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and Technology. and Ayerst Laboratories.ABOUT THE AUTHOR Charles M. An article in the summer 1991 issue of The Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management ranked Charles as one of the top three sales researchers in America. Professor Futrell's books. he has developed numerous innovative instructional materials. Professor Futrell served as the American Marketing Association's Chair of the Sales and Sales Management Special Interest Group (SIG) for the 1996-1997 Academic year. Professor Futrell has more than 25 years of teaching experience. sales management. with more than 6.000 students in sales-related classes. Futrell has written or co-written eight successful books for the college and professional audience. He has a B.000 full-time business majors. Before beginning his academic career. such as the Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research. and ABC's of Relationship Selling. His work has earned him several research awards and has resulted in his being associated with such groups as the national Bank Marketing Association's Sales and Professional Development Council and the Direct Selling Education Foundation's board of directors. These books are used in hundreds of American and international schools. Summer 1997. In 1999. in marketing. He is on the editorial board of The Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management and the editorial advisory board of The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice. Professor Futrell worked in sales and marketing capacities for eight years with the Colgate Company. and consultant to industry. TAMU's College of Business Administration and Graduate School of Business is one of the largest business programs in America. as one of the top 100 best researchers in the marketing discipline. Futrell is the Federated Professor of Marketing at Texas A&M University in College Station.. sixth edition. . sixth edition. Dr. panel interview. He has worked with close to 10. Charles was elected Finance Chair for the Sales SIG's 1998-99 term. His research in personal selling. and teaching are based upon his extensive work with sales organizations of all types and sizes. computerized classroom materials. In the spring of 2000 Dr.000 students worldwide have benefitted from Professor Futrell's books. selling oneself on a job interview. and Ph. researcher. The Upjohn Company. Fundamentals of Selling: Customers for Life. and various experiential exercises. Futrell is a former salesperson turned professor. Futrell began using his Web site and group e-mails in his sales classes that often has 100 students in each section. Leadership. Three of the most popular books are Sales Management: Teamworks. Futrell served as the Fulbright-Flad Chair in Marketing at the Portuguese Catholic University. Students sign up for both a lecture period and lab time. In each semester's six labs. video and CD-ROM exercises. and marketing management has appeared in numerous national and international journals. In 1997 Dr. The Association of Former Students awarded him the Lowry Mays College and Graduate School of Business Distinguished Teaching Award.. M. Dr. South-Western.B. and Web sites and sales Internet exercises. Over 300. Futrell serves as a frequent reviewer for several academic journals. This broad and rich background has resulted in his being invited to be a frequent speaker. Dr. product sales presentations. Noted for being an excellent classroom instructor. He was the first person elected to this position.Approximately 50 percent of the Marketing Department's 800 majors are in Charles's personal selling and/or sales management classes at various times.B.A. sixth edition. both published by Irwin/McGraw-Hill publishers.D. students are videotaped in activities such as making a joint sales call. Texas. including computer simulations.A. He was also recognized in Marketing Education. research. research methodology. Lisbon.

Ethical. Rewards. and Responsibilities of 2 Social.BRIEF CONTENTS PART I CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 INTRODUCTION Sales Management: TO SALES MANAGEMENT 1 Its Nature. and Socialization Successful Salespeople 188 of 166 PART VI CHAPTER 10 CHAPTER 11 TRAINING THE SALES TEAM 213 The Management of Sales Training and Development Contents of the Sales Training Program: Sales Knowledge and the Selling Process 238 DIRECTING THE SALES TEAM 271 Motivating Salespeople toward High Performance Compensation for High Performance 298 Leading the Sales Team 214 PART V CHAPTER 12 CHAPTER 13 CHAPTER 14 PART VI CHAPTER 15 CHAPTER 16 272 330 CONTROLLING THE SALES TEAM Analysis of Sales and Marketing Costs Evaluation of Salespeople's Performance 362 388 361 SALES FORCEEXPERIENTIAL EXERCISES EXPLORING SALES FORCE TECHNOLOGY COMPREHENSIVE CASES NOTES 416 (REMOVED DUE TO OUTDATED INFORMATION) 441 545 553 GLOSSARY INDEX 561 . and Legal Responsibilities Sales Personnel 24 PART II CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER 4 CHAPTER 5 CHAPTER 6 CHAPTER 7 PART III CHAPTER 8 CHAPTER 9 PLANNING THE SALES TEAM'S EFFORTS Building Relationships through Strategic Planning The Market-Driven Forecasting Sales Organization 49 50 98 76 118 Market Demand and Quotas and Sales Budgets Design and Size of Sales Territories Sales Objectives 140 STAFFING THE SALES TEAM 165 Planning for and Recruiting Successful Salespeople Selection? Placement.

