt ifll\-,olVie5, a 1Ue and. death" decision ..

the nat lIJj,f oou-r,u[es '!wher:-e' .A'!p'pl~can.t s.c~'ks to be allow'eo tn gOI is n travel t:oUl' lo,f sorts, and 'Which, ~s l!N~lently mcongr.uen t. \\iJtlb.her p-1lq:i0-Se' of ~eekiPg emergency me dlieal ~eltmeD;1t :((H'" a rare




'IDem p~md1y

medilC,"!J] condition


A~lPUt"Qn.t~beUe-.s the so- calmed mooical pu.rpose er the lenu~rgentr nature ,t. o~ .f'ipp ucanr.!!o' is trave'""1,' ·b·.roa d . ,a . -.!l·· '~':' . .iIi.

for ,OOnfeyeDI~i!lSI'in '.•'ew '1~ork.;ll'ud,Ge'n'e~." bi~ oriShl3Jl ]ftin~tcU1ielf s~ef:i. T cOlnli~rie-5;, before this Office' required ,I denni,~'l,:r,e itin,e·ra.r:y from

Sh.e· se~ks to tr.;a!Jtcl. hdtia11YI ",~O s~,~en. tountri.e~s~m: of s :(o'l' 'me~~l ooM~.dto;ti@(fi'Si ,Iud '.origbru~11Y,'twcl o~ lnem

~t i13 nlmloo~ ·in·oo,ncl.;'ii.¥abh~' hour scmeone ~ee'kinG em~,eml(,y lenedieal trea tment '\,I/OwO!,still b~:V'e.he ~tre~gth and ~:m,'er.,m'~D travel 0'1" to t Ic'h!oo~· to tm'vel ·i.O seve ,a). countrl~ '~"i·ll1irI. 'the' ·concomi.tant S,Jtress and . exhaustion ~:a:1r::such f3:xt!1\~i.'!I·e'~n.tem,a uio:n!l'~ travel entails, unless, of
eourse, 'Ml£. WUl!!W~'~'~ t reatme nit' pp,Ki.t'llnt: :s~e'kSiis, net, en~h;eTh}',- 'nelj;}ESS~ ry


and ~lIgen[" an d can O~:efe$o'r~' subj~ted, to being colndd!ed with be lDteFn_aliolO~l n~vel for other 'p'urpos~~t 'Ibis. imp.,]i.~s,-tim't' Ap~U(a.nt~'s, plql.ose for travlr:~:15'lot eKiusi,,;e :ror.' ,medical 'We:.?dtmellI~, 'that medical er treannent ,is: eve n mer-e.Jy inddentD] to, said travel, ~esti~atJ,'o:ns de~,ni~eUy ,beli~ Ule excluslve mediesl purpose of l'~lpUJ!r:ln 3]ltp'] lmtU~n foi" ,13J:n~IDO~,Res,ponde:nts with 1~1l ~e rs sheets U'f€ not accllrded sueh luxury lof 'w,DJ\I'-eUing tJo :s:eveml c.oU'nm~s while thJ~h;'premhnin3J"Y' lnvestiga nOllS: are a wait~ul diS,po-sition by '~e
in\, e;stig~tIDO]] pro(!eediiL!~; pem:Ung ~heir '~medical 'tM'3'OOe nt" abr,nad'J ~\\ibl(b,is siull1' of postponing uidpy',e'Um:~n~.u:)"' 'in\~esitilation '. nd, e<¥eow ~l criminal p'rQsecu'D,on In.defin:i tel,,,, rnabing the sa'me' en;tire[y (Us~ret:ion~,l~:'l "PWID the Applicactt depending ~n, \~'hell'l,she decides tba~,hew' ~'mem(~I
not _-



mi1'.;.-rure IQ:f

'~:~!.W,lj,re'~ purposea




p.uh~~.c 'pro~u!cu~o:r.'.,I~fe 00. [nespo~de:~ts nillil, 'femer' ,~barp $b,oots are :,' llII"'II!"II'r-ded ,j,,'t -. _~"~"-., ,- I~Q ]_I'l,U€:Jj..U] "'h,e y. 'pos -'I -,'" ~, ,.I fo',,,, 11"'[" ,' 1:'.:U'''''"' ~_ U~e ~'!i.'!!Xu:r.y '" ,pone pr.~l~m,~iIDI1' U
i' ,~I~' "

