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Published by: Raghu K Varma on Nov 08, 2011
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one of the world’s biggest corporations and one that has had a questionable record when it comes to ethics. fun company which was reflected across its packaging. it really entered into the public’s consciousness. to the underlying ethical philosophy it has adhered to throughout. that’s something we’ll get ‘round to soon. This investment increased in 2010. the truism. and Coca-Cola now has a majority shareholding in Innocent Drinks. The Innocent Drinks story certainly shows that being early to latch onto a trend is hugely important. and eventually Richard Reed. A number of ideas were bandied about. certainly in recent times. pure and ‘innocent’ ethos was called into question when it climbed into bed with Coca-Cola. timing is everything. Innocent Drinks was launched in 1999 by three friends actively seeking to start their own company. Innocent Drinks established the Innocent Foundation in 2004. Jon Wright and Adam Balon. it’s not a disaster. it’s worth considering how three friends pooled their collective resources to create a massive company with almost three quarters of the UK smoothie market drinking out of its. A tenth of the company’s profits go to these good causes. As a success story. By the end of the festival. the company has gone from strength to strength. throw your empty cups in the ‘yes’ bin. Adam Balon and Jon Wright opted to start a smoothie company. that’s how. but it is a nice story. It’s probably one of the most recited entrepreneurial stories in the UK business world. erm. Innocent Drinks was incredibly innovative from the very beginning. chuck it in the ‘no’ bin. however. If you’re not first. Was it because they were experts in fruit-based beverages? No. the ‘yes’ bin was full and the rest. With many success stories. Despite a number of ‘boycott Innocent’ campaigns permeating social network channels. Its ethical. Innocent Drinks is worth a blog post in itself – in fact. Secondly. . you bring something unique to the table. you’re last. a UK-registered charity that gives grants to NGOs and charities. Firstly. You just have to ensure if you’re second or third on the scene. But it was one of the first – and by creating such a personable. and if you’re not fast. and there’s a lot to be said for ethics and clever marketing. Coca-Cola bought a £30m stake in the company in 2009. As a brand. now exporting across Europe. as they say. Attending a music festival in London. website…all communications. ten years after the smoothie company launched. the three amigos set up a smoothie stall and asked the crowd one simple question: if you like our drinks and think we should give up our day jobs. Everything from the way it Crowdsourced its market research at a music festival. It wasn’t the first UK company to tap into the public’s thirst for freshly-squeezed fruit juice – PJ’s had been doing it since 1994.Richard Reed. If you think we’re wasting our time. is history. co-founders of Innocent Drinks How does a three-man start-up become a £132m powerhouse within a decade? Innovation. it’s because they saw a gap in the market. hands. Innocent Drinks’ success owes a lot to timing.


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