- PART I INTRODUCTION CHAPTER MANAGING THE SALES TEAM: TO SALES MANAGEMENT 1 Caterpillar.1The Wilson Company: Is a Sales Manager's Job Really for Me? 21 Case 1. ETHICAL. AND LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES SALES PERSONNEL 24 Misrepresentation 37 Price Discrimination 38 Tie-in Sales 39 Exclusive Dealership 39 Reciprocity 39 Sales Restrictions 39 Managing Sales Ethics 39 Follow the Leader 40 Leader Selection Is Important 40 Establish a Code of Ethics 40 Create Ethical Structures 41 Encourage Whistle-Blowing 41 Create an Ethical Sales Climate 41 Establish Control Systems 41 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Management's Social Responsibilities 26 Organizational Stakeholders 26 An Organization'S Main Responsibilities It's Just What I Need! 27 The Bottom Line 42 42 . 28 1 2 SALES MANAGEMENT: ITS NATURE. Inc.2 Nabisco:WhatThey Sales Class 22 2 OF Didn't Teach Us in CHAPTER SOCIAL. CONTENTS . AND RESPONSIBILITIES What Is Sales Management? 4 The Five Functions of Sales Managers 5 Planning 6 Staffing 6 Training 7 Leading 7 Controlling 7 Sales Performance 7 Major Parts of an Organizational System 8 Types of Sales Managers 9 Vertical Differences 9 Horizontal Differences 10 How Does One Become a Sales Manager? 11 Sales Management Skills 12 Conceptual and Decision Skills 12 People Skills 12 Technical Skills 13 Promotion from Salesperson to Sales Manager 13 What Is It Like to Be a Sales Manager? 14 First-Line Sales Management 14 The Promotion Experience 15 Problems New Managers Experience 15 Making a Successful Transition to Management 16 Technology Sales Personnel Use 16 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: How to Demonstrate Social Responsibility 28 What Influences Ethical Behavior? 29 The Individual's Role 29 The Organization's Role 29 Management's Ethical Responsibilities 30 What Is Ethical Behavior? 30 What Is an Ethical Dilemma? 30 MANAGING THE SALES TEAM: Questions to Ask Yourself in Ethical Decision Making 31 Ethics in Dealing with Salespeople 31 Level of Sales Pressure 31 Decisions Affecting Territory 32 To Tell the Truth? 33 The III Salesperson 33 Employee Rights 33 Salespeople's Ethics in Dealing with Their Employers 35 Misusing Company Assets 35 Moonlighting 35 Cheating 35 Affecting Fellow Salespeople 35 MANAGING THE SALES TEAM: Are These Socially Responsible Actions? 36 Technology Theft 36 Ethics in Dealing with Customers 36 Bribes or Gifts 36 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Customer Gift Giving in Japan 17 37 When in Rome Do What the Romans Do Learning to Be a Sales Manager Who Made the Sale? The Bottom Line 19 18 17 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Case 1.. REWARDS.

