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NĀIssue 108 - January 2008 LEO MELE HANOHANO
Nā Hōkū Hanohano Festival Selection

Issue 1111 – Nov. 2011
Board Nomination / Election / Installation

Maria Hickling, Gaylord Holomalia & Kenneth Makuakāne

Hailama Farden & Maria Hickling
Industry Promotion

Ku‘uipo Kumukahi, Alan Okami & Lea Uehara

Kale Hannahs, Alan Okami & Alan Yoshioka
Fund Development

Maria Hickling
Licensing & Branding

Pali Ka‘aihue & Keola Donaghy

Fred Krauss & Kimo Kahoano
Haku Mele Lifetime Achievement Nomination

Alan Okami & Fred Krauss

Pali Ka‘aihue & Alan Okami

Mailani Makainai, Kale Hannahs & Ku‘uipo Kumukahi
Digital Media

Hailama Farden & Julian Ako

Nina Keali‘iwahamana Rapozo, Mahi Beamer & Hailama Farden

Pali Ka‘aihue & Mailani Makainai
Audit & Finance

Keola Donaghy & Lea Uehara
Planning & Governance

Kale Hannahs & Gaylord Holomalia

Lea Uehara & Kenneth Makuakāne

Alan Yoshioka

William Meyer & Keola Donaghy

2011 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING TO BE HELD NOV. 11, 2011 HARA will hold its general membership meeting on Friday, November 11, 2010, at the Rainbow Room at Willows at 901 Hausten Street, Honolulu, HI 96826. Doors will open at 11:00 a.m. Lunch will follow at 11:30 a.m., with the General Membership meeting starting at 12:30 p.m. Cost of the buffet lunch is $26. The Board of Governors will be installed for the upcoming year, reports to the membership from by the board and its officers, and then there will be an opportunity for members to ask questions or raise concerns to the board. Reservations can be made by calling the HARA office at (808) 593-9424 or emailing info@nahokuhanohano.orgWe encourage all members to attend. REMINDER REGARDING RELEASE AND ENTRY DEALINES FOR 2012 NĀ HŌKŪ HANOHANO AWARDS This is a reminder to all members that in order to be eligible for the 2011 Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards, releases must be available for purchase by December 31, 2010. Please note that it is not enough to upload them to iTunes, TuneCore or other services by December 31, 2011–they must be available for sale by that date. The HARA office must receive all entry forms for the 2011 Awards no later than January 31, 2012. No exceptions will be made. The entry form can be found on the HARA website. CHANGES TO ENTRY CRITERA AND NEW CATEGORY FOR 2012 The HARA Board of Governors recently modified and clarified some of eligibility requirements for the Nā Hōkū Hanohano

Awards. Due to the extent of the modifications, the office previously emailed a complete list of all of the definitions for eligibility from the Academy’s Governance Manual to members. The following is a summation of the most significant changes: 1) Some of the changes codified previously enacted decisions by the board that allow for greater inclusion of non-residents in Hawai‘i-originating/Hawaiian genres of music, as well as in compilations and anthologies if the content is also in the Hawai‘i- originating/Hawaiian genres. 2) We have refined the requirements for the Single category, noting some of the issues and confusion that the selection committee encountered with reestablishment the category this year. 3) We have separated the Hip-Hop/ R&B genres and created separate awards for each. Continued maintenance of separate categories will be dependent upon a sufficient number of entries. 4) We have defined the criteria for the EP (Extended Play Release) of the Year, and redefined the criteria for the Album of the Year category so that there is no overlap or gaps in the criteria. A .pdf document containing details regarding all of these changes and complete category criteria and guidelines can be found at our account on in the document entitled “2011 Changes to HARA Governance Manual”: NEW INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR 2012! Board of Governors voted to establish an International Award, which is intended to also include all Hawai‘i-originating and