trmtmenr" is RnaUyowr'~
'iii'lii -h'1·11·'1Il'IIJI'!il~... '",""". ,it"',iI;r,1ff nas

tlm t 'b~r return 'rill 'a]\~'ljr13depc''lJdon, said treatmen t! \\;h]cb~ based on 1I -hii!ioilt' ~·u ,~!!J. ~u~J~~;v.lL~ ii.,;,'""!n.n, u\ f' '__ ~li+::.f."It'L1 NI,~ .. ''Om,.l i!5IiIii:""}'·,,,n1\. ]...:11 ~!, ' b~ ~VUU=U.1U' ,~;"'UW' rl W~II!, u!.uill! ....~ mui ,~IiY,' "'f"L • l,vO'U. 'IIJ _ 4, ulS only mean itlUJ .;: the 'hi.li;ppin~ Sl~le 'n1Light ;~ctual1y ne~r ,have the opportllnl~' to iii m'tlsfy i.'bieU' A:ppli~~ nt's legal !o'bUg,atlon, te answer to dle ~o.mplnin'ts aDd, ,chatge-s Drou.gbt ag.::'Uhmt her' 'bef~le' the plubllic pr-osecumr; th~!il errumUrun(g'the frestration lOf justice ~vith App~e1,;llnt p.rtlcti,ca11y ebs cODding from, tbe Philipp iDe cdmin~ 1 j u~[,ce' systern under 'dJe pr,et-e me o.f und~o~ hg ,wed ical1b"ea tment ,abroad.

P@~fc"lh~ l,vbil1e .t\PlPUeugp1t"s WlJder.ukiln~ ~ tm, rf'tUl'lD. Ito '~he L '''~n.n'''' IILJIi.le ""'om'II'l'I"''::'''n ..... L..... 'Eo'" -;l~..... 'l.. ~ ~1g1~lLlJ..._-g II '~tS :m'eans :t' 1 ;~ e "<Ji ",1!..~' ,.a.lt""~,n ...,. It'"~E i!_I.... ';"'11, n ;..;", oI."""eil;lll'!!;;;IIO.L· _ ... 1,,,,,
.Ai ~'Pii ;f>n;.,.,




-',b',··,..iI, ",'Ib.,:" " (li I -,,', ~.~aJ,l~ ~oses, I,-t ,I,ees \\'lu,OUll '" ,-, , .,n~ 1IJ11~ Oll~e a ~ro~u ~lI.ue 'P'!: ;']",IlPpllllI! ~",,~ r., . ,' "'-', ,·-"t'L.", S:!,l11 all pl\!f-er of deb nniQaliop all.a ~,~Ciess, ,A;ppU~.rt5, meIDca 1 8/tams" un to ,IS ~uch is ~ntlt.e~, pO\Vifr'less '~O dem~f;id h.e~r eturn to the :PhUjl',m:dnes~ as r !libecan a1W':a:~'"S elann loa t her medical treatment is yet to be c!o\mpUe~edj, nd, might Q~rujW,y 'bIre ['OFever.,



rate! the' prima: Jb~if.J.' '1.1:orthof Ap,plic~,'nt!s lmd~rtak[f:tig to return ~o t1_e P'hUtp.piWii,e~ is au 'entirel." diifferen'~, :iissue iMtogerh.er,. bJ the scheme ,@:f our cr,'im'hu.d justice system, all ioomp]a.~nt5'fi~ed agllln~t the Applicant 3!'! ,n,on-ba.ilab'~e''1,n, ]li!rtUT'e.'~ ~, 'voluntary' UJ]d-e~ld_nl: to Ntum 'to the judsdif~IO,I1, of ttle Phil;iPl)in" I;rim~IDDJl jllSdoe systePiil,
A't, 4m:Y



go~,s, w~tho1Jlt. ,snyilmg tller,efor-e dlJat~ an, ADO ean n~rt. be' based on A,~[tlmi~nt'i:s mere sa}~CI ill31, .she will return \~ffil,en, fn ::dJ I!;n:ob,ab~~i~'j