Inc.1 Mississippi Leasing.: Is This Legal? 46 Case 2.2 Reynolds & Reynolds: Team Selling 96 CHAPTER 5 98 FORECASTING MARKET DEMAND AND SALES BUDGETS It's All Right to Do Overseas! The Bottom Line 72 72 Managing Sales Information 100 Forecasting Market Demand 100 Uses of Sales Forecasts 101 The Forecasting Process 10 1 The Breakdown and Buildup Forecasting Categories 102 Sales Forecasting Methods 103 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Watch Out in Russia and China.1 Alaska Office Supplies: Everyone Is Part of the Sales Team 95 Case 4. Inc. Inc.They May Bug Your Room to Find Out Your Secrets 104 Survey Forecasting Methods 104 Mathematical Forecasting Methods 105 The Top Brass Approves the Final Forecast 110 The Need to Overcome "Computerphobia" 110 Case 3.: Plans Don't Always Work! 75 CHAPTER 4 SALES ORGANIZATION THE MARKET-DRIVEN 76 Factors Influencing Organizational Design and Structure 78 .xviii / CONTENTS Case 2.2 Illinois Office Machines.1 Alabama Wholesalers.: How Should You Handle Competition? 47 PART II PLANNING CHAPTER THE SALES TEAM'S EFFORTS 49 3 BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH STRATEGIC PLANNING 50 Importance of Corporate Planning 52 Strategic Planning 52 Tactical and Operational Planning 52 Establishing a Mission and Vision 53 What Is Marketing? 54 Definition of Marketing 54 Marketing's Importance to the Firm 55 Marketing Generates Sales 56 Marketing Provides Quality Service 56 Essentials of a Firm's Marketing Effort 56 Product: It's More Than You Might Think 56 Services Are Products 57 Price:It's Important to Success 59 Distribution: It Has to Be Available 59 Promotion: People Have to Be Told 59 The Goal of a Marketing Mix 61 Relationship Marketing 62 Levels of Relationship Marketing 62 Technology Builds Relationships and Partners 63 Relationship Marketing and the Sales Force 63 Personal Selling Builds Relationships 64 Salespeople Generate Revenue 64 Salespeople Provide Service 64 Salespeople Implement Relationship Marketing 65 Strategic Planning and the Sales Management Process 65 Planning a Sales Strategy 65 The Development of Sales Strategies 65 Setting Next lear's Sales Plan 67 Sales Objectives Direct Other Activities 71 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Marketing and Markets 79 Salespeople Work in Two Markets 79 Sales Jobs Are Varied and Can Be Classified 79 Applications of the SalesJob Classifications 80 True Salespeople Are Hard to Find 81 The Salesperson's Job Activities as a Territorial Manager 81 Sales Organizational Design 83 Purposes and Importance of Job Design 83 Sales Organizational Structure 83 The Line Organization 83 Specialized Design 84 Organizing for Selling to International Customers 87 Organizing for Selling to Major Customers 87 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: A Typical Sales Day in China: What to Expect 89 New Forms of Organizations 89 Strategic Alliances 89 Team-Based Organizations 90 Coordination and Technology 90 International Coordination 91 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: This Reorganization Creates Layoffs 91 92 Coordination Provides Customer Service The Bottom Line 92 Case 4.

