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134 156 Ø156 180 L um inaire Mounting on a bracket or pole 600 150 138 10 218 511 613 218 nemo . the luminous columns serve both as public lighting and as a 810 190 190 240 240 810 156 156 180 Ø156 permanent luminous event. The luminous bollards are ideal for marking out city paths. Whether 400 400 B oLLard for lighting. SIGNAGE AND ENLIVENING THE CITY With its novel design. the 1980 5000 300 300 1980 800 800 5000 Nemo range – made of 316 L stainless steel – was developed by Moonlight Design to satisfy the multiple needs of the city. the Nemo range meets these different applications’ requirements while displaying the aesthetic 1005 1005 affinity of the product range. providing a lively atmosphere or for signage in urban centres. Wall units and luminaires are the 356 W aLL un it complementary tools of this range and make it possible to bring together a number of urban lighting functionalities with aesthetic coherence.5m L uminous coLumn 3020 3020 LIGHTING. With a height of 5 metres.

Colour of the luminaire: all RAL or AKZO colours are available LEDs: . a guarantee that they will stay clean inside and that photometric performances will be stable in the very long term.EN 62262 . all the models in the Nemo range offer a remarkable IP 66 tightness level. With a rigorous mechanical design and made of 316 L stainless steel.5 kg Wall unit IP 66 (*) IP 66 (*) IK 06 (**) I (*) 7.5 kg Luminaire IP 66 (*) IP 44 (*) IK 07 (**) I (*) 7 kg IP 66 (*) IP 44 (*) IK 08 (**) I (*) 57 kg Control gear tightness level: Impact resistance (PMMA): Nominal voltage: Electrical class: Weight (empty): (*) (**) 230 V = 50 Hz according to IEC .Warm white Maximum power ratings (*) As an option: dynamic management using DALI or DMX LIGHT DISTRIBUTION Reflector 1710 Reflector 1729 90° 90° 180° 0° 180° 0° 270° 270° CHARACTERISTICS Column Sealsafe optical compartment tightness level ® Bollard IP 66 (*) IP 66 (*) IK 06 (**) I (*) 17.EN 60598 according to IEC .nemo LAMPS – REfLECTORS Models Reflectors Cosmopolis Metal halide with ceramic arc tube Compact fluorescent Column Bollard Wall unit Luminaire 1673 90 W 70 W 26 W (*) 26 W (*) 1861 35 W 18W 6W 1861 18 W 1710-1729 90 W 150 W - LUMINOUS MARKERS IN THE CITY Fitted with a Sealsafe® optical compartment.RGB . these products are characterised by a high degree of impact resistance.

LIGHT CONDUCTION The Nemo column is comprised of a cylinder made of brushed stainless steel and a Sealsafe® IP 66 light conductor made of opaline acrylic. the control gear plate . another reflector made of aluminium reflects the light towards the ground. The Nemo luminaire is available in all RAL colours. nemo . draws the gaze to a building entrance. SIGNAGE: AESTHETICS AND MECHANICAL STURDINESS The Nemo luminous bollard in stainless steel constitutes an original urban signage tool from an aesthetic point of view. GUIDE The Nemo wall unit. ATTRACT. The Sealsafe® (IP 66) optical compartment with an acrylic protector contains a lower conical reflector made of aluminium and an upper reflector that can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. The Sealsafe® IP 66 optical compartment contains the compact fluorescent lamp and the control gear. The control gear is located inside the optical compartment. A VERSATILE AND INDISPENSABLE TOOL The Nemo luminaire is available in “symmetrical lighting” and “asymmetrical lighting” versions. The control gear is located inside the optical compartment. The mechanical design of the wall unit is similar to that of the luminous bollard. The lamp and a reflector made of aluminium are situated in the base of the light conductor.pivots on a hinge. made completely of stainless steel. Access to the lamp and the control gear is via a hatch on the base.which is removable . emphasises a façade or guides the public towards a narrow passage. To facilitate access to the lamp. Access to the optical compartment is by loosening 3 screws and lifting up the upper part of the bollard. Access to the optical compartment and the control gear is by loosening 3 mounting screws and pivoting the base of the luminaire. Access to the optical compartment is by loosening 3 screws and lifting the upper part of the unit. EMPHASISE. It is fitted with a Sealsafe® optical compartment (IP 66) and made up of an acrylic protector and a conical reflector made of aluminium. At the top of the cylinder. The body of this luminaire is completely comprised of painted aluminium.

STREET fURNITURE A range of street furniture named Millenium has been developed which reinforces the visual identity of the Nemo range. NEMO Brussels Belgium .

LIGHTING. SIGNAGE AND ENLIVENING THE CITY NEMO Bornem Belgium NEMO Louvain Belgium NEMO Albufeira Portugal nemo .

NEMO Leicester Great Britain NEMO Sint-Niklaas Belgium NEMO Toulouse France .

nemo . Copyright© Schréder S. we may be required to alter the characteristics of our products without notice.www. 2008 – The information. the urban light 44355-Nemo-br-2008-04-AN . As these may present different characteristics according to the requirements of individual countries.A. we invite you to consult us. descriptions and illustrations herein are of only an indicative nature. Due to advanced developments.

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