8J1y ,form,

of 1,l1;~~]l'~ee

~rhat$o e'i.J\er. :is prn.ctiea:~Th.y '!/,\VortbIG'Ss" U

given the gr.a¥1"~~' 'th~. b.~:r~e_si~v_~'~.ed nst her, the b~lF:ilp'hltk~:n .~~ c ..agai to slm,:ply Ie£CaP€' lenmmnJ liabd ily' ls d-e~fi heilly m.c,re :r.le-al.liS.D. ap'paJ1!Dt. n

and 'tnaJt aee a\<~illb'le to br('!]'",.Con.sid,ering

This ,obs€~a'tiDn L~mIOtL'€ than j ust mere speeul a~lon~but 'is 'based the I[ea~i.ty 1ll.e ·Um~ted. number' o:f harnd.cbo~t.es, 'that AptpliciUli' filte;s, 'of

ofiensfs" .~~~ only ]ogi.eai lhJ.t' one of th~, rea], .{"noiiCles, a.fJi',a.ilJJa},lle '~_Ol Appif3,t is 'Hight. .mom jusoc-. ud I~cape from. ·~.e jU'l"isdi.c~on of the



~hli;!' pcried of her trlal fb:r various non-bailable


possible' seenarin of bel'

Philippine cri'm·bA.a'l _j1.1s~ieeys'tenl. This real d,aJ:n:geI" 10 f Ap~Uc~n~!~, ·flight s

·~o'faee justice OlilU;;1!ltd" medleal treatment is. ICOml.-me/Leit The at~lil1men~ j ustie eoClnnot d.f~~nd on. such n i.msy gU'3;r,3Jntees.

cannot' sim:p'~ be dismis$:ed by hee sf·]f-s€n'1:lwg. Undef.ittlidng, 'wai she win


faith il'~d. 'h~! lj,'V()'rdalene, Cr'imi,nal. .inves;ti,~a.tion and prosecution! 'if any,

fin 1. poiUfiL Ap'lilie.aD't .b35 dloo-c'D fOf her ·destination, :ifiive 1(5) Ic-ounme'!j na m l,~! ,Smp;powe~. 'German!>!";, Almtri3~ s.p'~ju and Ita.ly.~ '\\ith which. the PhUippi:nes, 11~;S ']lID ex~lmng exu.a.diti!Oll treaty .. Simp,]~,'PU!;~ this 'mal~!s Atl~Ji~t:mt!s,:~}etU!rn r-odle ,:~ml~p·pi~~s, f'@r pretinlmaJ.}' ·m.V\eStig~:liO'n ,3,Ud. PQli.s!iJb11~e~[iJJm;ion peD.d~nG. m3l] oo,sed '0'0 d
tOI (DrIll!'

FtIllI", this hoop 'us

is the last to be lDsed on fa'itb and. the u.oder ~abing lof the one be.~ng m.\~stigated.and 110 be ·pr~ted .. The' ('riml~n_'- justice ~~·e.m. is 'bosed en rind lar!l,e]y depends U:flon 'tb~ ·cc:mpulSlol1' ILnd m~;ndato·ry nature lof
its. 'proICednnJ m~eh~ni;$;flls. To h~'I..e thls sJ~:t.,e-m de.1Pend Ion fuitl\ a.nd on tlie- gco[h',~], Ol£ ·dJ.edefendmnt/mspo.l1dlln t is ·to make' our crimiruil, jlu:s,ti.r.e S}"S~em the :1.i1u,g·hings~oe'kof'tb.e enUw. '\\iQrld.