2 Harrell Manufacturing: Elimination of Sales Budgets and Quotas 164 .: Is the Information Important? 138 Case 6.1 Arizona Electrical. Inc.1 Florida Computer Sales:What Info Is Needed? 117 CHAPTER 6 118 DESIGN AND SIZE OF SALES TERRITORIES What Is a Sales Territory? 120 Who Is Responsible for Territorial Development? 120 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Salespeople Are Making It Happen in China 121 Factors to Consider When Designing Sales Territories 122 Select Basic Control Units 123 Analyze Salespeople's Workloads 123 Determine Basic Territories 124 Assign to Territories 128 Customer Contact Plan 129 Evaluation and Revision of Sales Territories 132 The Sales Territory Is a Business 132 The Right Salesperson Pays Off 133 Open Sales Territories 133 Using Computers to Design Territories 133 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Is It Too Early to Tell? The Bottom Line 134 134 Case 6.CONTENTS / xix The Sales Manager's Budget III Budget Purposes 112 Sales Force Budgeting Methods 112 Forecasted Budget for Sales Regions 113 Budgets Should Be Flexible 114 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Types of Quotas 143 Sales Volume Quotas 143 Profit Quotas 144 Expense Quotas 145 Activity Quotas 146 Customer Satisfaction 146 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Let's Buy It! The Bottom Line 114 114 Working a Deal in the Arab World 147 Case 5.2 Sally Malone's District: Development of an Account Segmentation Plan 139 Quota Combinations 147 Methods for Setting Sales Quotas 147 Quotas Based on Forecasts and Potentials 147 Quotas Based on Forecasts Only 148 Quotas Based on Past Experience 148 Quotas Based on Executive Judgments 148 Quotas Salespeople Set 149 Quotas Related to Compensation 149 Examples of Setting Sales Quotas 149 How Restaurant Supply Corporation Sets Quotas 149 How General Mills Sets Quotas 150 Selling by Objectives (SBO) Sets Future Targets 152 Treating the Territory as a Business 152 Managing Each Account 152 Managing Each Call 153 Managing Oneself 154 Basic Levels of Individual Objectives 154 The Procedures for Setting Objectives and Quotas with Salespeople 155 Prepare the Way 155 Schedule Conferences with Each Salesperson 156 Prepare a Written Summary of Goals Agreed Upon 157 Optional Group Meetings to Share Objectives 157 A Good Objective and Quota Plan Is SMART 158 Selling-by-Objectives Management 158 The Basic Managing Method Is a Two-Way Approach 158 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: CHAPTER 7 140 SALES OBJECTIVES AND QUOTAS Have You Lost the Sale? 159 What Is a Quota? 142 Why Are Quotas Important? 142 Quotas Provide Performance Targets Quotas Provide Standards 142 Quotas Provide Control 142 Quotas Provide Change of Direction Quotas Are Motivational 143 142 The Sales Territory Is Where Quotas Are Made 160 The Bottom Line 160 Case 7.1 Arkansas Fishing Company: Are Quotas Accurate? 163 143 Case 7.

1 Connecticut CandyWholesalers:An Unusual Cause of Turnover 185 Case 8.2 Bob Johnson: Searching for a SalesJob 209 Case 9.1 Delaware Firearms: Is This the Correct Person? 208 Case 9.].:The FirstWoman Is Hired 211 205 Chinese PART IV TRAINING CHAPTER Culture: Don't Shy Away from Negotiating 181 The Qualified Applicant Pool 181 Recruitment Evaluation 182 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: THE SALES TEAM 213 10 214 Should I Go against the Commander? The Bottom Line 182 Case 8. Reynolds: Selecting the Best Sales Team 186 182 THE MANAGEMENT OF SALES TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT CHAPTER 9 PLACEMENT. SUCCESSFUL SALESPEOPLE 188 What Is Sales Training? 216 Reengineering Training 216 Change Brings about Training Reengineering 216 Purposes of SalesTraining 216 A Sales Training Model 217 Phase One: Planning for Sales Training Organizational Analysis 218 Operational Analysis 218 Sales Personnel Analysis 219 Customer Analysis 219 217 . AND SOCIALIZATION OF SELECTION.3 Martin.2 R.XX· / CONTENTS PART III STAFFING THE SALES TEAM CHAPTER 165 SUCCESSFUL 8 PLANNING FOR AND RECRUITING SALESPEOPLE 166 What Is Sales Human Resource Management? 168 People Planning 168 More Effective and Efficient Use of Human Resources 168 Improved Sales Force Performance 169 Who Does the Planning? 170 People Forecast 170 Determining the Type of Person for the Job 171 The job Analysis Is Important 171 MANAGING THE SALES TEAM: Why Do Sales Personnel Leave Their Employers? 171 Job Descriptions and Specifications for Successful People 172 What Are job Specifications for Successful Salespeople? 173 Profiling the Successful Candidate 173 Recruitment's Purpose 175 Legal Influences 175 What Recruiting Information Can Be Collected? 177 Recruitment of Salespeople 178 How Many Recruits Does It Take? 178 Who Does the Recruiting? 179 Sources of Recruits-Where Are They Found? 179 Internal Sources 179 External Sources 180 Realistic job Previews Help Both Company and Recruits 180 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Selection and Placement of Successful Sales Personnel 190 Is Selection the Most Important Element in Fielding a Sales Force? 190 Purposes and Importance of Selection and Placement 190 Factors Influencing Selection and Placement 191 Predictors for Selection Decisions 191 What Are Predictors? 191 Sources for Collecting Information 192 Is the Information job Related? 193 The Selection Process 193 Thejob Application Blank 194 The Personal Interview-A One-on-One Selling Situation 194 Tests 198 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Selecting Socialist Salespeople 200 Assessment Centers 201 Employment References 201 Physical Examinations 202 Evaluating Selection and Placement Decisions 202 People May Reject the Offer!Why? 203 The Socialization of Sales Personnel 203 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Terminating a Successful Salesperson The Bottom Line 205 Case 9. Inc.

