In Class 2, much of our work is approached through the intensive study of a particular topic, usually lasting a term.

This term, your child will be studying The Vikings. As part of our topic work, we will be visiting the Viking museum Jorvik in York after half term, and working towards a Viking Day of feasting and sagas at the end of November. Our Science work will look at Properties of Materials up to half term, then Moving and Growing. In ICT, we will be using e-mail, working with clay in Art & Design; Invasion games and Outdoor and Adventurous activities in P.E.; designing and making a Viking longship in Design and Technology; exploring sounds and rhythmic patterns in Music, Islam & faith through the arts in R.E. You can help your child by: a) Sharing any information you have. Books would be most welcome and will be carefully looked after (but please name them for us); b) Researching - a visit to a library would be most useful; c) Talking to your child about his/her work.

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