If ruJfy~, A,pp]irnn t '8 selectien of CQUn tries ,~tb whieh the Phmp:pmes has no existin,g €-:.rtmd)tion treaty ~lbou]d n:l1;g aJar.-m.bells 001 druis OJffce~'-1 ·""tOu~dbe the bei;ght Ot negllgenee for the fespo:nsibh~ gO\$ernment oml~ia] m eJ]]O,."v the tltlvel ~'b["1oa-d.of a respondent 'belng j 1'J!"·e~tlgated. :mr non'bailable offe-u~ fur: DOfi-·fil!ldmea~..met.ge:oq· 't;rea:tm.ell~to '~OUl'llme--5, where e·xtradiltbllH eannot be. e:Oirxt:ed. Tibl s O:lfiot: ls duty' bo~dl tio, see to it that the App1ic~nt f~ces jus ~]('ein the Philippines in the most speedy m.~11 n~!'fJ. du~ same \'V~y that App'Ucamlt is; dl:Ji~ 'oo,und tOI an'St\rel~ thfJ

c'barGes ia:ga:ms~bel' im_R'lediat:e~.y in ,accor-wm·ce "it&. IOlK' 'Ieg@} precesses, and 'not in aeCi;J['i[la:f1!!l~C'~I\<i'th.her sched u]c· of U-i'lilv,~lwhich has no definite ,em~f'I~l!lCY~iut Clll_y indden.tal" medieal ,p~l"pose, b
TmvetUng abroad p'uts respO!nd.e-n.t beyond tlJJre';u:risdicdq,n. j


D OJ to, prapedy eond.uc~ a p_1"e]intint'try' in.vestigatkpD. and as slilliQhcannot be' '1neo nditffi0 n_.y' im.wked as '~DOg; as th~ IDbl~gatruDn tOi ,al1!Sl,~e~r to

Oir tb~1

cdmin!1l1 eh,ar,~i!sand '~'O pr'odiuce erid Cllce be lOire .s~i.d inquiQ" l)~lllr subsists. 'No lo'n€! can. Icl~lnan.dthe State's r~cD!g:niUon undo hllnu~diat~

~vnd, th:E j L1fns.df't~,?n of ~ e Slate 'intb.e unporta n't manda t~,to inw$tiga~~ and prQsecut@ eriminal acts,

enfor(:~m'!l11 of ~~~'s :right to l~l'a.v~l abroad;


put 'b,~r.effectively e,_rrtise' of its ,equal.lv,



The W,ll tchlist Orders issued ,~l,g~jn,st the Ap'PHc~;n t ~re a mere !t..1de.tlS~on 'the 'm~"esmlpu,'1..-e powers of 'the DOJ '~D issue ICQllllpuhon,' of' subpe ena orders for the prcdue ti (JJl ef te.sth"n,onv and other evidence p,relimm.M"J' in"VSD,31c,on :-m' ,-,ding5~ :~tm a mere' ,i nc.idenbl [measure in ' Su'PPOl~tof the p'rDlSecutOf.-~al, pewerof the ,000', n 'would be to rend~r this pOl't"er useless if 'Urue DOJ beld pl\\'el'lli!$S 'to 'p~re',f/HI. 'the' Qipt from , il1 P'biUpp1ne j ulism,ct]IQ of' a, ~{en,d3.ntlre5pciiDdf'nt: ill ,I ',cIim]n~1 m\'~tig~on, on DliS ,grouQd thi1i~ the' ngh t '00 tm,~ :3Jbroad, 'is 11neon rutiona'~and not' sub] eet to liml tations and, restraint bv the e~e'[i~is~ of the poUce :PO~\"'e'l" the State. 100f ~,



under an CJbijptioD, '~O omm\""e;T "to ,mmb13] roarg'u, she leses '[be unconditional e:r:cer-Cls of Ute 'righ~ which, otherwise, ",U frustrate or e
fA . renuer 'th e enLme~;m.eA't. '0'r.L·u, (pi"br' ~ ld _lgati.o;ll moO'~~

t'balga is thus imp05' -. on. the re,pond'eot. :f~mmtbel'e()~, said respondent cannot cleim 'ri~hts Q~h.enlfise,av~U~b le ~o oflla'l" (iti;?~eD.s'who are Qot 'l1:rue ubjert of a, s mina1, jjn,,"~~stigaliiolll' or cantmlu~ 't,'C, render vlo.J3"ble the' com,pulsory nature of a 'D OJ subpoena" Once a person is put eri.~