3 The Telecommunications Training's Impact on Performance Corporation: 236 The Sales Business Card-Telephone. Fax. Inc: Development of a Sales Training Program 235 Case 10.1 GeorgiaAuto Supply: Does Training Work? 234 Case 10.2 Toys and More.2 Taster's Club: Development of a Sales Presentation 269 CONTENTS OF THE SALES TRAINING PROGRAM: KNOWLEDGE Learning Is a Lifelong Journey 240 Should It Be Called Training or Education? 240 Relationship of Training to Learning 241 On-the-job Behavior 242 Sales Knowledge Development 242 Company Knowledge 243 The Sales Role 243 Product Knowledge 243 Prices 244 Advertising and Sales Promotion 244 Channels of Distribution 244 Customers 244 Competition.CONTENTS / xxi SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Little Cold Calling in Japan 219 Making the Needs Assessment 220 Sources of Information for Determining Training Needs 220 Phase Two: Organizing for Sales Training 221 Technology-Based Training Methods 221 Role Playing 222 On-the-job Training 223 Training Learning Curves 223 W'hereDoes Training Take Place? 225 W'hen Does Training Occur? 226 Phase Three: Staffing for Sales Training 226 W'hoIs Involved in Training? 226 Knowledge of Technology 245 Sales and Customer Service Enhancement 246 The Computer as Sales Assistant 247 Personal Productivity 247 Communications with Customers and Employer 249 MANAGING THE SALES TEAM: Job Description for Sales Training Manager 227 Phase Four: Directing the Sales Training Effort 227 Training Culture 227 Support from the Top 228 Leadership 228 Phase Five: Sales Training Evaluation 228 Steps in the Evaluation 228 MANAGING THE SALES TEAM: MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: This Test Is a Piece of Cake! The Bottom Line 231 231 Case 10. E-Mail 249 Customer Order Processing and Service Support 250 E-Commerce and the Sales Force 250 Global Technology 251 Sales Skills Development 251 Persuasive Communications 251 The Selling Process 252 Prospecting Finds Customers 252 Preapproach Is Precall Planning 255 The Approach-Opening the Sales Presentation 257 Making a Great Presentation 258 The Trial Close 261 Objections Are Salespeople's Friends 261 The Close 263 Follow-Up and Service Quality Are Critical 263 Research Reinforces Chapter's Sales Success Strategies 264 Adapting to Global Markets 264 MANAGING THE SALES TEAM: MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Now What? 265 265 The Bottom Line CHAPTER 11 SALES AND THE SELLING PROCESS Case 11. Industry. Beeper.1 Hawaiian Novelties: Did You Make the Correct Choice? 268 238 Case 11. and Economy 244 Territorial Management Skills 244 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: PART V DIRECTING CHAPTER HIGH THE SALES TEAM 271 12 272 MOTIVATING SALESPEOPLE TOWARD PERFORMANCE Respecting the Traditions of India 245 Motivation at Ebby Halliday Realtors© 274 Understand What Motivation Is AllAbout 274 The Sales Motivational Mix 275 Develop a Sales Culture 276 Implementation of a Sales Culture 276 Know Salespeople's Basic Needs 277 What's in It for Me? 277 W'hat Is the Probability of Success? 278 .