Hawaiian music genres recorded outside of the U.S. Please note that this category is not for Hawaiʻi or mainland artists who record in outside of the U.S, but for non-U.S. performers and producers of compilations who record these forms of music. You can download the .pdf document “2011 Changes to HARA Governance Manual” from our account on We would appreciate the help of our members in locating releases that would qualify for this category. Please contact the HARA office at (808) 593-9424 or email if you know of anyone with a release that would qualify, or have them contact us directly. NEW MEMBER DISCOUNTS The Board of Governors strives to make your membership in HARA as valuable as possible. To this end we have worked with some companies to offer discount to HARA members. We recently added the first outerisland retailers to our members’ discount program – Pacific Music Connection in Hilo, and Bounty Music on Maui. Pacific Music Connection offers a 10% discount on all accessories, and for all other items, show your HARA membership card for discounts on most in-stock items that will vary depending on the product and manufacturer. Bounty Music offers tax-free shopping to HARA members for all sale priced items in stock, featuring Internet prices with local service-simply show your HARA membership card. Please visit our members benefits for more details:

If you own a business or know one that would like to offer a discount to our

members, please contact the HARA office and let us know! BOARD ELECTION PROCEDURES AND RESULTS The Board of Governors would like to thank all members who voted in the recent Board elections. The five highest vote-getters in the election who will serve new three year terms are Hailama Farden, Gaylord Holomalia, Ku‘uipo Kumukahi, Kenneth Makuakāne, and Lea Uehara. The HARA office and board members sometimes receive inquiries from members regarding the procedures by which the Board of Governors is elected. We would like to take this opportunity to explain the voting and tabulation process: Ballots are sent out from the HARA office with self-addressed, stamped envelopes, along with instructions and the voting deadline. The return envelopes bear the address of the ‘Ahahui Ka‘ahumanu, a Hawaiian civic club formed by Princess Victoria Kamāmalu in 1864. All ballot envelopes were received by the ‘Ahahui, so they were only handled once. Five members of the civic club participated in the count. This year, a total of 323 ballots were received from approximately 500 that were mailed out to the membership. Five (5) ballots were received after the deadline date and were not opened. The ballots were divided among three teams comprised of five ‘Ahahui members. Those teams tabulated their ballots separately so that no one would know the final results. These separate tabulations were then given to ‘Ahahui President Donna Lei Smythe, who totaled the results submitted by each team. She then informed the current

board of the results. No one else was informed the results until they were emailed to the sitting Board of Governors. The ‘Ahahui expressed its appreciation to the HARA Board of Governors and members for entrusting them with this important responsibility. The HARA board, on behalf of all members, would like to extend its gratitude to the ‘Ahahui Ka‘ahumanu for their efforts on our behalf and upholding the highest standards of integrity throughout this voting process. “FOR THE RECORD” WORKSHOPS In January, a record production series will begin for any and all HARA members entitled “For The Record”. The workshops will be held once a month at a yet to be determined site. It will be a four-part series that leads up to the annual Nā Hōkū Music Festival in May, 2012. The workshops will consist of: 1. Album Planning: song collecting, budgeting cost, market study, etc. 2. The Legalese: creating a sole proprietor or corporation, creating contracts and agreements for mechanicals, artists, etal., joining a Performing Rights Organization (PRO), etc. 3. Pre-production: creating demos of your songs, arrangements, planning the studio sessions, etc. 4. The Rest: plan the album graphics, manufacturing, physical and online sales, 5. marketing, promotions, etc. Each workshop will be taught by an industry professional. In addition, HARA has teamed up with the Pacific Northwest chapter of The Recording Academy to present these classes, so an industry

professional from the chapter will also teach the workshop via live video conferencing. The workshop series will culminate with the Nā Hōkū Hanohano Music Festival’s twoday workshop classes. More information will be disseminated, once the facilities and the teaching staff have been confirmed. In the meantime, please phone or email the HARA office if you are interested in signing up for this monthly series. HARA Board of Governors
Ku‘uipo Kumukahi President Pali Ka‘aihue Vice President Lea Uehara Secretary Alan Okami Treasurer Hailama Farden Immediate Past President Keola Donaghy Kale Hannas Maria Hickling Gaylord Holomalia Kimo Kahoano Fred Krauss Mailani Makainai Kenneth Makuakāne Bill Meyer Marlene Sai Skylark Rossetti – President Emeritus

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