The 'Ilo-mernt one. is served 'Rotif'@ of 'DOl's ,summuM t'(a, ,appellr ia.~ a respond'~nt in a, preliminary 'in'Vestig:a;tj,o:n~ due [p''foce:ss '~ served . and thta pre\"en'tioll of 'the d.ef:endltliBJt·s ,~io:n of Ithe' :peIOOfmM},(;B of 'her obhgatioiU tOI the St~te becomes p~r,amount, The Ob:UgBlllion to aiIDSWt'f to


To grani , Applictnt an ~.l\DO based Ifj n her spokespersowf 'clMm o( her uneendltionel right to tr~ye] is to 'v]o]ut;e the State"!~'po~wa[t"O demand W sati ~actioD of be:F ohiigatiol1, '~Oa;n~\\.;,:r'W !c'dm iM~ ,ch~~ '~:O 'th-e ,above tbif: ,pll,!;er of the :Il;uhl~c 'to R'gmate m 'ltb.-e'i]]j~,erul'of the mmmon walfm'€ for the protection of 1~r.H~'lives, beal~ll, and. prope.rt:y of the dlrhe'ns~ '~O the :plesefV3tio.~, of good o,rde'r and 'the :pub~i£ mo:r.a~ and, 'to' 'Ih~ l"iC 8l:M" aUii t and :p'unls'h __ II'l,ent of 'erilil.Q:

ef -- -b~~"" nl'!"h;.~-,. I, liJ;e,~rlrn~n,t (Ii P'1l ,~,~"'"',-·..ia't;' 'II't
~l ij, '.


'i:,~.;jon ~~~'!J

doj'!l'n'.a'lP'.D '~LQ~ ,~"'"''''~''''''~~w....aU :;a ~hi'Jiiio nlli1"e\A.II"'I,~,1 rlahts .' 'J;..'~~!>!l'!L''';' ,

;i"I~,1'Ji ~!;;u ...



'This 'fa'~~e premise on the uneon.did,on~d eharaetee iO'£ tlhe ngh't to m'tem auo~a1J b'a' ~·1 cmn~t hold ,;riJihou't 'purtlin,g into ,j,~pa'roy (be 'pG""'el'
of ,the

herein App lie ant, ''\"ithi 11 ~b~' te tritQri~l jur[s.d,iction off' I~be 'hi~~p:pine~ s!: ~e'd)gt1n,g the pe~.de,ncyo,f '!!he' 'Pl'o..~ClltOriBJJJ P(OOCesS,I' ifteturl.:i,~g at: t'he st~tge of 'the crimh~al and pTe'~imh;t.:i;l~ h!ii\'e'sti~a;t[o al'liJ, '~b:sent !";l,ny l\$l e':tti2pUOP~ condi tioo 'f.OI:" 'the If. f.!j:til1l of WI ,.!!~O. T'l:ruis, '~SaID] that is

}l1ln.isbe2" ~'" 'OOUi,p~il]iIllB, ~uiiJd ru;suring 'the


to ensure tbat (,rl mlnals are prcae~tlt~d, ::i!fidl erimes are


'D~~ :li',e,s'pitP1nrlent'i,



'~D~~ln ~_ cd

tobe Q(ccn!mxp'm~sbed~,the iss lJIj,oe of -._~ tc'_' ist Orders agaInSt

'tjn~ Appl~ca:n.t.'In

tbe' end, the State t,~nno~' ,rendefed p'G\~et1ea'S hy the be false in yocation of r~g'h't'Ibe protection mel gua rantee of 'Nhlch;, 'In a 'modem sodegt and ,repubUcan, ,g,ov!rn men 1" rel ies on, tbe' ;'1)" sam

e'fficielli~fl'U:Lrtds~ sald Pl','1er' by' the' S' te'~ uf

Ci,tr of I~n~]a.,08 Ne '. m her

2,0 U ~

: ~ '1 -:. ,LE: LA M ~D'E, I! U,


' a~







bJ. Secre ry [Gf', -:...i,~ Aft-lr Attn.! Office of' Consular Affalm

~330 ItO'xIS BOllte'vard. Pusay City
I :',1

,Bt!Jtasan Crr;iM::r'p[e~!Q'UeZlon City


-=p~sen,_' ._ ~," ~ .~ . t lulia .' '~" laJc3]I.'i~· . 1 An-\o'~t . e PI: ..
).m"'~'11H"Gus€! tof



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