2 ComputerBytes.1 Idaho Bakery Supplies: How Can You Motivate This Salesperson? 295 Case 12.1 Illinois Satellite: Selling Your Top Salesperson 326 Case 13.2 Teletronic Electronics: The First Woman Is Hired 296 CHAPTER 13 FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPENSATION 298 Compensation at Ingersoll-Rand 300 The Japanese Take Relationship Selling Seriously 300 Compensation Is More Than Money 301 Purposes of Compensation 301 Designing a Compensation Program 303 Determine Sales Force and Compensation Objectives 303 Determine Major Compensation Factors 304 Implement Long.xXii / CONTENTS Will I Be Rewarded for Success? 278 Are the Rewards Worth It? 279 Are the Rewards Fair? 280 How to Facilitate Equity 281 A Salesperson's Behavioral Model 283 The Dynamics of the Model 285 Get to Know the Personal Side of Salespersons! 285 Understand the Salesperson's Motivational Behavior 286 Match People's Motives with Incentives They Value 286 MANAGING THE SALES TEAM: Sales Force Expenses 316 Types of Expense Plans 317 Fringe Benefits 319 The Total Compensation Package 319 Factors to Consider When Developing a New Plan 319 Information to Collect 319 Developing and Introducing a New Plan 320 Pretest the Plan 321 Sell the Plan to the Sales Force 321 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Health Care Benefits Don't Cover This Constantly Evaluate the Plan The Bottom Line 322 Case 13. Inc.and Short-Range Compensation Programs 305 Relate Rewards to Performance 306 Measurement of Performance 306 Appraisal and Recycling 306 Performance-Based Pay: Prerequisites and Obstacles 306 Types of Compensation Plans 307 Straight Salary 307 Straight Commission Plans 310 Combination Salary Plans 312 The Manager's Compensation 316 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: The Nature of Leadership 332 Leaders versus Managers 332 Characteristics of the Visionary Leader 332 An Integrative Sales Manager's Model of Leadership 333 The Sales Manager 334 Personality Characteristics 334 Needs and Motives 334 Power 334 Past Experience and Reinforcement 335 The Sales Manager's Behavior and Activities 336 Behavior Influences Salespeople 336 Activities Influence Salespeople 338 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Europe and IBM-Changes Had to Be Made 340 The Salesperson 347 Personality Characteristics 347 Needs and Motives 347 Performance Level 347 Past Experience 349 Leadership Style Selection Requires Power 350 The Sales Group 350 Characteristics 350 Expectations 350 Norms 351 Sales Culture 351 The Situation 352 The Task Faced 352 The Organizational Factors 352 .: Should It Use a Draw Compensation Plan? 327 322 321 How to Motivate Yourself and Others! French versus American 287 Salespeople 288 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Motivational Coaching Is Needed for HighPerformance Results 289 Salespeople Have Boundary Positions Be Realistic about Motivating Salespeople! MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: 289 290 CHAPTER 14 330 Should I or Shouldn't The Bottom Line I? 291 LEADING THE SALES TEAM 292 Case 12.

Reynolds Tobacco Company: Beyond Field Sales .3 Ohio Biotech. Inc.1 Iowa Farm Supplies: Plans and Data Go Together 386 .: Night Work and Travel Have to Stop 359 Case 14.:What Should Be Done with a Low Performer? 413 Case 15. Inc.2 Executive Office Supplies: Determining 387 CHAPTER 1 6 388 Case 14..2 R. J.2 The Dunn Corp.4 C & D Foods. The Home Office 357 Case 14.1 Michigan Security Systems: Promote Me or Else! 412 Case 16..1 Indiana Restaurant Equipment & Supplies:What to Do with the Guerrilla 356 Case 14.: Leadership: Who Is the Best for the Job? 360 EVALUATION OF SALESPEOPLE'S PERFORMANCE PART VI THE SALES TEAM CONTROLLING CHAPTER 361 362 15 ANALYSIS OF SALES AND MARKETING COSTS Performance Appraisals at J & J 390 Performance Appraisals-What Are They? 390 The Purposes and Importance of Performance Appraisal 390 Evaluate and Develop for Motivation to Higher Performance 391 The Performance Appraisal's Relationship to Behavior 392 Performance Appraisal Processes and Procedures 392 Who Should Evaluate Salespeople? 393 When Should Salespeople Be Evaluated? 394 Are the Performance Criteria Appropriate? 395 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Israel-The Home-Court Advantage 396 Performance Evaluation Forms for Gathering Information 397 Influences on a Performance Appraisal's Accuracy 400 The Legal Aspects of Performance Appraisals 403 Rules for Performance Appraisals 403 Be Objective 403 Set Goals and Standards 404 Be Honest 404 Be Consistent 404 Use Proper Documentation 404 Follow Company Policy 404 Conducting the Appraisal Session 404 Evaluate the Evaluation System 407 You Have Almost Finished This Textbook 407 The Bottom Line 408 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Marketing Audit 364 Sales ForceAudit 364 Directing the Marketing Effort 365 Net Sales Volume Analysis 368 What Is Sales Analysis? 368 Analyzing Sales Volume 369 Marketing Cost Analysis 372 What Is Marketing CostAnalysis? 372 Uses of Marketing CostAnalysis 373 Objectives of Marketing CostAnalysis 373 Assigning Marketing Costs 373 Metbods for Determining Profitability 375 Techniques of CostAnalysis 378 Return on Investment 381 Increasing Productivity 381 SELLING AND MANAGING GLOBALLY: Cost of a Sales Force versus Independent Sales Agents in Italy 381 Problems in CostAnalysis 382 Variance Analysis 382 MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Should You Be a Whistle-Blower? 409 jury Duty or Vacation? The Bottom Line 383 382 Case 16.CONTENTS / xxiii MANAGEMENT IN ACTION: ETHICAL DILEMMA: Personal Problems Affect Work The Problem Faced 353 The Time Pressures 353 The Salesperson's Behavior 353 The Bottom Line 353 352 ROI Case 15.

Inc. Thinker. (A) (REMOVED) (REMOVED) (REMOVED) 16 Arrow Electronics. Inc.:Analyzing Sales Data 14 WESCO Distribution. Inc. CD): Setting Quotas Facing Decreasing Sales 447 5 Wallis Office Products: Defining New Sales Roles 449 6 Briggs Industrial Supply Company (A): Determining Who and How Many to Hire 452 7 Briggs Industrial Supply Company (B): Creating Recruitment and Selection Procedures 456 8 United Cosmetics. Intuitor.: Creating a Staffing Program 460 9 Farm Machinery for America: The Selection of a Salesperson 461 10 Mead Envelope Company: Is a New Compensation Plan Needed? 468 11 McDonald Sporting Goods Company: Determining the Best Compensation Program 470 12 Burditt Chemical Corporation:Analysis of Sales and Marketing Costs 474 13 Deer Tractors. Feeler? 420 Your Sales Aptitude 424 4 Zenith Computer Terminals. Inc. Inc. (C): Redesigning Sales Territories 445 Notes Glossary Index 545 553 561 . Inc. (B): Strategic Business Plans Fail-s-Sales Decline 444 3 Zenith Computer Terminals. Inc. 17 Aladdin Knowledge Systems 2 Zenith Computer Terminals. Inc. (A): Development of a Total Business Plan 441 15 SaleSofi. (REMOVED) Exploring Sales Force Technology (REMOVED DUE TO OUTDATED INFORMATION 477 Comprehensive Cases 1 Zenith Computer Terminals. Inc.xxiv / CONTENTS Sales Force Experiential Exercises 416 Sales Team Building Exercise 416 SellYourself on a Job Interview 416 What's Your Style-Senser.

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